There’s no security for common citizens in Uganda at the moment

A kidnapped/vanished child is always a tragedy, and I don’t wish to ridicule anyone’s pain. However,an audio by a kidnapper in a third world country will never help the police catch the killers. We aren’t that sophisticated in technology. Actually, a lot of Generals sound like that man speaking Lunyolo in the audio by Susan Magara’s kidnappers.Even the FBI cannot conclusively identify anybody’s voice using a computer. They have been working on voice recognition for many years, and to this day computers understand only the most basic voice commands, so who knows how long it’ll take until computers and synthesizers can actually emulate human voices or instruments reasonably well. What the FBI concentrate on is mainly the background of where the audio might have been recorded, and then they start identifying areas with such a background.

It is an uncomfortable thing to say as well as to read, but I believe that there’s no security for common citizens in Uganda at the moment. There’s only security for the important people in the country. The 999 number isnt working, the police are more interested in protecting the regime in power, protecting government buildings, e.t.c, but not the common people. Anybody can be killed by anybody anytime, and chances are anybody can get away with a crime if not seen.

Over the last six years crime has greatly increased and the police seem not be in position to do anything about it. In addition the criminals themselves are often let off,case hearings deliberately delayed or criminals serve a fraction of any sentence.For instance, nobody is talking about the Kanyamunyu case anymore. Its dying a natural death, because it has been replaced by bigger cases such as Kitatta’s. Basically, the present government has failed in the first duty of the state, to protect its citizens. May be, citizens should be availed guns to protect themselves from criminals. John Lott, in his book “More Guns, Less Crime,” proves that guns in the hands of private citizens can be an effective crime deterrent.

Susan Magara’s experience is far from unique. Kidnappers, murderers, Muggers haunt almost every town while in others criminals work with the police to ‘protect’ citizens, as we have seen with Sobi group that are now being protected by the police.We are cursed with a government that says one thing and does another. The real problem is the moral climate produced by the present administration, and a feeling they are more on the side of the criminals than their victims.

Far more important, in my view, is the overall recognition of the need for the police to rebrand itself. They need new management at the top, new ideas, new directions, new strategies, e.t.c. Nobody trusts the police anymore. so everyone is paranoid. The more we read about daily murderers on social media and newspapers, the more Uganda is looked at by the rest as a backward nation.A “backward nation” is one regressing in terms of political,material and spiritual measures.

I believe that the crime wave now taking place in the Uganda is due in part to Museveni’s over stay in power. He is now an old man who cannot keep tabs on everything happening in the country. And since he had personalised most of the institutions, everything is now a mess because he doesnt have the energy to be everywhere anymore. Basically, we are heading for the tougher times!


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Asalaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wabarakatu:

Howdy Folks, It’s a mighty nice day here in northern England with some spells of Vitamin D(sunshine) and rain, which people in Africa take for granted. Its not as cold and snowy as it was the last few weeks.

As you may be aware,one of the dormitories at Ubbay Islamic Secondary School, Bwebajja, Uganda was torched recently. Alhamudlillah, nobody died; but the damage was devastating. The School has a Quran Memorization Center headed by Sheikh Muhammad Bukenya Hafidh. At the moment, there are looking for donations to help them to rebuild the dormitory, build a library,buy beds, Qurans. We wouldn’t wish to miss on these rewards from Allah.

So, I suggest that we contribute at least on smaller items particularly the 15 beds and qurans towards the school. The cost of this project, as per our initial estimate, touches nearly shs.4,000,000 and we hope the cooperation of the like minded person like you to make it a tremendous success. Your sponsorship of that amount and qurans would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Rashidha Mukawanga at: 00256-706-506-135. For mobile money, send to the same number. Send email inquiries to Thanking you in advance.


“Uganda Annual Sports Day is an event designed to bring together Ugandans based in the UK and Europe under the umbrella of sport. There will be competitions for all ages in football, basketball, athletics, volleyball, board games, table tennis and netball.

Teams will be picked to represent their areas of residence i.e South London vs North London or Birmingham vs Liverpool et.c

This is a family event and not a professional sports event and so it will be competitive but all in the name of having fun and enjoying spending time with other Ugandans to network and make connections.

There will be bouncy castles for children and adults, face painting, trampolines as well as access to swimming pool and gym.

Traditional Ugandan food and barbecue will be available for purchase and Ugandan musicians and celebrities will perform and provide entertainment.

Come and join us for a fun packed day that is sure to become something you look forward to each year and which strengthens your Ugandan identity and pride. We will have stalls selling Ugandan crafts and products as well as companies that want to recruit Ugandans and connect with them for business purposes.

Tell all your friends and family about the Ugandan Annual Sports Day, it is not just for Ugandans only, as a hospitable people we welcome any and everybody.

For more information please call us on 07950856887 or WhatsApp 07936637728 we look forward to hearing from you.”


Hello everyone. This is a family in Uganda and apparently, all five children are disabled and in total abject poverty as you could clearly see. When I first saw these photos, I almost shed tears. Its not a situation u could wish anybody to be in. Its awful and very challenging to the adults involved in this family. So, I assume you’re also nearly crying. If not, don’t worry, as it makes you a better person than me. But if you sobbing, don’t worry too, I will provide a hanky if you need one, and a shoulder to cry on. The best part is we can actually bring a smile to the faces of this family with simple acts such as: providing the kids with some clothes; send some money to them,visiting them, praying for them, paying fees for the kids, building them a better house, or improving on the space of the house they’ve got, e.t.c. Its all up to you and how much of a heart you’ve got. Brother Kateregga Muhamad of Bukomansimbi , who initially shared these photos, has provided a mobile money number for all those who wish to help this family financially: 0701162471 or 0772562539 . You could also contact him for more details, please. He’s a good brother with a heavy heart, and I’ve seen him involved in various causes. Let’s also do something, please!


Samora Machel’s biography

Samora Machel was born in 1933 and was raised in the village of Chilembene. He was a member of the Shangana ethnic group and his parents were poor. Machel parents were forced to grow cotton by the Portuguese, rather than food such as corn which they could eat. In the 1950’s his parents’ farmland was taken and given to Portuguese settlers. In order to avoid starvation his relatives went to work in the South African mines under repressive and dangerous conditions. Soon after, his brother was killed in a mining accident.

Machel attended Catholic school and when he was not in class he worked in the fields. He studied to become a nurse, one of the few professions open to Mozambican Blacks at that time. Machel was attracted to Marxist ideals and began his political activities in a hospital where he protested that the black nurses were paid less than whites, who were doing the same job. He later told a reporter how bad medical treatment was for Mozambique’s poor by saying, “the rich man’s dog gets more in the way of vaccination, medicine and medical care than do the workers upon whom the rich man’s wealth is built.”

Rebellion against Portugal was not new to Samora Machel. His grandparents and great grandparents had fought against the Portuguese in the 19th century. In 1962 Machel joined the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique or FRELIMO, as it was called by most. FRELIMO was dedicated to creating an independent Mozambique. In 1963 Samora Machel left Mozambique and traveled to several other African nations where he received military training. In 1964 he returned to Mozambique and led FRELIMO’s first guerilla attack against the Portuguese in northern Mozambique. Machel spent most of his time in the field with his men, leading them in combat and sharing their dangers and hardships. By 1970 Samora Machel became commander and chief of the Frelimo army. He believed in guerilla war and Frelimo’s army established itself among the poor in Mozambique’s. He was a revolutionary who was not only dedicated to throwing the Portuguese out of Mozambique but also radically changing the society. He said, “of all the things we have done, the most important – the one that history will record as the principal contribution of our generation – is that we understand how to turn the armed struggle into a Revolution; that we realized that it was essential to create a new mentality to build a new society.”

Machel’s goals were to be realized. The revolutionary army weakened Portugal, and after the country’s coup in 1974 the Portuguese were forced to leave Mozambique. The new revolutianry government, led by Machel, took over on June 25, 1975. Machel became independent Mozambique’s first president and was affectionately referred to as “President Samora.”

Machel put his revolutionary principles into practice. As a Marxist he called for the “nationalization” (government ownership) of the Portuguese plantations and property. He moved quickly to have the Frelimo government establish public schools and health clinics for the poor. He called for Frelimo to organize itself into a Leninist Party.

Samora Machel supported and allowed revolutionaries fighting white minority regimes in Rhodesia and South Africa to operate within Mozambique. Soon after Mozambique’s independence both of these countries attacked Mozambique with an anti-Frelimo organization called RENAMO. RENAMO’s activities included: the killing of peasants, the destruction of schools and hospitals built by Frelimo,and the blowing up of railway lines and hydroelectric facilities. The Mozambique economy was strangled by these depredations, and began to depend on overseas aid – in particular from the Soviet Union. Nonetheless, Machel remained popular throughout his presidency. Samora Machel was awarded Lenin Peace Prize in 1975-1976.

On October 19, 1986 Samora Machel was on his way back from an international meeting in Zambia in the presidential Tupolev Tu-134 aircraft when the plane crashed in the Lebombo Mountains, near Mbuzini. There were nine survivors but President Machel and twenty-four others died, including ministers and officials of the Mozambique government.. Although, several years before the airplane went down Machel had signed a non-agression pact with the South Africa, there was widespread suspicion that the apartheid regime was implicated in the crash.

On October 6, 1986, just two weeks before the crash, South African soldiers (SADF) were injured by land mines near the spot where the borders of Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland converge. This site was very close to where the Tupolev Tu-134 went down. Time magazine noted that this “really seemed too much a coincidence”. Throughout southern Africa angry people mourned the loss of Samora Machel. In South Africa protestors blamed their government for Machel’s death. In Zimbabwe thousands of youths stormed through downtown Harare. The crash remains a mystery: with some blaming it simply on bad weather and others still believing in South Africa’s guilt. No conclusive evidence to either effect has yet emerged.

• Samora Machel remembered [Online]. Available at: [Accessed 23 June 2009]
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We volunteered to write textbooks to benefit Ugandan kids but the MOE wasn’t interested!



The problem in Uganda today is that YKM has not had a competent minister of education for some time. He may have had some in his early reign but lately, the ministers can be characterized as GIGO. They are not passionate about education.

YKM meant well when he introduced UPE and USE. But his ministers failed him in the implementation. I can say without any fear of contradiction that if YKM had a fairly competent Minister of Education like Brig Barnabas Kili (SP) who was Amin’s minster when we went to school, things would be somewhat different. Brig Kili with the help of seasoned educationists like Mr. Mugoya (quiz: Mugoya is a common name among 3 Ugandan ethnic groups, name them), the then Chief Inspector of schools and others made things run. Most students knew who the chief Inspector of schools was.

In the 70s it did not matter where one went to school. St Joseph Layibi then and it seems now was a giant. Comboni College in Lira and Nyapea did produce leading candidates in national exams. Of course so did Gayaza and Namagunga, Ntare Kisubi and others.

In terms of ability, students in Kampala or Wakiso are no more talented or able than their peers in Eastern or Northern. The difference is access to resources in terms of teachers and materials. With equity, students can performs from any corner of Uganda.

So the big question is this: does Uganda’s educational system embrace equity? No.

YKM and others want to see Ugandans embrace sciences or STEM. But what investments have they made in terms of buildings labs, training science teachers and yes, paying them adequately to feel motivated? Do all schools in Uganda have access to the required textbooks for example? If not what is YKM doing to ensure equity? What is the ratio of students to critical textbooks? What is the government doing to ensure all students have the required books? In other words how many students share critical textbooks?

Let me share with you something. A few Ugandans volunteered to write textbooks for A level. Some volunteered to write maths books to include abit more calculus, others-myself included -offered do write an Economics textbook. We contacted the ministry and the curriculum Development centre. Someone one was interested but the minister and top shots were not. The only person who expressed interested is the late Dr Rwandeire (RIP) but was soon out of office. I repeat we volunteered to write textbooks to benefit Ugandan kids. The ministry and the curriculum people were not interested. Later we found out the British Council in Uganda vetoed our suggestion. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fyi, there was no money to be made from textbooks, may be some tokenism.

Spare a thought for candidates. Exams are based on a body of knowledge (BOK). Yet many students lack that body of knowledge due to poor teaching or even no teaching at all and especially lack of access to key textbooks. It is possible, nay likely that O and A level physics still depend on the iconic Nelkon and Abbot or the other way. It is also likely A level maths still depends on Backhouse (Sp). Do not get me wrong they are great books but may be time to change textbooks. This brings me back to why our proposal was vetoed. Think about it, we volunteered and the ministry said no thanks.

If it is lack of teachers, why can’t the govt create centers of excellence? This is how they would work. Great teachers are not many so they few capable ones should be shared and deployed to maximize their ability. For example, Kampala would be divided into 4 zones. If Kibuli has a good physics teacher, why can’t she or he also go and teach in Kyambaogo Demonstration ration Nabisunsa? Nabisunsa may have great chemistry or history teachers, and they can go and teach in Kibuli, and Kyambaogo. Meanwhile Kyambaogo may have great maths and Economics teachers who can be deployed to teach in the other school.

Now fast forward to upcountry schools. Take Gulu, a good chemistry teacher At Layibi can and should also go teach in neighbouring schools and vice versa. These centers can be created throughout Uganda. Remember resources ae scarce. Sharing excellent teachers can go a long way. Knowing UAH, some will ask why not simply hire teachers? They are assuming there exists enough competent-emphasis added-teachers to teach in single schools.

My argument is that Uganda lacks enough competent teachers in the core subjects hence the need to create centers of excellence to share their competency. How long does it take by Boda Boda travel from Kibuli to Nabisunsa or Kyambaogo Demonstration and vice versa? How long does it take on boda boda travel from Comboni to Boroboro or Lango College and vice versa?

Btw, such competent teachers would be immune from regular transfers and would be paid a lot more.

Today you have a situation where many students have no access to workable labs yet they are expected to perform practical exams and pass them? Come on.

Then for the love of Ugandan children we again came up with another idea to help improve learning. The remedial procedure was to be implemented in middle level primary schools from P3 to P5 to ensure literacy. We wrote the template, how it would work and who would undertake remedial teachings. Based on academic literature, we settled on female teachers. This is not the place to explain why but studies show female teachers are better positioned to carry out remedial teaching.

Fyi, remedial teachers would also be floaters and not restricted in one school and would work certain hours. Their job would be to ensure that students in grades 3 to 5 acquire the critical competencies in writing, reading and maths. This proposal was also shared with the govt but again the govt or the mandarins in the ministry were not keen. They kept asking where the money would come from. Btw, remedial teachers would also be picked from the most competent lot. May be had the late Dr Rwandeire (RIP) stayed longer in education some of the changes would have been implemented.

Btw, Harvard University and MIT routinely share professors in certain core competencies. No wonder they are top.


The death of Morgan Tsvangirai is a sad chapter in the fight for democracy in Africa

I”m not a Zimbabwean, however, I thought the death of Morgan Tsvangirai is a sad chapter in the fight for democracy in Africa. Only God knows why He has decided to take him at a time when there’s hope of transforming Zimbabwe to new levels. I have always looked at Morgan in the image of FDC ‘s Kiiza Besigye. He was never afraid to ask questions about Mugabe’s regime. Asking questions is our responsibility, as well as our right, as Africans. If for no other reason that because our leaders are human, and not infallable, we should never blindly accept and follow. Leaders have to earn respect just like anyone else, it is not a given. I respected Morgan’s fight for democracy in Zimbabwe. His contribution won’t be forgotten by generations to come. I hope the new president of Zimbabwe finds it in his heart to grant him a state funeral, and make sure his name isn’t forgotten. I also hope that MDC heals it’s wounds quickly and unite ahead of the presidential elections. May God forgive Morgan for his wrongs in this world.

Education without a focus only turns graduates into dependents

Take two businessmen, a Muganda by tribe,Semuwemba, running an electronic shop in Kampala and Patel(an Indian) running an autospare shop in Bwaise. Both men take their sons to Makerere University for a degree course. Patel’s son commutes daily from Bwaise while Semuwemba’s son lives in a small rented bedsitter near the university.

Before joining college, Patel’s son used to spend his days at the autospare shop- a routine he continues every Sat when not going to college. During the vacations, he even takes over the management. Semuwemba on the other side believes that shops is not the place for his University going son so he should get a degree and get a better job.

The two young men graduate and go seperate ways. Patel junior now takes over the running of the autospare shop. Semuwemba jr hits the road, looking for a job. Two years and he gets a job as a bank teller, supermarket clerk etc, after six months and with meagre income, Semuwemba’s son is frustrated and decides to go back for an MBA and improve his CV.

In the same period, Patel jr has gained some management skills of running the shop with a workforce of five employees. In his interactions with fellow businessmen and trips to source business stocks in China and india, he meets an Indian businessman who is trying to market some softwares and computer accessories manufactured in India and Taiwan. He and another accomplice form a company and agree to distribute them. At first, the company is operated from the backyard of the autoshop.

Both men are now 28. Patel jr is now confident and experienced in making business deals. He approaches a few companies, does presentations and convinces them to take up his products.

By now, he has passed the autospare shop to his siblings and is now running a full fledged IT company.

Semuwemba jr has graduated with an MBA, is now driving a car on loan and is now looking for a better job. He ends up becoming an employee at Patel’s company as a supervisor.

Guys, that is where the real entrepreneurship classes start, and a foot-holding is all our youth require. Don’t wonder why our MBA degree holders are looking for internship at Tuskys and wonder no more how Indians are still ruling this business economy!

Education without a focus only turns graduates into dependents. Let’s mentor & encourage our children accordingly.

We are going to start hosting live-video interactions on the forum

Dear friends,
We are going to start hosting live-video interactions on the forum. Therefore,any politician, health expert or celebrity who wishes to have a live-video on this forum, will just have to inform me or any of the moderators in advance, and we set it up for you on the day. All the moderator/ admin needs to do is to inform the members in advance of the event’s: date, time, topic of discussion, e.t.c, and also pin the live-video on the day( for everyone to see and be involved)……..The use of computers to integrate voice, video and document conferencing between distant sites is very important in this day and age, especially where some politicians may be banned from being hosted on some radio stations or TV. News-worthy items may or may not be printed or given air time, and the use of prime time to transmit messages over radio or television can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, let’s make use of live-videos technology to target at least the over 400,000 members of this UAH group. While this technology is not as common place as the previous traditional communication technologies just described, it’s as good as being hosted on TV, i think. What do you think, folks?

Hon Paul Makonda Vs Uganda’s Muhammad Kirumira?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

The badges that police officers put on every day, don’t make them any stronger, faster, or safer. I know of the sacrifices that they and military service personnel take daily for myself ,my family, and my country. Afande Muhammad Kirumira was not willing to let evil triumph in our communities. He battled criminals in Nansana or wherever he was deployed, and it earned him the trust and love of majority of Ugandans. It is probably the same feeling the Tanzanians have got for another young man, Hon Paul Makonda(33 years old), who is now the regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam. Paul, like Muhammad, is loved by both Muslims and Non-Muslims in Tanzania. The Muslims, especially, adore Makonda so much and he has promised to build for them a three-storeys building that will cost more than 5 billion/ .The building will consist of a mosque and the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, BAKWATA. Most of the funding for the mosque will come from the Moroccan government.

Paul Makonda

Just like Muhammad, Paul has battled drugs from the streets of Dar es Salaam such that president Mugufuli ranks him as one of his most trusted cadres. I just wish that Muhammad could get the same endorsement and support from president Museveni especially at this time of need. Personally, I even don’t want him to retire from the police. I would prefer to see him take over from Kale Kayihura as the Inspector General of Police. Muhammad has performed his duties as a police officer diligently and hoping for God’s blessing

It gives me hope that there are probably some other unknown good police officers who are still in the force despite the fact that the image of the police has taken a good beating recently in the wake of the revelations that Criminal gangs, such as Bodaboda 2010, have been working with the police to supposedly protect Uganda citizens.

Its unfair that Muhammad has been fired from his job before the cases paraded against him have been exhausted in the courts of law. I just think it is irresponsible to fire someone on the basis of unconfirmed accusations. In the current political climate in Uganda,the number of opportunistic liars is much greater, I think, than the number of abusers.

I believe Muhammad will make a good Member of parliament if he ever decide to join politics. We are all raised now on the mantra that we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. Of course, it’s not true. That’s obvious when we’re talking about brain surgeons, rocket scientists, or even professional athletes. And we accept that. But it’s a touchy subject when we get to African politics , because under the current Uganda climate, its very easy for Mr. Muhoozi Kainerugaba to become the next president of Uganda than Besigye who is more popular than him.

As we wait to see what happens next to you, Muhammad, i wish you good luck in your legal challenges.You bring honour to your family,your police force and to your country.Keep it up. You’re indeed ‘mwoyo gwa gwanga’!


Strange things happen, man. Few days ago I dreamt when I was having a tight political discussion, i guess, with Hon. Beti Nambooze. Details are fuzzy but I believe we were in a room somewhere, and yes, we both had our clothes on,but up to now I just can’t understand the meaning of this. May be Beti is heading for greater things, and God wants me to help her in some way. I don’t know!

Hello Abbey,

That dream is simply to assure you that your support for her political stand is stronger than you might admit publicly.

Hon. Nambooze might also be considering conveying her views through the UAH. I can assure you that the UAH reaches more people around the world, than any Ugandan Newspaper, or Radio.

If President Museveni, Gen. Salim Saleh, or Gen. Kayihura follow the UAH, I believe that Hon. Nambooze does too and that your dream means what I stated above.

Abbey, thanks for sharing your dream.

BJ. Rubin.


O’Level class,1995, at Kibuli S.S. A senior one student was required to do 17 subjects



I followed with some interest Tamale Milundi’s views on the government’s position to financially boost more science courses at university at the expense of arts, when he was hosted at Pearl FM,Uganda.If arts programs continue to regarded as an “extra” we can live without, I’m afraid we aren’t looking at the big picture here as Tamale explained,”not everyone is capable of becoming a Bill Gates.Every child has his own abilities and limitations when it comes to education”.

Secondly,I don’t see why so many people see schools as the only place to cultivate a taste for art or sciences. A lot of people have made discoveries outside school and they have been recognised. Schools tend to do exactly the opposite:by forcing it down young people’s throats,with the teacher foisting heavy-handed interpretations and criticisms onto a subject, as well as choosing what is “good” art or science (in whose view?), and then making their students abhor subjects by turning it into homework, analysis, and drudgery.I say, just give the kids the tools (reading, writing, argument, debate, e.t.c), not too much home work and exams, then turn them loose to explore whatever they want and form their own independent opinions without too much helpful “guidance.” They’ll find what is right eventually. Just because a student has crammed and passed a biology theory exam, it doesn’t necessarily make him or her a good potential doctor.The student must have passion for medicine to be a good doctor. At the moment, Uganda has produced a lot of quack doctors with PHDs who don’t know exactly what they’re doing. That’s why, most times, someone gets a stroke in uganda and a hospital charges an arm and leg just for simply keeping the patient on exygen, yet they aren’t really doing anything. No wonder, most patients end up dying!

There are two books I would like people to look out for and read. The more recent of the two books is Dinesh DeSousa’s “Illiberal Education” which raised public awareness to the phenomenon of political correctness in education.The older of the two books is “Education and Human Relationships” by Rutgers University Anthropology professor, Ashley Montagu. In it Montagu proposed that the primary objective of the education system should not be to teach History,Geography, Mathematics, Science or even reading and writing but rather what he referred to as the “Art of Human Relationships” which basicly amounts to the same thing that is now referred to as “political correctness”.

In a subsequent book written during the 1964 US presidential election campaign, “The American Way of Life”, Montagu went further to argue that the primary emphasis in education should not be to teach “traditional subjects” but to inform students what was wrong about a politician like Barry Goldwater,(the 1964 Republican presidential candidate).Needless to say Professor Montagu’s advice was heeded, North American education system’s were dumbed down, the teaching of traditional subjects deemphasized and the teaching of politically correct values emphasized in it’s place.A chain had effectively been placed on the brains of people who went to school in the late 20th century.

Thirdly, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there’s a coleration between sciences and arts one way or the other. I was good at Sciences and arts at the same time during my O’ levels. OK, i admit Physics practicals were a pain in the ass but I was OK with the rest. A lot of musicians have turned out to be scientists at the same time.Science is basically the production and verification of models that attempt to explain the real world. Mathematics is a set of abstractions that can be used to build such models.Go to the library and look up “The Golden Ratio” and “The Fibonacci Sequence”.There are a lot of connections between these mathematical objects and the arts (especially visual). We shouldn’t undermind anybody in whatever field they are good at.The government’s job should be to give a chance to students to do whatever they want to do at university, not to dictate to them what the government wants them to do.

Byebyo ebyange!


By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

journalist Godfrey Majonga is now permanently disabled

Emerson Mnangagwa is an enigma, a mental unicorn, a freakish angel with an antennae stretching far out into all Zimbabwe’s security and intelligence organisations. His intellect operates on a completely separate wavelength which picks up cosmic noises and vibrations.He knows a lot about Mugabe and what ZANU-PF is all about. He was once a minister of four ministries.He could only be compared to Uganda’s Amama Mbabazi when he was still in government. He is a big Chelsea FC supporter, and obviously, with flaws, a lot of flaws and sad history. But I’m hopeful that he will take Zimbabwe to a new level. He is 75 years old now. So, he isn’t expected to serve more than two terms after a transitional government, according to the current Zimbabwean constitution. Even if, he tries to force the issue, age won’t allow him to.But here is what allegedly turned the heads around for him:

The story has it, I don’t know if its true or not, that at some point in the 1990s, Emerson was banging some younger chick yet he was married. He rented a flat for her in Harare, on the 12th floor. Then the chick started cheating on him with another younger man. As expected, Emerson wasn’t happy bunny, so he set out to trap them in action. He told the chick that he was going for government business abroad. Obviously,the young woman saw it as an opportunity to bring her lover in the flat that was illuminated with a lot of luxuries.

To cut the whole story short, Emerson later came back, quietly let himself into the flat as he had a key to the flat,and caught the couple sharing the best of the ‘fruits’ in the world. He apparently gave the younger man three choices: sit on a hot burning stove in the flat; jump out of the window , or be ready to take a bullet. Apparently, the younger man chose to jump out of the window. Miraculously, he survived but he damaged his spinalcord to the extent that he is still paralysed up to now, and uses a wheel chair to move around.

Bread in the new Zimbabwe after Emmerson “Crocodile” Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe

Mrs.Grace Mugabe being ‘grace’, she saw an opportunity a few months prior to the coup in a fight for Mugabe sucession, to hurt Emerson with this incident. She called a rally, paraded this younger man, and kind of accused Emerson of putting the younger man in a wheel chair. Emerson and his wife were at the said rally. The old man didnt say anything back. He behaved like a gentleman and kept his cool, but the damage had been done. A few weeks later, Emerson was sacked as the Vice president of Zimbabwe.

But now, all signs are that Emerson is back, and he is back with a bang as the next president of Zimbabwe. There are some lessons there: never try to embarass people foolishly, because you never know what the future holds!

Want to save our country? Good. Start with finding a cause and hang on to it!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Honestly, nothing has been pissing me off more than the MPs that keep making excuses on why they voted to remove presidential term limits. I am hearing excuses, excuses, excuses. People trying to convince us that they care, that they cast their vote due to “pressure from Statehouse, that things will change when M7 is gone.”

Cut the crap. Its already done and majority of us feel so betrayed. The conscious decision to defend this, to accept such unconstitutional behavior is incomprehensible, ignorant. People get to know how much MPs value them by the laws they pass. A lot of people are so pissed off by this and feel very helpless and hopeless at the same time. Hopeless in the sense that they no longer see parliament as an avenue to change the political status quo in the country, and this is extremely dangerous for the times ahead. Basically, times ahead are gonna be challenging for all of us.

It’s 2018, yet the walls are thicker and the fear from all sides runs deeper. It’s all labels constructed to make oppositions. Setting the record straight on who I am for those who have been indirectly asking me questions, and falsely thinking that we favour Muslims and opposition on our forums.

For the record I am not a member of any rebel organisation opposing the Museveni government. I’m not Tom Okwalinga as some idiot alleged last year. I’m simply a nerdy with so many stuff in my head, most of which I picked from my days at university. I speak when I see injustice anywhere in the world, and this caused many “conscious’ people to friend or follow us on Facebook, especially through the Ugandans At Heart Forum.

I walk my own path. No school of thought raised me. I’m not a Communist like my mad ‘mate’,George Okello, in London. I’m my own master. Everything I learned came from my own yearning to learn more about the world that I live in, and the country where I was born and raised. I teach myself topics i’m passionate about, and I don’t care if you like what i post or not.

I follow Islam as a religion, and i’m so proud of it. I also respect other religions, as I expect them to respect mine.Islam is the only non-christian faith;which it’s a requirement of faith for Muslims to love and believe in the prophet Jesus Christ the son of Mary(peace be upon them)

My thoughts are my own and aren’t part of any political organisation. I don’t belong to any political party in Uganda or UK, though I’ve been voting for the Labour party ever since I moved to the UK, and I have been,and still iam a little bit sympathetic to Besigye Kiiza as a leader of the opposition in Uganda. But we are open to ideas from anybody regardless of their political or religious affiliation.

Want to save our country? Good. Start with finding a cause and hang on to it!

Conte Vs Mourinho is the new movie in town!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Forget Manchester City and their beautiful football as the league title is already theirs to lose, there’s a new movie in town, and it called Antonio Conte vs Jose Mourinho. Its hard to ignore this ongoing nonsense between Chelsea’s last two non-interim managers if you’re a Chelsea, or football fan. It reminds me of the spat between Kiiza Besigye and Yoweri Museveni during the 2001 presidential elections, over who had HIV/AIDS and who didn’t. It was amusing in certain aspects to watch two grownups having a go at each other in public, it got very personal quickly, but that time I wasn’t much interested in politics. Word has it that NRM elders such as Bidandi Ssali, Kirunda Kivejinja, e.t.c, got their ‘son’ Museveni on the side and advised him to drop it. Yes, journalists, as always, played very much a central role as well in guiding, shaping, massaging the conflict.

In this case, the football Association has been called in to intervene to calm the two managers, but I guess its already too late. We are likely to hear more of this before and after the game between the two clubs on February 25th, at old Trafford. The first jab was thrown when Chelsea demolished Mourinho’s Manchester United in the 4-0 last season, as the two managers had never crossed the paths directly before(Conte was in serie B when Mourinho managed in Italy), though Conte did have a little tiff with one of Mourinho’s fanatic, Marco Materazzi, whom he reminded that ”nobody uses wigs anymore. You can have a hair transplant now, but unfortunately for him, brain transpplants still dont exist”

Mourinho has now accused Conte of match fixing which never happened in the first place. That means he has used a lie to accuse someone in the name of a comeback and to sound smart.Conte was acquitted of charges pertaining to sporting fraud in the Cremona trial for the Albinoleffe game prior to joining Chelsea. That means nothing stood against him.

It is like you, being a suspect, are prisoned temporarily during the time police doing the investigation. Four months later, the investigation is completed, you are clear of guilt and be freed. Yet still you go around, ask for job, and people keep pointing at you saying: the guy was arrested for murdering, he is a bad guy. How is that feeling? Do you feel angry and unfair, especially when you are a father, you have a daughter who look at you as a model. I could understand this if this was a Uganda court, but it wasn’t it.

When Conte joined Chelsea last season, he was billed as the ‘nicer’ and ‘calmer’ Mournho, not anymore. He throws back the grenades thrown at him, and some people are being entertained.

I feel saddened that amidst all this and other times, Mourinho is bent on destroying his Chelsea legacy. I still love the man. But I don’t know how long can I remain immune to this. Its so sad that someone that called Arsene a voyuer years back has been bitten by the same voyuerism bug, the same bug that made NRMs to critically follow the FDC presidential elections between Mugisha Muntu and Amuriat(as if they had a stake in the party).Mou needs tension around him. If it isn’t there, he’ll create it, and sooner or later it damages the clubs he represents. Respect for his achievements remain. Respect for him as a person is diminishing.

Conte has obviously been deeply offended by the match fixing remarks that he has repeated how little of a person Mourinho is. I could understand his frustration since after seeing the press at his time at Juventus right after he was acquitted. But that was Italy and Conte just cut to the chase and was clear even though he poured down shit-storm to all those who accused him. This Conte shouldn’t respond anymore to these jibes anymore and should simply avoid questions especially in pre match press conferences since, well it doesn’t do anything good with the aura and news that’s been created.

It reminds me of an old adage -Do not roll in the mud with a pig. You get dirty and the pig loves it.The bigger man walks away, laughing. FDC’s Besigye has done it with Andrew Mwenda, what about Conte?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Chelsea fan in the deep end of Yorkshire, UK

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

NRM comedy continues!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

In case you thought NRM had not quite scraped the bottom of the barrel just yet, there are reports that their MPs that said ” no” to life presidency, would be summoned to the party disciplinary committee.We’re pretty sure they are just trolling us at this point — and possibly with Museveni’s consent, considering his penchant for quality comedy.

In case this is real, then ” what a chimera “, as John Kazoora says in his preface of the book, ” Betrayed by my leader”. Sincerely speaking, how does a representative of the people get to be questioned on how s/ he voted by the party hierarchy. This isn’t only illegal, it’s also wrong at so many levels.

The presidential age limits were removed, and now its time for Museveni to live with this decision without ” punishing ” those that see life presidency as a danger to our country. The opposition looks weakened at the moment, but things happen in politics when you least expect them.

As I start reading Mr.Kazoora’s book, first of all, I want to congratulate him for finally finishing his postgraduate studies. He should stop regretting his participation in the Luwero war. Most political leaders aren’t any different from a beautiful woman who promises never to cheat you with any man, only to find her at the back of the car with your driver on top of her, and the legs swinging in the air. Obote had to go, and Uganda will always be better without a dictator( past or present).

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

I remember the first time he bought me shoes—Abbey Semuwemba

Late Hajji Hassan Kibirige was a resident of Kawempe, Kampala

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

Just over two years ago we lost our angel and my best friend, and our grandfather. He was a role model for everyone.. A perfect father for my uncles and aunties. A perfect husband for his wives. A perfect granddad for me, my siblings and my cousins. A perfect teacher for his friends. And a perfect friend to everyone else.

When I think of him, nothing but happy memories come to my mind. His wonderful smile would have brightened up anyone’s day. He would buy us gifts as kids for reasons ranging from finishing a surah to doing well in class.I remember one time he took me to a BATA shop in Kampala, and bought me my first and last pair of Bata shoes. Then he bought me a stripped T-shirt(blue stripes) the same day, for having been the first in my primary five class at Kamuli UMEA primary school in Bugerere. That same day, he told me,’ you’re going to spend a few days at your maama Ruqiya in Kibuli before school resumes’. I was chaffed as he walked me down to auntie Ruqiya’s shop outside the old taxi park in Kampala, and he left me there. When the holidays ended, he picked me from the same place, and auntie Ruqiya had bought me a school bag(white in colour), watch, and another pair of shoes. I went back to Bugerere probably feeling happier than someone who has been for Hajji in Mecca. As I was growing up, he spent most time with me and few of my cousins, we have so many wonderful memories. So many beautiful stories.

I’m saddened that he isn’t with us anymore but Allah swt had a better plan for him. I pray for him whenever I can,and his image is always with me. He was an old man when he died but I never thought that I would think about him almost everyday. We miss him like nothing else but Allah swt decreed that it was his time to go.

Friends, make sure you settle any petty disputes with any of the people you truly love and care for. Deep down, you all love each other and you would do anything for each other but ego and peer-pressure seem to get in the way when it comes to apologising. Life is too short. 100 years from now, nobody will remember you. Everything will be between you and Allah and we will all answer to our deeds. Think of the ultimate goal – attaining paradise without reckoning.

O Allah! Forgive Hajji Hassan Kasule Kibirige and have Mercy on him and give him strength and pardon him. Be generous to him and cause his entrance in the grave to be wide and shower him with your mercy.

O Allah! Cleanse him of his transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Take him into Paradise and protect him from the punishment of the grave and that of the hellfire. Ameeen ya rab al alameen.
To the highest of heavens, beautiful.

Mnangagwa is 75, Museveni is 73……So what?

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa is 75, Museveni is 73……So what?

I don’t think that ‘togikwatako’ was necessary about old age, or age discrimination. Frankly, its about stopping M7 from gluing himself to the presidency. It’s about a leader giving others a chance to lead, to bring in new ideas, and the need to give time to our constitution to be tested……..I guess the question we should be asking ourselves now is that, ‘ how did Museveni come to amass all that power such that he could do anything he wants, and how can this anomaly be corrected in future?’

Besides, Chairman M7 isn’t sure of his age, and I’m not holding this against him. Poor bloke, he may be younger or older than Mnangagwa, for all we know. It would have helped if he had an elder brother or sister somewhere, since men at that time were good at fearlessly pecking at variety of trees!

The army guys in Zim have set the bar high. Basically, what the Zimbabweans are telling us is that you don’t need to fight to be a man; you don’t need a war to be president, a coup doesn’t need bloodshed to be called a coup……naye maama, I think I’m dreaming, because I can’t envisage such a situation in Uganda at the moment. The coup in Zimbabwe has already sparked a mini reshuffle in the Uganda army. The man we have always thought is an enigma, is increasingly becoming predictable!

Politics is sometimes about additions not subtractions. The Zimbabwean army has added something to the politics in that country. It took balls, real balls, and that’s why every oppressed and freedom loving African is celebrating with them. How they handle it in the next 2-5 years will determine the future of Zimbabwe. Let’s also remember that this was an army led revolution. Civilians weren’t part of it. At some point, they have to bring civilians in the equation in form of general elections. Otherwise, there will be a second liberation soon.

Mrs.Grace Mugabe, on the otherhand, was good at divisions. She wasn’t adding any value to the politics of Zimbabwe. She’s one of those bad women we get stuck with because they’ve ploughed their way into our hearts!

Viva Zimbabwe!

“I’m not a supporter of Museveni but I’m (always)willing to dine and talk to him”—- Andrew Mwenda

“I’m not a supporter of Museveni but I’m (always)willing to dine and talk to him”—- Andrew Mwenda

Andrew reminds me of my childhood friend in Bugerere, who impregnated , let’s just say, a not so good looking girl, but when I asked him about it, his response baffled me,

” I’m not her boyfriend. We only used to meet for a Shag. That’s it…..she even has ring worm on her skin”

Human beings, hey????

Mwenda really is lacking in personal integrity!

It’s quite telling that our celebratory journalist usually only emerges from the sewers when there is an opportunity to spout his Besigye/ Bobi Wine -hating opposition propaganda, which is amply demonstrated in his latest post.

Looking at it from an observer’s point of view, as we are the only ones who can be influenced, opinions are formed based not only on what is posted but also the manner in which postings are made. Anyone resorting to insults, in this case of the very most despicable nature, means from an observer’s position anything they post will have no credibility whatsoever. Calling Bobi Wine ” ignorant, emotional and lacking in an alternative vision for our country’, was uncalled for. He has his ideas and should be respected. I’m not one of his supporters but he has given voice to so many, he is a ceaseless supporter of people’s rights through his music and parliamentary activities, and is working so hard to help the indigenous people. Bobi isn’t an emergency to Uganda. Somebody else is!

I have a lot of trouble believing there’s anyone here whose views can be changed one hair either by Andrew Mwenda or by Museveni anymore (and most people will be wise enough to not even bother to read). So them two might as well go indulge in their “necessary” extreme measures in private. I think it’s safe to assert that by this time the various participants in this yelling match have made their positions clear to all onlookers. I recognize that the point of protest is to divert us from crucial issues, but please, he shouldnt divert us from the ongoing debate on age-limit and land bills.

Mwenda really is lacking in personal integrity. He made the claim that I’m part of the TVO group, and that really made me read his views with a pinch of salt. He has no hesitation or compunction about just telling another bald faced lie,when faced with his own mendacity. He has put innocent people in harms way and has never apologized for it! And now he’s self claiming to have written the truth about Bobi Wine?

As I look around, I see it in so many of us, all of us suffering to one degree or another from this virus that overtakes us. The truth no longer matters. Museveni’s disciples have made lies the new normal, and it’s contagious. We are already entrenched in a fascist regime, as Mrs. Mbabazi once said, and talk alone is incapable of healing what Museveni has wrought.

By his reckoning, ”Museveni is not in power by accident. He is there by organization and strategy.”…..Well, pretty sure all dictators are, and i’m not going to refute this. However, one of the problems continues to be the imperturbable belief that “NRM” are good and “opposition” are bad and that there isn’t the slightest ambiguity about this. Yes, I agree with Mwenda that the ‘ opposition lack alternative ideas and believe their anger is sufficient to cause change’. Nevertheless,most of the time their anger isn’t misplaced.The most recent and most emotional event by far is the killing of a young man in Rukingiri by the police over age limit protests. Our law enforcement kills young men for little or no reason. They disrespect our citizens, making them second class, they flog elders such as Besigye, and treat them like little children in police fans. Grenades have been found in homes of opposition leaders resisting the presidential age limit removal. And what’s more upsetting is the fact that those at the top level of government supports all these draconian things.

So, basically the opposition have the capacity to identify the causes of their grief. There is a wealth of solid validated information regarding the unique situation Uganda has found itself in. Dozens of political/social/psychological/philosophical professionals have credibly weighed in on this topic. I’ll leave it to him to access this, as long as he doesn’t limit himself to the 2011 and 2016 election percentages. The only answer is education to the masses and resistance(defiance) of the biased system, but bringing that about has not yet been successful. He(Mwenda) can be part of that solution. Just him saying that power is something that has to be ‘cultivated, accumulated, harnessed and consolidated’ when he seems to be singing praises for the other side, amounts to nothing.

People who feel powerless in the world have always felt disdain towards those perceived to be their oppressors. Instead of Mwenda yelling about disrespect, intellectual laziness, and some crap about road construction statistics(simanyi Museveni has constructed more roads), he should listen to what Bobi’s supporters had to say. And in doing so, he will learn something:They have a point. And he is missing it!

Yours, very sincerely and respectfully,

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Check this If you still doubt that Mugabe isnt the president of Zimbabwe!

Mugabe is indeed gone forever…….Businessman James Makamba has reportedly arrived back Zimbabwe from a self-imposed exile. He fled the country in 2005 amidist rumours that he was having an affair with the then 1st lady, Grace Mugabe. The story has it that the old man had vowed to hunt down wherever he was hiding, but he never disclosed the country where he went.

I’m begging FDC to stick with Hon. Winnie Kiiza as the leader of opposition!

Having watched the parliamentary seating on Tuesday this week, thanks to the Nilepost, I’m begging FDC to stick with Hon. Winnie Kiiza as the leader of opposition. She’s still the real deal!

It was also emotionally moving to listen to what Hon.Zaake and Hon.Nambooze are going through. That attack by the army left a bad mark on our parliament. Hopefully, they get well soon!

Happy holidays to all my Non-Muslim friends

Happy holidays to all my Non-Muslim friends. I just want to say I appreciate and love you all. In a world where you’re all supposedly racists/Islamaphobic and I am supposedly a Muslim terrorist, we’re like family. Let’s all keep building bridges because it’s the only way of we’ll ever see peace on earth.One of my best friends in Kibuli S.S, Peter Sentongo, was also Non-Muslim. I love him dearly. We joked a lot, I recall when he asked me, we were in senior 2, why we(Muslims) only use water when we go to toilet,and touch ‘nagis’, and I remember telling him that we actually do better than people who think they’ve cleaned it but they’re still stuck with it. We laughed, we still laugh and value our friendship as in another place and another time our friendship would be taboo.Fight hate with love, guys. We’re overpowering them. I feel it!


Firstly, thank you so much MPs and all of you for the support, fight and LOVE – gosh the LOVE that has come through has been amazing – I have told our little ‘girl’ of all the well wishing and thoughts. She knows your love for her despite finally being locked up in a room somewhere in Rwakiitura, western Uganda, till 2037 when her ‘kidnapper’ will officially be 93 years old and 51 years in power. Children are a burden for some of these billionaires in office,you know.

This is one sad Christmas story for majority of Ugandans.I was notified Wednesday evening (Dec 20th 2017) via email(Ugandan At Heart Forum updates) and followed a couple hours later by a phone call that article 102b that has been protecting our sick girl is gone.I read this message over several times in disbelief of how can anyone be so cold and cruel to do this a few days prior to Christmas. There were tears saying goodbye to our little girl and lonely faces yesterday. I feel people need to know what a flawed system we have in place. Two words describe it “unethical and cruel”.

The little girl came home with chairman Museveni yesterday, she is so frail and broken. Yesterday, 19 NRM MPs and opposition MPs( minus Hon. Nabila Naggayi(who stayed out of it on the last day), 9 MPs in jail and suspensions, and Hon. Beatrice Anywar(who voted for her suffering), dripped some fluid into her, talked to her and tucked her up with a kiss and a blessing to make it through the day so we can try to give her enough energy to fight. Hon.Nantaba Hydah and several NRMs also opted to stay away from the house to fight for the little girl.

Ugandans would have slept better tonight knowing she has taken the most important and the hardest step – to continue to fight for her life, which has been shockingly shit up since 2005 when one of the articles(presidential term limits) protecting her,was also removed. We love all our little girls(Judiciary, Executive and Legislature/ constitution), and actually every little girl I meet!!! But little constitution, she and us were meant to be together and I am willing whatever powers there are out there to afford us that for a while at least, so she knows true love and peace!!!

Poor sweet baby, I hope she makes it. So heartbreaking to see this. And just so people can have her parents’ oil, land properties that were meant to look after her and her siblings!!! Oh how I wish I could do more to end this suffering!!!

If you hate our little girl,Constitution, and spread superstitions about her, you arent a friend of most Ugandans. No,Ugandans will find a way to remove you from office. If they fail, God will eventually remove you,and He never fails. If you doubt this, ask that old man in Zimbabwe who used to call himself a life president of his country. Passions run high when institutions fail and people are thrown back on their own resources. This can entail refashioning values and beliefs. It can be life or death. It can seem quasi-religious. But gaps can and are filled in the old outmoded system of categories and a new order emerges. This is an age of conflict with a hoary broken system that exists for its own sake and seeks to preserve itself and its profits.

Despite the fact the MPs have given themselves a cool 7 year term starting this current term, we should find a way of recalling them before they do anymore damage to our little girl.We have elected officials arresting their constituents for peaceably gathering to talk to them or their opponents, we have elected officials who flat out wont take calls, answer emails, or talk to their constituents in any productive way.We have elected officials who are only in parliament for money than anything else,and this needs to stop.

Again, thank you EVERYONE, from the bottom of mine, constitution’s and every little girl atleast in safety – Thank you and thank you all MPs who tried everything possible to preserve the presidential age limits.We must continue to speak out.Constitution is stressed and sad, so please help us find a new home for her!


‘We, Blacks, were put in this world by God as a test for other races’—My Wife

Sad, despicable and disgusting. Few are the times when I have been so dismayed at reading the current treatment of blacks in both the Arab world and Israel. Some Arabs, not all Arabs, looks at blacks as slaves or disgusting creatures. You only need to meet a mentally ill Arab to understand this, he will tell you this to your face. Some Jews also look at blacks as a race that shouldn’t be near them, a reason Israel is now shipping them elsewhere. I’m actually surprised that both Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame have accepted to take in Israel Blacks as refugees, for a price of $50,00 per person, before openly putting up a defence of the rights of blacks to live freely anywhere in the world.As the saying goes, with friends like these, who needs Nazis?There is no white politician that I can conjure up in my worst nightmares who would ever consent to have such a deal before openly condeming the black discrimnation.

I recently saw a pretty interesting (to me, anyway) movie drama called “Taking Sides”. The plot takes place in Germany shortly after WW II and covers the trial of Furtwangler by the Americans. Stellan Skarsgard played Furtwangler and Harvey Keitel played the American officer charged with prosecuting him.When it comes to injustice, a leader should be seen to be taking the side of justice, and not perpuating injustice because of the financial gains. I can bet that Museveni is now looking at this deal as a real money deal. Think about it, $10,000 for two blacks, who would say no to that? And you say, slave trade ended,lol?

I once toyed with the idea of writing a book about the way blacks, particulalry Ugandans and Rwandese abroad, are treated in the UK and USA by their employers in comparison to the employers at home. But then I realised that the views from diaporans would likely cement the idea that blacks prefer to live under whites than their own. I, myself, realised that I nolonger have the freedom to travel freely to my home country, Uganda, because of simply my personal views online against the Museveni government. Whenever i’m down there,I’m like walking on egg shells,and there’s a lingering feeling at the back of my mind that i’m gonna be picked up anytime by the partisan security forces.

The major injustice we are looking at is the punishment by death of people who are not individually culpable of any serious crime. Hitler did so on the basis of “race”. Lenin and his epigonies did so on the basis of social class, as defined by the requirements of who the leader of the proletarian vanguard happened to be at the time. Some Arabs are killing blacks working as maids in their countries on the basis of ‘race’. There’s a Ugandan lady I know who went to work in the Middle east and came back as a nutter. Apparently, in the house where she used to work, both the father and sons used to rape her at night in turns. It was, at first, difficult for her to escape, because they had confiscated her passport.

A childhood friend and cousin of mine who keeps going to Saudi Arabia for Umra and to visit an uncle of ours there, told me something recently, that left me feeeling sad. He was standing in prayers at Masjid Al-Haram, next to an Arab, but the later kept moving his foot away from him, thus leaving a gap in between, which is contratry to Islamic norms in a prayer. That’s why its important that people separate Arab behaviours and cultures, and Islam.

People should know that blacks are not as stupid as we are made out to be. All races have their own advantages over others, and we need each other. For example, most black men are known to have strong voices and bodies.Suppose Martin luther king, Obama and Malcolm x had voices of don knots or Jackie chan, they would have been laughed at. Strong voice can sometimes win respect even when you’re talking nonsense. Blacks invented a lot of stuff, lke peanut butter, traffic lights, e.t.c, that revolutionalised our lives. We are involved in a lot of good stuff, the world just needs to give us a chance, but most of all, we need to give ourselves a chance!

Happy New Year!

2017 has been such an interesting and incredible year and I am so grateful for everything and everyone who has made the good, great and the bad tolerable.

I have learned so much about myself, my religion, my own country, my parliament, this year and it has been monumental, personally and professionally.

I am so excited to see what comes next year.

May 2018 be a year of peace, prosperity and freedom around the world. Happy new year.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Take two businessmen, a Muganda by tribe,Semuwemba, running an electronic shop in Kampala and Patel(an Indian) running an autospare shop in Bwaise. Both men take their sons to Makerere University for a degree course. Patel’s son commutes daily from Bwaise while Semuwemba’s son lives in a small rented bedsitter near the university.

Before joining college, Patel’s son used to spend his days at the autospare shop- a routine he continues every Sat when not going to college. During the vacations, he even takes over the management. Semuwemba on the other side believes that shops is not the place for his University going son so he should get a degree and get a better job.

The two young men graduate and go seperate ways. Patel junior now takes over the running of the autospare shop. Semuwemba jr hits the road, looking for a job. Two years and he gets a job as a bank teller, supermarket clerk etc, after six months and with meagre income, Semuwemba’s son is frustrated and decides to go back for an MBA and improve his CV.

In the same period, Patel jr has gained some management skills of running the shop with a workforce of five employees. In his interactions with fellow businessmen and trips to source business stocks in China and india, he meets an Indian businessman who is trying to market some softwares and computer accessories manufactured in India and Taiwan. He and another accomplice form a company and agree to distribute them. At first, the company is operated from the backyard of the autoshop.

Both men are now 28. Patel jr is now confident and experienced in making business deals. He approaches a few companies, does presentations and convinces them to take up his products.

By now, he has passed the autospare shop to his siblings and is now running a full fledged IT company.

Semuwemba jr has graduated with an MBA, is now driving a car on loan and is now looking for a better job. He ends up becoming an employee at Patel’s company as a supervisor.

Guys, that is where the real entrepreneurship classes start, and a foot-holding is all our youth require. Don’t wonder why our MBA degree holders are looking for internship at Tuskys and wonder no more how Indians are still ruling this business economy!

Education without a focus only turns graduates into dependents. Let’s mentor & encourage our children accordingly.


Mwenda’s love for Museveni’s “good” dictatorship is fascinating!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

It fascinates me how differently many of us see, hear, and react to Museveni’s dictatorship.There are democracy lovers here who prefer Besigye’s leadership to Museveni’s.There are some who find fault with Museveni and Besigye, and would rather have a Kyagulanyi or Norbert Mao. There are people here who do not like politics at all and can sit through shows like NBS-Frontline bored and dry-eyed. There are some, like Andrew M. Mwenda, who do not consider Museveni a ‘bad’ dictator, and would rather have him than Besigye or Kyagulanyi.I respect all of these opinions, though they are the opposite of mine.They are held by people with far more experience and expertise than my own.Yet I do not understand them at all!

My opinion is that anybody could do at the moment as long as its not Museveni and his family. And, at this moment, Besigye takes the biscuit. He has been remarkable since the late 1990s when he started opposing Museveni before any of the inner NRMs. One thing for which Besigye is not given enough credit, and perhaps it is not credit-worthy, although it is an interesting historical phenomenon, is that he has inspired hope in Ugandans, and he has made a lot of people to become fearless and determined in opposing the Museveni dictatorship. People like Mwenda interpret this determination and fearlessness as ‘hooliganism’, unfortunately. Since 2001, Besigye and Museveni have been the twin pillars of the political world in Uganda and no woman or man, I believe, has come close to challenging their fame since.And again,as excepted, I think that Besigye was a bigger draw in all previous elections than any candidate, and, I believe, he won the 2006, 2010, and 2016 elections.I think what makes Besigye unique in the modern era (i.e since the retirement of DP’s Kawanga Ssemogerere, if not before) is that his fame is universal throughout the developed world and perhaps beyond, a name recognised by just anybody with half a brain and the slightest passing interest in Uganda politics.

As to their comparative contributions to politics, Mwenda may admire Museveni more. Yet for me, the most important measure of one’s contribution to politics is how well one leads. When Besigye was FDC president, that party was the most vibrant in the country, the most promising, but he left the leadership to others for the sake of promoting internal democracy within the party. That’s quality leadership which you will never find in Museveni. He strategised himself as the leader of UPM before the 1980 elections, and never gave room for the Bidandi Ssalis and others. When Museveni’s PRA intergrated with Yusuf Lule’s faction, he still kept himself as the omega of everything, despite the fact that Lule was the NRM chairman.

So, I don’t really understand how Mwenda, with due respect, comes to look at Museveni’s dictatorship as better than a Besigye leadership. In his theory,he is already looking at Besigye as a dictator before he even becomes a president. He has already childishly prophecised that Besigye would never become president.The complexity of his theory is only partly responsible for the fact that knowledge of his ideas is confined to a small group of professional journalists(such as his friend, Timothy Kalyegira) and few elites:some of the blame must be given to a literary style that is often offensive and an arrogance that is easy to confound with fatuity.He calls himself the ‘smartest person in the room’ with a grin on his face, and I found this so disturbing. Thank God Mao, Hon.Kivumbi Muwanga and others were calm, because that is the kind of behaviour that would not have any place on any TV here in England.

Bobi Wine, on other hand, has the boyish charm that so endears him to the millions watching. It doesn’t matter whether Mwenda speaks better English than him. Yes, he is still learning his ropes but he’s doing well. I think Besigye would have far and away the best face and name recognition among foreign leaders and majority of Ugandans. Till when Museveni is removed from power, I even see no point wasting time on picking presidential candidates. Let’s just boost Besigye’s efforts for now, because how do you talk of removing someone through elections who is pioneering a constitutional life presidency!

Letter Writing Is Museveni’s Way Of Either Concealing Something Or Distracting Others!

If Bobi Wine goes ahead and responds to Museveni’s latest write up, then I will know that he has fallen in his trap. Actually, nobody should even respond to it at all. Chairman Museveni operates on a script, and this script has served him very well over the years. It’s effective, it sets the agenda for the opposition, and it produces results. He says something and everyone jumps on it,and this means he’s concealing something. Its hightime the opposition start setting the agenda for Museveni. Otherwise, we will end up in an endless cycle that started with Paul Ssemogerere in 1996 up to now: I write a letter to you, you respond,make you and your followers feel great,and keep you tied to a desk…..’olaba nange M7 yampandiseko’!

I know very well what some you think of Besigye, but he is the most sincere and brave politician I have seen in our generation. And my statements aren’t in any way meant to play Besigye against Bobi Wine because I don’t see a match there yet. Frankly, the worst thing that could happen to the opposition right now is if these two start seeing themselves as rivals. But since Bobi is not really wildly popular to begin with, I don’t see how any serious over the top nationalism could really happen, unless it is intertribal inclusive and founded in some sort of nationalistic pride or something like that. Understand I am not closed minded to the possibility of another person raising up and taking the opposition to another level, and I think i hinted on this in one of my articles this week.

Curious to know what you,guys, think of Winnie Byanyima, though. She seems like a smart, confident woman, and is the most mature and independent among women in her age group and status in Uganda right now, and claims to be a feminist from what I have heard. It seems she was brought up more of a liberal socially, but might lean more conservative regarding romance practices.The way her son dresses, and his hair styles, shows the liberalism in both parents. I know its a long shot but how would you feel about her as our next president some time in future?

In regards to age limit removal, dictators rise, but they also fall. We can’t block any legislation that is unconstitutional or bad because of the NRM numbers in parliament, but we can campaign against it, and most importantly, keep speaking out.Carl Albert Fritz (Michael) Gerlich (15 February 1883 – 30 June 1934) was a German journalist and historian, and one of the main journalistic resistors of Adolf Hitler. He was arrested and later killed at the Dachau concentration camp.Dr. Gerlich finished what turned out to be his last article with the words: “The worst thing we can do, the absolute worst, is to do nothing.”….So, we have to do something,and must be seen to be doing something.

As for NRM MPs, I sometimes feel sorry for them because they are trapped. They are supporting something they know that its not needed,but they’ve to support it. I don’t think they overall really have a system of belief, they just hate people blindly who speak against Museveni,and say whatever is convenient, and will work to draw weak minded people into their cult of hatred.

I have been trying to think about worse case scenarios (really BAD scenarios) after the removal of the presidential age limit, and preparing for them. On an emotional and spiritual basis. Obviously,not everyone believes the same religious or political beliefs. I try to think positive and hope for the best but I was raised a Muslim – I believe in the quran.I believe everything has an end.I am saying prayers that these haters(they hate Uganda) don’t succeed and that good will win this fight. I know I am oversimplifying but trying to keep this as short as possible. It’s an intense subject matter.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

This is how the Museveni letter writing game works!

Ok, this is how the Museveni letter writing game works:

1. I’m the president of Uganda. I’m the biggest celebrity in the country. If I post something to the media in reference to this new kid on the block, the kid will definitely get excited, so pumped up, and so will his supporters. I will even leave deliberate mistakes in my submission to give the kid something to grill on;

2. The kid will then write back to respond to me in the finest of languages and research. His supporters will go wild again with excitement;

3. Everybody will then expect me to respond again to the issues the kid has raised, but I will lay low for a while, as I have been doing with Besigye, Bidandi Ssali, and others, to assess the situation, keep the tongues wagging, e.t.c;

4. In the meantime, I must make the people believe that Besigye no longer matters to me. I’ve got a new thorn to remove from my way; i will encourage the Tamale Mirundis to sell him as a credible opponent;

5. But still I must watch out for Besigye’s reaction. Is this new excitement by some of the kid’s supporters taking a big toll on him or not? If it is, then that works out perfectly for me because I will just add fuel to the fire by financing some groups whose intention is to permanently create a rivalry between Besigye and the kid.

6. That will keep everyone busy for a while before 2021 as I push through my life presidency and land bills;

7. Come 2021, the kid will want to stand against me, and so is Besigye. That will be enough to help me sail through again unnoticed, obviously with the help of my Electoral commission.

Oh Lord, why I’m I always one step ahead of my opponents? May be it’s true what they say….that bald men are more intelligent. Hello sweetheart Janet, I could actually do with that cup of tea!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

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