UAH Is a Public Forum


UAH is a moderated public forum where members can be subscribed to join, unsubscribed or banned when they break forum rules. When anybody posts anything on this forum, he or she is by definition INVITING public response and comment on his statements and views. Posting in a public forum is posting so that others can see and read what a person has to say.And in a public forum, your posts are open to investigation and criticism. If you go around posting unsubstantiated ‘facts’ you will be challenged.I just think that if you are going to post ‘facts’ you should also post evidence supporting those facts.

UAH is open to anyone called a ‘UGANDA AT HEART’ who wishes to participate and this is why people have to apply for membership to join it.The definition of the ‘UGANDA AT HEART’ is well laid in the forum rules and guidelines on this link: .

UAH Is for all Ugandans all over the world regardless of your skin color, tribe or religion

UAH Is for all Ugandans all over the world regardless of your skin color, tribe or religion

Application for membership and having forum guidelines does not make a forum a private one.It only limits its membership because it is a moderated forum where one one has to register before posting anything.Access to a public forum, for instance, does not depend upon majoritarian consent. That principle is too controlling here.

UAH is a public forum or organization that can only achieve its short term goals or objectives with bigger membership. This is the very reason why I always feel happy when a new member joins us or when a new member is recommended to us for subscription.

UAH is not a rebel organization and therefore I see no reason why all Ugandans cannot join it if they wish. We don’t need money for now to achieve all our aims and objectives. It’s the terrorist organizations that cannot accomplish their goals without money, membership and the media. It’s just unfortunate that all the major newspapers and radio stations we supply with public opinion have not got any link to the UAH forum or UAH blog , apart from radio Simba.Newspaper bosses should correct this as soon as possible. They should also quote UAH as a source of some of the information they publish because I have seen a lot flying around. Several columnists write stuff already discussed here on the UAH and it’s a shame that they never quote their sources of information or opinion. Give us the credit we deserve, guys.

Email addresses

People complaining that they were added to the UAH without their knowledge should not blame anybody because an email address or even a physical house address is a public property.And I don’t think sending you an emal message to an address that you advertise in a public forum is in any way an “invasion of the sanctity of my home”. I suggest that if you don’t want people to send you email, don’t advertise your email in a public forum or share it with a lot of people. Anyway, rules have changed such that members have to subscribe themselves to the forum or receive an invitation from UAH managers before they join the forum.

I get the feeling that some consider e-mail to constitute private communication. However, e-mail, by its nature, is not private. If it was there wouldn’t be spam messages.These days we even get spam letters on house addresses or spam telephone calls from those doing direct marketing.

That said, those who wish to unsubscribe can do so automatically by sending an email to    

if you are a member of UAH-Google.


Anybody can apply to join any organisation if he or she believes in the aims and objectives of that organisation.Membership to an organisation does not define it whether it is public or private or anything like that.People may and do volunteer for membership in both private and public organizations for a variety of reasons.UAH has got its aim and objectives and they are explained in the link below:

UAH may not be quite as ‘sophisticated’ as it newspapers in Uganda, but it’s still a nice wide-open forum where even the worst enemies from around the globe can interact without physically fighting each other. UAH saves Ugandans from fighting for space in newspapers in Uganda. If an article posted in UAH forum can be read by over 10,000 Ugandans, then we are as good as any newspaper in Uganda.


UAH is a moderated forum but we intend not to to do too much censorship of messages despite the guidelines and rules in place. This is because even quasi-literate hostile people sometimes have something to say,  and a moderator will not wish to zap them out. Even anger and rampant profanity tell us something about the person and their feelings. This sometimes can help members to understand them and probably help them in the process. There are several people here who break forum rules but we let their posts through because we believe we can make them better debaters with time. Several times we have been asked to unsubscribe some members here but we never do basically because we believe that everybody deserves a chance to reform themselves.

Yes, threads usually degenerate into a shouting match among some members, but that only means that everything of actual relevance has already been said.

Copying and pasting articles

This is something we still allow on this forum because there is a lot of  uncertainty on the future of most newspapers and radio stations in Uganda apart from Obviously the Newvision.If any one of the other newspapers is closed today or change their website, we automatically lose out on a lot of researched information on these sites. For instance, the monitor and Observer have changed the appearance of their websites several times such that it has become difficult to find anything in their archives. The same happened when the New Vision changed its website- it is difficult to find any of their archives. So lets bear with people copying and pasting newspaper articles for now because good newspaper information is safely stored on the net.

Nevertheless, I request members who wish to send articles from stable newspapers or democracies and economies such as USA,UK,Canada,………. to just send links for the sake of saving on space in our original forum website.More so,anyone passing on information, especially onto a world wide forum has a duty of care to verify facts. Otherwise it just looks sloppy.

Limited public forum

The “limited public forum” doctrine in USA- established by the federal courts means that if a public agency gives use of a public facility to one group, it cannot deny use for similar purposes by any group for any reason apart from if the group in question has got a history of violence. This means that if the city rents out the school gym for Democratic Party conventions, it cannot deny use of that gym to the Republicans or Green party for its convention. I think the same rules are supposed to apply to Kampala but obviously Kayihura and others dont think so. For instance, FDC leader was recently stopped from using some facilities in Hoima because somebody in the government claimes that he had booked first. Besigye is rarely hosted on public radios such as Bukedde fm just because the Uganda government choses what laws to respect in their constitution, as long it does not favour them. So the police in uganda have taken it upon themselves to deny parade permits for opposition rallies or demonstrators.

Forum Messages that end up in Spam folder

It has come to my intention that some members cannot see their messages as they end up in the spam box of their email servers. One member contacted yahoo headquarters about it but they distanced themselves from the problem and instead told him:’’ there is someone who diverts my mailsto the junksection..’’ I can’t believe that yahoo is this irresponsible to transfer a problem to somebody else. How could a moderator of the forum be responsible for spam messages? Those with a little knowledge about IT will back me up on this one but spam messages are caused by a lot of things, among which include the following:

  • Large file attachments (whenever possible, put the information in the body of the message instead).If you have got a large file or attachment you want to share with other members but cannot got through, please send it to me. I will save it on one of our blogs and then provide the link to the rest of the members. Some serves are so sensitive to attachments since that is one of the ways people send viruses;
  • Colorful backgrounds, which are essentially images. A message sent with an image is likely to go into the spam folder;
  • Extraneous text, such as proverbs or cute sayings at the end of your message, especially if they are in quotes
  • Special characters, fonts, lots of HTML or foreign languages. For instance, if there is a Luganda statement in a message, the server may read it as spam and throw it there instead of going in the inbox.


1.      If you are having a problem getting a message to someone or to the forum or want to see if your basic e-mail message template is causing your spam score to be higher, try sending it to <> .

2.      Make the forum email: one of your safe emails in your yahoo or hotmail accounts; or Open up a Google email if the yahoo or hotmail one is giving you problems. Google mail tends to have a lot of space and therefore accepts more messages and attachments compared to other servers. To open up a googlemail, just open up: and then click on mail and follow the rest of the instructions.

3.      You can open up your spam box and select all messages that are not spam and then transfer them to inbox. If you are using googlemail, just click on ‘not spam’. If you are using yahoo, click on ‘transfer to inbox’.

4.      Alternatively, you can just read and reply these messages from the spam box. The only problem with this is that your reply will not appear in the ‘sent’ messages folder.

5.      Contact me and I help you out.Please, if anybody continues experiencing this problem, they should not just keep quite but contact me and we work it out. I have been doing this with several members over time because I know some mail servers are unreliable. If the problem cannot go away, then just send us a new email address, preferably a Google mail and I register it.

We want to keep everyone happy but we cannot do this if you keep quite whenever there is a problem with your servers. Hotmail is the worst server I ever known and I sometimes wonder why people continue using it. We want everybody’s input. PLEASE DON’T KEEP QUIET AND SULK WHENEVER YOU GET A PROBLEM. ABBEY SEMUWEMBA LOVES ALL OF YOU AND ALWAYS READY TO HELP

Thank you

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Head Moderator

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  1. ibrahim
    Feb 06, 2010 @ 13:00:27

    hey great site,i found it to be
    really informative especialy
    in the categories section
    lots of info
    so how do i join…

  2. kiniedits
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 14:12:27

    Hey everyone I am fresh to this site.
    How is everyone doing? I really like it here! I really hope to learn a great deal hopefully even make some new buddies! 🙂

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    Mar 19, 2010 @ 23:46:47


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  4. Bronnarow
    Mar 31, 2010 @ 07:39:40

    Hello! Can you tell me how i can register mail at google [url=]google[/url]

  5. Warimizerge
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 16:54:17

    This is my first time posting so I wanted to take a moment and say hello to everyone!

  6. bambmimmeno
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 17:49:43

    Hello! Can you tell me how i can register mail at google google

  7. Jonny Rubin
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 01:54:34

    Dear Abbey,
    I can’t imagine any better way to gather the people of Uganda and the friends of Uganda from all over the world, on a daily basis to discuss any subject of national or personal concern. The UAH is second to none. For this reason, I can’t even find the words to thank you enough for having come with this idea and then made it happen.
    I have personally benefited from the UAH in more ways than the words can explain. I have connected with my fellow Ugandans from all over the world and I believe that I have also made new friends.
    I don’t know yet how the UAH can be improved at this stage, but perhaps to find another way of cautioning those who cross the UAH rules line, in a manner that they can always feel glad to return to the UAH forum. We should all have the sense of belonging and that could be therapeutic for all of us, regarding our concerns for our people and our country.
    I believe that those in the UG government do benefit from the UAH, for they get to know exactly how the people feel about their perfomance. The opposion also benefits from the UAH because they also learn about the mistakes of the government and that helps their plans for a better government, when or if they come to power.
    I think that both the government and the opposition benefit equally from the UAH, but either side would benefit even more if they took the opportunity to participate directly and frequently on this forum.
    Abbey, again I thank you for this great idea and I hope that the UAH will have a very long duration.
    BJ. Rubin.

  8. edward pojim
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 01:58:05


    I want to thank you and your team for bringing to us UAH, and then engaging is, as end-users, to evaluate UAH’s benefits and, hopefully, come up with recommendations to improve its services.

    To these specific questions, i have the following comments:

    1. Are you benefiting from the UAH forum?
    Yes, I am benefiting from UAH. UAH offers the first source of breaking news as members share the news as soon as it develops. As an open debate site, UAH serves as a public therapy forum where members vent their frustrations and angers against any and all sources of their angst: political parties, politicians, athletes, criminals, weather, etc.

    I would not wish to see an anguished contributor here come face to face with President Museveni, Olara Otunnu or Maj. Gen. Kalehura to express their “opinions” about these leaders! In that respect, please keep this forum free for all, albeit within the confines of the rules of AUH.

    2.. How can we improve on the UAH forum? Have you got any ideas or suggestions?

    I think one way to improve your services is to liaise with Uganda news organizations and stream live feeds on developing news, without waiting for a member to cull and paste. Also, you may consider booking our news makers here so they can respond to our queries. This can be done on a weekly, or even monthly-basis, and the guests can be forwarded members’ questions in advance.

    3.. Are those in the Museveni government benefiting from this forum or not? What about those in the opposition? Who is benefiting more?

    I don’t know how effective UAH is in reaching government and opposition officials. However, one opposition official, Wafula Oguttu of FDC, seems to be around quite often. Maybe UAH needs to reach out to government officials and invite them to subscribe to your services.


  9. George O. Pacu-Otto
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 01:59:41

    My friend Abbey,

    UAH, according to my daughters, has never catered for the Ugandan children like them. Apart from a few, they think UAH is vulgar and has to change. They have not seen intellectual debate in UAH. They are very disappointed sometimes by postings by Matek and JM Nsubuga, especially Matek when he keeps posting his signature with Joseph Kony and his LRA. I hope Matek realises how embarrassed my children are to even be associated to a person like Joseph Kony and his LRA.. My children just hold up their hands in disgust when LRA is mentioned. I was with Paul Lam today and he agreed with me that the LRA destroyed our ability to fight against Museveni and to set a socialist agenda.LRA was a renegade force and destroyed the capacity of Ugandan people to resist the Museveni tyranny. LRA is an enemy of the Ugandan people and can never be reformed. In fact, LRA has to be removed first before we remove Museveni. LRA is a completely bandit force and we don’t need the LRA at all in the new Uganda we want to build.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

    Jun 30, 2010 @ 11:23:01

    Dear Moderator Abbey,

    I think the forum so far has served a very useful purpose to a whole slew of cross section of ugandans with their multivariate interests and even egos! Diversity is enriching. And even controversy can be beneficial. I have watched and noticed over the years that some characters who have debated on this forum have matured, maybe as a result of the exchanges on this forum. Some, like Patrick Otto, quite often do commendable research to back up the arguments with facts.That is good. Pokopoko aside, and the particular spin the debators often put on their arguments, some of the discussions on various topics have been educative. I think all Ugandans, by sharing on this forum, our lives have been enriched. In fact I have to say that I am so addicted to this forum that if one day I woke up and no one had written anything on the forum that would indeed be a very depressing day! The stuff found on this forum, some of it albeit trashy, are more engaging than all the newspapers in UG combined. So keep it going!

    Having said the above I have to admonish all the discussants to be self-policing. One has to appeal to his or her good concience to refrain from being abnoxious and abusive. Using such a language is not how you win a debate.


  11. Raymond Otika
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 11:24:21


    The Forum is an excellent and commendable innovation. But before you pass judgment, may be you should first ask yourself why do some people say what they say: “obnoxious and abusive” as you have just mentioned. But considering what goes around in our lousy country called Uganda, it is very difficult to sustain equanimity and remain sober. People get bottled up with frustrations and naturally or unnaturally become obnoxious and abusive to release steam.

    For example Edward Mulindwa and others before him, just quit the forum. Many have not asked themselves why Mulindwa tend to be nasty. But sometimes those who are abused must take responsibility for being abused. If I am insulted it is an opportunity to reflect on what I think, say and ear from others.

    On a considered note: the truth that hurts is better than a lie that heals. Otherwise, if everything goes in the right direction, nobody would blowup his/her top: Instead of insults there would be respect.

  12. George O. Pacu-Otto
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 11:25:34

    My friend Issy,


    But I am always abusive, not personally. May be that’s why UAH is good and why Mulindwa should be back. Even Bosco Musisi. I belong to other discussion forums as well, but they carry more intellectual and dry material that interests maybe connoisseurs of academia or politics or people who are actively involved in politics. But I am happy with UAH and Rehema’s constant flow of information, although she calls me Mudokoli. I don’t mind actually what Rehema calls me, after all I am from Dokolo. The joke I can make is my daughters don’t have a clue what “Mudokoli” means. If you called them such a name, they will just shrug their shoulders, and ask me afterwords, like my daughter Anna does, “whats that nutter talking about daddy?”

    George O. Pacu-Otto

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  13. Robert Nviiri
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 03:02:09

    Mw. Abbey Ssemuwemba,

    Thank you for the email and keeping UAH going for 4 solid years. My reasons for going silent on UAH are well known to you and I wish that you get some time to reflect on them. True, there is quite some valuable learning material on UAH, but when it comes to Buganda bashing and provocation (okusosonkereza n’okumanyiira) some of us, however moderate we might be, simply cannot telorate that sort of mannerism.

    Abbey, there are some pertinent questions which need some answers that you have never responded to. I will just ask a few of them once more:

    1. Have you been overpowered by some forces from above such that you no longer have control over UAH?

    2. How do you maintain UAH given the volume of members whose messages need to be moderated?

    3. What is the policy of soliciting for new members and admitting them to UAH?

    4. Why do people get unsolicited mails from UAH asking them to join UAH? I remember that I received such an email before joining in 2006. Where did you get my email address from? Isn’t that a breach of the cyber privacy policy? I have heard a number of Ugandans asking the same questions.

    Abbey, it is the above 4 questions and more, that led some of us to go silent until we get some serious answers. You might have a good cause in mind but might have lost control.

    Musajja wa Kabaka

    Robert Nviiri

  14. abbey Semuwemba
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 03:03:56

    Dear Robert,
    And please allow me to call you ‘Robert’ because I had felt so attached to you before you walked away because of some simple administrative problems on UAH. I don’t want to lecture you on the rules of debates because I’m very sure you already know them, but as you are aware, UAH is a debating centre for all Ugandans ( Baganda and non-Baganda). In a debate, there are always two sides to every story and this is bound to make some people uncomfortable when some sensitive issues like culture or religion are being discussed. What keeps some of us going in a forum like this is our intra intelligence,i.e. how to deal with oneself, how to turn one’s weaknesses into strengths. For instance, people who have too much hunger can channel this into something like playing a sport or doing more research on the topic under discussion rather than abusing anybody.

    You write:’ True, there is quite some valuable learning material on UAH, but when it comes to Buganda bashing and provocation,………………, however moderate we might be, simply cannot tolerate that sort of mannerism.’’

    Well, there is dissent and there is provocation. For example, if we were involved in a union dispute outside your business, how would you consider it if someone carried a computer contrived photo of your mother performing a sex act? Is this “freedom of expression”? The workers, are they just dissenting or are they trying to provoke violence? Would you keep reasoning with them that what they are doing (carrying you mum’s photos) is wrong or you will just isolate yourself from them?

    The truth is that people say or do things like that trying to elicit an emotional and immature response from you but the right course of action would be not to let such people control your actions. Similarly, you apparently let all those bashing and provoking Buganda/Kabaka/Baganda control your actions, which I thought was a weakness on your side.

    Personally, I was raised to have some self-discipline, and not react like a five- year old child at the slightest provocation. I was raised to believe that words only cannot get me off from the main objective or driving my point home. I was once called a Museveni spy on radio Katwe when I had just started UAH but I soldiered on up to now.

    Now let me answer the questions you asked in their particular order:
    There is no force from the above controlling UAH and I have never been overpowered by anybody. By ”forces from the above”, I guess you meant the powerful figures from Kampala, but nothing like that has happened so far. In any case, some of them have been requesting to join the forum willingly.For instance, Amanya Mushega, Opondo, Kalyegira were members for a while and then later unsubscribed. But the government and the opposition are well represented by enough people. Actually, as it is right now, all groups are well represented apart from Buganda. Yes, Nambooze, VP Bukenya, Tamare Mirundi,……… are some of the few high profile Baganda there but Mengo is least represented.
    UAH has now got 7 managers including myself. So the volume of messages is not a problem for us as long as people don’t break the rules. Yes, ‘bad’ messages sometimes go through but we rectify this by moderating the culprit as soon as we are aware.
    I receive messages into my inbox from different people requesting to be subscribed to the UAH forum. I also get emails recommended to me from those who are already members of UAH.Some people ask to be subscribed to the UAH through comments made on our 4 sister blogs. UAH is also on facebook, twitter and other social networks and, therefore, some ask to be subscribed to the debates through these social networks. Different radios now host UAH on their websites and so people get in touch with me asking to be subscribed especially after reading stuff posted on our blogs. For instance, there is a UAH link on: radio Munich, radio UNAANET, Radio ngoma, kimeeza USA, e.t.c
    UAH doesn’t purchase, upload or merge from any other list. If an individual received the e-mail because someone else or a group signed them up or forwarded the e-mail, we hope they are not too inconvenienced. Those recipients who are not interested in being members of UAH can unsubscribe if they want, by ‘’clicking the link at the bottom of the e-mail’’ or (telling) whomever forwarded it to them not to forward such information anymore.
    One possible reason for the confusion is that some groups or individuals, when sending some stuff to us, are sending in their membership listsOR contacts whenever they make contact with the UAH – the e-mail addresses affiliated with those members could then become embedded in the UAH distribution list. As a result, some people keep getting our messages yet they are not members of UAH though some later ask to be subscribed to our forum ,which is nice. This is how we keep getting new members everyday,sir.

    Please I confess I miss your contributions to the forum because I used to learn a lot from you. You and Otto Patrick were some of the great researchers the forum had though you kept ‘boxing’ each other, and most members loved it. I really wish you could find a way of ignoring provocative messages and concentrate on the context of the messages. I really want all guys like: Kakubampanga, Mivumba and Musisi to come back because there isn’t enough reasons why they should stay away, and they know it. Moderation will always be part of us for the sake of restoring sanity on the forum.

    Byebyo mukwano gwange.


  15. Kiwuwa Abbas
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 03:06:32

    1. Yes, we are benefitting a lot from the forum. It is another fast source of various news and views from Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

    I believe all politicians benefit from this forum but think the opposition benefits more because they have limited sources of communication.

    Kiwuwa Abbas
    (UAiNI ) The Uganda Community in Italy
    Milan – Italy
    Tel: + 39 3477920480 Wind

  16. Billie Kadameri
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 14:58:50


    Greetings to you and all others. I am in Kampala after the S.Sudan referendum and you must congratulate yourself about the reach of UAH and how it connects Ugandans in all corners of the globe. I met two UAH members in Juba and just yesterday met another one in Kamwokya, watching football on TV.

    Then another said he just came from Hoima where he met Bunyoro Kingdom spokesman Henry Mirima who has been complainining that you favour some people on UAH and have consequently shut him out of UAH ”because of being a Munyoro”.

    I hope what Mr Mirima claims is not true and if that is the case, please clear the technical hitch and let Mirima have access like everybody else, so he can have no excuse to call you a tribalist.


  17. abbey Semuwemba
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 14:59:37

    Hello Billie,

    Mr.Mirima’s account has got no problems as far as I know. He joined UAH in October 2008 and he is not moderated or anything like that.

    I’m certainly not a tribalist as i have explained several times on this forum. When Mr.Mirima became our member, he must have influenced some other Banyoro to join the forum because we received a group of more than 200 Banyoro who asked to be subscribed on the forum. And we could not have done that if we thought UAH should be ‘non-Banyoro’ in terms of membership. We welcome all Ugandans on this forum regardless of their religion, race, tribe or political affiliations.

    I attempted to contact Mr.Mirima privately last year to find out the problem but I did not hear from him. So I guess something is particularly wrong with his email address settings rather than his account with UAH.

    So this is what he should do to resolve this problem:

    1. If he is having a problem getting a message to someone or to the forum or want to see if his basic e-mail message template is causing his spam score to be higher, let him try sending it to .

    2. Making the forum email: one of his safe emails in his ‘yahoo’ or ‘hotmail’ or ‘mail’ accounts; or Open up a ‘Google email’ if the ‘yahoo’ or ‘hotmail’ one is giving him problems. Google mail tends to have a lot of space and therefore accepts more messages and attachments compared to other servers. To open up a ‘Googlemail’, just open up: and then click on mail and follow the rest of the instructions.

    3. He can open up his spam box and select all messages that are not spam and then transfer them to inbox. If he is using ‘googlemail’, he should just click on ‘not spam’. If using yahoo, click on ‘transfer to inbox’.

    4. Alternatively, he can just read and reply these messages from the spam box. The only problem with this is that his reply will not appear in the ‘sent’ messages folder.

    But most importantly, Mr.Mirima should not keep quite when he continues to get technical problems and sulk in the name of ‘tribalism’. What he is experiencing is simply a technical problem.

    Thank you

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

  18. mathew kabanda
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 12:55:12

    On UAH’s Achievements.

    UAH has been very useful to me regarding medical postings on the website. I’ve learnt a lot of info regarding body immunity and Alternative Medicine thru the same. And may be there are many others out there like me. Secondly, the forum unwittingly promotes peace of mind by giving a forum to those who want to vent or spill their Vernon and anger at certain targets. Special thanks go to a regular correspondent by the name of REHEMA who registered me on the website. Am very grateful to her.

    Feb 26, 2012 @ 18:08:38

    At first I thought real people existed on this forum, however, I now realise that it is full of people lost in the diaspora. They use this forum to quench thirst they have for their motherland Uganda, knowing they will never find their way back home.

    Lamego Grace

    UAH is devoted to matters of interest to Ugandans and Africans in general. Individuals are responsible for whatever they post on this forum.Follow UAH on Twitter at:!/UAHFORUM. Follow UAH on facebook at:

  20. HENRY T
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 18:09:37

    Princess Lamego

    Should one avoid sleep for fear of dreaming? Besides dreaming is healthy.
    What is anyone who calls him/herself Ugandan as left with?
    Do you see any hope ? Unless the omnipotent decides to save the day we are all left with dreaming whether within or without Ugandan boarders!!!!
    At this point as Ugandans have not quite figured out what we want anyway! The learned are even more pathetic.Many a time have been partners if crime in desecration of the country and have a huge hand in the Lootocracy going on!!!!!
    It is just despair my dear! A state of hopelessness. I wish you had any better ideas, may be we could look forward to stopping this madness!
    What do you think?

    Greetings from Gisoro.
    Turikumwe Ijana kwijana.

  21. arnold Turwomwe
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 18:10:45

    Akella, the founder Semuwenba failed to create an environment where people can discuss issues. This forum is for frustrated people, its a shame even the founder engages in petty talks! For God n My country!

    Feb 26, 2012 @ 18:11:45

    Good morning. I strongly agree with you that debate on this forum should be issue focused as opposed to personality dissection or quenching our thirst. What we discuss on this forum is accessed by all categories of people globally and we may not know what the consumer of our information uses them for. Therefore have been and will continue to link many Ugandans living in our Motherland to this forum. It’s the only free forum that we can freely express ourselves. Thanks to Abbey and my assurance to you that, we shall fulfill our duties as citizens to popularize this forum to other Ugandans.


    With the global information technology we are free to exercise our talents. Suppression and suffocation can no-longer work. I will utilize my intellectual potential to the
    – Show quoted text –

    6th Floor Uganda House
    Plot 8-10 Kampala Road
    P.O Box 37047 Kampala

  23. DR.Gh Kkolokolo
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 18:12:29

    This forum is a very respected informative, educative, and positively militant
    intellectual contribution that has helped human rights groups, academicians, politicians,
    Parliamentarians, local and world media, and even cabinet to see vision, discover the truth,
    and get informed on very many issues! There are very excellent essays posted on it, on the one hand,
    and on the other, there some tiny bits which have substance enough to help measure temperature on
    given situations. Remember, nothing written is totally useless! UAH forumists are real heroes somewhere
    because without their action very many things at home would pass unnoticed and would continue to go on
    and on just to the detriment of the depressed masses! The so called deluded people in the diaspora are
    part of that true category of nationalists who have their country and their people at heart!! And the peace, progress,
    development, justice and high achievement in the field of human right, as seen in the diaspora, are the noble things they toil to help instill in their homeland for the good of their fellow citizens.
    This forum is full of patriotic individuals and clear minds, very useful to Uganda and to all Ugandans, leaders included!


  24. Dr.Edward Kayondo
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    Slow down Comrades, and that includes our and only Princes on this forum Grace Lamego.

    For a long time I thought that way too until I realized that communication in this kind of forum lacks two things, physical contact where one can see and interpret anothers poker face, and instant reply to ones concern or question in real time. These are very important components in human communication. Lack of those two creates a vacuum as we discuss issues and naturally we tend to fill this vacuum. We never know if the person will reply, if they believe what we say or if they will give us another chance for us to explain our selves. This creates a situation where by each and every message we write is filled with numerous facts, sometimes aggressive or seemingly abusive language and much more.
    The mere fact that we are communicating with each other is very crucial and in its self a miracle, I sit down on my computer and talk with people who were close to our late presidents, some of them did not do very good things, others were ministers or had very high positions in government and know more than we do. You scratch Hon.Beti’s back, paint His Holiness Ottunu with pink dye, remove Dr.Besigye’s cast from his pinky finger and talk to the President about his mobile toilet! Now who in his real world would have thought of doing things like that? Yes we digress and talk about the long legs of the only Toro Princess I would exchange for my Julia Roberts portrait in my men only closet wall and make Herr Mulindwa into a target for fun, but again that’s real life who doesn’t do that?

    So Princess Grace, hang in there, when we get to a point of total frustration we do bad things, but we come back and talk sense, and all our knowledge or mis-information is laid out here for the whole world to see and make see off, for who in this world has the right to say that they are right? History is being re-written every day with new information and even those who received Sainthood and are way up above are still doubted by many.

    Love this forum, and love you all.

    Eddie, M.D

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    UAH is one of the many self-help groups online -that is made up of Ugandans in and outside the country, but come together for mutual support and to share experiences, information, ideas and ways of coping under different situations. We are not motivated by profit in whatever we do and encourage authenticity of whatever is posted on the forum.

    Membership to UAH is defined by either self-declaration (if one wants) or mutual agreement (by subscribing through email address), but not by subscription fees. Our discussions are frank and open as possible. So we are not a ‘gossip’ forum or community.

    Benefits of UAH membership:

    • Reducing depression,
    • Increases self esteem especially among regular contributors,
    • It’s a platform for more personal contact with fellow Ugandans and those with power. It bridges the gap between: leaders and the people they lead, and Ugandans abroad and those inside the country.
    • Increases skills in IT, debating, problem solving and Conflict management, people skills in general, e.t.c- through regular contributions and reading other people’s messages,
    • Gives a comparative perspective on one’s own problems,
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Semuwemba Calendar

April 2018
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Semuwemba is a Ugandan residing in the UK

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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. "~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

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