1. How much do I have to spend to process a land title in the areas of Kayunga? Are the land offices based in Kayunga or Mukono?


You question is too general. I hope you are asking how to transfer a mailo title from someone else’s names into your names. In that case, you must have in his/her possession fully completed set of Transfer forms which include a Transfer form and two Consent forms, A photocopy of the duplicate certificate of title and two authentic Passport photographs of the buyer and seller.

You will present the documents to the Valuation Division for valuation assessment for Stamp duty at the Ministry of Lands and check with the Valuation Division within a period of 3 working days to pick the form and proceed to pay stamp duty and registration fees in the Bank. Stamp duty is 1% of the value of the land. If the value for example is Ushs 1,000,000/= then stamp duty is Ushs 10,000/=.

You then pay the fees in the Bank (Diamond Trust Bank) and get a receipt and your Transfer form embossed by URA. You also pay registration fees (10,000/=) from Mukono and submit all documentation together with the Duplicate Certificate of Title, receipts and photocopies of all documents to the Mailo Registry in Mukono. Kayunga District has a Registrar of Titles (Mr Overson Arinaitwe) who is based at the Mukono Office of Titles. If you do not find him, then the Registrar of Titles for Mukono (Ms Christine Namirembe) can also help.

You then check after 10 working days for your title. You present identification documents and the Photocopies to collect the Duplicate Certificate of Title. Any assistance if you are stuck get to me, unless there is a specific transaction you want me to explain.


Dennis Obbo
email address:dennisfo@mlhud.go.ug
2. How do i chase a tittle when i have only got willing buyer-seller agreements? I bought a piece of land of about 4 acres in the village but i have only got an agreement.

Does the govt respect owners with only agreements?

What can I do to get a land title? Is it possible to process a land title when I don’t have passport photos of the sellers because i cannot trace them anywhere?

I would appreciate it if you help me on this matter urgently before Otafiire, or Tinyenfunza or some fake Indian investor start chasing me away from my small land.

Please help!!
This is what you can do to get a title:
(i) You fill in Form 4 and apply to the District Land Board through the Area Land Committee.
(ii) The Area Land Committee will visit the said land to determine, verify and consider interest of the adjacent landholders.
(iii) The Area Land committee will make a report of its findings, making recommendations for issue or rejection of the application, which it forwards to the District Land Board.
(iv) The District Land Board on receipt of the application accepts or rejects the application.
(v) When it is rejected, proper explanation is given for the rejection. If the District Land Board is satisfied, it issues instructions for survey based on the report submitted by the Area Land Committee. You have to meet the costs of surveying because the service was privatized.
(vi) On completion of the survey, the District Land Board submits the application to the Commissioner for Land Registration for issue of the Certificate of Title for Freehold.

In this case, we shall only need passport photo’s of you the owner who has been granted the freehold.

Use this information side by side with the procedure for acquiring a freehold title. Do not hesitate to contact me once you get stuck

Dennis Obbo
3. What is also freehold, customary ownership and mail tenure? Could u explain all this in details to Ugandans or you assume that they already know?

What is the role of surveyors in land registration process? Are there contacts for registered surveyors in different parts of the country?

How do you punish officials collecting money from people in the pretext that they are helping them to acquire land tittles?

What have you done to stop Indians from stealing people’s land in various parts of the country? People fear Indians b’se they think they are ‘connected ‘ to the govt officials


Usually when one wants to buy land in Uganda, before you pay, the buyer wants to be sure that the seller is passing on a good title, free of any encumbrance, and which is not a forged title. To do so, the potential buyer comes to the registry and requests for information about the given land title. That is what is referred to as carrying out a search.

Secondly, there are a number of land transactions that clients usually want to effect. For example if a buyer wants to effect a transfer of a land title into his names, or register a caveat etc etc the steps he/she takes to effect that request are what we call land registration procedures. If you read each of the procedures they explain what you have to do, what fees you have to pay, where you have to go and what forms you have to use.

1. Under the 1995 Constitution of Uganda Article 237(3), land in Uganda is owned in accordance with the following land tenure systems :

Customary, Freehold, Mailo and Leasehold.

Customary land tenure means a system of holding land regulated by customary rules;

Freeholdland tenure means the holding of registered land in perpetuity;

Mailo land tenure means the holding of registered land in perpetuity and having roots in the 1900 Uganda agreement

Leasehold tenure means the holding of land for a given period from a specified date of commencement, on such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the lessor and lessee.

2. The Surveys and Registration Board has some 100 licensed surveyors. Many of them run private businesses. A license is necessary to carry out surveying. The Surveyor applies to the Survey Registration Board for registration. Once registered the surveyor applies for a licence which is issued on an annual basis. The role of the surveyors is to demarcate and survey the land to be titled the Surveyor submits a technical report to the District Surveyor, who also submits the same to the Commissioner Surveys and Mapping for technical checking and plotting the land on the Cadastral map, after which he issues certified deed plans (the purple sheets which appear in the titles. You can contact Mr Cyprian Inyangat (cinyangat@yahoo.com), the Secretary of the Survey Registration Board for contact information about registered surveyors in different parts of the country.

3. Regarding the issue of officials collecting illegal fees from people in the pretext that they are helping them to acquire land tittles, you have to report these to this email address or to ps@mlhud.go.ug. As long as it is specific and can stand, we shall act.

Lastly on stopping Indians from acquiring land, I hope you know that many of them are Ugandan citizens. As long as they fall in that category you cannot deny them their right. It is not the Ministry which sells the land to them, but you Ugandans yourselves. Ours is to register their interests after you have sold to them. Your statements therefore are sweeping statements which are not good for this country as we all support Uganda’s drive to become an industrial country with a developed services sector and a skilled working class.

Ministry of Lands website has been updated with information on Land registration procedures (how to search, register a mortgage, get a special, get a leasehold title, get a freehold title, carry out transfers etc etc).

Persons in the Diaspora have reported had a lot of fraudulent transactions being carried out on their land. That is why we have specifically added the Gazette extracts on the website, which show persons who claim to have lost their land titles and are requesting the Ministry for new ones (Special Certificate of Title).

I urge every one to go through and check the Gazette extracts on a regular basis. Incase you discover someone claiming your registered land under the pretext that the title is lost and therefore want a new one, immediately alert us. We shall stop the process / cancel the process and investigate and apprehend the culprits.

Visit website at http://www.mlhud.go.ug to access the information.

4.By the way do you have any information on what is refered to as “okwegula”? How does one determine the amount to be paid to the holder of the title?. This is in a case where one buys land from a squarter.

If you have a copy of the Land Act (CAP 227) ‘okwegula’ falls under section 35 – options to purchase and Land Amendment Act (2010) 35 (7) & (8). It is important that a valuation assessment is done to establish the true value of the kibanja and the things on it. You can then hold negociations to reach an agreement.

Dennis Obbo

Dennis Obbo
Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development

5. Kindly advice me on the procedure for transferring the name from one person to another plus costs involved.
The Applicant must have in his/her possession fully completed set of Transfer forms which include a Transfer form and two Consent forms, A photocopy of the duplicate certificate of title and two authentic Passport photographs of the buyer and seller.

The Applicant presents the documents to the Valuation Division for valuation assessment for Stamp duty. The Applicant checks with the Valuation Division within a period of 3 working days to pick the form and proceed to pay stamp duty and registration fees in the Bank. Stamp duty is 1% of the value of the land. Assessment for payment of Registration fees is done by the respective District Cashiers.

Pay the fees in the Bank, get a receipt and your Transfer form embossed. Submit all documentation together with the Duplicate Certificate of Title, receipts and photocopies of all documents to the Mailo Registry.

The photocopy is stamped ‘Received’. The applicant is asked to check after 10 working days.

The Applicant presents identification documents and the Photocopies to collect the Duplicate Certificate of Title. The applicant signs for the Title and the Photocopy is stamped ‘Returned’ on completion.

So the Documents required include : Duplicate Certificate of Title, set of Passport photographs, embossed Transfer form and consent form and General receipts of Payment.

Fees paid: Stamp duty- 1% of the value of the land; and Registration fees – 10,000/=

Dennis Obbo
6. What is happening with land tittles at the moment. Why is the system so slow?

We are changing from the manual to the computerized system. There is therefore great demand for titles by those using the manual system and those digitalizing the titles. There is also a new procedure for retrieval by the those that have been digitalized, to ensure that those that are transacted upon after digitalizing are updated by the system before we fully go digital.

During the digitalizing process, we have also discovered what I would call ‘problematic titles’ that require rectification and completion before they are digitalized. Some have double plotting – different parcels but with the same identification codes, others signed but not sealed etc etc. These are being worked on and hence are not available incase of any transaction, until the problem is cleared.

We hope to complete this exercise and fully have a computerized system in place by Feb 2013. Any inconveniences caused are highly regretted.

7.Why do i need a RDC letter to buy land?
Would you explain to me why i need a RDC letter to buy land? I have been told that i cannot get a surveyor on the land i intend to buy to do the measurements without the RDC authority or letter, is this true? Why would i need an unelected official to determine this process yet LCs used to the job well for us?

Isn’t this another way of promoting corruption in our country bse you know as much as i know that these RDCs charge people a lot of money to do this?

1. l think it is not a requirement, but to avoid land wrangles, it is not bad if he is involved or is kept informed. If the land is private mailo, he is not required. But if it is official mailo, he may be required. If it is public land under Uganda Land Commission or District Land Board, he be informed. But if there tenants like most land in Buganda, he should be involved. The only problem is that some of these RDCs are land grabbers and some are corrupt.

RDC, constitutionally are central government representatives in the district, who are in charge of security, monitor central and local government programmes, among others. Additionally when there were a lot of evictions especially in Buganda, the President directed RDC to champion cause of tenants. Some RDC are good but some are not. An example is the RDC Ssembabule Kamara Bayeeye who is covering up ghost teachers and schools in the district because he benefits from it.
He is also conniving with some land grabbers in my home Nnambiriizi village. He is not aware that l am a hard nut to crush. He is misled by some of our adopted people in an extended family. Preliminary findings suspect him to be an FDC sympathizer. He has the potential of being bribed by a radical group.l think he is a disgruntled historical or veteran even when he was reappointed RDC after being an SDA, DA and CGR for many years. He hails from Kanungu District.

AHMED KATEREGA- seniour journalist at Newvision

2.If you look at the procedures in the Ministry of Lands Access to Information Manual (www.mlhud.go.ug), it does not indicate that a letter from the RDC’s Office is required by any of the Land Administration institutions.

However, I am aware that RDC’s chair security committees in their areas of jurisdiction. Land matters have in some cases taken on a security angle.Where we have had persistent threats of evictions; RDCs have been requested to ensure that the law is complied with and law and order is maintained.

Dennis Obbo
Spokesperson of Ministry of Lands, Housing and
Urban Development

31 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Peter
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 13:22:10

    Thanks for the above information,
    i would like to know the official working hours of the ministry of lands and its branches especially Mukono Branch.

  2. semuwemba
    May 17, 2011 @ 16:36:50

    Please send your question to Denis using the email:
    dennisfo@mlhud.go.ug. He will be happy to answer all your question. Let him know that i have recommended you and please share your feedback with us here. Thanks

  3. Joshua
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 09:27:12

    hi Abbey good work you’re doing there!
    Briefly, some one was offering me a plot at 2.5m in gayaza but says the plot is under kabaka land. i only needed to pay and have a letter from the LC of the area then the land would be mine. pliz advise!

  4. semakula edward
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 10:49:54

    how can you help people who are in church land catholic’and the church is not will to give go ahead for the tenants to acquire land titles,this is common in kibaale where achurch is having the whole village of 4 Lcs can us on that

  5. semakula edward
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 11:27:45

    how can you help people who are in church land catholic’and the church is not will to give go ahead for the tenants to acquire land titles,this is common in kibaale where achurch is having the whole village of 4 Lcs can you help us on that issue

  6. kiberi
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 18:46:47

    does the plot number of a land tittle change when part of the land is sold let say 2 miles then a mile is sold when the plot number is 250 does it remain the same

  7. Bukenya Rogers
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 10:27:17

    No,but i’ve 2m& iwant to have land along mityana rd.How can i get it&what proceedures?0774708750 thank u.

  8. Edward
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 07:42:04

    My late mom got land from his late father located at kasangati, but the clan say i have limited right, can i forget it?

  9. Adinyai stephen
    Sep 21, 2012 @ 15:56:35

    please advice me on procedures of
    Registerin apiece of land i baught from a customary land owner,also advice me on how much that will cost me

  10. timothy
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 21:11:00

    what is the procedure of acquiring a title in respect of land that is on a ‘blue page’?made a search and was told the land is on blue page.

  11. Rashid zziwa kawawa
    Apr 18, 2013 @ 12:02:42

    My mum’s father died some years back and had 15acres of land in luwero which he had given to my mother.my mother also died in 1996 but her mother[my grand mother] is alive,the tital got lost but when I to Bukalasa land I found that the white tital is still in the name of the deseaced meaning that it has never been chanaged and the plot,block number are still the same now what is the procdure of gotting anew tital thanks

  12. obviously
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 04:30:12

    Besides the differences in size, however, both ASUS and MSI are surprisingly similar.
    Now that you already know some from the most common main reasons why laptops heat
    up, exactlty what can you do to abate this heat.

  13. geofrey asiimwe
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 02:40:11

    I have agreement buyer and seller. how much areal total need to have land title of about 4acres in mukono?.

  14. carol
    May 21, 2014 @ 21:16:56

    do i need to pay stamp duty when land was subdivided and tranfered to the buyer directly

  15. Atwiine Jr Allan
    Jun 20, 2014 @ 14:32:07

    I bought a piece of land with rentals at 20M in it in 2009 but I have only the land agreement. I wanted to get a land title. What are the procedures and amount of money I need to complete the whole process. Thank you.

    Allan from Mbarara

  16. joanita nanjakko
    Jul 05, 2014 @ 13:01:40

    I own a piece of land on Entebbe road and have my original title with me.However because I am abroad, I unstructed a lawyer in 2012 to register a caveat on my land so as to protect it from frauduland dealers who had been asking my tenants whether I was willing to sell.
    I wrote a letter authorising the lawyer to act on my behalf and even gave him a copy of my title. He later sent me a copy of all the receipts he jad used to pay the fees etc but since then I haven’t received the Caveat document.
    How long does it take to register a caveat and how can I go about processing it as this lawyer is now playing hide and seek with me.

  17. Luwaga Richard
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 15:32:59

    My Late Mum Left me with a piece of land/kibanja located at muduma mawokota. On several occasions i have met the land owner so as yo acquire a land tilte but he the money he wants me to pay is too high as if i havent been there. Dont i have the right to decide what to pay so as to get my tilte?

  18. Luwaga Richard
    Dec 13, 2014 @ 15:54:23

    How Much does someone with a Kibanja pay the land owner to acquire a land tittle? My late mun left me with a piece of kibanja at muduma mawokota but the land owner is asking me to pay alot of money if he is to give me a land tittle. Its as if a buying a new plot if i compare the size of the kibanja and the price of land nearby. When i requested him to give me the same amount he was asking from me so that i leave his land,he refused. What Can I do because i want to develop the land. Is there any law that can protect me?

  19. Lubega Silas.
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 12:10:33

    Thank you Mr Obbo for that rich highly needed information on land issues. I highly commend the patience with which you answer the question. You are the right person for that office.

    QUESTION: Is it mandatory that an LC 1 Chairperson has to witness a land transaction agreement for the transaction to be valid?
    They charge money for such, most often 10% of the price of land.

  20. Lubega Silas.
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 12:21:22

    Thanks alot Abbey for sharing with us. Such knowledge is highly need but there is limited access to information. Keep it up!

  21. mwesige albert
    Jan 25, 2015 @ 15:58:22

    after an author letter from the dland board is submitted to the registrar of tittles, how long does it take to get your tittle?
    thank you very much. am in bundibugyo district

  22. Nakabugo Sarai
    May 01, 2015 @ 11:55:03

    How can i check for a valid land title on the internet or phone? I mean the procedures just in case i want to check from home! Suppose i have the block number and plot number.

    Jun 05, 2015 @ 19:06:47

    i have three plots of 75-250 am guessing but according to my view thats how they look to be each of them. now i want yo ask for leave to process the titles through the division and district. how muvh money can it cost me just estimate if you are not sure. and can it take a month or some few weeks if the whole process with surveying has been done.how long does it take for me to get my titles? you may even advise me on my contacts 0700910040 and 0788737374. waiting. CPL NUWAGIRA G BAKEBWA UPDF ENGINEERING BRIGADE.

    Jun 05, 2015 @ 19:17:29

    i wud like to know even if i can process the title from the regional offices or i shud follow up to kampala?

  25. gong peter
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 08:03:34

    I would like 2 know which company iz responsible 4 land lease in manafwa District & what iz de cost 4 aplot measuring (30 * 100)

    Sep 15, 2015 @ 20:46:01

    Thank u very much and we value the services u provide to the country.

  27. kamanzi rakiibu
    Nov 01, 2015 @ 08:05:32

    how do i check the land title if it is valid or invalid??

  28. counsel isingoma a yusufu
    Nov 09, 2015 @ 12:57:40

    thanx for the educative information my boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. isaac
    Feb 24, 2016 @ 15:16:20

    hello denis, thanks for the great work your doing.
    my question is about transferring a title from leasehold to mailo. what are the procedures to follow?! thanks, isaac.

  30. Kakai Bridget
    Mar 11, 2016 @ 13:22:18

    i would like to know what smallest land size is authorized to have a land title please. thank you

  31. Geofrey Mugere
    Jun 05, 2016 @ 05:47:49

    I bought a piece of land at Waitambogwe (Mayuge district) its size is 60×200 feet and I bought it at 7.3 millions… How much do I pay to acquire a title for that land and how do I go through that process and where do I process the documents from because I work from Kampala

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