Bobi Wine reminds me of Cardew!

Bobi Wine

36 years ago , on 13 Dec 1981, the music industry suffered a terrible loss, when Cornelius Cardew was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in London. The following year, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was born in Uganda. The first time I watched a video music of Bobi Wine, I told my wife, and my friend Johnson, that the guy was destined for politics at some point in his life, because he had a good mouth on him. So, when he joined the race to stand for MP in Kyadondo East, I wasn’t surprised at all. What surprised me was actually FDC fielding a candidate against him.

Truth be told, Bobi Wine(whatever that means) is more popular than any of his opponents in the Kyadondo East race. A lot of people in Uganda seem to translate their love of music (and the arts more broadly) into “support for anything”, which I would characterize as a liberal instinct.I’m rather moderate on this issue because I don’t listen to music that much, but I like Bobi Wine’s songs in particular. He reminds me of Cardew.

Cornelius Cardew

Cardew is perhaps more interesting for his politics than his compositions. He was the leading composer of the English experimental school in the sixties, and pupil of Stockhausen. His most famous composition is the Great Learning, a setting of Confucius written for the Scratch Orchestra. Many of his works of that period have more in common with “happenings” than traditional composition.

But the really interesting thing about Cardew is that sometime in the seventies, he either was told or realised himself that modern music did not appeal to working class audiences and gave it all up to write revolutionary songs. Cardew was active in various causes in British politics

Finally, in 1981 he was killed by a hit-and-run driver in east London whilst returning from a political meeting.The driver was never found.There are all sorts of rumours that this was a political assassination, possibly by one of the British Fascist parties.

But what’s relevant is to investigate how and if a particular political view of a composer is reflected in his or her music.The fact ‘composer X supports candidate B’ taken on its own doesn’t mean shit.

But if composer X starts composing agitprop-type of music, regardless of whether it is a nazi or commi staff – well, it’s a sell-out.

And then there are those who prostitute themselves like Bidandi Ssali’s son, Bebe Cool. Nobody could ever convince me that Bebe Cool composes songs to praise Museveni because he thinks he is the best leader for Uganda, and that’s because I don’t think he is a dummy. I strongly believe he only does it for money and other privileges that comes with it.

The bottom line is that what someone composes ultimately determines how he or she would be remembered, and not the particular political believe. Interestingly enough, I still log on youtube to watch Iryn Namubiru yet she sold us out too in the last elections, and I could probably be in a sombre mood for days if she dies before me. Good luck to Bobi Wine and other candidates in the race!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

An interesting whatsapp conversation about Mengo’s Kyapa Mungalo

Me: shared Ssemujju Nganda’s article recently in the Observer

[02/06, 19:45] N: I don’t believe it’s M7 selling the kyapa mangalo idea to BLB. The baganda are proving to be more greedy than him. Why tell a musanda to pay 45 million initial installment and 2 million each year as premium. This land is not personal property of the king. The king is a custodian of the land. BLB is now a private company with shareholders. Bolesa mululu. They want to reap from baganda as much as possible. The way they exploitated them with tofaali. No wonder it’s a muganda man challenging his king in court.

[02/06, 19:53] N: I think Bantu race are naturally cheats. M7 is not alone. Boona bamululu. If BLB wanted to help baganda their premium would be constitutional. Ne kcca doesn’t charge that. Let them respect the Uganda constitution . They charge different busulu per year. They charge different registration fees. No wonder they have allowed the Langi to come complain about the same. What Betty Among is talking is a fact not rumours. Of course the commission won’t make recommendations in favour of BLB. Because BLB operates outside the constitution.

[02/06, 20:00] N: At the end of the day the lease campaign allows more non baganda on the land. You can even mortgage the property. Abanyankole baguze mail mailo land in baganda. Not had of a kattikiro campaign to stop and educate pple how bad it is to sell land. Just here Mayega buying square miles and evicting people with guns. Thought a local muganda looses by selling his land. One day you will know it’s mengo officials buying land and evicting people. Semujju M7 amuleke. It’s like looking at mucus on a neighbor child while your own also has it full on the nose. First clean your child then go to the village.

[02/06, 20:11] N: Pple sell land to buy cars .boda boda. to travel abroad. What education is being given to our people to value there land. Bakilimululu just pay once you see for sale. Has CBS put any anti land selling campaign. Can’t bazooka M7. If anything pple who got BLB leases for 5 years have lost some property to those guts already. The lease is not an auto renewal. Mbu kabaka amala kusiima. Let them steal from those who think they can steal from baganda. Wonder what will happen to those leases if court says they are illegitimate. Money from those lease should benefit baganda not BLB a private company. Bali mukukuganya sente nga toofali project. They have even failed to finish masilo after collection of billions of shillings . Is it M7 alemesa.

Me:OK…..naye kati tukoze tutya banange?

[02/06, 20:21] N: A lease is optional. It is not a condition to get a plan approved. Why build an arcade in nansana like am seeing them grow like mushrooms. Then sign a lease that is not auto renewal on it. If we are admiring arcades in nansana now you expect BLB not to take them after 49 years. Ensi tweyogela mululu each year. So why lease any away. Why risk?

[02/06, 20:25] N: Even Sudanese have bought baganda land. No one says anything. Ask your if mengo established a factory like mukwano. Would got close it. The money collection from toofali could build a factory. Semujju wabula anyiziza. The smell is within us not rwakitura.

[02/06, 20:30] N: Abbey it you who wants to join politics. Better learn how to be greedy selfish and a cheat then join there club. Other than that you will just run in elections like Besigye. Atamanyi kuba kalulu tayitamu.M7 has camped in Gayaza to make sure NRM wins. You think they will wait for pple to vote them. Just look on.

[02/06, 20:31] N: Boona baabi. They are in those places to eat not serve. Paka kuba lukiiko mengo.

[03/06, 08:54] T: I can’t agree with you better. You are extremely right about mengo thieves. They’re worse than the banyankole people are complaining about. Their myopic thinking has kept Kabaka and the whole institution broke. Why should a Muganda lease land of his great great grandfather, the Kabaka? ???What makes me a Muganda different from the rest when I am just Tennant on Kabaka’s land????

[03/06, 08:59] T: I advise whoever has kibanja on Kabaka’s land to avoid those so called leases. Kibanja ownership is in perpetuity yet lease ownership is rental terms by agreement between so called landlord and Tennant. The premium you’re talking about is only meant to chase you off your land. The same with the ground rent. The law has just not been implemented by the land registry. Once you know the block and plot number you occupy as a kibanja owner, the law grants you rights to apply for a certificate of occupancy, which you can use for financial security purposes as advanced by our own tormentors.

This is what DP needs to get their emojo back!

I don’t know what exactly Erias Lukwago’s plans are but I think my mate,Norbert Mao, should do the honourable thing and support him as the next DP president. Yes, Erias Lukwago is a work in progress but he could bring glamour back to DP. All he( Erias) needs to do is to drop the suite and tie while out and about with Besigye, or on streets. The suite makes him look like a normal opposition leader, and that’s not right under the present political climate in Uganda.He needs to borrow more of a Besigye style in him(roar at them, smile a little like Rambo, scratch them(police) if you can), and we see if other oppositionists will see him as someone to take over from Besigye. Just hanging around Besigye builds little political capital.

Some of the points Norbert Mao recently made against Mp Bakireke Nambooze were a trifle sententious. OK. But he is right in feeling that Hon.Mp Bakireke Nambooze was trying to undermind him publically(nobody wants that). Mbidde’s utterances didnt help much to the situation.Some things he(Mbidde) says are purposely putting the cat among the pigeons.Other things are OK.Some others are quite silly.But its time, for the sake of DP, for everyone to bury the hatchet, and allow Lukwago to take over!


My hat’s off to Uhuru(Swahili term for “freedom”) Muigai Kenyatta!

My hat’s off to Uhuru(Swahili term for “freedom”) Muigai Kenyatta. He has had his ups and downs as a president, but his best work, at least, belies the claims made by his opponents. He’s been in office since 2013 but he seems to have won so many ‘trophies’ in his first season compared to a certain manager I know who has been around for 31 years and achieved so little. He won my respect in 2007 when, as leader of opposition, he backed Mwai Kibaki for re-election in the December 2007 presidential election. Who does that in Africa, man? No wonder even Moi wanted him to succeed him before he left office. He’s just one of those guys who sincerely love their country, very principled but cool at the same time. KANU would still be in comma, as Uganda’s UPC, if Uhuru had not won against Nicholas Biwott for chairmanship of KANU in 2005. Kenyans should just give him another ‘kisanjja'(term)!

I won’t fault some people’s opinion on Mr.Freedom(Uhuru) as a dictator. My statement originates from a comparison with other East African leaders.I happen to put him on the top of the mountain as the best leader in East Africa right now. He moves me, there seems to be a rare depth of character and patriotism around him, and he has been a terrific influence on the Kenyans ever since he became a president.That seems pretty subjective, though. And I’m not talking about the recently launched railway services and whatever he has done for Kenyans, but I’m looking at him as a leader. He is intelligent in delivering speeches, yet humble in presentation.No boastful uproars, no calling himself a ‘leaopard’ nor outbursts yet he comes from a very rich background. He was born in money. Humility is a trait of true masters.

People can talk about the violence in the last Kenya presidential elections, and the subsequent ICC charges, but this is like continuing to look at your wife as a prostitute because you met her on a street or bar in town. The truth is that few African leaders can boast of having come to power through legal means, if you know what I mean.What counts is the quality of the final products, not the process of composition. Uganda’s Museveni came through violence but just look at the quality of life in Uganda for the last 31 years, its as bad as the word itself.

There is no absolute ranking criteria for dictators but I would rank our Museveni as the worst dictator in East Africa though he is a millitary genius.I would say someone is a genius only if he/she is born with exceptional talent.It takes tremendous analytical talent to find the right people to bring one to power via a guarilla war, a war that is usually lost by most leaders.It takes tremendous millitary talent to control and find the right people to defeat all the rebel groups that were in the country between 1986 and 2004, and later on wage wars in neighbouring countries and come out on top.That Museveni could do both, and both supremely well, is proof of his genius. And that’s sums up as the only thing I admire about him( apart from his sense of humour too). He is actually not bothered with the wananchi(common citizens) at all as long as he keeps himself in power forever, and that makes him the worst leader in East Africa.

Tanzania’s Magufuli moved me a little bit at the beginning, but as of recent, he has shown serious signs of dictatorship in his armour, and I think he risks losing the next presidential elections. One could make a case for his humility, I suppose, but I think he is just a perfectionist, and very hard on himself, which is a little different.

With Kagame, I rank him as the second most useful dictator in East Africa.He has been innovative (in certain aspects). And deeply conservative in many more, but has got Rwanda into the ‘premiership’ and ready to take off. I just hope that he let go and let somebody else move the country forward.Once upon a time, I used to be more fond of him, not any more. He is as arrogant and merciless as they come!

STORY:A boy said to his father: “I saw a girl and I want to marry her

STORY:A boy said to his father: “I saw a girl and I want to marry her. She is so beautiful and she has gorgeous eyes. The father answered his son: of course son, let’s ask for her hand in marriage.” When the father saw the girl, he admired her beauty and he told his son: “You don’t deserve this girl, she needs someone who has experience in life and she can depend on, someone like me.” The boy was surprised by the attitude of his father and he told him : “She will marry me, not you”. They started to fight and finally they decided both to go to the police station to solve their problem. When they tell their story to the police officer, he told them:”bring the girl so we can ask her about her opinion about this. ”

When the officer saw the beauty of the girl he said to the boy and his father:”you both don’t deserve her, she needs someone who has prestige like me.” The 3 men started a fight and decided to go to the minister to solve their problem.

When the minister saw the girl, he said: “She deserves to be married with a minister like me”. The prince heard about their problem and call them all to help them solve it but and when he saw the girl he said : “This girl will marry me” . All the 5 men started to fight.
Finally, the girl said “I have the solution! I will start to run and whoever catches me first, he will be my”.

When she started to run, the boy, his father, the police officer, the minister and the prince started to run to catch her. Suddenly the 5 men fell into a deep hole.
The girl looked to them from the top and she said “did you know who am I?” I am the Dunya; THE LIFE!! People want to run to catch me, they are racing to have me. By doing that, they forget their religion, until they end up in their grave and won’t have me…….They kill and torture one other over me but wont have me!

I nominate Mr.Stanley Ndawula of the Investigator as the journalist of the month!


I nominate Mr.Stanley Ndawula of the Investigator as the journalist of the month. I’m not here to fast-track him to some kind of Sainthood status but his article on the Mayor of Kamwenge, Byamukama, may turn out to be a turning point in the history of police torture in Uganda. I applaud his investigative skills. I don’t think the enormity of this devastating story was fully understood immediately till when other major newspapers, and of course social media, picked it up. And unfortunately, it is far from over, as we continue to read several stories of people that have been tortured while in police custody, especially Nalufenya and Naggalama detention centres.
This Byamukama tragedy has cut very deep – right through any de-sensitised barrier. Many people seem to be taking this very personally even if they are in fact in opposition, and this was done to a super NRM official. Among the MPs who have spoken out is the brother who took over the reigns from us as the Chairman of political Education club while at Kibuli S.S, Hon. Agaaba Abaasi. I never even knew he was in parliament till this horrible incident. I thought he was still working as a Resist Democracy Completely (RDC).

My only advice to the people running the Investigator would be to think a bit more like journalists and make their points early in the articles, then support it. As it is, a person must read quite a lot to get to the point and most people, alas, are lazy when it comes to reading. It’s better to make your point in a pithy first paragraph, and then eliminate everything but the information that supports your point. The shorter the better.That way, it gets read and the information gets across. I was almost gonna give up on that article on Byamukama if I had not seen the gruesome pictures. May God help that man recover and be able to fully use his legs again!


socialised education, as like socialised medicine, works if there is political will for it


All politics in Uganda have become dismally bad theater. I don’t care if you’re FDC,NRM,DP, UPC, you’re beating a decidedly dead horse.The system is as busted, if not worse, as UPC was in early 1980s and, unfortunately, there’s no good fix other than to blow ’em all out and restructure everything. There’s corruption, daily murders, moral degeneration, riots, police tortures, unemployment, but most worryingly a disintegrating education system. Frustratingly, most Ugandans don’t see anything changing soon as Museveni looks set to even remove the age limits from the constitution such that he carries on being president. We basically need a miracle from God. How I wish it comes sooner!

When one analyses how “socialized education” – that is, the public education system – worked in this country during Obote 1, Obote 11 and Amin, it is difficult at best not to be enthusiastic about socialized medicine too, as e explained in the previous article. Yes times have changed, and with them their demands, but how far has this government done to make sure healthcare and education are atleast affordable to majority of Ugandans. UPE isn’t really a new concept in Uganda but why has it failed to work under Museveni? Why did the public schools do well in the past compared to now?

“Socialized education” fared quite well especially during Obote 1 and Amin, because the government used to support all our children, from all religions, tribes and classes, which is different today where even simple state scholarships are awarded on the basis of your political beliefs and tribal connections to the government.
Private education, like St.Mary’s Kitende High School on Entebbe Road, appears to do better because its high tuition cherry picks kids from the best families (an obvious fact that is almost never mentioned in our debates). Nobody seems to care about public schools anymore. Most of the changes the president’s wife has announced recently appear like knee- jerk reactions than something that has been thought through.

The fact is that socialised education, as like socialised medicine, works if there is political will for it. For instance, in America,in terms of test scores, the best 20 schools, year in year out, are overwhelmingly public schools, not private.All of this was exposed in great detail a few years back in an excellent book called “The Manufactured Crisis”.

Of course, its important for parents to be involved in their kid’s school work and life, for a child to do well especially here in developed nations.If a student’s parents return phone calls from the teacher,show an interest in their child’s education and read to their child nightly,the child invariably does well in school. Unfortunately, in many of the poor or working class families, for instance, here in the UK, most parents dont have time for their children such that its difficult to get a doctor or super student out of them. Everyone is just chasing ‘kyeyo’ and having little time for kids. Many parents are lackadaisical about their children’s education and some are themselves illiterate.

This is generally the same situation back home but living as a community used to help a lot African families, especially the way their kids turned out. Every time I tried to dodge school during my primary schooling, not only did I have to hide away from grandfather, but the village residents too. But I’ve been told that things have changed–it’s now every man for himself.
Please let us exchange thoughts on how education could be made better in Uganda. May be through such debates, the guys in the Ministry of education will pick something up, instead of concentrating on sanitary pads programmes only (” We don’t have money for sanitary pads ” or ” NGOs must not supply pads without our permission”)!




According to Hon.Mp Bakireke Nambooze’s online paper, the Spear, FDC’s Dr. Frank Nabwiso will rejoin NRM soon. I dont know how old this gentleman is but I think there is some kind of a ‘death’ of political activism and opposition in the country at the moment, that is causing people to review their political careers.Ten years ago, many young people were idealistic fire brands who wanted to change the country – through revolution and very likely bloodshed. Then those people either lost their enthusiasm, or simply “joined the system”. In the meantime they brought much grief to those who copped their belligerence – people who simply wanted to live in peace.

Frank Nabwiso

Basically, because an old Museveni is showing no signs of giving up on power, or giving anybody a chance to lead, there’s that feeling of ‘what can i do now’ among a lot of people who harboured presidential ambitions, or careers in a new govt. With Besigye now rocking 60 years old and getting tired himself, there’s no visible opposition anymore. So, i’m not surprised when I see especially a 50 year old plus joining the govt.

A lot of young people that had presidential ambitions have also kind of given up. They watch with grief and pain as young leaders, such as Emanuel Macron, take over in France, and yet it looks almost like a dream in Uganda. Now, with the talk of removing age limits, everyone is scracthing their heads for a quick alternative.The opposition has to wake up and go back on the drawing board. A leader who stays long in power kills ambitions and quality for everyone and inhibit progress.

Politicians too often go into Politics with the noblest of ideals. Then they too get corrupted by the wealth to be had – the kickbacks, bribes, etc. and become yet just another politician.



I’ve never understood that part of people’s character where someone openly comes out to boast that he or she has a lot of money, especially in an environment where majority of the people are so poor. It beats my understanding about life and human beings.It just sounds so out-of-character.

“I’ve struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspapers companies. Linking me to NRM because of my bank balance will not help,…….I’m a shareholder in news papers and radio stations within and outside Uganda. I’m not poor ………Someone to look at my bank balance and think its NRM Money,This is hogwash,I have been rich since my days at University…….”——Fred Mukasa Mbidde,Democratic Party Vice President

As a x-tian man, Mbidde should read the following verses in the Bible: Jeremiah 9:23 and Proverbs 27:2…….”Olulimi olwo silulungi nakatono”!

It reminds me of some play I once read. There was a man called Casanova who was an ugly thief. He broke out of a makeshift prison in an Italian village, and made his way to Paris where everybody was expecting an ugly Italian thief.

“But NO – I am not a thief”, he said, “I am a GREAT LOVER.
“I seduced the mayor`s wife, and he FAKED UP the charges”.

He was ultimately met by a pair of Scottish Presbyterian Freemasons. “You will NEVER clear your name without US”,
they said, “because WE control the PRESS”. Everybody had expected an ugly Italian thief because his escape had been published in the papers.

“We KNOW that you are both a THIEF and a LIAR. The mayor was a BACHELOR. Shall we PUBLISH”?

Casanova was COMPROMISED. The game was up. What would happen next? They made a SURPRISING OFFER.

So, just because one’s hands haven’t been caught in the till jar, it doesnt necessarily mean that they didnt steal something. I also keep telling people that money, power, wealth,e.t.c all come to an end at some point. What defines you as a person after your death is mainly your character towards others. If Mbidde really care about the opposition and Hon. Mp Bakireke Nambooze, he would have rushed to call a press conference to condemn what the police did in Masaka, but he is instead portraying himself as the owner of Hon.Nambooze just because he simply recruited her into DP.

And the truth is there are very few rich people(in the real sense of the word) in Uganda,and i’m yet to be attempted to include Mbidde among them.In a way, It just sounds weird someone being ‘rich’ during university days, and then come out to do newspaper vending??


I don’t see any problem with Museveni or his wife’s directive to public schools to encourage pupils to read Museveni’s book: SOWING THE MUSTARD SEED. I think Mrs.Museveni feels that her husband has done so much for the country and wants his name in the brains of our little ones. Oh, she’s so sweet and she’s being wifely,isn’t she? But that’s beside the point, I think let the book roll into schools, after all, its gonna be a donation to schools, right?

I personally read the book and took me just three days to finish it yet I was only reading it at night. Yes, it has got a lot of Oboteism, but what the hell, other people that worked with Museveni will write books that will counter almost every lie in Museveni’s book.Yes, there’s stuff there that dont make sense!

By the way, Museveni isn’t the only one who has tried to manipulate history through a book.Historian” David Irving manipulated historical evidence to fit his contentions, among others, that Hitler was “in the dark” about the extermination of Jews and others in Nazi Germany and that there was no systematic effort, indeed no gas chambers, to accomplish those purposes. UAH veteran, Henry Ford Mirima, has tried to rewrite the historical facts between Buganda and Bunyoro kingdom several times. Its up to the reader to cross check with other writers to get the truth. That’s why its important that Besigye too releases the mother of books, now that he is in his 60s, that will outsell Museveni’s.

Is it possible that Mbabazi and Museveni played us?

First of all, I’m glad that Mrs. Mbabazi is ok and wish her many years of good life in this world. However, i find it morally reprehensible that a wealthy man surrounded by majority poor would accept state help or benefits or whatever, of shs.470 millions towards his wife’s treatment, yet he could’ve afforded the bill himself without government intervention. My heart bleeds!

Yes, we all have a selfish component and do try to take advantage of others but this smells so bad. Greedy people want the whole tamale.They come in all versions. But as usual, some people are coming up with excuses that the wealthy man was only collecting his benefits as former PM. Evil can always be rationalized by man. Worship of leaders is all it takes and a bunch of sheep.Once somebody gets power or wealth, they have enough sheep to keep the power. Remember.

People can argue all they want but this actually points to one thing. We were very mislead before and during the 2016 presidential elections. We were mislead after the elections. We are being mislead to this day.

I am not a Museveni fan, nor a fan of Joseph Kony, nor of many Uganda leaders – but in the annals of evil I would say there is more than a “few degrees” of separation between him and some pretending to oppose him. That’s why I stick with Besigye for now because the alternatives cannot easily be trusted!


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”



I was reading a horrible story in the INVESTIGATOR about the torture of Geoffrey Byamukama, the Kamwenge Town Council Mayor, and how his bill at Nakasero hospital has skyrockted to shs.29m. Under normal circumstances, one would immediately be thinking about his horrible wounds and what caused them(possibly torture by the police), but my mind just skipped to the cost of healthcare in Uganda. Subhanallah, what happens to the poor who fall sick in that country? Has anybody thought about this?

Both doctors and politicians are just greedy. Doctors have opened up their private expensive clinics/ hospitals and can only touch you if you pay. Politicians go abroad for treatment, so who really cares about my friends in Kangulumira whose only health centre in the region is technically a death trap. We could only manage to raise money for the blankets tthrough UAH but failed to raise even a mere shs.8m to repaint the centre. Those who made pledges never came through, and I guess because they aren’t good christians/Muslims.

Greed is a powerful force that affects us all. It needs to be harnessed in a way to make a country strong and with a large middle class.A quality doctor-patient relationship matters. It’s an essential part of the healing process, and one that can’t be had without the physician’s role in initiating and maintaining it. My late grandfather’s doctor and relative,Dr. Adam Kimala, should be in his 70’s now and is not a financial firebrand.He is a good man and commands personal loyalty seemingly effortlessly. He enjoys his work, never put money first, and, I believe, he intends to continue until “they” won’t let him work any more at which point he will probably spend most of his time doing consultation and voluntary work for Buganda kingdom. I remember when I was a kid, he used to have a clinic somewhere in Kampala city, and I could be taken there for a ‘ruthless’ injection in case of a malaria infection. Bless him!

In science, it is generally accepted that Albert Einstein lived a moderate life, and he never used his brain power to take advantage of the poor.He still lived in a little house provided to him by the Institute for Advanced Study(IAS) till he died, and asked that it be kept as a residence for others after his demise. His request was honored. A really competent person doesn’t seek wealth, the work function is all the reward that’s necessary for them.Wealth is only important to those imbued with a poverty of spirit. Albert pre-promised his Nobel prize money to his ex-wife as part of his divorce settlement. That’s a guy who knew what value is.

But how many doctors are like Dr.Kimala or Einstein in our generation. Everyone is thinking about money, not really their profession.If a professional doesn’t have recognizable wealth, it certainly raises flags.Human greed corrupts every economic and social model there is, whether it’s economic, social, religious. I admire those people – sadly far too few – who can transcend that greed and show selfless generosity and kindness towards others.The practice of quality medicine includes assuring that a patient understands and may have confidence that his treatment is the path to better health. There is no substitute for good communication, but a lot of doctors in Uganda mainly communicate billing to patients.

Many Christians actually believe that if you are poor, it is God’s judgement against you for your sins. This makes it very convenient for them to throw the poor under the bus. Just picture this:

A man falls down in the street in Kampala and clutches his chest and is having a heart attack. He’s not dressed too well, and may be homeless.A few people that don’t believe in healthcare for those that don’t pay for it, stand around and take bets on when he’ll croak.The man dies and everyone goes home to a nice Matooke and meat dinner.

As it turns out, that man happened to be one of the onlooker’s father.Ah well. He never did deserve healthcare, never earned enough.Tough.

The question is whether we are deserving enough to be called a civilized nation or civilised people.If it were a matter of greed for money, it’s far cheaper to equip government hospitals and give everyone healthcare at a far lower cost, and stop the stranglehold of spending millions of dollars taking a few in government for treatment abroad. Every ‘important’ person who dies now, they do so in either Nairobi, India or South Africa, and its a shame. Nobody wishes to die from Mulago or Nsambya yet these were good hospitals in the 1960-70s.

Trying to maximize profits on the backs of patients is a very bad idea. Just look at the American model. An American who is jobless or working for minimum wage and gets cancer or some other serious disease will die for lack of health care.While I don’t like Michael Moore, Americans should watch the movie “Sicko” to get an idea of how things are in other countries.Cuba was the country. Moore took a bunch of sick people there as a stunt, and they were all taken care of with minimal cost. For instance, one woman that was going broke trying to pay for a medicine here that she needed ($150), went there and got her medicine for $.05 cents.

Looks like I got wordy again. I blame frustration and a propensity to reminisce. Sorry!



Hello George,
I dwelt for a while here on what to say to you.The issues you raise are provocative indeed. Such questions are good as it helps all of us rethink, reconsider, and question why your view UAH that way.Your views are certainly not out of line though you’re certainly accusing me of all kinds of things that you don’t like.

First of all, when I revealed the UAH numbers here, I was by no means implying that UAH’s Popularity = Quality.That’s an easy enough position to shoot down. What I meant was, a forum cannot be “uninspiring, inaccessible and dull” while simultaneously being favoured by many Ugandans.The quality and quantity are not in any way related. You could have less numbers in a forum and still end up with a poor debate or an inactive forum.

I think that the issue of quality vs quantity becomes problematic when one does not consider certain environmental and emotional issues which humans face.Its exactly because of this that we set up UAH to discuss a variety of topics at the same time, because we are aware that:
1- Some Ugandans aren’t really interested in politics but we want them to pick interest. So, we allow them to post stuff that interest them but in the process they unknowingly read political messages,
2- Some people just hate anything NRM or Museveni, but we also know that Museveni is the law in Uganda. For instance, there is a woman who is a member of this forum. She used to work in the UPDF and she is now living in London, but she told me that she deletes every post with Museveni’s name on it because she hates him. I told her that she shouldn’t do that because everything in Uganda revolves around him. She said that she doesn’t care anymore. She just wants him and his people gone, and she doesn’t a solution in people just talking about it.

Assessing quality also becomes difficult when we press the question into our preconceived ideas of what constitutes quality.And then there is the difficulty of having to force ones mind to compose in styles foreign to ones taste.Most everything in these groups is personal taste but like minds can ponder things like evolution and quality and such.God isn’t participating in these discussions. People don’t just speak about things that a title over their heads directs them to.They would be regimented little cowards. People talk about many things and they do it in whatever forum they happen to be in. The question of quality debates seems far too complex with too many variables to possibly have a substantive answer.

Let’s try a different spin on this one.You feel that UAH should be moved to another level, right? But you never suggest that level, right? Because you don’t know, right? But for some reason, you want Abbey to come up with something that could magically take all of you to another level. Look, I’m not accusing you or anybody of anything, and I understand where you are coming from. I just want to critically think this through before you throw everything at Abbey(me). One approach to solving problems is to put a lot of attention into what not to do. It still leaves the question of what to do. Progress is by trial and error. Frankly it is much faster to model those who have been through all that trial and error.They offer a condensed version of what to do.

There was a time some members organised a mother of conference in Netherlands where a lot of UAH members attended. I didn’t attend but contributed to someone’s ticket from Uganda to attend.I wanted to know how exactly the conference is gonna move Uganda forward. The conference ended with certain resolutions made that have never been implemented up to now.I think Eric Kashambuzi was among the few UAH members that attended that conference.

What I’m trying to tell you is that unless you want me to declare a rebellion against the government, with some of you as my lieutenants, there isn’t not much we can do through a mere forum.That’s why a lot of enthusiastic members we started with are so inactive at the moment.Sometimes people are PULLED in two opposing directions.You know the sort of thing, wanting A but this stops you doing B, wanting B but this stops you doing A.These are also known as dilemmas.The corny but successful method to bust these dilemmas is to find a way to be pulled in a third direction ie to want C(e.g.joining another forum to see if there’s something different offered there). Such situations are most unlikely to be stable for long so one is able to regain action more rapidly. Life moves on.

UAH has done a lot in terms of exposing the bad ‘smells’ in the government, enlightening our members, educating people about the country’s history, e.t.c, and we will continue to do so, God willing. The government follows this forum intensely and they know what needs to be done to change Uganda for the better, but, for some reason, I don’t think they wanna do it. And honestly speaking, I cant be blamed for that one too, can I ?


Dear Members,

A number of new Uganda social media groups have started, and a few are quickly gaining ground. They include groups by Omar Kalinge-Nyago, Douglas Katosi and Okello Lucima . This is a welcome development, and is a response to what me and many others have been telling the UAH owner Abbey Semuwemba for a long time- that UAH as it stands today has totally lost focus and does not serve any useful purpose anymore

Although I took a sabbatical for a few weeks, I still logged into UAH and what strikes one most is the number of posts and discussions on American politics and on Donald Trump in particular. .This accounts for nearly 90% of traffic on UAH, but Mr Semuwamba does not seem to think this is a serious problem for the forum and allows this anomaly to play out, day in and day out.

Also important to note is the prominence that Mr Semuwemba gives to Mr Edward Irundrua. This Nubian fool posts nearly 30% of all traffic on a forum of 250,000 members. If this does not strike Mr Semuwemba as strange, then I dont know what else will. Irundrua has now become an official chart show host on UAH, with others chipping in as his quests. It would not matter if this discussion on American politics was constructive and relevant to the political discourse in our country- but alas!! You would be waiting for the second coming to expect the Nubian pillock to engage in anything constructive.

Mr Semuwamba has concentrated all his efforts at expanding the membership of the forum and paid no attention whatsover to the quality of the contributions, or making it a serious forum that people can visit for reference. I may be biased, but there are less than 15 people, out of 250-000 members who make good quality contributions on this forum, and this includes Dr Kayondo, Simon Peter Okurut, Edward P’Ojim,Ronald Okuonzi, Ikanos, Barigye, Gwokto, Annet Kobusinge, Sekajja, Magandazi, Mutgagabya, Galabuzi,Henry Ford Mirima, Frank Mujabi, John Kwitonda, Ocaya Mike p’Oure, Afuwa Kasule, Mayimuna, Moses Nekyon, Rev Paul Mugerwa and a handful of others. The rest just look at the forum as they would a traditional English pub, as a place you go to relax, exchange pleasantries and gossip. No serious intellectual discussion is now possible on the UAH, and I had warned Mr Semuwamba about this more than 3 years ago. I dont want want to brag, but I have a very active mind and I dont want to mix with people who dont think at my level. And I dont want to waste the remaining years of my life gossiping about inanities.

It is also worth noting that the fascist regime of Kayibanda Money Museveni does not take this forum seriously. It has only deployed spies like Robert Atuhairew,and not suprisngly, Mr Atuhairew plays the role of a childish clown and so no serious debate can take place with the intellectual midget. Atuhairew’s role is to scupper discussion, and make the tragedy playing out in Uganda look like silly fun. It is very frustrating to find NRA sulberterns like Atuhairew reducing matters of great suffering among Ugandans, to just childish pun, intended to make people laugh. How can NRA supplicants like Edward irundrua and Ingram Kampe laugh at the shocking picture of a hanging Itesot woman, and even have the audacity to blame her for her fate? Yet these are the type of NRA contributors Mr Semuwemba has encouraged and continues too molly coddle.

:Lastly, Mr Semewemba has allowed his forum to become a vehicle of abuse, concoctions and vile calumny. He does absolutely nothing when people make concocted postings or patently false allegations against others. His competitors like Mr Kyalimpa of the UAH RESISTANCE or Leah Nagalamba of Uganda Friends take their duties as administrator much more seriously, and they are not afraid to remove scurrilous posts or to suspend members. In the 3 years I have been a member of his forum, Mr Kyalimpa has suspended at least 15 members that I know of. Mr Semuwemba knows he has a responsibility to his members, but he has allowed it to become a free for all, a cess pit where anything goes. No serious intellectual or political activist would now seek to join UAH, all he needs is to look at a day’s postings, almost all dominated by Edward irundrua, and that would be enough to make them puke.

Mr Sewuwemba has done a great job creating and sustaining UAH to its current level, with almost 250,000 members. But sadly he has failed to move the forum to the next level. I will still continue to be a member of both UAH and UAH Facebook, but writing only on selected issues. I will continue to write a parody commentary or column on UAH Facebook, because that is well received and liked, but on this forum, I will write mainly on ideology and avoid Ugandan issues altogether because the standard of analysis is not up to my level. I would rather discuss Ugandan issues on the new groups that have started, because nearly all of them are about Uganda, and nothing else. There was a very brilliant discussion on the Land Question in Buganda in Mr Katosi’s group, for eg, to which I was invited and made a widely acclaimed contribution- something that simply does not happen here on UAH. These new groups are by invitation only and all of them are moderated in order to eliminate scurrilous posts or deter idiots like Irundrua from turning them into pit latrines. It is high time that we Ugandans took the plight of our country in our hands- gossiping on UAH may help us pass time and laugh, but it will never help our people who are now entering a fourth decade of brutal occupation, oppression and subjugation

Thank You


First they came for Andrew Kayiira (UFM) and FEDEMU, and I did not speak out

First they came for Andrew Kayiira (UFM) and FEDEMU, and I did not speak out—- because I was not in opposition.

Then they came for Apollo Byekwaso and Edward Mugalu, and I did not speak out—- because I was not a Muganda.

Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out—–because I was not a Muslim.

Then they came for State Attorney,Joan Kagezi, and I did not speak out—– because I was not a judge or lawyer.

Then they came for the powerful guys in the police and army, and I did not speak out—- because I wasn’t a policeman or soldier.

Then they came for me—-and there was no one left to speak for me.

NB:Inspired by Martin Niemoller’s poem just like Maurice Ogden was inspired by him to write the poem “The Hangman ” In 1951……Ogden’s poem was first attributed to the anti-nazi pastor as early as 1946.

Right Amos Webombesa: the best enemies are friends who keep silent when I’m being tormented, I’ll forgive the enemy who mistreated me but will never forgive the freind who watched…… (massage picked )

The connection between Alqaeda and Kaweesi’s assasination sounds like a long jump from the mafias!

Yes, Tamale Mirundi does his research before appearing in studios though he ends up mixing up issues. The connection between Alqaeda and Kaweesi’s assasination sounds like a long jump from the mafias in government institutions. Tamale starts this debate with a story of personal tragedy. He mentioned Magembe as the first policeman to be assasinated in Uganda, but doesn’t concentrate much on issues around Kaweesi’s assasination. He doesn’t even have the courage to tackle the big issues head on. However, I’m glad, for the first time, he seems to be on the same page with Besigye on assassinations.

I believe that one of the first tenets of good business is not to talk badly, or perhaps in this case we should say mockingly, about your current employer(s). So if you want to make a point that Kaweesi was assassinated by Alqaeda, then just don’t mention the mafias in the country at all. Oliver stone and leftwing conspiracy theorists did this with the kennedy assassination. Now, all rational people believe oswald acted alone, that he killed kennedy, and that he was an avowed marxist. But, leftists couldn’t swallow that a leftist killed kennedy and cooked up wild theories about how the FBI, CIA,Pentagon, Dallas Police, the mafia, and possibly even Lyndon johnson were all in on the plot.They tried to blame the act of a marxist nut on rightwing nuts.

The first lead in any murder investigation is ” Motive “. I’m sure Kaweesi had a lot of enemies, and it would help if they all get exposed instead of carelessly pinning the whole thing on Alqaeda and Nakasero Muslims. Uganda has been lucky that no president has ever been assasinated while in power, but these things happen— people in the government kill each other. In the USA,Lincoln and McKinley were killed early in their second term, Garfield early in his first (only W. Harrison had a shorter tenure), and Kennedy towards the end of his first.

Abbey Semuwemba

Treat everyone in your life fairly like your own & love as much as you live!

I do not pretend to be older than the elders following me, but the truth is despite my age, I’m old enough to confess that life is indeed a mystery.

I’ve seen a Landlord becoming a tenant before his death.

I’ve seen owner of a ‘ benz’ pedalling a bicycle, not for fittness, but for transportation.

I know a female Muslim friend who became a strong faithful Hijabi(now rarely misses prayers), when she used to ‘kuwemula’ in almost all our conversations.

I have seen a once rejected stepson becoming the bread winner for the whole family.

A once sought-after lady begging a poor guy to date her.

I’ve seen a boy who once sought refugee in the home of the richman of the village becoming president of the country.

A driver’s conductor buying the bus of his master.

A man released from prison in USA becoming a mayor of city.

I’ve seen arguably the most powerful president in Africa begging for his life from a teenager in the last hours of his life.

In life, no one knows tomorrow & you can never trust life, because its mysterious.

Never ever forget, U may not know the full story, don’t be quick to judge, every coin has two sides.

Treat everyone in your life fairly like your own & love as much as you live.

So let us be humble, kind, love more & do not try to be overly smart; for we do not know what tomorrow holds for us. Have a wonderful weekend without premiership football!!.

Even if Museveni Dies before age limits are lifted

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Even if Museveni Dies before age limits are lifted
1. How many people making news of a 72 year old man will live up to 72 and still be relevant?
2. If he dies he has achieved what a younger and vibrant man called Obote failed to do:there is medicine in hospitals, Kampala roads are better than those in Rwanda, coffee business is booming, no Ugandan is arrested for writing something anti-govt on Facebook,all police officers feel secure, no night or morning murders, economy is booming,cooperatives are working, e.t.c. Its a shame on our generation that a man of 72 is the one curbing corruption so that he can rescue our future and we have young men supporting looters;
3. How many of you have a father who lived up to 72 and still relevant;
4. If Museveni dies today may his soul rest in peace, its you younger ones that will be left with the problem of how to tackle corruption, lift more age limits, lift death limits and rescue our future in Uganda;
5. Museveni’s name is in GOLD while some of the younger ones names are in the mud;
6. Many of the people who worked with Museveni as junior officers are dead today, even a few YOUNG ones living such as Kirunda Kivejinja, Kintu Musoke, Kahinda Otafiire, Mulyanyamuli Ssemogerere, Bidandi Ssali.e.t.c are a relic of shame and disgrace.

*** Museveni is NOT a failure and posterity will honour him.

Anti-Stella people don’t understand the purpose of satire!


I am a bit of Stella Nyanzi fan, so it will be a bit biased to say this but I will,because, not even the horrible Computer Use Act will stop me. I feel that in the light of her imprisonment,we should try to understand the metaphorical nature of her postings. Messages like hers which are subtle yet vulgar-beautiful, graspable yet undefinable – like nature herself – will undergo a great revival, if it hasn’t started yet. I feel that the people centred on her usage of certain words they don’t approve of, are lost in translation, and ,therefore, want her to write like the way the rest of us write. They are suffering from MASS CULTURE which is a form of making everything the same, making everybody “do the same thing” (whether they like it or not). For example, the modern way of mass education forces everyone to go through the same classes and learn the same things.This in no way helps the individual who may have a higher capacity for life. On a political front,It’s called censorship, Stella’s case is objectively about online censorship by the government. They want to control how they are criticized.

Secondary, the anti-Stella people have written enough to demonstrate that they don’t understand the purpose of satire.The best definition, from the 18th century, is that it “exposes to laughter the vices and follies of mankind”. Satire makes fun of the powerful; at its best it acts as a sort of accountability check, at its worst, it brings them down to size. That’s why the best satire is aimed at politicians, monarchy, etc, or at celebs or civvies who ‘bring it on’, and the least successful is aimed at belittling ordinary people or the dispossessed. President Museveni and his wife are politicians, and therefore a legitimate target in a country where power is centered almost in one man.

Yes, there is usually an implied serious moral or artistic standard by which the object of the satire is held to account. But I feel the vulgar definition, to which Ms.Nyanzi appear to adhere, is meant to attract people to the serious points hidden in her messages. Nobody in the government should expect critics to be nicer.If one analyses her messages, Stella seems a bit more focused and more informed about exactly what it is she’s criticizing. She’s not like attacking Museveni’s tribe(as some people carelessly do), she is attacking Museveni, the president of Uganda.There is a difference between criticizing a ‘choice’ e.g presidency and criticizing something inherent e.g being Kabakaship, Muganda (or Munyankole). Organised write-in campaigns against governments are notorious – I’ve participated in a good few myself, through mainly the Ugandans At Heart Forum.

Uganda as it is now needs real soldiers-in-writing and Ms.Nyanzi seems to have upped the game.We shouldn’t need to wait for the infection to fester before the real pus comes to the surface. We’re ‘officially’ a military state and nobody had the courage to write an opera called “Buttocks and the Buttocks” till when the allegedly ‘mad’ lady(according to the state) now in Luziira prison showed up from nowhere.

On my last trip to Uganda a few years back I was amazed to see how so much violence was depicted in our television programming. It’s all guns,teargas,land grabbing, acid attacks, fires in schools, killing Muslim clerics, murders, e.t.c. It seems that showing brutal murders, eyes gouged out, limbs chopped off, sadistic torture, rape, etc., is less bad than if one of the victims yells ‘kabina'(bum) as such acts are being committed.In Uganda, people find it easy to slap,or clip anyone.

If there should be any compromise I would propose it be this:Let’s scale way, way back on the gratuitous violence on television and Facebook posts, and, in exchange, let’s not throw a fit about vulgarity(popularity) and/or sensuality.It is clearly not a big deal in Europe, and I would offer that it does far less harm to children (if it does any at all) than depictions of violence. Naturally, I don’t think this would fly at all with complaint-factories like: the Uganda Communications Compromise(UCC) under Mutabazi, Father Lokodo, etc., whose real battle is against sex, and to whom any depiction of the human body is scandalous.

That said, I’m far more opposed to exposure to violence than vulgarity, yet it’s much easier for a child to be casually/accidentally exposed to violence in our culture.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Mwenda was exagerating Stella’s vulgarity!


Among the big three:sex, religion and politics, I try not to post on sex for religious and cultural reasons, but Andrew Mwenda’s response to Dr.Stella Nyanzi has kind of tickled me a little bit.Mwenda has leapt on her and everyone openly supporting Besigye like a mother lion leapt on those threatening her cubs.His posts increasingly sound rude, self centered and belligerent.He comes across as a crusader who savagely attacks anyone who has the gall to question his words. Actually, If we didnt have phonies like him, we probably could get on with our problems of living with dictator Museveni in peace. I’m sure if Stella wasn’t writing about Mrs.Museveni, life among supposedly NRM commentators would have continued as normal as having breakfast in the morning. Every time somebody posts about the Musevenis somebody always gets all bent. Its silly man!

Mwenda is known recently for writing ‘faaaaa’ as exemplified by his fake TVO intelligence. Several people questioned his TVO allegations and,without any evidence worth of salt being cited, he went ahead to accuse Robert Shaka,myself, et al, of being frauds,cowards,and FDC radical extremists.Fortunately I’m not exactly a newbie to such childish attacks and have grown a thick skin throughout the years but I can understand how such mindless ranting and raging can be distressing to some. I sometimes ignore people who seem to be on a streak of bad temper, but if they are a regular I always go back to reading their posts after I think they may have had time to calm down a bit.

I learned a long time ago that my friends and I may not necessarily like the same people.And that’s ok. I don’t believe anyone should be required to find value in the same people I value in order to be my friend.I sincerely hope that if some people do decide that they like Stella’s posts,whom Andrew happen to dislike, that he will not think they have taken sides or feel that we don’t find him valuable, valid and helpful as well.I generally like to sift through whatever people post, keep what I need, and discard the rest, no matter who it is that’s offering it.

That’s why I still dont understand why some people are concentrating on Stella’s ‘vulgarity’ more than the issues she raised.Anyway, Life is vulgar sometimes,should we hide that part? Should we pretend it’s not there? Well, Shakespeare is dirty, vulgar, if he’s done right.Instead, we excise, elide, etc. all the vulgar content and leave a bunch of flowery speeches instead. In the USA, a lady called Illma Gore recently released a video:’how To Draw Trump’s penis’, and so far it has generated over 3 million viewers on Facebook.Can you imagine anybody making fun of Museveni’s penis in Uganda and get away with it?

Anyway,what’s more vulgar? Mentioning ‘Nalongo owenene Vs Owentono’ or showing how some people get off on making a mess of our country in the name of ‘I sacrificed’. ‘i’m a revolutionary’, ‘i forgive you’,e.t.c? Vulgar comes from a root word meaning popular, common, etc.That’s how we get the term “Vulgate” used for the Bible.True, up to a point, vulgar may have relative meanings.One can argue that everything written in Italian is vulgar simply by the fact that it’s not Latin.But that’s stretching the word historically.Clearly, Stella’s language is vulgar, if you compare it with Joachim Buwembo’s language in his posts, but you cant deny her super creative writing.I would say that her posts enriche or enhance the sexual humor that is usually kept in bedrooms, and its not a style Ugandans have experienced before. So it turns out that when Andrew wrote “vulgar,” he meant nothing more than ‘popular’?

Shakespeare was, in this sense, almost certainly a genius, since his apparently spontaneous integration of so many levels of verbal dexterity has been virtually unequalled in the history of the world’s creative activity; not even the Greeks, I should add, combined both tragic and comic sensibilities the way Shakespeare did: I mean it’s almost scary the way that man could go from masterful prose to masterful poetry; from vulgar jests to sublime rhetoric; from comic buffoonery to tragic pathos with effortless assurance.

On television, I once heard someone say in reference to Alan Turing:”You can always tell a genius from just a very intelligent person.When a very intelligent person comes up with a bright idea, you say to yourself,’I might have thought of that.’ You never get that with a genius.”

Alan Turing, by the way, was a British logician/mathematician who helped solve the Nazi Enigma code (which, despite what Hollywood would have us believe, was not solved by the Americans; although it turns out the Poles had a good deal more to do with it than the British let on) and also foreshadowed the digital computer in his theories.

Basically, all im saying is that Andrew is setting up a false opposition here, like the proverbial apples and oranges.The real opposition is between GOOD and BAD.Dictatorship is simply bad,and freedom of speech is good. Stella is just a woman frustrated with everything going on in Uganda, and that is reflected in her writing, and i think she’s doing something good.

Byebyo ebyange banange!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom


The following information is given with the utmost respect, and is for all parents/relatives/friends with kids in boarding schools, and usually visit them to bring them some necessities and ‘swa'(as we used to call it in Kibuli S.S). When your kid has a friend whose parents cannot afford to visit him or her, please make sure you always pack something separately for them.If there are kids that are related to you in any way and there are in the same school, find a way of bringing something for each one of them. Dont give money to the one you’ve specifically visited and leave the other one out.That’s what a good person is supposed to do!

Giving is something that is usually learned as a small child at their parent’s knee. When you give as a parent, your child always learns something from you.The plain truth is we do live in a collective system where we all do better from mutual aid.One of the greatest benefits of having your child attend a boarding school is the opportunity your child will have to mentor with other adults. There is nothing wrong with bringing so many things for your kid in a boarding school.But there is something wrong with giving them beyond what they will ever need or spend.Some of us were dealing with this faulty human trait when it was not at the fad stage.

How is it that lots of rich parents do not seem to understand that for many poor kids their meager possession is their pride? The thought of asking a parent of a friend for anything on visitation day is next to impossible, but they would be happy if given something.

The reality is that the kids from very poor families are much more apt to fail in school and stay in the same pattern of their parents. Some kids can pull themselves up and out of their parents income level, with the belief that ‘broke is a condition.Poor is a state of mind’.Too bad so many cannot!…so you never know when your so called ‘rich’ kid may need the poor one one day in the real life!


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

FDC is the best political party in Uganda but it needs prayers!

Anybody heading a political party, or even an online forum, under the current political environment in Uganda is a ‘spy’. That’s why FDC needs a lot of prayers.Bali mukiisela kizibu nyo!….. Lots of accusations being thrown around, and to almost everybody.We can never full understand something or access all the information about the ‘moles’ in political parties. Everything we say or do is already based on unintentional bias.We have to go on information we have, while the information we don’t have is a lot more.

FDC actually is an independent beautiful political party, but I suspect some people within kind of look at it as their personal property, and that is a big challenge!

Everybody is a spy, and somebody has intentionally created this bad environment for us.I remember when I had just started UAH, there was this website called Radio Katwe that branded me a Musevenist(museveni’s spy)living in London and working to fight them. But now i’m a Tom Voltaire Okwalinga according to my mate, Andrew M. Mwenda…Yes, he is kind of my mate because we used to get along before he abandoned the Batooro principles of honesty!

Abbey Semuwemba

The world of politics is always intrigue filled. The truth in politics is subjective and it’s only players active and exposed to the dynamics within political parties that know the truth. But as in all things, the truth is subjective too!

All I can state is that in politics there are no absolute angels and neither are there absolute demons. All politicians are human beings. They are not perfect!

The problem that we have been grappling with for the longest time is that some opposition politicians claim “sainthood” and gullible people believe them. This is the Genesis of altars that name people or brand people moles or saints!

This brand of politics is only in Uganda and no wonder change is happening everywhere in the world with Gambia being the latest! As we watch and participate in the game of “saints” and “demons”!

Until we learn that political ideology/theory vs practice is global and lessons in other countries need to be applied if we are to leave this vicious cycle of the no-change political gimmicks!

Even the Almighty in heaven cautioned us that those that claim uprightness will most likely be the biggest sinners! The list to hell and to Janna or heaven is only privy to God Himself!

But I see some people playing to be “all-knowing” yet all that glitters is not Gold! Many Ugandans had painted “Museveni” in angelic wear! Yet they are now the same people regretting as to why they were taken for a ride!

Let’s learn from our political history and avoid the same pitfalls!

By Hon.Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala

Beating up kids is illegal in Uganda but still generally done by teachers and parents!

I’ve been told that some teachers and most parents in Uganda continue to paddle children despite spanking being illegal in the country. In Africa, we are good at whipping our kids’ behinds as a form of punishment or knocking sense into the kid, but we’re doing it wrongly. I don’t interfere with anyone’s parenting style but child health professionals have conducted 50 years of research on the effects of spanking.

Spanking actually causes more misbehavior;and increases the risk that someone will end up in jail(You might have never been to jail, but facts are facts). Spanking also increases the risk of drug use and mental illness.Spanking causes more disobedience and rudeness in children. Spanking is linked to increased aggression as well. It literally changes the way the brain works, reducing grey matter. It is unwise to hit children……..But a person shouldn’t even need research to know this.Self defense is the only time it is acceptable to hit someone.It’s not acceptable to hit tiny defenseless people whose brains aren’t fully developed. Attachment parenting and gentle discipline is key.You wouldn’t smack your 90 year old grandmother, or wife, so why would you smack the most vulnerable member of your family? The children?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

It’s people who aren’t trained and not ready to take on the daunting task of parenting that think the Stick will talk to children.

I wasn’t ever spanked in my childhood and I guess we all turned out fine. My fathers house was a cane-free zone! And I don’t know any different.

If those in defense of the spanking culture believe it worked miracles, how come the generations that were spanked have messed up everything in the country? That points to one thing: “Poor upbringing”!

Let’s look deep into the psyche of the our country, could something have impacted us during our childhoods? Just thinking out loud!

This thing of good upbringing(meaning physical violence) equals good behavior doesn’t add up somehow! We need to change methods of parenting

By Hon.Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala

There’s 4 categories of people you shouldn’t talk to anymore

There’s 4 categories of people you shouldn’t talk to anymore:
1) Rapists;
2) Murderers;
3) MPs who booed Ingrid Turinawe;
This is not necessarily about Ingrid Turinawe. It’s about the poor conduct of our MPS in parliament. What they did in parliament was so disgusting and dishonorable!

our MPs are what we call the ‘in’ people: Incompetent, intolerable, e.t.c……..we need serious prayers for the country. And I couldn’t believe that the Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, let all this go on. She just sat there watching and doing nothing!

By the way,I don’t blame NRMs for publicly humiliating and abusing each other over anything. But when some in the opposition do it I cringe. Is nobody cultured any more?

4) People who inbox you saying “Hi”……….When they’re really manipulative they’ll say “Are you really TVO” because they want you to clarify – but I still don’t anymore. lol.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

What Next for Ingrid Turinawe??

” Hey Abbey, I know a number of EALA MPs who were rejected at country level but are now serving in Arusha from different countries. Mukasa Mbide was one of them in Uganda. But I think the Iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe, will need to reposition her approach to opposition politics that is awash with intrigue . Aligning with KB alone is not going to be helpful. Muhammad Nsereko is no longer the same man I used to admire when he was still in the group of four.The group of comprised four comprised Theodore Ssekikuubo (Lwemiyaga), Barnabus Tinkasiimire (Buyaga), Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) and Winfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa East)…….. I used to be an FDC diehard, but I got demoralised by the behaviour of some of those people. Some of those people are wicked I’m telling you, but such is politics. As for Ingrid again, this business of dropping piglets at Parliament cost her. I think it was a little far stretched considering the people such a practice would offend. My suggestion is that a rediscovery process for FDC is needed.”

You have to be ‘religious’ to be a good person

I don’t believe you have to be ‘religious’ to be a good person. On the contrary, I know many irreligious people who are good people, and many religious people who are bad people. I would go further and say most bad people I know show themselves as ‘religious’.I believe in human values such as compassion, kindness, love, and peace — which all humans should have, regardless of religion. But I also cherish critical thinking as a human ideal. We have become so programmed by dogma that people have lost their ability to reason and use logic. We end up hating people we don’t even know simply because they are either Muslims or dont believe in what U believe in.

But I also feel religion gives you a path to focus your goodness towards a particular direction.My Philosophy is: La Ilaaha Ila Allah(Nobody to worship but God). Every test leads to Him. Including deaths of family members, illnesses, betrayals, cheating, lies, deceits, bad leaders and other trials. He(God) is the one who never dies, never falls ill, never betrays, never cheats, never lies, never deceives.I consider myself a spiritual Muslim, which means I’ve taken Shahada,I believe in Islam and it’s message of surrendering to a far greater power than myself. It’s between Allah and myself, and I dont need to judge others.

He is the richest president…. Richness is not money it’s satisfaction of living for others….. As one of them

Dont be so negative,my Muslim brothers, because you feel you have not properly understood my message.Positivism has always won so history is on our side. Jahiliya failed; Hitler failed;Colonialism failed, Imperialism failed; Slavery failed; Obote failed, Museveni(if u too think he’s bad) will fail. Good has always won. Actually, I do feel that good people go to heaven. As a Muslim, I obviously believe Islam is the true way, but when it comes to those who follow other ways I keep my mouth shut, because God is the judge and not me. It could be they go to heaven, but I don’t. This might be based on their goodness. They may have heard very negative things about Islam and mistakenly thought it is what Islam teaches etc.

So I never say a non-Muslim will not go to heaven. In fact, I expect many to go to heaven, and the Quran is evident of this. A person might have incorrect belief, but that doesn’t mean they will go to hell. We should really draw a difference between ‘Non-Muslim’ and ‘disbeliever’. When the Quran talks of ‘disbelievers’ it talks about arrogant, hateful people. Yet, when it address people in general it uses ‘naas’ which just means humankind.

The problem is the majority of Muslims don’t read the Quran. There are very clear verses which say that every soul is charged within its capacity, and that God does not punish until he sends a messenger. How can one say good people go to hell? I just don’t get it at all. Their beliefs might not be right, but who knows their capacity of what they can understand? Who knows what has come to their soul in knowledge? Who knows of the experiences they’ve had? There’s many Muslims today who have very incorrect beliefs too and have no idea about true Islam.

Byebyo ebyange!


Why do some stepmothers act evil?

Being a step-mom or step-anything can be tough but treating a child badly because s/he isn’t your blood is one of the most awful things in this world. Children are God’s gifts.How heartless of a human you have to be to give yourself the urge to hurt a defenseless child.

When I was in primary school at Kamuli UMEA in Bugerere, one of my friends, Ssenabulya, ended up with disfigured and burned hands by his step mother just because he had allegedly stolen some money from her. Part of his arms were substantially burned to the extent that he found it difficult to hold a pen properly in class even after healing. Women like that should never be allowed to walk on streets again, or anywhere near a child, but surprisingly, nothing happened to Ssenabulya’s step mum. Everybody in that home or village carried on like nothing had happened, but the image of Ssenabulya’s hands is still stuck in my head.

Why would a woman vent her anger on an innocent child to levels of inflicting bodily harm?Why do some stepmothers act evil? Does anyone think people love their adopted children less than their bio kids???
#Women’sday #8thMarch

Nobody can produce a real photo of me and Besigye anywhere!



Believe it or not, I hate responding to some issues, but even in the most heated exchange, I consider it somehow “impolite” not to respond to somebody. Its just that sometimes silence to a smear campaign could turn out to be counterproductive in the long run.

The conspiracy theory reared its ugly head on ‘WHO IS TOM OKWALINGA?’ a few days ago, only this time the conspirator fired a lot of empty bullets on my door step.It was basically a nice display of hateful ignorance.If posting nonsense were real money some people would be extremely wealthy.Despite gaping holes of no merit to the allegations against me, Robert Shaka and the other gentleman whom I’ve never heard of till a few days ago, some people still believe what has been spewed/slanted.

Oh man, something is wrong. If we have Uganda citizens ready to be thrown under the bus over unfounded allegations on Facebook, I am speechless.Obviously I have been living in some kind of a bubble. I didnt know that somebody could write something on Facebook, and its taken as the gospel truth by some people. However,sometimes bubbles aren’t so bad.They help keep the blood pressure down.The only thing the rest of us can do is to point out the gaping holes in their agenda.

What is disappointing in all this is that some newsline just rush to publish anything that is posted on Facebook by a celebrity without putting someone to task to furnish them with facts and details.Celebrity reporting in the mainstream media today is at a low point.If it requires a pain in the ass to point this out as often as is required,then I am duty-bound to accept it as my calling.

You can’t just write a story saying, “X is TVO — everybody says so. He took a picture with Besigye in London……” Jesus! You have to name your sources, and show where they got their information. You need hard facts — documentary evidence (records,IP addresses, perhaps). Otherwise, publishing something you know little of risk putting one’s life in danger.You have to think about our society which is hegemonic and cruel to the opposition.Hasty generalisations end up in misleading. I dont wish to land at Entebbe Airport, and somebody puts handcuffs on me basing on a riduculous Redpepper headline. Unfortunately many in the media don’t care about truth or facts only their false narrative. Anyway the haters out there feed off their own ignorance. For record purposes, nobody in the world, unless photoshopped, can produce evidence of me and Besigye together anywhere, not that its a crime itself. Anyway, there are big lessons for all of us, such as:

1. We should quit attacking each other on personal issues,and just keep talking about issues that matter to Ugandans;

2.If you’ve intentionally written something made up about somebody, please grow a pair and apologise for such posts that lower your standard, and the standards of the debate.

3. Let us be consistent and be true bearers of justice against injustice and have the courage to stand by and for our convictions because it is the right thing to do as God commands us, and not because it is easy and fashionable to do. There is no reason why anybody respectable could devote their time attacking the person of Kiiza Besigye.I have studied Uganda politics since 1962 and I have never seen or heard of anyone that has been treated so unfairly as Dr.Besigye.

4. Let us learn to forgive each other. Personally, I have forgiven all those that run a smear campaign against me.There is a huge difference between “dare to question” and “attack and discredit” which is exactly what a few do in here on a continual basis.

Byebyo ebyange banange. Siyina mutawana oba mpalana kumuntu yenna!


You do not need to be a rocket scientist to establish that Mwenda got it wrong on Tom Okwalinga’s identity!

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to establish that Andrew Mwenda got it wrong on Tom Okwalinga’s identity. By the way, rocket scientists are no such authority of anything but rocket science. And even there it is still debatable. Sorry if some of you somehow got the impression that rocket scientists are somehow special in some way, that they can make up who Tom Okwalinga is. Really they are not. The belief that they are is only a myth. And while I have no experience with professional LIARS , I have the feeling the same goes for them as well.

Only in arenas where hardly anyone is well educated does being a rocket scientist, or indeed having any tertiary education, confer intellectual authority. Fortunately the Uganda community online is not such a place.

In UAH, for instance, we dare to question the opinions of qualified professionals, never mind the opinions of rocket scientists or professional liars.But that’s not because we have anything against professionals, or rocket scientists. That would be to commit the fallacy of ad hominem argument. In UAH we simply ask that opinions and arguments stand on their own merits.

No pun intended, banange!




On 5th Feb 2017, me and Rev.Amos Kasibante joined others at the Baab-ul-Ilm Centre, Yorkshire, in the “National Visit My Mosque Day”, a Muslim Council of Britain initiative to reach out to fellow Britons. I sat next to a Muslim brother(photo attached) who I later learned that he had lived in Uganda during the 70s before Idi Amin expelled the Asians. He came to Britain when he was just 9 years old. All speeches carried a message of Peace and the Abrahamic Faiths. Author of many books & director of Islamic society of York Regions, Dr. John Andrew Morrow, spoke to us through skpe. The speech from him was profoundly research oriented and a great learning for the entire audience. We were each given a copy of his book the covenants of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with Christians of the world at the end of the event.These covenants order the followers of the Prophet to protect peaceful Christians, Jews, and other allied communities until the end of days. Much of this stuff is not understood by non-muslims, especially Conservative Christians who think Islam is war, killing others and terrorism.
It was a very impressive ceremony. I realised more that both Muslims and Christians have got a lot of things in common.In a deeply divided world, i hope that such initiatives will be part of a movement that works towards equality,tolerance and acceptance.


The big part of me hates dictators but I also know that its easy to judge someone when you aren’t in their place……Just look at Brother Saddam Hussein: he believed in God, prayed five times a day, read the quran, but he also mercilessly executed his enemies. I have got a video of him performing Salah but, for some reason, Facebook has temporarily blocked me from posting videos…………….. That’s why part of me wishes to meet Mr.Museveni one day, and ask him why he does things the way he does them, and I’m no way comparing the late Saddam(24 yrs in power) to Mr.Museveni(31 yrs and still counting), because I believe the former did more for Iraq compared to the Uganda leader.
The big question is: how does a leader stop himself from becoming a dictator? Is it something that others have to stop before one becomes a president or its something a leader has to work on himself? Would Uganda have been better off with a 1962 constitution that gave the president less powers before everything was changed in 1997 by Obote?


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