Hello George,
I dwelt for a while here on what to say to you.The issues you raise are provocative indeed. Such questions are good as it helps all of us rethink, reconsider, and question why your view UAH that way.Your views are certainly not out of line though you’re certainly accusing me of all kinds of things that you don’t like.

First of all, when I revealed the UAH numbers here, I was by no means implying that UAH’s Popularity = Quality.That’s an easy enough position to shoot down. What I meant was, a forum cannot be “uninspiring, inaccessible and dull” while simultaneously being favoured by many Ugandans.The quality and quantity are not in any way related. You could have less numbers in a forum and still end up with a poor debate or an inactive forum.

I think that the issue of quality vs quantity becomes problematic when one does not consider certain environmental and emotional issues which humans face.Its exactly because of this that we set up UAH to discuss a variety of topics at the same time, because we are aware that:
1- Some Ugandans aren’t really interested in politics but we want them to pick interest. So, we allow them to post stuff that interest them but in the process they unknowingly read political messages,
2- Some people just hate anything NRM or Museveni, but we also know that Museveni is the law in Uganda. For instance, there is a woman who is a member of this forum. She used to work in the UPDF and she is now living in London, but she told me that she deletes every post with Museveni’s name on it because she hates him. I told her that she shouldn’t do that because everything in Uganda revolves around him. She said that she doesn’t care anymore. She just wants him and his people gone, and she doesn’t a solution in people just talking about it.

Assessing quality also becomes difficult when we press the question into our preconceived ideas of what constitutes quality.And then there is the difficulty of having to force ones mind to compose in styles foreign to ones taste.Most everything in these groups is personal taste but like minds can ponder things like evolution and quality and such.God isn’t participating in these discussions. People don’t just speak about things that a title over their heads directs them to.They would be regimented little cowards. People talk about many things and they do it in whatever forum they happen to be in. The question of quality debates seems far too complex with too many variables to possibly have a substantive answer.

Let’s try a different spin on this one.You feel that UAH should be moved to another level, right? But you never suggest that level, right? Because you don’t know, right? But for some reason, you want Abbey to come up with something that could magically take all of you to another level. Look, I’m not accusing you or anybody of anything, and I understand where you are coming from. I just want to critically think this through before you throw everything at Abbey(me). One approach to solving problems is to put a lot of attention into what not to do. It still leaves the question of what to do. Progress is by trial and error. Frankly it is much faster to model those who have been through all that trial and error.They offer a condensed version of what to do.

There was a time some members organised a mother of conference in Netherlands where a lot of UAH members attended. I didn’t attend but contributed to someone’s ticket from Uganda to attend.I wanted to know how exactly the conference is gonna move Uganda forward. The conference ended with certain resolutions made that have never been implemented up to now.I think Eric Kashambuzi was among the few UAH members that attended that conference.

What I’m trying to tell you is that unless you want me to declare a rebellion against the government, with some of you as my lieutenants, there isn’t not much we can do through a mere forum.That’s why a lot of enthusiastic members we started with are so inactive at the moment.Sometimes people are PULLED in two opposing directions.You know the sort of thing, wanting A but this stops you doing B, wanting B but this stops you doing A.These are also known as dilemmas.The corny but successful method to bust these dilemmas is to find a way to be pulled in a third direction ie to want C(e.g.joining another forum to see if there’s something different offered there). Such situations are most unlikely to be stable for long so one is able to regain action more rapidly. Life moves on.

UAH has done a lot in terms of exposing the bad ‘smells’ in the government, enlightening our members, educating people about the country’s history, e.t.c, and we will continue to do so, God willing. The government follows this forum intensely and they know what needs to be done to change Uganda for the better, but, for some reason, I don’t think they wanna do it. And honestly speaking, I cant be blamed for that one too, can I ?


Dear Members,

A number of new Uganda social media groups have started, and a few are quickly gaining ground. They include groups by Omar Kalinge-Nyago, Douglas Katosi and Okello Lucima . This is a welcome development, and is a response to what me and many others have been telling the UAH owner Abbey Semuwemba for a long time- that UAH as it stands today has totally lost focus and does not serve any useful purpose anymore

Although I took a sabbatical for a few weeks, I still logged into UAH and what strikes one most is the number of posts and discussions on American politics and on Donald Trump in particular. .This accounts for nearly 90% of traffic on UAH, but Mr Semuwamba does not seem to think this is a serious problem for the forum and allows this anomaly to play out, day in and day out.

Also important to note is the prominence that Mr Semuwemba gives to Mr Edward Irundrua. This Nubian fool posts nearly 30% of all traffic on a forum of 250,000 members. If this does not strike Mr Semuwemba as strange, then I dont know what else will. Irundrua has now become an official chart show host on UAH, with others chipping in as his quests. It would not matter if this discussion on American politics was constructive and relevant to the political discourse in our country- but alas!! You would be waiting for the second coming to expect the Nubian pillock to engage in anything constructive.

Mr Semuwamba has concentrated all his efforts at expanding the membership of the forum and paid no attention whatsover to the quality of the contributions, or making it a serious forum that people can visit for reference. I may be biased, but there are less than 15 people, out of 250-000 members who make good quality contributions on this forum, and this includes Dr Kayondo, Simon Peter Okurut, Edward P’Ojim,Ronald Okuonzi, Ikanos, Barigye, Gwokto, Annet Kobusinge, Sekajja, Magandazi, Mutgagabya, Galabuzi,Henry Ford Mirima, Frank Mujabi, John Kwitonda, Ocaya Mike p’Oure, Afuwa Kasule, Mayimuna, Moses Nekyon, Rev Paul Mugerwa and a handful of others. The rest just look at the forum as they would a traditional English pub, as a place you go to relax, exchange pleasantries and gossip. No serious intellectual discussion is now possible on the UAH, and I had warned Mr Semuwamba about this more than 3 years ago. I dont want want to brag, but I have a very active mind and I dont want to mix with people who dont think at my level. And I dont want to waste the remaining years of my life gossiping about inanities.

It is also worth noting that the fascist regime of Kayibanda Money Museveni does not take this forum seriously. It has only deployed spies like Robert Atuhairew,and not suprisngly, Mr Atuhairew plays the role of a childish clown and so no serious debate can take place with the intellectual midget. Atuhairew’s role is to scupper discussion, and make the tragedy playing out in Uganda look like silly fun. It is very frustrating to find NRA sulberterns like Atuhairew reducing matters of great suffering among Ugandans, to just childish pun, intended to make people laugh. How can NRA supplicants like Edward irundrua and Ingram Kampe laugh at the shocking picture of a hanging Itesot woman, and even have the audacity to blame her for her fate? Yet these are the type of NRA contributors Mr Semuwemba has encouraged and continues too molly coddle.

:Lastly, Mr Semewemba has allowed his forum to become a vehicle of abuse, concoctions and vile calumny. He does absolutely nothing when people make concocted postings or patently false allegations against others. His competitors like Mr Kyalimpa of the UAH RESISTANCE or Leah Nagalamba of Uganda Friends take their duties as administrator much more seriously, and they are not afraid to remove scurrilous posts or to suspend members. In the 3 years I have been a member of his forum, Mr Kyalimpa has suspended at least 15 members that I know of. Mr Semuwemba knows he has a responsibility to his members, but he has allowed it to become a free for all, a cess pit where anything goes. No serious intellectual or political activist would now seek to join UAH, all he needs is to look at a day’s postings, almost all dominated by Edward irundrua, and that would be enough to make them puke.

Mr Sewuwemba has done a great job creating and sustaining UAH to its current level, with almost 250,000 members. But sadly he has failed to move the forum to the next level. I will still continue to be a member of both UAH and UAH Facebook, but writing only on selected issues. I will continue to write a parody commentary or column on UAH Facebook, because that is well received and liked, but on this forum, I will write mainly on ideology and avoid Ugandan issues altogether because the standard of analysis is not up to my level. I would rather discuss Ugandan issues on the new groups that have started, because nearly all of them are about Uganda, and nothing else. There was a very brilliant discussion on the Land Question in Buganda in Mr Katosi’s group, for eg, to which I was invited and made a widely acclaimed contribution- something that simply does not happen here on UAH. These new groups are by invitation only and all of them are moderated in order to eliminate scurrilous posts or deter idiots like Irundrua from turning them into pit latrines. It is high time that we Ugandans took the plight of our country in our hands- gossiping on UAH may help us pass time and laugh, but it will never help our people who are now entering a fourth decade of brutal occupation, oppression and subjugation

Thank You


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