Without Foreign help, Museveni isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

I don’t think anybody is in a position to dislodge Museveni militarily without foreign help. It’s just impossible and I’m sure even the Tinyefunzas know it. Museveni is a student of Uganda history and politics. As such he knows exactly what led to the fall of Obote 1 and 2, Amin and others. Their failure to control and strengthen the military was very central to their downfall and Museveni is aware of this. As a result, he (president Museveni) has been directly controlling and strengthening the NRA/ UPDF since 1986. We may call it unprofessional but it’s working out for him.

It’s just common sense that anybody who wishes to engage Museveni militarily must have to seek foreign assistance as unsuccessfully and allegedly PRA did with Rwanda after the 2001 elections. Without that, he will probably last in power as long as Gadafi, and yes, it looks like he has intentions of dying in power.

By the way, Museveni has also arguably got one of the best intelligence systems in Africa. He has got his boys and girls everywhere feeding him the information he needs. I tell you what, I sometimes log on Facebook and log out at the same time if my intention is to make a political comment, because it’s like bathing when you know you are being watched. And trust me, majority of the people doing this kind of work for the president never shit where they eat. They are so determined, focused and dedicated to the president. I don’t know what drugs he gave them but there are certainly working.

His women are everywhere in government institutions and, for some reason, they love him too. I’m not doing an Aroma Patrick (UPC) here but it will be bloody if Museveni is forced out power. Unfortunately, all the signs are that’s where we are heading! A lot of people (both in the opposition and government) are so much interlinked, intertwined, interworking……… with him such that it’s just difficult to separate an enemy from a friend. It’s all bwaise- katogo, you know.

It pains me to say this but there isn’t gonna be a people revolution in Uganda anytime soon. If it was to take place, it would have happened immediately after the 2006 elections because I strongly believe that Besigye won those elections. What we have got in Uganda at the moment is a population that has given up on politics of the country. They don’t know who to trust in terms of leadership. A revolution without a trusted leadership is more like genocide. It cannot be anywhere near the definition of a liberation. People will just kill each other for no reason.

If you send a few Ugandans now on streets with a mission to take out Museveni’s government, trust me, he will not even blink an eye to order the police and army to shoot them, even if the rest of his family were part of the protestors. The Buganda September 2009 riots would be a picnic in comparison. He will order for them to be shot, and if the Nganda Ssemujjus are making too much noise afterwards, he will compensate the families and even give them a state funeral if that’s what they want. I understand some people tried to bring in the ICC after the Sep 2009 riots but we are yet to officially hear from the ICC themselves about this.

Colonel Samson Mande was quoted recently in the London Evening post saying that Museveni can still removed through elections. I laughed my head off when I read this because I didn’t know Mande was this unserious and naive yet he has been talking a lot recently, especially after his reported meeting with Gen Sejusa in London. Which elections was he talking about? To be honest, I pity anybody putting their energy into the 2016 presidential elections. It’s a waste of time and resources, if you ask me.

I believe we’re going to get into this debate about presidential elections more at a later date, but I strongly believe that the electoral system in place let down Besigye in both the 2006 and 2011 elections. Journalist Andrew Mwenda is now a friend of president Museveni but he has written a lot of reliable several articles clearly showing vote rigging as a necessary evil in 2006 elections. Of course, I disagreed with him in some of his analysis but he was OK in others.

The most abominable aspect of the plans to rig the 2006 elections was their intent to keep Museveni in power at all costs. They did everything possible to control the election from the beginning till the end, and that made the whole process so disgusting. They put Dr. Besigye in prison for some good days as if some horrible winter was waiting for him on the outside; judges were threatened as later revealed by Hon.Kanyeihamba; people were being bought left and right with huge sums of money as some people later revealed, e.t.c

Basically, we face a real choice in this country between those who want to believe in elections and those who see them as a waste of time and resources as long as Museveni has the intent to keep power at all costs. It’s a dream for anyone to think that he (Museveni) will keep the playing field level so that everyone with a good idea, a dream of making it big and plenty of determination has a chance to make it.

Once again it seems that there is substantial doubt that the current Electoral Commission will do something any different from what they did in the 2001, 2006 and 2011 elections.

The principal conclusion in all this is that the 2016 elections should not even be in our heads. We should be thinking of other possible things to change the system in Kampala. There are a lot of options here minus the full scale war. I have never been a fun of wars, for some reason, after what I’ve seen of Museveni yet a lot of people sacrificed a lot during the Luwero bush war.

I believe that the Besigyes planned to use the 2011 elections as a platform to mobilise the masses against the government but the experiment was a total failure. In any case, Ugandans are now more hopeless than before. Besigye knew that Museveni wasn’t going to give up power, Museveni knew that he wasn’t gonna give up power, Ugandans knew that Museveni wasn’t going to give up power, but the Besigyes bent on the hope that the population will come in full force to demand for their rights, thus a people revolution. It didn’t happen and it won’t happen any time soon. Walk-to-work shook the government a bit but when they changed the tactics to hooting, I knew that they’d lost the motivation.

I don’t know what they are planning now but it doesn’t take a half brain for anybody to know that they aren’t thinking about elections anymore. Who could blame them, could you?


Ingrid, Tevez, Torres and Suarez all score a ‘hatrick’ this month for their respective teams

Ingrid Turinawe

Ingrid Turinawe

What a month we are having! Uganda Muslims at each other’s throats; Manchester City’s Striker, Tevez, came back and scored a hat trick; Liverpool’s Saurez scored hatrick yesterday and now Torres scoring hatrick as well. To top it all, we watched a YouTube video showing the Uganda police man who later turned out to be a ‘lady ‘ ‘squeezing ‘ FDC Ingrid Turinawe’s breasts for reasons I’m yet to know. I think this is where Kampalans say: ‘Kyaba too much’ meaning ‘it’s too much’, and I think the man upstairs is having fun.

I love Chelsea FC and few things give me joy like watching Chelsea obliterate a team; and I loved it when we broke Barcelona’s heart in the champions league Semi-final. The game had everything but most of all, I never believed that Chelsea had a chance when John Terry was given a red card. I almost called him a moron but then I remembered that I was brought up not to abuse anybody. Lionel Messi remains the best player in the world of football but he looked like a man stuck with a puzzle on a table after a cup of tea at the end of the game.

After Torres hatrick, I listened to Ray Wilkins on Sky sports TV and he said something like:’’… Apparently Fernando Torres has this incredible ability to want to go beyond defenders’’. Then I thought to myself, does this mean that Fernando is likely to get offside most times he gets the ball? But then again, I remembered something else:’’ several brain cells die each time one stay tuned listening to the ‘expert analyses!’. Ray Wilkins in a former Chelsea Assistant coach and he is expected to know a lot about football as we expect General Kayihura Kale to know a lot about security matters. The two have killed a lot of my brain cells this week. Following the torture that Ingrid Turinawe was subjected to, I reluctantly contacted General Kayihura to know his position. He was kind enough to respond to me and I quote:

‘’ We are taking disciplinary action against the officer who by the way is a female officer not a male officer. It is a woman, and we can and shall prove it to you. But that should not be misunderstood to be exoneration of the unlawful activities of Ms Ingrid Turinawe who provokes incidents in which sometimes some police officers make mistakes. It is amazing that not even an iota of outrage is expressed when police officers suffer excesses of rioters and their organizers and sponsors, the last one being the stoning to death of Ariong by rioters when he was carrying out his duty. I have not seen any expression of sympathy to the widow and his children the way you sympathize with Ingrid and her family for a lesser outrage. Remember the other was murder! Police also deserves balanced criticism which we rarely get……..’’

This is an interesting point of view from the General, but how about the point of view of the harassment of people by police officers? We aren’t talking about the rights of the woman here, because those are well established, except when anti-life legislation police officers would take them away. Secondly, the ‘point of view’ of the sex of the police officer concerned is hardly difficult to determine. The voice, muscles or breasts alone cannot prove anything. Even Ingrid, we know that she is a woman because she tells us so and because she is married to a ‘straight’ man, but if she wasn’t married to a man, we would not have known that she’s a woman. Right? So, I’m really wondering how General Kayihura is going to get us believe that it was a woman that sexually harassed and tortured Ingrid. Yes, it was torture as it inflicts “severe physical or mental pain or suffering” to the person. Ingrid is seen in the video with a facial expression of a lady clearly in pain but the police man/woman in question just kept ‘squeezing’ her breasts. It is implausible to believe that s/he didn’t mean to inflict as much damage as possible if given a chance, regardless of General Kayihura’s testimony in this matter. I think we need to redefine “pressure points” and when it is necessary to use them on someone driving on a street, as Ingrid was in the video.

Women have a 'breast day' protesting against police's response to Ingrid

Women have a 'breast day' protesting against police's response to Ingrid

What the Uganda police clearly demonstrated in that video was that they don’t give a damn about the community where they are doing their policing from. How could anybody allow such a horrible thing to be recorded and attributed to a community police officer, and then later come out to defend it? I can’t defend that, can you? This was someone’s wife, sister or daughter, and it could happen to any of our relatives. It is just sickly!

I don’t know why some people are saying that Ingrid’s breasts would require ‘ofwono-sized’ hands for someone to touch them properly. They are basically trying to belittle such a beautiful lady. For a 40 year plus old woman, she looks pretty good to me. Lot better than the muscular young police ‘’woman’’ whose muscular hands are seen in the video ‘squeezing’ Ingrid’s breasts. Whew!

That police man-woman should be sacked from her job, and in case she tries to apply for her next one, she should be subjected to an oral examination on her job interview. S/he should get quizzed on her nipple ‘squeezing’ abilities. Breasts are there to be sucked and pinched a little bit in romantic circumstances but not squeezed.

With due respect to my NRM friends; their views on this issue are mind-boggling! What some of them have written so far about this issue portrays the police as an organisation that follows a certain ‘torture memo’,i.e. there is a law that allows them to kill us, and also use ‘pressure points’ on our body to get us to do whatever they want. I suppose they could view it that way if they wanted to. Of course, they could view it the way I see it as well. But they would be in an extreme minority of experts if that is their view. That said, I’m happy that PM, Amama Mbabazi uncharacteristically came out to apologize for the police behavior in this incident. He beat General Kayihura to it. I think it is now justifiable to say that Ingrid has followed the rest in scoring a hatrick because a lot of people were disturbed by what happened to her.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

M7, the executioner, is now prepared to walk Uganda down the last mile, the green mile, to its execution

In response to a pressure group called the Activists for change (A4C) founded by the opposition in Uganda after the 2011 elections, the government of Uganda has officially banned its activities indefinitely. I was among the people so confused about the sole objective of this organization till when I recently read an anonymous message a few days ago on my blog , presumably from one of the leaders of the A4C, that stated in one of the paragraphs:’ “Museveni must go and this time we shall not use guns, but people power. The government propagandists keep referring to the next elections of 2016, that we should instead plan to defeat Museveni in 2016. This is a joke. The Museveni regime will be overthrown this year (2012), a transitional government will be set up and a truly democratic election will follow”.

‘The press fears to report this message this clearly for fear of economic consequences. But no one attends an A4C rally or town hall meeting leaves with any doubt what the end game is. The removal of the fraudulently installed Museveni government from power, by the (protest) power of the people.’

After reading this message, I thought to myself: ‘how is the government going to deal with A4C if they are determined as they are saying to use people power to get Museveni’s government out?’ The protests have been going for a year now and that is extra ordinary in the history of Uganda but my worry came when the government through its Attorney General (AG) Peter Nyombi on Wednesday declared A4C an “unlawful society”.

The truth is that the existence of the A4C is not in the way about breaking the law or doing anything illegal as any Ugandan has got a right to protest against anything. I believe the law in Uganda does not ban peaceful protests, as they are allowed under the constitution. If this was not the case, I believe the group would have been banned ages ago. What “freedom to peaceably assemble” means is that you can assemble as a group and discuss things, and the government can’t shut you down, somewhere where you don’t infringe upon others. From the few YouTube videos I have watched so far, it looks like the police are the ones that spark up all this ‘kavuyo’( trouble) whenever some people are marching or assembling or protesting somewhere. I believe that poor policeman would not have died if the police had not interfered with the people walking alongside Dr.Besigye and Erias Lukwago.

John hated the bad guys in the Green Mile.So, M7 wouldn't be in his good books

John hated the bad guys in the Green Mile.So, M7 wouldn't be in his good books

What the AG has summarily done is to give A4C free publicity which will recruit more people for their cause. The government decision is also likely to drive some protestors underground to form secret organizations against the government, a situation that could have been avoided if common sense had been allowed to prevail. As they say:’ when a bad person uses a gun for an evil end, the media concentrates on the event, and stays on the story. On the flip side, when a gun is used by a good person for a noble end, it might merit a onetime mention in the local press.

Basically, banning protests or groups such as A4C is not what most people want to see happen in this country. What we need is free and fair elections, proper democracy, free society, no corruption, e.t.c. So the mere fact that the A4C has managed to live for a year should be a reality check for the government that not everything is a bed of roses. NRM as a party is now an intellectually dishonest organization, and this is not good for the country because they are in power. The leading option here would be for president Museveni to form a coalition government with the opposition and then organize fresh presidential elections.

If president Museveni refuses to give in to the protests, then I will start believing what most people have been telling us that he is a bad person. From what I watched from the film called’ ‘The Green Mile’, directed by Frank Darabont and adapted by him from the 1996 Stephen King novel of the same name, all the bad people there had a bad ending. The film tells the story of Paul’s life as a death row corrections officer during the Great Depression in the United States, and the supernatural events he witnessed in prison.

Actually I have a problem with the term ‘bad person’ despite its numerous usage in that film, because it’s far too general. It’s easy to take the term ‘bad person’ and use it to justify one’s own inaction on the suffering of others. Like the whole idea that only ‘bad people’ need to protest as the government is portraying the A4C, or that AIDS is a judgment from God. That’s why this kind of stuff gets tricky if you really want to be fair about it.

Some people say that Museveni is worse than Obote but I’m likely to give him a benefit of doubt and see if he will listen to the cries of the protestors or he will just keep torturing, killing or imprisoning them. Killing or torturing people lives permanent mental scars from that horrible time period. Leaders should not think that people are the enemy. The logic is clear: the people they lead want to have a good, free and stable country.If they don’t get it, they will do something about it.

I want to personally thank Dr.Besigye for taking up the banner of freedom at a time when he ought to be able to enjoy a retirement in freedom and liberty- considering that he already fought for it in the bushes of Luwero against Obote dictatorship. Whoever will become the next FDC president will do no less than he has done, because our very system of government and our essential freedoms and liberties are in serious jeopardy?

Like they say in the ‘Green Mile’, it looks like Museveni, the executioner, is now prepared to walk Uganda down the last mile, the green mile, to its execution. “May God have mercy on Uganda’s soul,………roll on two.”

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


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