Well, this is just irresistible; I’m almost apologetic for bringing this sort of thing up again, because it has already been shared else where, but you’ve got to admire Besigye’s humbleness. I’m not friends with Ms.Winnie Byanyima but I’m sure she was attracted to Besigye mainly because of his big heart. Just look at him, guys.

If we admire noble character and admire good governance, then the two belong together. Also, if music makes us feel good in a noncriminal way, then Bobi wine deserves a place in the revolutionary history of uganda. Besigye is admirable while Bobi Wine is a beautiful musician and MP. The impulse to join the admirable with the beautiful is nearly irresistible for most of us, and I think that’s why some writers refer to Besigye supporters and sympathisers as ” radicals “.

Besigye has been fighting for Uganda since he graduated as a medical doctor in his early 20s, when he joined the NRA in the bush . When his Bush war leader deviated, he started resisting again and he hasn’t relented. Martyrs are few now in Uganda. Self-preservation is strong. A lot of people are even afraid of just speaking up, not Besigye. Cowardice is a human concept. Animals run away without apology when they feel themselves threatened. This may make them smarter than a lot of us, but the son of Kifefe is still on course.However, his continued participation in the useless presidential elections is making some people lose faith in him.

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