Is it possible that Mbabazi and Museveni played us?

First of all, I’m glad that Mrs. Mbabazi is ok and wish her many years of good life in this world. However, i find it morally reprehensible that a wealthy man surrounded by majority poor would accept state help or benefits or whatever, of shs.470 millions towards his wife’s treatment, yet he could’ve afforded the bill himself without government intervention. My heart bleeds!

Yes, we all have a selfish component and do try to take advantage of others but this smells so bad. Greedy people want the whole tamale.They come in all versions. But as usual, some people are coming up with excuses that the wealthy man was only collecting his benefits as former PM. Evil can always be rationalized by man. Worship of leaders is all it takes and a bunch of sheep.Once somebody gets power or wealth, they have enough sheep to keep the power. Remember.

People can argue all they want but this actually points to one thing. We were very mislead before and during the 2016 presidential elections. We were mislead after the elections. We are being mislead to this day.

I am not a Museveni fan, nor a fan of Joseph Kony, nor of many Uganda leaders – but in the annals of evil I would say there is more than a “few degrees” of separation between him and some pretending to oppose him. That’s why I stick with Besigye for now because the alternatives cannot easily be trusted!


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

Don’t Feel Betrayed by Beti Kamya!

ALLEGORYFor the record, I do not feel betrayed by Ms.Beti Kamya! Calling her out for being a sellout to Museveni and rarely going out on a limb for common people unless it suits her own agenda of advancement is not something I feel betrayed by. Most Uganda politicians are all like that.i.e. most are pretenders.

1.I feel betrayed by the Electoral Commission for failure to conduct free and fair elections;
2.I feel betrayed by the opposition for wasting everyone’s time.I feel more betrayed by the parties than an individual.I have no trust in the integrity of any other major political party;
3.I feel betrayed by the media for failure to stand with the people of Uganda when they need them most;
4.I feel betrayed by my government, police forces that no longer protect, and countless other things.

I DO NOT feel betrayed by Ms.Kamya. I feel she has pulled the curtain back on all that has betrayed my trust.She has given us a glimpse of what Uganda politics is mainly about–eating. I even don’t believe the nonsense that she has been working for Museveni all along. I’m sure she was approached at some point before or after the presidential elections.

Abbey Semuwemba
Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turomwe, also known as Betty Kamya and Beti Kamya, is a businesswoman and politician in Uganda, the third-largest economy in the East African Community. She is the Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority in the Cabinet of Uganda. She was named to that position on 6 June 2016.

She is the founder and president of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), one of the registered political parties in the country.[2][3] She was a candidate in the 2011 Ugandan presidential elections, coming in fifth with 52,782 votes. She previously served as the Member of Parliament representing Lubaga North Constituency on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket from 2006 until 2010.

She was born in Nakuru, Kenya on 30 November 1955 to George Wilson Kamya, a Ugandan, and Margaret Wairimu Kamya, a Kenyan. Beti was the fourth born of nine children. In 1961, when Beti was six years old, the family relocated to Uganda.

She attended McKay Memorial School in Kampala and Saint Hellen’s Primary School in western Uganda for her primary education. She then attended Wanyange Girls’ School for her O-Level education and Kings College Budo for her A-Level education. She studied at Makerere University, the oldest and largest public university in the country, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing.

In the mid 1980s, she joined Uganda Leather and Tanning Industries Limited in Jinja in the sales department, working there until 1988. She then joined Nyanza Textiles Industries Limited, working there as a sales executive until 1992. She then relocated to Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city with her husband.

From 1996 until 1999, she worked as the marketing manager at Uganda Breweries Limited in Port Bell, a Kampala suburb. From 1999 until 2004, she was the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe, about 36 kilometres (22 mi), by road, south of Kampala on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.


Please Ignore Andrew Mwenda for now!

Andrew Mwenda (born 1972) is a Ugandan journalist, founder and owner of The Independent, a current affairs newsmagazine. He was previously the political editor of The Daily Monitor, a Ugandan daily newspaper and was the presenter of Andrew Mwenda Live on the KFM Radio in Kampala

Andrew Mwenda (born 1972) is a Ugandan journalist, founder and owner of The Independent, a current affairs newsmagazine. He was previously the political editor of The Daily Monitor, a Ugandan daily newspaper and was the presenter of Andrew Mwenda Live on the KFM Radio in Kampala

People. I love you but please stop making Mr. Andrew Mwenda famous again. He comes up with these shenanigans (simanyi ‘I’m here in Kigali’, ‘Winnie Byanyima slept with……. blah blah) so he can make some headlines, maybe get him to instead love Uganda again. Don’t feed him your time anymore. Don’t share his articles; don’t give them the honour of his face being all over social media again. Every time someone posts something w/ his name it gives him attention. If ppl keep this up he’ll be trending soon. I only refer to him as the man I once admired so much, and that’s all. Some people do great things for the right reasons, and in the process become well-known. Others try to become well-known by bringing down the people who are doing great things. I’m afraid Mr. Mwenda is now the latter. We should instead use this as an opportunity to pray for Dr.Besigye and all the unarmed people who continue to be killed, tortured or arrested by law enforcement with impunity.

Don’t be distracted. Keep doing you!



ALLEGORYWarren Kizza Besigye Kifefe is now in Luzira prison after the controversial 2016 presidential elections. Besigye who is widely credited with being a co-author of the defiance campaign, is to go on trial on treason charges.If convicted, he faces decades in prison or death penalty.

Reform is like the heat devil on a hot desert road and Besigye is a demonstration of the reformation and evolution of a human life. He’s a vivid illustration of how an individual can completely revolutionize himself with nothing aside from will power, work, and belief.He’s has been opposing Mr.Museveni since the 1990s and he has not relented in his efforts to get rid of his government at all. He has never been convicted of anything but he has been arrested more times than any other person in Uganda’s history.

He resonates with the school children, poor, market traders, business men, prisoners, unemployed, the sick, criminals and nihilists because they see him as their would be savior. But, with his own hands, drive and mind, he has remodeled himself into the type of leader Uganda needs and has not yet seen. And even while holding that perch, he has never been heard under minding publicly any of the other leaders in the opposition. He respects them because he is one of them. And understands their struggle because that very struggle has shaped him into the most powerful voice in this century.No other opposition leader stands a chance in an election right now as long as Besigye is a candidate. He even seems to be more powerful than the FDC itself where he holds no official executive position.

A lot of people have learned tremendously from his unyielding commitment to social justice, how he has fought for democracy since the bush war in Luwero, and the depth of his personal sacrifice to advance the interests of the marginalized. I have never met nor spoken to him but am awed by the transformative power of his otherworldly will. You have to salute a man who is arrested day in day out while his supporters are watching and doing nothing, but then he gets the guts to continue with the struggle.

The ‘Ugandans-will-walk-with-swag’ comment during the presidential debates is still giving millions hope that change is coming as it did when he first made it. Our domestic political system is built so that the government is rather like a one-legged dog(one-man running the show), operating and carrying the weight of the whole body, so that the dog is always stumbling and going in circles; and our public life consists largely of gathering in the streets or social media to watch the dog stumble about and sometimes biting us helplessly, and of pointing at him, and laughing, and making unpleasant jokes, and blaming the opposition whenever the dog falls on his face. Unfortunately, one could easily be labelled an enemy of the state if you keep pointing and laughing at the stumbling one-legged dog on a street!

Katikkiro Mayiga ‘s exact words on the 2016 elections

Katikkiro Mayiga 's exact words on the 2016 elections

Katikkiro Mayiga ‘s exact words on the 2016 elections


Hating any president in Uganda is almost as old as the republic itself. The people, or various factions among them, have indulged in Mutesa 11 hatred, Obote hatred, Amin hatred, Lule hatred, Binaisa hatred, Paulo Muwanga hatred, and Tito Okello hatred.But Museveni hatred is a bit different as it is distinguished by a silenced population that’s incapable of engaging him through demonstrations or any other means. Basically, the people in Uganda just feel helpless right now. The few intellectuals are openly endorsing it as a virtue and enthusiastically proclaiming that their hatred is not only a rational response to the president and his administration but a mark of good moral hygiene.
This distinguishing feature of Museveni hatred was brought home to me on 26th March in Leeds when I saw a quiet Ugandan paying 200 pounds of his own money to have well decorated posters for the rally. Attached are some of the copies I managed to photograph before the rally. I asked him why he was spending all this money yet people may not turn up in big numbers, his response was simple, he said ”you should ask all patriots on Facebook to use them as their profile pictures if they really want to silently protest.’

The day before, I had picked up a journalist mate of mine, and our conversation while were seated at the back of the cab, was naturally about Museveni.To get the conversation rolling– and perhaps mischievously — I wondered aloud whether Museveni hatred had not made rational discussion of politics on social media all but impossible. He responded in a loud, seething, in-your-face voice, “What’s irrational about hating Museveni? Did you watch that video of kids stoning his campaign poster? The whole new generation is going to hate him forever”.
On the day of the rally itself, i brought up the same topic in front of someone I had long respected, an incisive thinker and a political moderate. He cleared his throat, and I welcomed his intervention, confident that he would ease the feelings people have for Museveni as a person, rather than what he has done to our country, by lending his authority in support of the sole claim that I was defending, namely, that Museveni hatred subverted sound thinking.

He cleared his throat for a second time. Then, with all eyes on him, and measuring every word, he proclaimed, ” Abbey, first of all, don’t put my picture among the protesters because I don’t want the dictator to have me arrested at the airport. If he can steal Besigye’s victory in broad day light and then turn his house into a prison, what would stop him from arresting or killing any of us protesting abroad?’, he asked……’I hate him and the problem is that the Musevenis live longer. His mother just died in her 90s.So, he wont die anytime sooner unless a miracle happens’, he added.

At that point, I just gave up my side of the argument and proceeded to render my support for the rally. For the record, all the Ugandans that attended the Leeds rally are British citizens with responsible jobs.They don’t go looking for honey to pollinate in it.These guys do not just yell like some of you often do.They found an item that will influence others into action, then needled them carefully.
One of the reasons why demonstrations abroad get fewer numbers is because there aren’t ‘mob demonstrations”—this is where most of them are followers that really haven’t a clue as to what’s going on. They’re just following the leaders who incite them with vitrol and mostly inflated claims (if not outright lies) and who will disappear at the first sign of a riot control officer. Ugandans abroad, on the other hand, join demos out of their own conviction, and they aren’t so many Africans like that abroad. Most would rather shun them and then criticise those that have participated in them.

It doesn’t matter if rallies had already been held in London, Toronto, Boston, Washington or elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned, the whole point of demonstrating anywhere outside your country of origin is to alert the rest of the world on what’s happening, and then persuade them to intervene. You want crowds? Order a ticket to Uganda itself.

Just mere writing in social media forums usually backfires. Opinions are not worth much to dictators.With two bucks and my opinion I can still get a cup of coffee. But then opinions are like noses: we all have on and most of them smell.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


I’m not that fastidious when it comes to court details and arguments. So, I wouldn’t base on the arguments made by Mbabazi’s or EC/Museveni lawyers to determine anything. Let’s just say that there’s too much reliance on ‘Case Law’ in Uganda courts for anyone to know that the judges are gonna rule in the same way as was the case in both 2001 and 2006 petitions.

Mbabazi’s petition is meant to add to the records that Mr.Museveni has rigged again for the third time, but it wont change anything.Yes, rigging took place in 1996 and 2011 but nobody went to court over it to put it on records. So, it becomes very hard to prove without court records, you see.

Also,basing on testimonials from different sources, it’s widely believed that the 1980 elections were rigged though our mate, Joseph Ochieno, will disagree on this one. As you may know, unverified testimonials dont constitute evidence.They are called testimonials because they are, at best, testimony. They can be used to introduce evidence, but are not evidence themselves. That’s why going to the court in case of rigging is a very important step for the country. We get to verify things!

However, Whatever happens in three days, we should not hate the Supreme court or its existence.If you follow out the logic that the supreme court should never overrule any law voted on by a majority of representatives or people, then it would be perfectly OK for a majority of Ugandans to vote to have homosexuals taken out and shot. This is where that idea goes when taken to the end. The supreme court was intended to stop legislation that was unconstitutional. If you eliminate the supreme court, then any law passed can be enforced. Even when that law violates the civil rights of minorities or even the majority. Uganda Legislators are famous for their love of facilitation ‘money’ from the executive branch of the govt. So, we could arguably say that parliament is now in the hands of president Museveni. Whatever he wants to pass there, he will get it, and especially if a certain Samuel Kutesa becomes the ‘head’ speaker.

Abbey Semuwemba

I suspect that Ms.Maureen Kyalya Waluube gets nearly all of her political education from mindlessly vegetating in front of the TV!

No offence, but I suspect that Ms.Maureen Kyalya Waluube gets nearly all of her political education from mindlessly vegetating in front of the TV to YouTube. First, she called Besigye a member of the first family during the presidential debates. Now, she’s calling Besigye’s wife Museveni’s too. I would wager that her attacks on FDC are meant to get somebody’s attention!

We risk looking like fools again if Some changes in our electoral laws aren’t made after Mbabazi’s Electoral Petition!

Judgement to be delivered on the 31st of March as required by law

Judgement to be delivered on the 31st of March as required by law

There are many things that make us a bit safer that one takes for granted that are the direct result from law suits and election petitions. But what’s the purpose of having a lawsuit or election petition which doesn’t result into any positive changes. Besigye went to court in 2001 and 2006 and now we have another one in 2016, but we are so likely to find ourselves with similar loopholes in 2021.

Law suits have provided incentive for a lot of safety improvements, and that is good. It becomes a problem for one to argue that you did everything you could to prevent something from happening yet the same problems resurface every time you do something. If you build a six-foot high fence, and someone climbs over, gets in your pool and drowns, then obviously the fence didn’t work. But for us, we do nothing in Uganda even if someone points out that ‘A’ led to the rigging of ‘B’…..’A’ will still be around several years later.

The point is going to court should always result in some positive changes, but in the case of Uganda’s so many election petitions, we have turned out to be a laughing-stock globally several times. I bet a ‘muzungu’ seeing the Mbabazi petition on TV said:’There they go again doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. This is the classic definition of stupidity’.

For instance, there was a guy who won a judgement against a bicycle manufacturer. He was hit by a car while riding at night without a light. The suit was based on the fact that he had no warning that he needed a light at night. Now the bike company has a warning on the bike. I think the article was in bicycle mag years ago.

Garbage trucks used to not beep, until there were too many expensive cases with plaintiffs who were crushed garbage men.You can look it up in Bock Industries.

Even the lawsuit over McDonald’s selling hot coffee makes more sense than Uganda’s election petitions, as some people might not have realized that the coffee was hot enough to cause serious burns and that it didn’t have to be that hot.

Counsel Byamukama has been the star of the show

Counsel Byamukama has been the star of the show

McDonald had had several thousand small claims (and a few fairly large ones,with confidentially agreements as part of the settlement) previously for scalding due to excessively hot coffee.

You see, coffee has to be brewed around 180-190 degrees. The coffee makers at McDonald’s had routinely had their temperature regulators disabled so that the brewing could take place at 205 or thereabouts.This allowed them to extract more coffee from the beans, and use cheaper beans.

There had been scaldings of kids where a cup had inadvertently knocked over. Some serious facial scarring had occurred and McD paid for it.However, they still continued the practice of disabling temperature regulators.

Then, this woman goes through the drive through and gets a cup and places it between her legs. Not all cars have cup holders. This turns it into a foreseeable occurrence.

Next, she spills the cup in her groin while wearing sweat pants. This allowed the scalding liquid to stay in contact with her genitalia for a long period,thus resulting in serious burns(she ended up looking like that lady black recently released from Luzira), not just a scalding, that required reconstructive plastic surgery.

Granted she was not too bright, but there is no IQ test to buy coffee under the circumstances she did. It was foreseeable that there would be a spill of extremely hot coffee in a car.

The jury heard that McDonald’s had this long history of claims, and that they had done nothing to prevent more. Since the state allowed for punitive damages,the jury hit McDonald’s in the pocketbook, right from where the decision making process came.Now, McDonald’s has better coffee, and it is not as hot as it had been.

And here’s the ‘delightful’ bit.The jury decided the amount of the award (which was later reduced) by considering the profit McDonald’s makes on coffee.Something like “their profit from coffee sales for a day”. McDonald’s made a marketing decision to make more money on their coffee; when that decision caused damage to someone, the jury thought that they should lose some of that extra money they were trying to make.To me, it showed good, fair thinking on the jurors’ parts. (There are those who argue otherwise; I don’t dispute them, though I disagree with them.)

They changed the way. All temperature regulators must be connected and, now disconnecting one is ground for firing. Remember, McDonald had paid on thousands of claims before. The issue is not what happened to the woman, but what the potential was for future injury. Since many of the prior victims were kids, the jury ruled for punitive damages. Punitive damages are the little guys ways at making big corporation blink.

Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka addresses compilation of National Voters Register, use of national ID Vs voter's card, alleged illegal Museveni nomination, late delivery of polling materials on polling day, tallying and declaration of results.

Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka addresses compilation of National Voters Register, use of national ID Vs voter’s card, alleged illegal Museveni nomination, late delivery of polling materials on polling day, tallying and declaration of results.

But in Uganda, Besigye went to court again in 2006 but i bet he wasn’t even paid anything after that case. Hopefully, Mbabazi will make some money out of this one if the judges’ brains go awol again, as expected, and rule in favour of Museveni and the Electoral Commission.

There should be an immediate public discussion and engagement after the final ruling by the judges, and eventually a political decision that a fence more than 6’6″ is safe, less than 5’6″ is dangerous and in the middle we will give it to the jury. Whatever Mr. Bart Katurebe and his team come out with on 31st March, society should be able to say, “this is the kind of dangerous thing for our elections” and “this is what we need to do to prove you are taking adequate measures against rigging”.

These things should be written down, discussed to death in the legislature, radio stations, and social media, and finally written into law so that everyone knows the rules.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Somebody should make a film out of the 2016 Election Petition!


It may seem like a bother but,somebody should seriously consider making a film out of the 2016 petition, Besigye’s House arrest and the breaking into the Mbabazi lawyer’s offices. This is stuff right out of the neighborhood watch manifesto. You’d be surprised at the number of good things that can happen. I know everyone’s first reaction is to think that “oh it’s not going to change anything” BUT, it establishes a pattern and many times that can lead to action. What if somebody had made a film out of the 2006 elections featuring the ‘black mambas’ and Tinyefunza as the General who used not to respect judges. That is a pattern, and it leads to increased awareness on the part of the population.

But more to the point,I promise you that I’m convinced of what I’m saying, and I’m not trying to be part of some new scam. There is a lot to gain by someone being involved in this. For instance, Late Charles Chaplin’s anti-Hitler film somehow contributed to the propaganda that portrayed Hitler as a monster before the war.He criticized not only fascism in ”The Great Dictator”, he also criticized the growing capitalism in “Modern Times”. In reality, the Nazis were a lot worse than they were portrayed in film. Hitler watched it twice and I believe it gave him a certain perspective on things or what was awaiting him.

When I had just moved to the UK, I once borrowed a film from that blockbuster (sp) in Sutton,South London, about General Antonio Noriega of Panama, and it was brilliant. I think the title goes by something like ‘God’s man’ or ‘God’s favourite’. Actually, this one fits exactly with what’s happened in Uganda in this year’s elections. It skips over Noriega’s rise to power, concentrating instead on his last several years as Panama’s despotic ruler.

Such films are great tools in educating the world and the people of Uganda about Uganda, and I think it is a shame that nobody has so far thought about doing this because we are wasting our potential as a group. There are a lot of economic benefits, obviously, attached to this from movie sales and all that. Such a film would probably now do better than a Bebe Cool show anywhere in Uganda.The technical/financial problems shouldn’t be a problem if one has the right data for such a film.

BTW,I wouldn’t mind being an actor in this film as long as I play the role of General Kayihura as IGP………It must be fun ordering the blocking of all social networks and beating the crap out of those ‘rats’ in the opposition! However, my acting experience is so limited as I last did something like that in a play at university(post graduate studies) about female genital mutilation–where we dressed as women from Kenya.

Suggestions for the Movie Title are welcome!


Three ways Museveni could resolve the impasse between him and the opposition

We all need and pray for peace in our country but i think its the govt letting us down on this. It’s a fact that the elections were rigged and Its also true a lot of people are angry with Dr.Kiggundu and his EC.Jailing people and keeping the army on Kampala streets wont bring any sustainable results, as its a short term fix for a bigger problem. President Museveni needs to find a way of resolving the impasse between him and the opposition to achieve long term peaceful objectives(for everybody’s sake). There’re several ways he could do this:
1- Reach a power sharing agreement with FDC and Go-forward;
2- Form a transitional govt and organize presidential elections again after 2-3 years, under an independent EC; or
3- Resign over probably healthy grounds and hand over power to his Vice president.Then new elections are organized after a year.


While I have big reservations about the FDC defiance campaign of ‘No work on Thursdays’, because I doubt if many people would endorse that, I support their campaign against ‘Tubonge’ musicians. There’s no doubt that the role models today are the blustery big mouth know it alls on TV, and they’ve got a role to play in shaping the society. You’ve got to stand for something Or you will fall for anything. It’s never right for a hero to let himself be used to make a bad leader look respectable.

For example, Richard Strauss ended up being isolated after the fall of Hitler because of his association to neo Nazis.The issue, however, is not whether Strauss literally had blood on his hands (the evidence says he did not). The issue is what Strauss thought of the Nazis. He didn’t care if the world went to hell, as long as he was treated OK, and as long as he could do his work. All of this is extensively documented and you can find the information in your libraries.

Joseph Mengelberg is also said to have been very pro-Nazi and as a result lost his post at the Consertgebow in Amsterdam. He never made his German sympathies a secret, but they were mostly cultural rather than political. Whatever he thought of the Nazis he didn’t use politics to further his career. He also did not mix politics with music and kept the Concertgebow playing music banned in Germany throughout the war – Mahler included.He lost the Concertgebow directorship after the war because the Dutch branded him a collaborator.

Then, there were others such as Furtwangler who apparently tried to keep one foot in each camp, or to try to rise above “politics”. He often tried to intervene when musicians were persecuted (because they were Jews, or because their music was considered ‘decadent’). I don’t know who’s playing this role in Uganda but its sometimes dangerous.

The list of famous European musicians, other than Jewish musicians, who actively opposed German and Italian Fascism seems to be very short, as membership to Nazism was made compulsory to all musicians at the time.

Yes you have a right to do anything you want within reason,but it’s words like ‘reason’ and ‘decent’ and ‘right’ that is always going to be in the eyes of the beholder or listener in this case. MY WHOLE POINT, however, is that tastes differ – but not to the degree of accepting manure. Unfortunately while we do not all share taste in politics, we all somehow get screwed up by bad leadership one way or the other.

The worst way to pick a president is having him appointed by the army or Supreme Court, which is how we got Museveni in 2001, 2006 and so likely in 2016. In all those cases, the election was decided by a bunch of unelected old people, appointed by Museveni himself, hardly a factor in their decision to appoint Museveni (sarcasm). In 1996 and 2011, the election was again decided by a Commission whose chairman was/is appointed by Museveni himself.

This nation couldn’t sink any lower if it really tried, because whether you want to face facts or not, this is what Uganda has become, and you can thank Mr.Museveni, who is responsible for everything in the first place. I’m quite sure my not voting didnt cause a problem with tampering with the election, just as your voting didnt change the expected results of the elections.

Oh, well. That is life. This is just my decent opinion.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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nnBebe Cool and Jose Chameleon have undoubtedly had an enormous influence on music and art in Uganda for which they sacrificed most of their lives, but they chose a path in the elections that ,I’m afraid, will lead them to hell. Associating oneself with Museveni is now widely regarded with moral opprobrium but I find it difficult to believe that anyone who is a true Artist would decide to ignore the duo, because to me that is fundamentally a philistine position.

So, it’s really a mammoth intellectual task to ask people to stop listening to their music in cars or anywhere else, but its justfiable for people to boycott their concerts if they want to. The NRM philosophy or to be precise the Museveni philosophy, is different from the music the duo have been singing for years, but their participation in the TUBONGE-NAWE song somehow changes the objectivity of their music completely in the sense that both endorsed and continue to endorse the promotion of what many perceive as ‘bad leadership’ by Mr.Museveni.

The boycott has nothing to do with their songs before the elections or their right to chose a candidate of their choice, but it has everything to do with the duo promoting a leadership perceived by those in opposition to be harmful to the majority of Ugandans.Well, if you’re willing to view Mr.Museveni as a bad leader, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take it upon yourself,if you think its right, to boycott any individual or company that promoted or sponsored him during the campaigns. I think the issues raised by FDC should not be trivialized or dismissed as ‘cheap politics’ as some have done, because If implemented, it marks the transition from presidential power to people power.

Yes, its possible that someone may compensate Bebe Cool for the income lost.Let’s hope that Mr.Museveni doesn’t do to him what Bismark did to Wagner. His(Wagner’s) politics were always politics of convenience. He began to soft-pedal his francophobia when he thought he might have to settle permanently in Paris! He supported Bismarckian militarism, thinking that he might get hefty grants from the Bismarck administration, which didn’t happen, so went off Bismarck.

Basically, the oath of office is probably the only aspect of today that has anything to do with the Constitution, and since that oath is supposed to be a sincere pledge uttered by a legitimately elected President, we can safely say this boycott has a Constitutional connection as a lot of people believe that the elections were rigged.By singing they(Tubonge-nawe guys) were endorsing an administration that is crapping on all that. Obviously, to someone who cares little about the issues and the actual freedoms we wish to enjoy in Uganda, this seems strange and truculent, but that’s how it’s now. You either support FDC position or certain aspects of it or not….no two ways about it. In any case, why worry about the boycott if you have got the majority behind you in the country? Byebyo ebyange ba muna!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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There should be a clause or amendment in election bylaws that if your Ugandans At Heart(UAH) moderator(lol) is awesome and presidential candidates are retarded then the current UAH moderator by default gets appointed(not elected) for his first term!!!!! Oh Good Lord! I hate campaigns as there’s a lot of useless stuff people say.

Thankfully, I already know that you,guys, need: water, electricity, food, security, peace, education, markets,proper housing, roads, jobs, hospitals, term limits,regional and global cooperation, e.t.c…… I will just do what you want without any bureaucratic headaches. And for those worried about ‘Nyama mukyomo'(roast) on independence days, I will have Prof Stella Nyanzi as minister of ‘roasting’ affairs.My message for you is that not everyone may be a leader of a nation, but everyone is a leader in their own way in the real world. Anybody can be a good president as along as you do what you promised people what you would do.It’s not big deal, and I don’t know why some people make it a big deal. But if you cannot even do what you promised voters, then you don’t even deserve to waste anybody’s time standing again. It’s common sense,guys!

One of the many beautiful things that the UAH forum has provided me with is friendship. It’s even better than being an LC5 or MP somewhere in Uganda. I want to tell you about what friendship is to me. These men and women on this forum empower me, support me, enlighten me, and most importantly, remind me of why I’m a Ugandan despite having been in the UK for a while. We all look different, come from different tribes, cultures and backgrounds, and have different stories, but the one thing we all have in common is our country. It is so important in today’s day and age that we surround ourselves with people who can allow us to grow spiritually and intellectually and remind us of where we need to be as a country.The knowledge they provide us everyday is inexplicable. It saddens me to see that sometimes within the UAH communities hypercriticism and dissent put brothers and sisters at odds with one another. Acceptance and guidance does so much more. We have lost so many good debaters as a result of this.

Food for thought!



Going by the size of the crowds there’s no doubt that Besigye  won the ‘popular vote’, and it remained with the Electoral Commission to be responsible for the next state of affairs. Unfortunately, the EC let everybody down as has been the case since 1995.I really thought that most of the Ugandans aren’t gonna be bothered with the campaigns but , obviously, Besigye has got the ability to arouse people.

But my money was on Museveni ensuring that nothing changes using all the NECESSARY means………..DAMN! I think a valid case could be made to set up a non-partisan commission after Museveni, such as the one in Kenya and Ghana, free of political and local bias – or as free as they can be in the real world.Whether it could ever be introduced in our country would depend on the perceived need and persistence by those at the grass-roots.

The way election laws are set in the Uganda is an outgrowth of the events that followed the 1966 crisis when Obote later introduced the 1967 constitution. The guys in the CA before the 1995 constitution didnt do anything to correct this ‘disability’ in our constitution. The president shouldn’t be appointing any personnel of the EC…no wonder, it was rumored that Dr.Badru Kiggundu was attempting to run out of the country.The so called presidential election is in reality, an exercise by Museveni to get a chance to beat and abuse some people, identify his political enemies, and spend tax payers’ money on loyalists.

But I still encouraged Ugandans to still go out there and vote.Voting against someone is also an expression of opinion. We call it the donkey vote here and quite often, donkeys get elected.

Let us avoid the thinking that Besigye will “never” be president because anything is possible in Africa. The 2015-2016 campaigns at least cleared one thing for us: Besigye is undoubtedly the most popular national leader at the moment, and he shouldn’t be discarded in any deal the country takes forward in case of any unexpected top political changes. So, the chance for him to become president is still there especially under the circumstances where we seem to be heading!


No political system void of God’s blessing can serve truth and justice!

That was a Besigye supporter shot dead in Wandegeya during the 2006 camapigns


No political system void of God’s blessing can serve truth and justice. Killing a fellow Ugandan without any remorse,just because you want to protect a certain political system, does not in any way make you a hero or help that political system in the long run. Rigging an election in favour of a certain candidate has consequences,and the top one being keeping your country in the dark with a bad leader at the helm of things. I feel that the majority of people are yet to take a mental leap to start seeing leaders not as concrete truths but as our temporary servants of the system of the universe around us, based on our best observations, estimations and assumptions. What doesn’t help is that too rarely are these assumptions challenged and revised and the leader is referred to as the absolute so frequently that we have generations of people who no longer even appreciate that the reality extends beyond our leaders.

Abbey Semuwemba



Three guys are convicted of a very serious crime after their brutal arrest at Najjanankubi, and they’re all sentenced to five years in solitary confinement.

They’re each allowed one thing to bring into the cell with them. The first guy asks for a big stack of books. The second guy asks for his wife. And the third guy asks for both the 2016 FDC and Electoral Commission presidential results.

At the end of the five years, they open up the first guy’s cell. He comes out and says, “I studied so hard. I’m so bright now, I could be a lawyer. It was terrific.”

They open up the second guy’s door. He comes out with his wife, and they’ve got two new kids. He says. “It was the greatest thing of my life. My wife and I have never been so close. I have a beautiful new family. I love it.”

They open up the third guy’s door, and he’s thumping at his chest, going “they wont rig this again!”

Congs Mwijukye Francis for being elected a member of parliament for Buhweju County!

Let’s take a moment and congratulate Mr. Mwijukye Francis for being elected a member of parliament for Buhweju County parliamentary. This guy along with the youthful Moses Byaruhanga and Ms.Ingrid Turinawe are so brave and enthusiastic to say the least! They aren’t ordinary human beings at all. I have seen pictures of them in the trenches, and totally mean what they say.

Congratulations on being steadfast.Ditto from me, Francis!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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”Hi Abbey and all Ugandans in the diaspora.
Greetings.As Ugandans, we are all besieged by one man and his army of blindfolded gun- wielding semi educated soldiers occupying all our public and private space in Uganda. This violates our human rights as citizens of Uganda. We must condemn the political status quo in our country in the strongest terms.

Dr. Besigye was denied access to the poll results of the recently concluded presidential elections and is now a prisoner for unclear reasons. His colleagues in the Opposition are not safe either. Museveni and the EC have decided to run Uganda under the Museveni No- change yellow slogan. This is not acceptable in the face of civilization and democracy. We cannot sit and be comfortable when fellow Ugandans are being intimidated, harassed, arrested and killed. We are not Ugandans, and not patriotic enough if we sit down and allow our nation go to pigs, dirty as you all know them to be. It is hard, as you know to turn a pig into a cow, not even by cloning! Museveni has displayed the ugliest and most inhuman side of humanity. He is so selfish that he even insulted Ugandans ,some of whom that may have voted for him by sharing his pseudo and stolen victory with cows on his farm! Eihano ( unbelievable) .

Can we as Ugandans in the diaspora organize to condemn and sanction the killer and illegal presidency that Museveni has reimposed on the peace-loving people of Uganda. How long and how many times shall we as a nation allow to be fooled, intimidated and killed by one individual who is not even an indigenous Ugandan.Let us pose here and go into some bit of history- from Luwero, to Rwanda, to Congo to even Kenya in 2007, his social and political associations are all bloody.

We can execute this urgent freedom -seeking plan by writing to the government of Uganda to unconditionally and urgently grant Dr. Besigye his own naturally- given right to freedom of association and movement. Such a message should be copied to the international human rights bodies as well as the African Union leadership . The doctor’s and many others’ political right must not be continually suffocated. Additionally ,the worrisome military occupation and abuse of our national social and political infrastructure must be stopped henceforth.

We should sanction this government by suspending any diaspora investments in Uganda ( no more big money flows to Uganda but just little to sustain our individual families) .We should carefully organize peaceful demonstrations in places that seek to preserve and protect human rights all over the world, including the premises of Ugandan embassies. We should also be able to inform and convince, all the international donors to Uganda to suspend any donations to the country until the political freedom the Ugandans wanted and still need so badly out of the recently concluded presidential election is granted, even if it means nullifying the presidency for now and an interim government we all agree to qualify and support is put in place.

These are the points and truths I want to share with you all and any ideas are welcome in our effort to liberate fellow Ugandans.Let us pass on the message before Kayihura puts a bounty on the life of Besigye. Besigye’s brother died , Aine died, and many others are disappearing and being imprisoned. What charges, does prisoner Tinyefuza ( Sejjusa has to answer) , just to mention another life at stake.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is them today, tomorrow it your neighbor and next is you. Let us condemn the state of affairs in Uganda together with the support of the international community that we must inform and involve now. Last week, I wrote and urgent email to president Obama on Feb 16 , 2016 and Kale Kayihura on the same day, as I envisioned the the pain and insecurity that would be meted on fellow Ugandans during and after the last Thursday presidential election. The Wandegeya situation which prompted me to write was no doubt the true precursor of Museveni’s post -election mess.Please let us all unite and undo his evil , unrealistic , selfish and destructive tendencies towards fellow Ugandans.
Peace and courage to all of you.”

Jeniffer Biribwamugumu


”Hi Abbey, we need to campaign and ask Besigye to form a parallel unity government based on a federal arrangement to compliment his defiance message. We all know he won so for him to show the international community that he means business, he needs to form a government of his own. They don’t need to have physical offices but they can form a government in waiting. Ideally it would be good to have governors of different kingdoms and regions based on federalism. This will give people hope after all his campaign slogan was about empowering Ugandans to take back their power. The advantages of forming his government are so many and these include;

1) A few foreign governments will refuse to recognise Museveni as the leader of Uganda

2) Other foreign governments might start funding Besigye

3) the parallel government will psychologically haunt Museveni because he will deep inside know that there’s another president recognised by the majority. The president with the people’s mandate ….
This will also prepare his mind to start thinking about leaving power. Don’t forget this is someone who has been president for over 30 years. He can’t imagine life without being called president where people kneel before him. People also need to remember that Museveni started influencing Uganda’s politics during Amin’s time.”


Fact: Besigye is FDC’s biggest asset and arguably the most popular person in Uganda at the moment

Fact: Besigye is FDC’s biggest asset and arguably the most popular person in Uganda at the moment , and his approach to politics is paying dividends to the party and all those associated with him.Notice I said “biggest”, not “only”…….. So, I cant understand why Mr.Mugisha Muntu would opt for an anti-Besigye approach(office politics) now instead of street politics.Anyone who has ever been involved in an uncomfortable conversation of one kind or another — meaning all of us — knows that it’s possible to talk and talk and never get to the nub of the matter. Sometimes, you need to roll up your sleeves and face the problem hands on, and I think that’s what Besigye is doing.

Millions of words will be written and spoken about NRM and Museveni in the history of Uganda. We’ll deal with everything — except the need to change.

And what will be Muntu’s biggest asset when running for re-election? I mean besides the disgust of the voters with Museveni? I also thought that the timing for his interview was not the best because the presidential election is still an open case, at least legally.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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Anyone with sanity will realize that what the security agents are doing to Besigye by either keeping him under house arrest or arrest him whenever he tries to come out, is not normal, and part of me feels like we’ve all let him(a fellow Ugandan) down.

This should be a matter of consensus amongst everyone, and I think we should start discussing ways on how we can help the police respect Besigye’s human rights. Uganda communities abroad have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to organise protests or reach out to their MPs, Senators, UN or anybody capable of turning the screws around. Otherwise, we can’t just continue just writing on social media without raising our voices on something as big as this.The sad reality – which most of the commentators on this issue ignore – is that big chunks of our elites today are sellouts who prop up oppressive regimes in Africa.



One thing that hit me while watching the 2016 presidential debates is the waste of human Assets which might have been used to a better life for many of us.If the systems had been in place, especially on restriction of presidential term limits, some of these people might have made some significant advances in different state institutions.In reality they never had a chance. For instance, I even didnt know that Justice James Ogoola was such a brilliant man till when he made that famous speech after the debate…The guy could have probably made a good president if we had a system that fairly gives people a chance to become whatever they wish to become without any intimidation, rigging, threats, or stuff like that.

In my life I have seen so much wasted talent relegated to trash jobs. People produce, money is an artifice we use. For instance, I’m on the executive committee of the Uganda Community where I live in the UK, and we hold about 3-4 general meetings every year, where I get a chance to meet all sorts of Ugandans. Trust me, a lot of Ugandans i meet abroad could probably do well in different govt departments if given a chance. But they know that they don’t even stand a chance for a cleaner’s job in Statehouse simply because they’re of a certain tribe or religion or whatever.

Basically, there’s no system in place to help protect an intelligent person when he’s identified. Instead, we just want to destroy that person and promote our own.When you have a group of young men and women being given state jobs because their fathers were Luwero bush heroes, it is called called overeating with ‘any’ food, and it normally brings problems.

Kitalo nyo!

Abbey Semuwemba



The Ugandans At Heart(UAH)main facebook group has been reported six times since the 2016 elections ended. Facebook has started a system of informing us on reported posts, and most of them have been verified as OK by Facebook itself……the latest being a picture of a goat seated on a bed from Kiruhura. Please take a chill pill and know that people are protesting something here, and let them be. If they cant protest on streets, they’ve got to do it in one way or the other. You cant have it both ways!

If you no longer want to be part of this forum, just unsubscribe yourself or let us know and we remove you from the group. Stop that nonsense of reporting UAH please. We can all live without UAH but its benefiting a lot of people out there.

UAH has played an important role to overt acts of aggression by state machinery against Ugandans. we have requested Facebook to avail to us the full details of petitioners and also keep records of such people for future internal references.

Blocking the social media during the 2016 elections has made Uganda more famous internationally,as the homosexuality bill did, than even the rigging itself!

According to Amnesty International,”Restrictions by the Ugandan government on freedoms of expression, association, peaceful assembly and movement targeting political opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), are stifling the party’s ability to legally challenge results from the country’s recent general elections.”

Thanking you in advance!

Abbey Semuwemba
Founder of UAH

Nothing much expected from the petition anyway. JPAM may recoup some campaign funds but that’s it.

Who are the lawyers that are possibly going to represent NRM in the Mbabazi petition over the 2016 elections?……. Yes, we need their names such that we start praying for them.I’ve no ill intentions towards them.

Some corrupt leaders should be pardoned, but lawyers who find a legal loop-hole for helping anti-democracy leaders should not be pardoned? Unfortunately, there is only one person on the face of the Earth with the power and authority to destroy such a lawyer. He (himself) should look in a mirror to find him. Then ignore him.

Nothing much expected from the petition anyway. JPAM may recoup some campaign funds but that’s it.


FACT: Museveni got some votes in rural areas b4 the rigging boost!

FACT: Museveni got some votes in rural areas……..Virginia Satir, a famous family therapist is reputed to have suggested that people have one fear greater than not surviving; losing what is familiar to them. I’ve been told that some people in rural areas voted for President Museveni because the NRM propaganda machine convinced them that the country would go to war without him in power.

Well, it looks like NRM won both the propaganda war and ‘rigging’ too!Most polling stations in town centres in rural areas voted for Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye; Kampala and Wakiso that are the most populated and pay over 70% of our taxes also voted for Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye; but Museveni got some votes in deep rural polling stations. So, do the maths for youself on who actually won the elections other factors remaining constant.

By the way,who shot Gen.Tumukunde,moreover, on his legs? Some people are so bad!…It seems every party has got guys that drill holes in the bottom of a sinking boat to let the water back out.




I’m not always right, sometimes I’m wrong. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I can categorically say that some of you are wrong to call our posts sectarian.

Please note that this was rhetorical, i have no brief for or against any particular tribe – even if you are trying to use such to make your specious argument.I’m not sectarian and I think I’m one person who could probably have a meal with any of the Ugandans out there. But I also try to understand the history of Uganda(which is a collection of different tribes and kingdoms) and base on that to accept certain opinions on our forums, for the sake of clarity.

Incidentally, I have the same attitude to blatantly religious posts on UAH. I don’t mean the occasional “God Bless” or ‘Muslims are terrorists’ – I mean the openly proselytising posts such as those from the respectable Paul Mugerwa and a few others. That’s why I onetime stopped one mate of mine, Brother Mutasa Kafeero Gibril, from posting full blown Muslim sermons on UAH-facebook. He wasn’t happy at first but he later got to understand me.

Speaking only for myself, that accusation got up my nose. I very much appreciate the mature and responsible posts on UAH, but I get really sick of some of you,guys, thinking that we should only post what makes the Museveni government happy – whether in an on-topic post or a sig. The audios/videos I posted here were about:

1- a South African comedian making fun of Uganda’s 2016 elections;
2- A UK lady expressing her disgust at the rigging of the 2016 elections;
3- A clip of the Aljazeera documentary about the rigged 2016 elections;
4- Straight Talk Africa debate about the rigged 2016 elections. This was repeated on VOA–218 in the UK, and I sent a message telling forumists in the UK to tune in.
5- a CNN audio of a Museveni defending the removal of term limits.

How is that sectarian?….. If I say, ‘in my opinion I feel that the 2016 elections were rigged and I want to protest’, why would somebody try to do everything possible to stop me from airing that opinion, and exercising my right to protest, unless if that somebody have got something to hide. If we want to front Museveni as a pro-democracy president, then he should be on our side fighting for freedom of speech, right to protest an election, petition courts of law, e.t.c. He has to choose a side where he wants to be remembered from after his death.

The point being that in matters such as the recently concluded elections, there’s no right or wrong in terms of opinion, and we should just let people responsibly express their anger as long as they aren’t hurting anyone. The threat to arrest social media activists will only send them underground, and I think that’s worse.

Let me give you an example,If someone hooks up electrical leads to each hand and tells you will NOT feel a thing and then you feel a current going up one hand, zoom up that attached arm, enter your head and neck, you feel it swirl around in your own head, then start to go down the other arm, reach the other hand…… and NO ONE else says they feel a thing,does that mean the person is a liar? It’s a common test done to test the body fat content. NO ONE reports they feel anything except that one person. Is that person a liar? Did that person “IMAGINE” what they felt?Should we be putting that person under a hospital ‘HOUSE ARREST’ just because they hold that one opinion that differs from the rest? Should we banning journalists from reporting the opinion of that one person?

If the Uganda govt ever arrests me while in Uganda, its because they just want to arrest me for their own reasons, but I’m innocent. And a pro-democracy Museveni is supposed to protect me, and also be on my side.

Just think about it!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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We have always understood that this would be a very difficult campaign for the opposition especially with the incumbent not ready to hand over power to anybody. And I mean anybody, not even his wife or son as earlier thought.

As the campaigns reach their contrived crescendo, everybody is getting desperate. The opposition is desperate because they want power. Majority of Ugandans are desperate because they want change. Almost all candidates are telling adoring crowds and media sycophants what they want to hear. Museveni has been making empty promises every election since 1996 and he goes away with it. So, it seems the opposition is jumping on it too.

So, I can fully understand why Besigye is promising to set up a commission to investigate Kayiira’s murder if he wins the elections. That’s politics.

In a time of uncertainty, whether from the economy, health, national security or an increasingly complex world, being unsure could lead people to follow leaders who seem able to solve their problems, thereby making their lives better. It’s already happening in USA with the TRUMP guy.

Personally, I think Besigye should use this time to do his ‘defiance’ thingy as opposed to fairy tales and empty promises, because it’s the sole reason why he’s part of these campaigns.

Actually I think Mbabazi’s strategy of visiting people in their homes is far better than the so called rallies. Oh God, I have hated photos of crowds in these campaigns because they totally mean nothing. Visiting someone’s home leaves trails, emotions and attachments that cannot be erased by anything or anybody. I think others in the opposition should try it too.

Abbey Semuwemba


What was Lumumba thinking making such a statement?


Uganda has once again been thrown into the global spotlight thanks to the reckless statements by General Kayihura and “Brigadier” Justine Lumumba. I guess a debate on election violence and rigging should now be pinned in our hearts and minds. We can’t ignore it anymore.

We should all organise prayers for our country. For those in the UK, there will be prayers in Manchester on 31st January 2016 under the theme of “praying for Uganda as a country to go through the election period peacefully”.

VENUE:The Church of Ascension, Hulme, Stretford Road, M15 4UW starting: 3pm

THE GUEST PREACHER: Pastor Blessious Kalemeera Mutebi from the fast-growing North London Luganda Adventist Fellowship. Pastor Kalemeera has a special talent to motivate, make you laugh and feel empowered!

As usual, after the service, a variety of food and drinks will be served free of charge in the Church Hall whilst we interact.

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

The Swagger has already started?

dualityI think Ugandans in Kampala, Jinja, Ibanda,Mbale, Masaka,and Kayunga are already kind of ‘walking with a swagger’. There’s no doubt that Besigye has had the biggest rallies in those respective places. I suppose the riggers will be kind enough to give him a better % in those regions.It would be a crying shame for us to lose our ability to swagger, know what am saying?

Forget the persuasion, just swagger a little and look smug!

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