Proper communication is the key to solving parent-teacher misunderstandings!

Asslamu alaikum,brothers and Sisters,

The situation between the Director of Studies(DOS), Kakiiri Bilal Islamic School,Hajji Kalunda Musa and a parent, has been resolved, and that’s why we stopped people from commenting on the original post. The DOS, the parent in question and me, have talked,and everything is back to normal allihamudulilah.

Sometimes employers have to teach lessons as far as who is actually in charge.Sometimes, they overdo it,and need to be corrected. Sometimes, parents overract too when their children are facing discplinary measures.These cases usually come down to showing respect to one another. The moment people speak to each other in bad tones, then all hell will break loose. I’m glad I got a chance to speak to Hajji Kalunda, and I found him more receptive than I imagined. I hope he continues engaging parents too, like he did with me.

The objective of posting such a problem to the forum is not to embarass anybody or any institution,but to find a middle ground in the problem, encourage others facing the same problem to come out, and discussing solutions.But obviously some people would say, the point of a discourse might be to convince those reading, rather than who you’re discoursing with.However, Kakiiri is a Muslim school and we want it to succeeed in everything it does,and that’s why we were all eager to resolve this as quickly as possible.If any thing has been done to upset anybody here, we ask you to forgive us. We also ask Allah to forgive all of us for our mistakes.Ameen!

I somehow miss prof. Apollo Nsibambi as PM!


I have been so disappointed in Dr.Ruhukana Rugunda as PM such that I somehow miss prof. Apollo Nsibambi. What is he up to now? He(Nsibambi) looked like he was created for that office. Obviously, serving under M7 can damage anybody but he was the rational voice of reason during a difficult time. He was just a man, a person of a new generation. Out of the box. Having been a lecturer at Makerere helped him a great deal in picking vibes from both the old and young. He was a true symbol of open-minded people in Uganda. He smiled all the time and looked a kind man. However, I never understood how he came to be that much light skinned like ” omuzungu “. Even the heavy temperatures of Uganda never darkened him. I would love to see how his four daughters look like!

History will be on his side, can’t keep people away from the rest of the world forever. That was a cabinet worth sitting in, and i sometimes erroneously envisaged myself in it.

Are there Baganda MPS outside Buganda?

According to Sam Njuba in his book, The Betrayal, people who accuse Baganda of being descriminative are so easily forgetful and unfair. Baganda is the only tribe that leaves a fellow Muganda and supports a non-Muganda in elections and other businesses. They supported and harbored Museveni in Luwero triangle at the expense of Kayiira and Prof. Lule. Dr.Kunuka was an MP in Buganda despite the fact that he is a Munyoro.

In the rigged 1980 elections, Dr.Mulozi , an Acholi, was elected in preference to Bidandi Ssali. In Gomba, Yafesi Sabiti was elected though he was not a Muganda. In Singo, a Munyarwanda, Emannuel Kirenga, was elected.

Joachim Buwembo wishes to know what a “pornography machine”

minister of ethics

Joachim Buwembo wishes to know what a “pornography machine” is……Oh God, I can’t stop laughing. If I may speculate, I think It’s a machine that detects anything that incites the hormone factory.

Of course, there’s so much disagreement over what pornography itself means exactly. Philosopher David Hume quotes a story to illustrate this. He tells of two expert wine-tasters who are asked to give their opinions of a barrel of wine.

“Good,” says one. “But it has a slight taste of iron.”

“Not bad,” says the other. “But I detect a faint taste of leather.”

No one else tastes this, and the two experts are dismissed with derision. Later, when the wine barrel is emptied, an iron key with a leather thong is discovered at the bottom.

If the wine barrel had never been emptied, there would have been no proof that the expert wine-tasters were right.Unfortunately, this is our situation when we argue over whether something is pornographic or not. Recently, Desire Luzinda posted pictures of herself enjoying a bath with a little bit of like a pump from below between her thighs, and my hormones remained intact. But I saw lots of complaints from Ugandans, probably less noise than when her Newyork twin towers were put on display. Nevertheless, the big question here is that should father Lokodo be wasting shs. 2b to fight something that is even interpreted differently, when our hospitals are like suffering? I think the ministry of ethics should be scrapped and that money be diverted to supporting religious institutions and religious studies in schools. Churches and mosques, if supported, could do a better job than anti-Pornography committees.

Kenyans should hang on to Uhuru Kenyatta!

Generally speaking,a country cannot claim to have an independent judiciary in Africa unless it has a good President. So, Kenyans should hang on to Uhuru Kenyatta!

A lot of people in Uganda stayed up all night waiting for that boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor

A lot of people in Uganda stayed up all night waiting for that boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor. The later is a racist,hormophobic(like most of us). Mayweather, on the otherhand, is a woman beater,mates with Donald Trump, known to criticise Africa, Colin Kapernick, and his treatment towards black women is disgusting.Any man that would raise his hand to a woman is not someone that deserves respect.Sports are cool for entertainment but when all the competition ends, a man’s greatness should extend beyond his exploits in gloves, cleats, or on a court……..They both made a whooping $175 million dollars, Mayweather collecting $100 million while McGregor earning $75 million.You see, most black people have been programmed to be happy comfortable slaves,Black athlete are payed huge sums of money to entertain people and the money goes back to the same people that paid them in some way.We tend to invest the same money to businesses of people that have paid us but we do absolutely nothing to invest in our own people. African dictators are also programmed in the same way: steal aid and money from Africa and hide the money abroad.No matter how much money you making if you are not investing in your own people you are a slave.Now I wonder how much Mayweather will invest in his people???

A dear Abbey from one of the parents of Bilal Islamic Sch, Kakiiri

A dear Abbey from one of the parents of Bilal Islamic Sch, Kakiiri.
On Saturday September 16/2017 was a go- back- to- school day for Bilal Islamic S.S, I sent my son to School after paying all the school fees, all the school requirements and all his personal requirements, I sent this boy to school with my driver.

On reaching school the Director of studies sent the kid back home, the driver called me and I talked to the DOS and here is what we talked:

DOS: Asalam Aleikm sebo
Me: waleikm salam warahumatullah wabarakatuhu
DOS: gyebaleko sebo
Me: kale sebo nawe gyebaleko sebo
DOS: kakati sebo omwanawo tumugobye kusomelo yatoloka kati tumwetagako obusawo bwa cement butano (5)
Me: sebo obusawo bwa cement (5) nga sibulina sawa eno. I just paid school fees and I don’t have any money left on me

DOS: kale leka adeyo ewaka atuule paka lwonafuna sente
Me: And the other thing sebo the school was closing that day, how did the kid escape when the school has closed ?
DOS: Actually the kid left before clearing with me, he did not escape but he was supposed to show me his class notes but he left before doing that. so that is why am punishing him
Me: kakati sebo don’t you think you are punishing me the parent instead of punishing the kid?
DOS: I don’t care that is the rule we came up with for such students the parents are supposed to buy 5 bags of cement for the kid to return to school
Me: kakati sebo me am not in the country right now you gonna send that kid home and there is nobody at home
DOS: I don’t care actually I have other meetings to attend with other parents.

He hung off and sent that kid back home it’s coming to a week now. My kid is at home yet I paid all their requirements plus all the school fees.

Is there someone who can help to intervene in this situation? A lot of parents are suffering because of the reckless decisions of the school administrator.

Round 1 of age Limit removal had a heroe!

Forget Bobi Wine, and his excuses for being out of the country,

Forget Hon. Mp Bakireke Nambooze, and her nursery games with Abiriga’s hat,

The real heroe was this guy,Hon. Kabaziguluka…..What does his name mean? The Nakawa people got a real deal here. This was a class act. Get well soon,brother!

2017 UK Convention:I’m so upset with Hon.Rebecca Kadaga

I’m so upset with Hon.Rebecca Kadaga@UK-Uganda Convention……. Her speech didnt give diasporans any hope that the dual citizenship law will be reviewed.It was all about maintaining the statusquo(paying $400 and an ‘abiriga’ certificate) of the law, and that hurt so much…… Why do they waste tax payers’ money to come and tell us things we already know? …….Same speeches, same people, same faces,same nonsense, year in, year out, and people fuckin clap hands for that crap?

What’s the impact of diaspora political conferences on the politics of Uganda? Do such conferences or meetings really change anything?

Thank you Don Williams for the music and the memories!

Thank you Don Williams for the music and the memories! You wrote and sung songs that will be remembered forever and ever.Your music has, and will continue to inspire generations to come.I used to sing some of your songs while dating my wife who is a fan of country music,and it did the trick. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

‘We don’t need no money, honey you and I
What we’ve got together, money just can’t buy
What we’ve got, there’s plenty of
I’ve got you, you’ve got me, we got love.’

Round 2 of age limit removal:they’ve not ‘touched ‘ it today.

Yippee……they’ve not ‘touched ‘ it today.

Now the sights is set on parliament again tomorrow.MPs should not sleep in their houses again tonight. Let them try to put on a show again tomorrow. Let them try their best.

This time, I would like to specifically thank Hon. Nabilah Naggayi Sempala for the live updates today. She is unfashionable to some but still a good performer………I gave her shit when she was linked with Museveni,I gave her shit when she spoke against Besigye,I gave her shit when things went sour with some in FDC, but to be perfectly fair when on form she is one of the finest MPs I’ve ever seen in our generation. A beast of a battler and a fine ‘survivor’. Her talents are precisely what I’d want in an MP[minus the constant negative rumours around her]. All-round ability,good speaker, social and a constant eye for an opportunity to help others.

However,the “accepted” narrative seems to be trending towards AGE LIMIT REMOVAL, and this being the final nail in Museveni’s life presidency project already. But whether the age limit is removed or not, the MPs in the opposition, and some NRMs, have done their job, and we are happy.Museveni does of course have vague designs for what his eventual future might look like, after possible age limit removal, but like any normal human being, he’s not clairvoyant nor omnipotent. So, either way he has lost big time…….Shame, he is going to be remembered this way.Bullied his way into the history books in 1980s, given a chance by majority of Ugandans to change the country for the better, and he has instead made a mess of it, and now i only see darkness in his future! Shame!

Age limit:My last appeal to NRM MPs

You could be NRM but still do the right thing, and create history like that Kenyan judge who cancelled Uhuru’s re-election, did. Many of the USA opponents of slavery who wanted to outlaw it during the Constitutional convention were Virginians and yes, they owned land, but they did the right thing, and slavery was abolished.

In my more open-minded moments, I try to make myself believe that if Ugandans had witnessed a peaceful transfer of power at some points since independence, then the issue of removing presidential age limit, wouldn’t have been of great concern. But with Museveni, he is already on the record saying that “Uganda etandise okumuwomela “. And that’s worrying, because it’s symptomatic of a leader who wants a life presidency. So, age limits is the only insurance Ugandans are clinging on to see the end of his regime, as elections have turned out to be more or less a useless exercise.

Secondly, when one becomes old , he or she becomes a drag for everyone else around them. It’s better to let people retire, do some self reflection, have a peace and quiet somewhere before meeting their creator. Chairman Museveni and his people are, in effect , being just selfish on this. What the argument that he is still physically strong propounds is similar to an individual driving a car with an inaccurate speedometer cannot be speeding so long as they rely on that broken speedometer. Try telling that to a judge.

In the eyes of most Ugandans, you, Mps, are the judge, the jury and the executioner. So, don’t let them down. Please, don’t execute them. A referendum, as proposed by religious leaders, won’t make a difference under the current electoral laws and appointment and disappointments. Kigwela mu parliament!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Age Limit Removal:Some images are unforgettable!

Some images are unforgettable!

Bobi Wine’ s hands are in good position, his legs with a good balance, and ready for attack.

His opponent is already on guard, which left me wondering why ,if he hadn’t already been attacked.

Ya I noticed the haircut too, and the way they both lined up ready for anything. The one at the front has got backups at the back, in case of a restrain, or being overpowered by Bobi……Bobi, on the otherhand, has no back up. He is on his own. Sewanyana Allan, et al, should have been behind him to act as back up, such that in case of an attack, they could have put up a strong front.

Then the guy on the side innocently staring at Bobi Wine’s moves, and trying to imitate him, just put the icing on the cake…….He looks so funny, a bit confused….oh man!

And then the woman sat on a chair…..i don’t know if she is cheering or trying to calm things down. …..What a day!


State House, is it really a state house or ‘Museveni house’ right now? State House too,like NWSC, should actually be renamed in future to ” PEOPLE HOUSE”, to reflect that it’s working for people. The colonialists left us that name(before independence), and we are still hanging on to it. Now, there are even reports that they dont know where the land tittle for State House is.

Have you,guys, ever stopped to wonder why majority of people don’t bother to vote anymore? Have you ever stopped to wonder why, which ever party is in power, since 1962,nothing ever gets any better? Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the four major political parties in the Uganda have broadly the same policies? The answer is simple–the people feel detached from the state. They feel they cant change a govt through elections.They basically feel nothing for Museveni right now, and just waiting for a miracle from God.


Venue: Nairobi Peace talks, 1985
Mediator: Daniel Arap Moi
Olara Otunnu(OO): ‘Hello Mr.Yoweri Museveni’

Yoweri Museveni ignored him, and instead pointed his finger at OO:”You young man, you are the one misleading the old man.We shall see”

The old man Museveni was referring to here was Gen. Tito Okello-Lutwa, and Olara Otunnu was then minister of Foreign Affairs, a position that left a sour note among some UPC members. Few months later, Museveni became the president and OO was on his bike to exile.

OO makes a promising come back to Uganda in 2010 with a CV Museveni could only dream of. He becomes the UPC president the same year, then the Kampala crafty boys get to work and made one ‘proposal’ after the other that supposedly drained all his money. He became financially strained,all the talk of him having been roommates with Tony Blair at Oxford University didn’t help, he went on a war path with the Obote family over who controls what; then Museveni seizes an opportunity and releases his ‘dogs’ on him, bite him harder, and guess what? Now UPC is in Akena James’s hands, or one could arguably say ‘Museveni’s soft hands’.

He told him, didn’t he? That he will see, and I guess OO has seen it all now!

Threats on #UAH among members

Threats on #UAH among members

If anybody threatens you and you feel real threatened, please report that person to the police. They will only process complaints of threating if them meet both of the following guidelines:

1) the threat has to be a direct threat of physical harm (ie. ‘I am coming over to kill you tonight’) and

2) their has to reasonable proof that the person making the threat can actually perform the act. Some examples that are not considered legal threats: ‘You should be shot , you life presidency supporter’, ‘Someone is going to kick your butt’, ‘ I’m sending Kyuma kya Yesu now to sort u out ‘, e.t.c.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

FDC members shouldn’t call Ssemujju a mole!

I consider myself to be a super tolerant person. I’m not being an angel. It’s simply my nature … It’s “me”. And I am ASTONISHED as to how easily some FDC members have become trapped and goaded into disliking Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju, simply because he is campaigning for Mugisha Muntu.

OK, granted, attacking Besigye as a campaign strategy was, in my opinion, unnecessary. Yeah, i was rolling on the floor laughing my Arse off literally as I read Ssemujju ‘s attack on Besigye, but, God damit, it doesn’t necessarily make him a mole in FDC. He just chose a wrong campaign strategy.

Campaigns seems to make some people ‘forget themselves’. This observation is often made and repeated. In Uganda, for some silly reason, even your own brother is capable of shooting you during campaigns, just to appease someone.

Hey, maybe it’s a bit like driving a car. It is said that when certain people get behind the wheel they consistently turn into a different type of person. Road rage is both dangerous and a big problem. Interestingly, some people miraculously look handsome or beautiful when behind the wheels.

Looking at the people standing against Muntu, I will actually be surprised if he doesn’t win. And if he doesn’t, it will summarise everything I have thought of him: an overrated leader who probably shouldn’t have risen without Museveni handpicking him to lead the army.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Congratulations National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) for getting a new home. I believe this devt would be enriched if you also consider changing the name a little bit, and remove or replace “Sewage ” with something else. It just feels uncomfortable seeing “water” and “sewage” all bungled up together.” Sewage ” sounds like a turn off. There is a reason why the digestive system wasn’t called ” mouth and anus” system!
#rebrand #marketing


Majority of Ugandans abroad were born and bred in Uganda, both their parents were born and bred in Uganda, both their paternal and maternal grandparents were born and bred in Uganda. So, how the hell do they not become Ugandans the moment they acquire dual citizenship, and are,therefore, required to pay huge amounts of money to become Ugandans again. Its really laughable, to say the least, and more laughable that organisations such as UNAA, are the ones organising the issuing of dual citizenship certificates. Actually,the $450 charged for dual citizenship is relic of a ‘money-making’ scheme than anything else.I am suspicious of what appears to be a widespread desire to milk money out of Ugandans abroad, and its disgusting. So disgusting!
Nobody likes being segregated,because that’s how it feels like for Ugandans with dual citizenship, basing on the ignorance of some legislators. Yes, its pure ignorance because the dual citizenship law as it is, smells of ignorance of those who passed it.We should stop labelling Ugandans abroad in any way. Issuing them certificates is totally ridiculous. Born in Ireland, the (English) Duke of Wellington never liked to be called an Irishman. His rebuttal — “When somebody was born in a stable, that does not make him a horse.”

Secondly, passports are documents in the name of a head of state asking that their subjects be granted protection in a country outside their jurisdiction.They have been around since the 19th and 20th century. So, I find it odd that again Ugandans abroad are charged different passport fees(renewal and lost passports) in comparison to those at home.This is the segregation and the money making scheme i’m talking about, and it should stop. There should be standard fees for all passports!



Let me again add my thoughts to the issue of age limit.First, any discussion is,of course, very speculative,but I believe It probably is a personal matter how any Ugandan decides to support or not to support the removal of age limit from the constitution.

1.Any Ugandan in their 60s and above, and harbour presidential ambitions, are so upset with Museveni for hanging on to the presidency like forever.That age group whether they are in NRM or opposition, just hate the man to the bones, but they cannot dare show it to anybody close to the president.

2.A small group already in their 70s support the removal in the hope that God could decide to take Museveni after the age limits have been scrapped, and then they will have a shot at the presidency before they die.

3. Then there is a group, i suspect, that has decided to support age limit removal because they realise that its useless to fight the inevitable, and they can as well make money or a career out of it. This same group supports or work with Museveni, not necessarily because they adore him as a leader, but they’ve basically given up on their ambitions. I believe Ibrahim Abiriga, Beti Kamya,Hajji Abdul Nadduli, some youths like Duncan Abigaba, Andrew mwenda, e.t.c, are part of this group. Abiriga is a very ambitious man, and that is why he quit his job as RDC to join politics.

4. Finally, there are those in any age group,and there are the majority, that just want age limits retained for patriotic reasons(basing on Uganda’s history). This same group is advocating for presidential term limits.

Museveni is ready to be president until the impediment of death gets in the way.The presidency is everything in Uganda. Museveni can front all the reasons he wants but its all still about personal ambition for him. When you’re president, you can become rich overnight, you can own any piece of land you want, you can shag any Ugandan woman you want, you can use parliament in any way you want, you can techinically do anything you want. You’re like a superking, man. While these are only anecdotes, it does make you wonder whether staying active as a president helps one to ward off osteoarthritis, for example, which is almost universal to one degree or another in people over age 75.

Yes, age does affect the way we do things.Obviously at some age, a person starts to lose flexibility.The Museveni of 1986-2001 isn’t the Museveni of 2017 howevermuch his handlers try to project him as still physically and mentally fit. Pushing himself into the domain of 2021-2026 will be trying his luck but he isnt afraid because he has seen Mugabe and club doing it. Already there are questions about his actual date of birth, as some think that he is already knocked his 80s.

One good thing that comes with old age is that its very rare for a leader in his 70s or above, to see killing an opponent as a solution to the country’s problems. This is something you cannot usually say for a leader in their 30s,40s or 50s,as ambition tends to overide anything including human life.


Hon.Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine


A politician, whatever his message, can have no impact unless there are people willing to listen, and follow. And once they’re there, the politician have some responsibility to teach good, and not have his followers do evil things. Bobi Wine’s tours and music ever since he was elected as MP, are highly influential, and are not seen as mad ravings by a goodly proportion of Ugandans. Bobi has also written a few articles, and, i guess, he doesn’t publish out of stupidity, but out of conviction and hatred for the dictatorship in Uganda. He has clearly decided to make his politics, his writings and his music his life’s work.They are inextricably intertwined; you will find it impossible to do in-depth study of one without the other.

Here’s what: his music, and his fame, have made his views respectable and influential, and his music has come to represent his ideas.Political and cultural party lines are drawn with Bobi; the writings and the music have become intertwined in the culture of Uganda.His music is part of an overall literary and artistic effort on a political and social front. There is another musician called Mathias Walukagga who is trying to do the same, though he hasn’t joined politics yet. For some reason, he isn’t as popular as Bebe Cool and Chameleon,and I think its do with his wardrobe and the way he presents himself to the youths, but he should be up there.

Despite the character flaws of Bobi Wine(and I think he has got many, like his teenagish walking and sitting styles), I think it would be very foolish to dismiss his work on the basis of his opposition to Museveni’s leadership style. Whether or not his music is so anti-government, it’s not an uncommon sentiment among majority of Ugandans, and should not be used in evaluation of the validity of his artwork.

German composer,Richard Wagner, too was into politics and he used his music that way, too.Wagner made politics part of his music, and made anti-semitism part of his promotion of his own music, and used his reputation as a musician to advance his politics. I have never heard Wagner’s position in the history of anti-Semitism evaluated so hyperbolically. Iam not glad Wagner promoted his idiotic ideas through his operas, but let me strongly suggest that there is more to his ideas than antisemitism, even some ideas worth taking seriously. Wagner was so well liked by the Germans during WWI that they used his music at the death camps. Wagner considered his music to be an expression of Germanness (You might start with Barry Millington’s excellent biography of Wagner;Vintage Books.)

It is entirely possible to like Bobi’s music even while being aware of, and even studying the impact of this music on the politics of Uganda. In case you hadn’t noticed,majority of musicians and Ugandans — or at least the Stella Nyanzi-going world — has, for the most part, given up anti-Museveni ideas as a basis for most social intercourse, politics, etc.; the consequences thereof have been seen in all their horror. There’s nothing as dangerous for a leader as stopping people from criticizing you openly because you will never know what they are up to.

Again: there is nothing wrong with listening to Bobi’s music even if you are a Museveni diehard. It will not rot your teeth or make you want to drop your support for the age-limit removal. His music isn’t the sort of thing that two people play in a living room. It’s done in big concert halls, in festive atmosphere and utmost solemnity.It’s generally accepted as “meaning” something. That’s why everyone wishes to invite him to their conferences, the latest being the planned London UK Convention(by my mate, Willy Nsubuga Mutenza), and the coming FDC leaders Conference in Leeds,UK, in October this year(details attached).

As a Muslim, I now wish he composes a song, ‘A Muslim Museveni’, because i wish to see him revert to Islam. It would definitely ease on so many problems the Muslim community are facing right now. For example, Muslim unity will be accelerated, and I suspect Sheikh Kamoga and other Muslims will also finally get their freedom. Museveni already doesn’t drink alcohol and pork,and I suspect he is already circumcised because he is a man who knows the benefits of personal hygiene to human health. All we need is to get a proper ‘Shahada’ from him which is more meaningful than the fake one of pre-guerrilla war of just changing names. At the moment, there is a distorted view of Islam and Muslims in Uganda, and it hurts so badly, especially when one of their leaders is imprisoned for life over terrorism. Museveni could help us change that by starting to read the quran word by word.

Sometimes the evil in a person pollutes his creations, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, though I can detect a soft touch by Museveni on Bobi Wine, as he doesn’t see him as a threat as he sees his former comrades such as Kiiza Besigye, a reason I think his tours wont likely be interrupted by police. His music is only limited to influencing public view of the regime, which, if we are being honest, doesn’t worry much a lot of dictators.–

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”



According to the late Kalega Sam Njuba, ‘Museveni dislikes drinking but not drunkards’ as ministers. The reason being that when the drunkards are under the influence of alcohol, they open up to him and spill each other’s beans. With alcohol taking control, they don’t leave anything out. Apparently, this is the reason he liked Prof. Yoweri Kyesimira and Hon.Kibirige Sebunya so much. It makes one wonder how many people have been appointed as ministers or in sensitive positions because of their love for the bottle?

Uncovering some of the hormones between Otunnu and Museveni!

olara Otunnu

Venue: Nairobi Peace talks, 1985
Mediator: Daniel Arap Moi
Olara Otunnu(OO): ‘Hello Mr.Yoweri Museveni’
Yoweri Museveni ignored him, and instead pointed his finger at OO:”You young man, you are the one misleading the old man.We shall see”

The old man Museveni was referring to here was Gen. Tito Okello-Lutwa, and Olara Otunnu was then minister of Foreign Affairs, a position that left a sour note among some UPC members. Few months later, Museveni became the president and OO was on his bike to exile.

OO makes a promising come back to Uganda in 2010 with a CV Museveni could only dream of. He becomes the UPC president the same year, then the Kampala crafty boys get to work and made one ‘proposal’ after the other that supposedly drained all his money. He became financially strained,all the talk of him having been roommates with Tony Blair at Oxford University didn’t help, he went on a war path with the Obote family over who controls what; then Museveni seizes an opportunity and releases his ‘dogs’ on him, bite him harder, and guess what? Now UPC is in Akena James’s hands, or one could arguably say ‘Museveni’s soft hands’.

He told him, didn’t he? That he will see, and I guess OO has seen it all now!

Wapakabhulo (R.I.P) and the Luwero Bush war Lady!

President Museveni hands over the Draft Constitution and the Report of the Constitutional Commission to the Chairman of the CA Mr James Waphakabulo during the official opening of the Assembly on May 18, 1994.

Its absolutely amazing how we perceive people differently. According to Sam Njuba in his book, the Betrayal, James Wapakabhulo (R.I.P) initially never wanted to join the NRA struggle. He despised Museveni’s character and ambitions despite having been his roommate at Dar e’s salama university. Wapa told Njuba that Museveni was just fighting for himself, he was reckless, laying a trap and concealing his selfish motivations. Though, now that I think about it, I think Wapakabhulo wasn’t far from the truth.But getting someone to follow you in a cause is not at all difficult. You just need to find the right words. Indeed Sam Njuba eventually convinced Wapakabhulo to join the cause, using just words. The rest is history!

CA Chairman James Wapakabulo delicately steers the debate on political systems before calling on members (below) to say “Aye ” or “No “to a motion to delete the movement from the constitution as a system of governance.

It’s also worth noting that it was Matayo Kyaligonza who recruited Njuba’s wife, Getrude, into the struggle rather than Njuba himself. Furthermore , she was in the bush fighting with others while he was in Nairobi as part of the NRA external wing. She seemed to have believed in the struggle more than her husband. No wonder she continued to work for Museveni for decades despite her husband’s fall out with the regime.

Gertrude Nanyunja got married to Samuel Kalega Njuba on Monday September 14, 1964, at a ceremony presided over by her father, Bishop Yokana Mukasa Balikuddembe (RIP).

As pretentious as this may sound, there’s no way I would let my wife go and fight in the bush while I’m not there myself. How the late Njuba did it, I will never know. Yes, I am very human and I understand the human struggles and troubles that exist today all are caused by one thing: selfishness, but that would have been an easy decision for me.


Jeremy Corbyn

There’s a chance of Jeremy Corbyn becoming UK’s next PM but its still a long road for him. People have lost trust in the current Conservative govt but, at the same time, they don’t see much difference from Labour. But they see a difference between Jeremy Corbyn and Labour itself.Since the terms “left” and “right” emerged during the French Revolution, the definitions have undergone some changes, sometimes the boundaries have got more or less blurred, but most of those characteristics continue to be emblematic of the left.
By George Okello via UAH
Abbey Semuwemba,

Have you heard of Momentum? The left-wing organisation behind Jeremy Corbyn? Momentum is organising to capture power in the UK within 2 to 3 years time using democratic means. And it will do this the hard way, campaigning door to door, to reach all the 40 million eligible voters of the UK. No other left wing organisation in the world has attempted what Momentum is attempting. The entire hope for the left and for democratic socialism in the world lies on Momentum. This small UK organisation is now at the very front of a world revolution. Momentum is leading the world revolution, just as the Soviet Communist Party did in in the early 19th century, and later the Chinese Communist Party under Chairman Mao Ze Dong did in the mid 19th century. Jeremy Corbyn is just at its spearhead. From Momentum will spring up a new left revolution in Europe and in the rest of the world. It is not for nothing that Jeremy Corbyn called All Oppressed Of The World To Rise Like Lions. Did you not hear this call? That’s precisely what we are going to do. Rise Like Lions and put terror into the hearts of the oppressors.


Bobi wine sung for kizza besigye while at Besigye’s home in Kasangati

I have too much respect for Hon.Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, but, please, for the last time, people should stop equating him or comparing him with Dr.Kiiza Besigye. The reason I respect Bobi is because he has been using his music to speak for the poor, the ghetto, for us.An artist that uses a big soapbox and loudspeaker to push their views, a power the rest of us do not have, deserves respect.When an artist makes a statement that is pro-people,he is sticking his neck out on the line.If a self employed business person makes prominent political statements that upset people, it may hurt his/her business, whether it is organized or not.

By the way, we should also stop ‘punishing’ those artists that ‘offended’ us during the 2016 elections by supporting Mr.Museveni. Let’s just find another way of convicing them to join our line of thinking.Telling you their opinion was actually exercising free speech, telling people not to attend their shows was attempted censorship,boycotting the show’s sponsors is punitive (and an attempt to stifle an opinion you disagree with!).So, my anger with Iryn Namubiru, Kanyomozi, and others is done, apart from Bebe Cool. The later continues to rub it in!

Sam Njuba on Land Amendment Bill now in parliament

“The biggest source of Baganda’s pride, power and confidence is the land that has economic value. Land, which under the present regulation, he(Museveni) cannot simply have access, and therefore, cannot give away easily. This to him is unacceptable and therefore, it has to change. And change to him will be effected at any cost.”

——-Sam Kalega Njuba, page 185, in his book, The Betrayal

Sam Njuba died in 2013 at Nsambya Hospital.Until 2011, Njuba was a Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East. Njuba served as Secretary in the External Wing of the then rebel National Resistance Movement/Army (NRM/A) between 1984 and 1986, Minister of State for Justice and Constitutional Affairs from 1986 to 1994, and member of the National Resistance Council (NRC) from 1989 to 1994. He also represented Kyadondo East in the Constituent Assembly from 1994 to 1995 during the constitution making process.

He went on to represent the same constituency in the 6th Parliament from 1996 to 2011 when he retired from elective politics. In 2001, he abandoned the Movement to join the elect Kizza Besigye Task Force ahead of the general elections, going on to play a major role in the formation of Reform Agenda and later Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in 2005. He served as Executive Coordinator of before becoming party Chairman.

Before joining politics, Njuba worked as a Lecturer at the School of Law, Makerere University, from 1969 to 1972 and Chief Magistrate Buganda Road Court in 1972. Between 1976 and 1980 he served as President of the Uganda Law Society.

Njuba was born on February 22, 1941 in Gayaza, Wakiso, to Reverend Canon Malaki Musoke Njuba and Nantege Njuba.
Njuba attended Nyenga Primary School in Mukono District, Mpumu Primary School and Kadongo Gayaza Boys School for his primary education. He went to Shimoni and Kyambogo Teachers Colleges to pursue a teaching career. He however returned to do his A-level education from Mbale Secondary School.

He went to Dar es Salaam University where he graduated with a Degree in Law in 1968. While in Dar es Salaam, he met other Ugandan students such as Yoweri Museveni, Edward Sekandi, Benjamin Odoki, Joseph Mulyanyamuli Semwogerere, Eriya Kategaya and James Wapakhabulo among others. These were later to influence the political course of Uganda’s history.

Njuba went on to do a Master’s degree from Queens University in the UK and came back to work at Makerere University as a lecturer in the School of Law

In a 2009 interview Njuba recounted to the Observer newspaper his days in the National Resistance Army struggle and his days at Makerere University.

Imagine someone seeking your help at a gun point?

I think this sums up the character of the 1979 Liberators. They weren’t any different from the 1986 liberators. They looted as much as possible after the fall of Idi Amin, but this is deep:

I hated Museveni, but he saved my life – Rwakasisi

In 1979 , after the fall of Idi Amin, Chris Rwakasisi went to visit Sam Njuba’s at his legal chambers to seek legal assistance. Apparently, he was dressed in an army uniform carrying an AK 47 Riffle. He wanted Njuba to ” pressurise Gordon Wavamuno to surrender the Merecedez Benz franchise of which he claimed to own”.

Imagine someone seeking your help at a gun point?

”In the 1960s Chris Rwakasisi rose through the UPC ranks to become the party’s youth organizer at the headquarters. In 1963, he got a scholarship to study in Russia, graduating in 1968 and later getting a job at the National Trading Corporation, as the the company’s legal secretary and public relations officer.

After the 1971 coup Rwakasisi was arrested and held in Makindye military barracks for six months and when he was released he went into private business. In 1972 he fled to exile in Nairobi until 1979 when he returned as one of the liberators under the UNLF.

After the 1980 elections Rwakasisi was appoimnted the Minister of Security under the second UPC regime, serving in that capacity from 1980 to 1985. After the Okello coup of 1985, Rwakasisi was arrested and later in 1988 convicted for kidnap with intent to murder and sentenced to death.

In 2009 he was pardoned by President Museveni and released from Luzira maximum prison, where he had spent twenty years.

He is currently a Presidential Advisor.”

The book: ” Who killed Andrew Kayiira “?

Has anybody got a copy of the book written by Francis Bwengye about the murder of Kayiira? The book is tittled; ” Who killed Andrew Kayiira?”

Apparently it was on sale in Kampala for weeks but disappeared from all book shops, without any explanation from Bwengye.



Paulo Muwanga(c. 1921 – 1 April 1991) President 12–22 May

I’ve always wondered why Paulo Muwanga is rarely listed as one of Uganda’s former presidents, yet he run the country longer than President Yusuf Lule. He was occupying the president’s office and making executive decisions for the country, after the removal of Godfrey Binaisa. The ‘Presidential Commission,.’ headed by Saulo Musoke,didn’t have powers at all. Muwanga was the man for the show. Whoever got arrested for political reasons had to run to the president’s office occupied by Muwanga to get a sniff of freedom. That’s how Njuba also got released the third time he was arrested, because the DP elders had abandoned him. The difference between Muwanga and Lule is that the former(Muwanga) knew that he was temporarily warming up the chair for Obote who was still in a self imposed exile in Tanzania, and this is the reason why Obote felt confident to clandestinely visit Uganda a couple of times before officially ending his exile.

Kakooza Mutale was battered and put in prison while Muwanga was the president. According to Sam Njuba in his book, the ‘Betrayal’, he was tortured badly such that his wife had to visit him everyday in prison to attend to his wounds. Sam Njuba was in the same prison at the same time with Kakoza Mutale.

Sam Njuba further states that Museveni was powerless as vice chairman of the six-man Military Commission. He was apparently in prison with FRONASA guys, and they also used to get whipped and killed almost every week, but Yoweri Museveni wasn’t in position to help them.

Sam Njuba also stated that the British had identified Oyite Ojok as Obote’s successor in case he was rejected again. That they never envisaged Museveni taking over because he wasn’t popular anywhere in Uganda.

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