Minister Kibule and victim Obuku Hellen

Minister Kibule and victim Obuku Hellen

Dear Ms. Hellen Obuku,

I’m sorry to hear that a minister slapped you while you were doing your work, and nothing has been done about it up to now. In a law abiding country, that would have earned him at least 5 months in the mental hospital to avoid prosecution. Many people have personalities which exhibit mild forms of behaviour which when more exaggerated is characteristic of one or another mental disorder. These are sometimes called “shadow syndromes”.You might like to check out “cyclothymia”, which describes a mild form of bipolar effective disorder.
I know you’ve had really bad experiences with Mr.Kibuule, but don’t let a few bad apples spoil your outlook of males with power and authority.Put them in their place in no uncertain terms, and I bet it will stop. You have a right for them to respect you, and not treat you like a bit of fluff! What I want to assure you is that not all men are like Hon.Kibuule when they’re ministers, only the clods, and those types usually act that way minister or not.And I don’t think your dislike of the pervert who likes to slap women is inappropriate in any way.

Your CEO is not one smart cookie. How can he apologise to a bully for slapping you. I’m glad the Corporate Affairs Team has come out to put things straight. Mr.Kibuule should personally apologise to you and his boss,Mr.Museveni, should ‘punish’ him for his reckless behaviour. I must warn you, though, that its every rare for a military man like Museveni to appear to be punishing his people in public.I don’t pretend to understand the bond military men (and women) share because I’ve never been there, but I do respect it. At least with the public in the loop, we can act as a buffer or back you up if nothing is done about Mr.Kibuule.That would be a hoot!
Meanwhile, do you have any ” Assaulted Babes and Mom’s” groups that you can join? It is usually excellent for the assaulted women to compare notes, because I don’t think the Uganda Police will do much to help you. As you have recently seen with Gen. Kayihura’s failure to respect the court sermons, its now confirmed that some people are above the law.

Otherwise,I wish you many, many years of good health. Remember:You can pick your bosses, and you can pick your nose. But you can’t pick your boss’s nose.We all just try to do our best to stay level.

Abbey Semuwemba

Cyber war is now real in Uganda going by the excitement the Tom Okwalinga VS Muwema case !

Cyber war is now real in Uganda going by the excitement the Tom Okwalinga VS Muwema case in Ireland has generated.The truth is i don’t think that even Facebook is capable of revealing Tom’s true identify. All they can reveal is an IP address, but with modern technology, there are now several ways of concealing one’s IP address. That’s why even some terrorist groups have got websites and Facebook pages.

For instance, one can conceal it with a VPN. Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers a connectivity to another network, and when connected your computer receives a new IP address from a VPN provider. Every traffic from your computer routes through the VPN network, so your true IP address assigned by your ISP is hidden. It is called IP spoofing.

IP address spoofing or IP spoofing is the creation of Internet Protocol (IP) packets with a forged source IP address, with the purpose of concealing the identity of the sender or impersonating another computing system. When the victim replies to the address, it goes back to the spoofed address and not to the attacker’s real address.

Tom Voltaire Okwalinga is probably chilling right now and watching govt officials getting excited for nothing!

P.S: This very post has been reposted by Facebook in my profile three times without my permission, and I wonder why.


Besigye’s international stars seem to be improving everyday!

Besigye with his wife,Winnie Byanyima, at one of the conferences in London

Besigye with his wife,Winnie Byanyima, at one of the conferences in London

Besigye’s international stars seem to be improving everyday. He started with ‘meetings’ of Ugandans in the UK, then attended the UNAA(USA) convention in Boston before giving a lecture at the New York City Bar Association,then he was hosted at Chatham House and also had a BBC interview. He was also at the UK Convention.

At this rate, we soon gonna see him address the House of Commons and Lords in the UK or the US Congress. And of course, dear Winnie is also smiling everyday seeing her husband,right?

Besigye with other VIPs at the UNAA Conference in Boston

Besigye with other VIPs at the UNAA Conference in Boston

But the sheer energy of the man! I still cant believe he’s just knocked 60 years because he doesn’t look it at all. Just imagine all the preliminary study, the writing of speeches,the traveling, planning, rehearsing, conducting, and, not least, fund-raising.
Besigye at the UK Convention, 2016

Besigye at the UK Convention, 2016

I didnt attended the UK convention but the Besigye’s lectures could be summarized as follows :Under the new Uganda of majoritarianism, the theory is to have enough constraint and checks built into the systems to avoid oppression. People will be empowered to change bad leaders. Leaders will be servants of people they lead not masters!

I know a lot of people are saying,’Screw all this’, but may be the international community will at some point start looking at Museveni differently.May be Besigye will show or tell them something they have never heard before, who knows? Like George Bernard Shaw once said,’If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas’.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Ugandan in the UK


Oh boy, am I going to get flamed for this but I think one’s dress has nothing to do with respect to the occasion.Your dress is merely a reflection of your being more relaxed when you interact with others. I would not judge anyone, especially a teenager, by their dress if they’re there for the love of the occasion as I am.

I think we have to be careful not to ascribe attributes such as lack of respect towards people we don’t know, merely by their clothing. I would not want to sit in an auditorium fuming over the dress of others while they are having a perfectly good time. It would accomplish nothing, and only serve to make me upset.

If people are willing to judge what respect Besigye’s son had for the recently concluded UNAA conference (or for himself or his parents) based solely (or even partially) on how he dressed, rather than how he responded, how well he listened, how careful he didnt disturb the speakers or the others in the audience, and what he does with the experience, then that is, IMHO (in my humble opinion), a character flaw within that person.Clothing may or may not be a reflection of personality. It is somewhat prejudicial to say that good clothes make good people and bad clothes make bad people.

IMHO, clothes are first and foremost functional, and I really would prefer not to sacrifice comfort for someone else’s archaic views of respect vs appearance.Basically, if your clothes don’t turn heads outside the conference hall, there’s no reason they should inside.As long as there is no conscious effort to detract attention from the conference to the individual, I don’t see a reason to complain.

Whenever I attend a conference though I rarely do, I’m there to listen to the speakers and interact, not to participate in a rite of veneration, nor to put on a public show (I have a strong suspicion that there’s still a significant fraction of Ugandans who attend such functions to be seen, not to listen). I also feel that the idea that one has to don special clothes to attend a conference sets up needless elitist barriers.

Here’s another opinion, ready for flaming.I think that the concept that there is (or might be) a special code of behavior (including dress code or registration fees) for attending a conference is turning off a lot of potential audience. The last thing we need is people reluctant to go to conventions or conferences because they think they might not know the rules. The coming UK convention this Saturday would have a lot of people attending if the fees were scrapped by my mate, Willy Nsubuga Mutenza. He has already invited the biggest star in Dr.Besigye who is an attraction for people, and that would be enough to fill the damn hall, but the fees are putting people off.

That said, I think I think group performers and choirs invited at conferences should be uniformly dressed, it reflects the fact that they are one unified whole.It could get jarring to the eye seeing a cacophony of dress and interfere in the harmony of the sound.

Byebyo ebyange!




Hope all you posters there are okay after the earthquake! What number on the richter scale was it. Hopefully there won’t be any damage from the after shocks.Sometimes when a fault line unzips at one point another bit further along unzips soon after. It is something one can’t predict.The one thing we can be sure of is most of the houses in Uganda aren’t built to strict earthquake codes.Sometimes we jump the gun with survival mania and do it in an unbalanced way

God, of course, can be “tyrannical” because he is perfect, and he has his reasons for testing us with earthquakes.Humans are not and therefore must rely on institutional safeguards and protections, imperfect though they may be. We should, therefore, try to do prepare ourselves for the future:

1.Have mandatory insurance laws put in place – so that victims who happen to be injured can get some sort of redress;
2.Develop and enforce strict building codes to stop the builders do what they may.Unregulated building may lead to unsafe, ecologically unsound results;
3.Force builders to put sprinkler and other fire safety measures in buildings. Considering how important fire protection is, it would most likely become a mandatory feature in the opinion of the market–everyone would be willing to pay the extra twenty dollars a month to avoid being incinerated.

You never know what might happen by taking one small action.Disasters seem to be epidemic at the moment.From all accounts it seems Tanzania suffered most.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom



I don’t know how Mr.Museveni came to own Kisozi farm but I always smile at the pictures of any man utilizing land in Africa.Grass fed meat is quite different.The quality of meat by grass fed cattle is better but one of several points. Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world who do eat beef, pork, and chicken are eating animals that are not eating a good diet themselves and in many cases chemically engineered to fatten up for a quick profit.
However,we could feed the world much easier if most of the land committed to providing grazing for animals, was instead used to growing grain based crops. There is huge waste that goes into grazing, but it doesn’t seem to bother the greedy when they chomp down on their big thick juicy steaks. Plants(especially fruits and vegetables) are better for our health than meat!

Our people should not waste too much money and land on cattle keeping. They should instead grow more food crops. Plants give our bodies almost everything we need. Any small amount of nutrients that is in meat is negated by the animal protein, saturated fat and cholesterol it contains.Humans only require around 5% of daily calories from protein, which you can easily get by eating plant foods.You need only look at the human teeth to see that we don’t have teeth meant for eating large amounts of meat. We are meant mostly to eat vegetables, and very little meat.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba with a background in both Business Management and Public Health


I’m not an aspirin expert but I’ve just found out two things today which I didnt know before:

1-Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin,is a naturally occurring antibiotic and anti-fungal in plants. This means that If one eats a lot of vegetables you’re already naturally getting a low dose of aspirin, which supports my earlier theory in another post that we just just have to consume as many plant foods as possible to fight diseases compared to meat.

2. Aspirin carries a risk that locally high concentrations of aspirin in the stomach will destroy the lining and causes intestinal bleeding. There’s a great deal of research going on into various ways of reducing that risk.

As an armchair epidemiologists, I always bring such health topics such that we could engage and learn from the professionals on this forum, but it disappoints when most of them just keep quiet.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba living in the UK with a background in Public Health-Health Promotion

Help us build a new toilet for Kamuli UMEA primary school in Bugerere!

subliminallyHelp us build a new toilet for Kamuli UMEA primary school in Bugerere, Kayunga, Uganda

It is estimated to cost shs.3m.We need to get going on this by the end of this month to get the planning done and the building started in October 2016. Can you help as soon as possible please?
We are hoping to do more small projects such as this one in the near future!It’s amazing something so simple, something most of us take for granted, can have such an impact and make a huge change.For contributions, please send them to Ms.Rashidah Mukwanga ;MOBILE MONEY:TELL:0757521376, Kampala, Uganda. Thanks.

How does Olanzapine help with Stomach pains???

OK, I’m going to avoid generalization and bashing of our doctors back home in Uganda but this is another story that needs all our attention.

A friend of mine has just come back from Uganda after a month away. She fell ill with stomach pains while there and went to a supposedly expensive clinic in Kampala to get some help. The doctor there didnt do any tests but just prescribed a medicine, Olanzapine (Zyprexa),which is known to have a hire possibility of causing diabetes, than any of the other similar drugs for psychotic disorders.She’s not psychotic, so the indications for it’s use were marginal in her case.

This drug does mess up the pancreas in an otherwise healthy individual without diabetes. And, the literature is almost silent on whether or not the pancreas will start to work if the patient is taken off of the Olanzapine.I can tell you that majority of people who take it gain a horrendous amount of weight. It does something to your metabolism and to your appetite control within the brain.

So, my friend questioned the doctor why she has been prescribed it, the doctor’s answer was:’just take it, we prescribe it to people here and they get better’, and indeed she took it and felt better after two days of sleeping. She’s now in fact wondering whether she should be taking it whenever she feels pains.

When I think I can be of some modest help to someone with a question, I do my best to answer. When it comes down to important medical decisions, I typically suggest that one consults their doctor. Now, I would like to hear opinions on this, because as a lay man, i found this disturbing.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Msc. Public Health–Health Promotion
United Kingdom


The moment you realize that this ‘dunia’ is nothing but just a short journey, you wouldn’t ask taxpayers to contribute shs.68m to your burial.You will just save up and spend out of your own savings! If you wanna be buried in an American casket, with the hope that your damn body wont be eaten by maggots, then just save up for it, without taking advantage of the people you work for.

Alternatively, parliament could start up something like a funeral insurance where each MP pays in every month, and a certain amount is allocated to that person in case of their death. They should also get funeral insurance for their families, and this should come from their wages. Most funerals of Ugandans abroad are funded through insurances or donations from friends and relatives, and they never get any favors from govt, yet their contribution to Uganda’s economy is far bigger than the taxes collected from MPs wages altogether.
I personally don’t have a problem with most of our MPs. Just can’t stand the ones that seem to presume that all Ugandans are stupid.I think MPs should be more concerned about what people are gonna say at their funerals than anything else.There is an old aphorism which states that to know the true worth of a person, you should “have the bones of their enemies speak at their funeral.”

Damn it, I want to know about me now! Hello my buddy, Mugerwa James!

United Kingdom

President Omar Bashir’s Hajji money wasn’t spent properly by Mr.Museveni!

A little hajji on his way to perform Umrah this morning. MashaAllah!

A little hajji on his way to perform Umrah this morning. MashaAllah!

The fact that more questions still linger over the money Museveni received from foreign sources and UNFAIRLY spent on only NRM cadres to go for Hajji– shows that Muslims in Uganda are devoid of meaningful representation, organisation and leadership. Absence of Muslim leadership from such initiatives makes both Muslim leaders and the government look bad in the eyes of the 10 Million Uganda Muslims. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

BTW: Welcome back from Mecca, Ahmed Musaazi……you’re our rock,mate!

Abbey Semuwemba
United Kingdom


Millions of pilgrims.

Millions of pilgrims.

Brothers and sisters, thank you praying for us during Hadj and Umra we also prayed for you, ourselves, our families, our country, our people.

For clarification President Omar Hassan El Bashir gave an offer of Hadj to President Yoweri Museveni and this was brokered by Field Marshal Bashir\s special assistant, Hajjati Najiwa. She is as former UN staff, based in Geneva, a power broker.
The President tasked NRM 1st Vice Chairperson Al Haji Moses Kigongo, Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba, Director of Administration and Finance Dr. Hassan Waswa Galiwango and Presidential Special Assistant Al Haji Capt. Abbey Hafez Mukwaya to do the modalities.
Selection was basically in NRM structure, and one member of Central Executive Committee, Haji Qadaffi Nasur was one of the beneficiaries, then members of National Executive Committee including Wakiso DIstrict NRM Chairperson Al Haji Abdul Kiyimba and Kampala Central NRM Chairperson Haji Salim Uhuru were among the beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries cut across the country but of course area that are predominantly Muslim, like Butambala, Busoga, had a lion’s share and areas where Muslims are hardly in structure were specially catered for but it should be a lesson to the people of those areas, that while choosing leaders, even Muslims, should be included.

There were some anomalies, as this was a pilot project but compared to how Hadj offers from other foreign countries are abused, where some of our sheikhs are annual hajis, or where some of the offers are sold, and our local sheikhs are ever left out, l think NRM structure should be left alone to look for offers for its supporters.
However, now that a Department of Religious Affairs has been created under Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, President’s Office, the state should also look for more to benefit all Ugandans Muslims and non Muslims alike.

Both presidents have accepted to make ours annual and a coordinating committee has been set up.

So we thank so much President Omar Mashir for the offer, we thank President Yoweri Museveni for accepting the offer, we thank Hajjati Najiwa for the initiative.

l also thank those who came for my duwa at my home yesterday. good day.

One of the beneficiaries of the Hajji Money



Attacking Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe,Nyanjura Doreen and Harold Kaija was bad. These women have suffered a lot for Ugandans, and I don’t believe in the negative rumors around them.Let’s face it: the only area where excellence in opposition politics is worshiped in Uganda today is the streets. Besigye and those women have been in trenches, streets and faced all kinds of things. If they get something financial from certain sources(in or outside the country) to reward their efforts, we shouldn’t portray them as ‘double dealers”. In all other spheres of politics a street politician is held to be the best.Besigye has a defacto superiority that even those who do not like him often recognize.

I think Nsereko’s aim in all this is to trigger a debate on Besigye’s dominance of opposition politics, but I think he’s going about it in the wrong way.Sometimes shouting improves the signal-to-noise ratio if you have something worth saying! I do not advocate shouting down one’s opponent. But I do say that if you are being shouted down, the only recourse is to shout back or shut up. I have found that if I believe that I am right about something,I must say so loudly and with conviction, and be prepared to explain why–but only if challenged to do so.This is true regardless of whether it is a technical matter or a personal one.One brings the courage of one’s conviction forward in one’s utterances, both in content and demeanor.

Hon.Semujju’s response to the issues Nsereko raised was not well thought through. He shouldn’t attack Nsereko as a person, but he should concentrate on the issues. The issues Nsereko raised have been just whispers in the corridors of power for a while now, and I think we shouldn’t sweep them under the carpet. It seems as if those who want answers feel very threatened by those who may have a correct answer. And then there are those that cannot handle an opinion that is based in years of experience, education, practice, interactions and study.
If you don’t know the answer to something then be secure enough to accept the answer from someone who knows. If someone has made an erroneous statement then be humble enough to admit it. If you still do not agree, do some research so you’ll know. If your opinion is based on rumor, innuendo, or lacks insight then you should expect someone who does know the facts to have a differing view. Just because one is knowledgeable, it doesn’t mean they’re snobs.


I like the part where Nsereko asked Simon Kaggwa Njala to answer ‘true’ or ‘false’, and Njala went like:’ you have the flow.Go ahead’. I had not heard such a language for a long time, and I miss it!

And then there is a part Nsereko responded with a prolonged:”I’m cominggggggggggggg”, and indeed he was coming.

Simon Kaggwa Njala: Akembizi kakulumye. That was below the belt

Muhammad Nsereko: Narrated a hadith about the man who used to drop shit in prophet Muhammad’s way to the mosque, though some of his details were false.

And then when Nsereko seemed to be moving away from the main points under discussion,Simon Kaggwa Njala interjected: ‘Tudde kububizi’

Muhammad Nsereko: ‘Anti embizi nze sijidisicasinga’

On a sad note, I’m not happy to see two Muslim brothers(Semujju Nganda and Nsereko) trading insults in public. Ebintu tubikwate mpola!



Hajji Abdu-Nadduli

Hajji Abdu-Nadduli

Dear brothers and sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum. Ramandhan Kareem. We pray that Allah forgives us for our past sins and those we will intentionally and unintentionally commit in future. Hope everyone is doing a lot of ‘astaghfirullahs’ during this month, and praying for our sick brothers and sisters, such as Prof Abassi Kiyimba. Anyway, I just wanted to make a few comments on the debate on Museveni’s new cabinet.

First,to be hateful and Islamophobic has become so common that it is proudly displayed all around us, online, on the news, and in politics. It is dehumanizing and it hurts.The term Muslim is being thrown out so often so cheaply. Just look at what’s happening in USA politics right now.For someone who seems to have had the best education Donald Trump lacks culture sensitivity and understanding. He evokes fear in people over his own ideology. He says Muslims did this and did that but there are people who are Muslims being murdered by people who say they are doing it for God.

Always remember this line “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Nobody is gonna change your life for the better unless you wake up and do it yourself. Democracy is saturated with differing opinions and views, and it is the democratic majority of those views that decide what is legal and acceptable in Uganda, not the foot that stomps the hardest or voice that yells the loudest. Its the presidency that now decides everything in Uganda. So, little by little Muslims should target the presidency. They should be aspiring to become presidents. They should be a program helping in identifying and supporting Muslims interested in the presidency. Muslims should not beg favors from the presidency but they should be an influence on the presidency whether one of them is in the office or not. Learn from our Catholic brothers and sisters, and their organisational abilities.

Because there’s likely no such a system or thoughts in place, you find a few Muslims in high positions in government all running to the presidency to determine their next step in life. For instance, If someone has been appointed the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, you’d expect that person to use that position to: 1- do their duties diligently; 2- sell yourself, your good nature, your good character, e.t.c to the public; 3- use that office to take you to the next level, and that level should be the presidency or something more important(not retirement, come on, unless if you have got healthy or family related issues). You only choose to retire if you feel you have not performed to your expectations or to the expectations of the people of Uganda.

The few years Idi Amin spent as president ARGUABLY benefited Uganda Muslims and Ugandans in general more than the last 30 years of Museveni’s leadership.Museveni does not need to change,in fact he will never change but Muslims need to change their reluctance to be fully involved in politics.


The few Muslim MPs aren’t impressive, I don’t care what your party is, have the damn backbone to stand up to any injustice by the government. I’m aware that an individual who belongs to a party isn’t actually allowed to vote the way he wants, nor the way the people who vote him in want. They always have to vote according to the party’s platform. But come on,guys, this is Uganda where everything is damn possible. All you need is to grind your teeth, look the speaker in the eyes, and say ‘that’s my position. Like it or stuff it’!

I know that many consider this view unrealistic and narrow, but I feel more comfortable supporting nonMuslim politicians than Muslim politicians who remain silent or wishy washy on issues affecting Muslims and the whole country. We like to support Muslims in politics, but how effective are they in matters that seriously affect us and matter as a community?

Brother Hajji Nadduli:

If Hajji Nadduli accepts the position of the minister without Portfolio(MWP), it will be just another example of Muslims embarrassing themselves in politics and not actually being particularly helpful. Its not that i’m not happy for our brother but ,goodness me, what’s he gonna do at the age of 74 that he has not done in the last 30 years? What do MWP exactly do? What’s the point of being in politics if you’re not going to do anything bloody useful? I’m yet to see a Muslim politician take a strong principled stand on matters relevant to the Muslim community, other than very minor matters.

Disunity costing our place in politics:

As a whole we have no unity as an Ummah and its a bit Pathetic because some politicians use it to further divide us.The strategy feeds on itself. Turning us against each other has become easier because of the economic stresses most Ugandans feel. Economic insecurity is rampant. Most Ugandans worry about their futures. That insecurity and anger is easily manipulated — channeled into a politics of one Muslim faction fighting the other, one Muslim allied to Statehouse and another to the opposition, but should it be like this? Really?

This disunity, in turn, serves those in power because it distracts Muslims from what’s should benefit them as a community. The greatest fear of any non-Muslim president is that a majority of Muslims would otherwise join together politically and demand a country organized for the many, not the few.

In this way, “divide and distract” is a winning strategy for them. But it is a losing strategy for Muslims who want to fundamentally change things in Uganda. We must not let them succeed.We should,therefore, be working together on issues that benefit the Ummah whether you are a Muslim in opposition or government.

Byebyo enbyange banange!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Hitler and Stalin were two sides of the same coin!

ALLEGORYHere we go again with silly “……I am willing to go to hell and ally with the devil to defeat the extremism and intolerance of the radical faction of FDC.” This statement, once again, refers to an enlightened intelligentsia who presumably read and still think for themselves, but when you look deep into it, it sounds like someone who wanted to find a way of letting the world know that he’s now officially working for a certain ‘devil’. A worse case allegory would be ‘I don’t give a damn about the FDC radicals as long as I somehow get paid’.

Unfortunately, high-profile historical personalities (such as Hitler, Churchill, Stalin,e.t.c) are easy targets for PR people and there is much around on which to base solid arguments without rambling on about ‘FDC’. By the way, I had promised myself not to respond to anything ‘MWENDA’ but for him to ally himself publically with the really revolutionary ‘revolutionaries’ in Uganda might not have been such a wise political move.There is no such thing as “worse” dictator. Any and all of them represent evil in the same measure regardless of how many crimes they committed.

Hitler only gets the worst rap in the history curriculum because Stalin indirectly aided the allied forces in overthrowing Nazi Germany. If it was the other way around the same would be said for Stalin who killed millions more of his own people and the Ukrainian famine instigated by Stalin killed over 7 million people alone.See Timothy Snyder’s “Bloodland” and study the section on Stalin’s starvation of Ukraine. To ringfence whole towns in order to let the inhabitants starve to death is fairly equal to a death camp in my mind.

Hitler and Stalin were two sides of the same coin.All too easily did we forget these two men were allies complicit to a joint crime before their greedy scuffle years after they got started. Stalin was the first to join the Nazi Germany in fight in September 1939 attacking Poland and having a combined German Soviet victory parade.Stalin was invading left and right, took the Baltic states in a pact with Hitler, Eastern-Poland and Moldova too.

Therefore, there is no point in trying to put a human face on Stalin( Mwenda’s ally). Hitler is considered pure evil and so should be Stalin. If you just add up body count, he was far worse than Hitler. Of course, using the same measure, Mao is the champion homicidal maniac of the 20th century.

What I don’t understand is how anybody would equate ‘extremists’ or ‘radicals’ in the FDC to Hitler unless something has totally gone haywire. Anyway,the history is written by winners. Now, there’s one supposedly calling himself a ‘Churchill’ in the above mentioned allegory. But then again, most of the problems we are having around the world today are in former British colonies or territories, Israel, Iraq Syria, Afghanistan, China, Egypt, India, most of Africa, now America, and the UN have to clean up their mess,…… but Churchill had a say in the whole process.

We all try to read the future when we make our political decisions. Amazingly, we usually get it wrong. I onetime looked at Museveni as the Messiah of Uganda but he changed to a ‘devil’ or ‘Stalin'(to borrow from one of his supporters). Now, what if the people you are calling ‘radicals'(opposing your ‘Stalin’) today end up being in power tomorrow, what do you do?

Don’t Feel Betrayed by Beti Kamya!

ALLEGORYFor the record, I do not feel betrayed by Ms.Beti Kamya! Calling her out for being a sellout to Museveni and rarely going out on a limb for common people unless it suits her own agenda of advancement is not something I feel betrayed by. Most Uganda politicians are all like that.i.e. most are pretenders.

1.I feel betrayed by the Electoral Commission for failure to conduct free and fair elections;
2.I feel betrayed by the opposition for wasting everyone’s time.I feel more betrayed by the parties than an individual.I have no trust in the integrity of any other major political party;
3.I feel betrayed by the media for failure to stand with the people of Uganda when they need them most;
4.I feel betrayed by my government, police forces that no longer protect, and countless other things.

I DO NOT feel betrayed by Ms.Kamya. I feel she has pulled the curtain back on all that has betrayed my trust.She has given us a glimpse of what Uganda politics is mainly about–eating. I even don’t believe the nonsense that she has been working for Museveni all along. I’m sure she was approached at some point before or after the presidential elections.

Abbey Semuwemba
Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turomwe, also known as Betty Kamya and Beti Kamya, is a businesswoman and politician in Uganda, the third-largest economy in the East African Community. She is the Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority in the Cabinet of Uganda. She was named to that position on 6 June 2016.

She is the founder and president of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), one of the registered political parties in the country.[2][3] She was a candidate in the 2011 Ugandan presidential elections, coming in fifth with 52,782 votes. She previously served as the Member of Parliament representing Lubaga North Constituency on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket from 2006 until 2010.

She was born in Nakuru, Kenya on 30 November 1955 to George Wilson Kamya, a Ugandan, and Margaret Wairimu Kamya, a Kenyan. Beti was the fourth born of nine children. In 1961, when Beti was six years old, the family relocated to Uganda.

She attended McKay Memorial School in Kampala and Saint Hellen’s Primary School in western Uganda for her primary education. She then attended Wanyange Girls’ School for her O-Level education and Kings College Budo for her A-Level education. She studied at Makerere University, the oldest and largest public university in the country, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing.

In the mid 1980s, she joined Uganda Leather and Tanning Industries Limited in Jinja in the sales department, working there until 1988. She then joined Nyanza Textiles Industries Limited, working there as a sales executive until 1992. She then relocated to Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city with her husband.

From 1996 until 1999, she worked as the marketing manager at Uganda Breweries Limited in Port Bell, a Kampala suburb. From 1999 until 2004, she was the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe, about 36 kilometres (22 mi), by road, south of Kampala on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.


Peter Ssematimba was unfairly ‘hanged’!

ALLEGORYBetter than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, too, but I think its unfair to disqualify someone from parliament over academic qualifications.What MPs do in the house is what is really important. In any case, most of them with degrees or PHDs, if scratched, will admit to being bilge(rubbish), albeit cleverly produced bilge. Our education system regularly produces O’ and A’ levels who are functionally illiterate…university students too. How well is all that for a necessity before one becomes a MP?

If parliament is to survive and flourish, we must stop being so elitist and start trying to “reach the masses”. It can be done, you know.It’s not a formal academic thing, and that’s the last thing it should be.Parliament is about representing people in your constituency. The minimum qualification should not be A Levels but the ability to understand people’s concerns, and to represent their interests. What matters is whether s/he is able to fully voice out the issues,complaints and views of thousands or millions of people s/he is representing. Actually,there is no relation between an educational qualification and being a good member of parliament.Lots of people without A Levels or that degree have plenty of experience, and many of those know much more than anybody just coming out of grad school.

Disqualify someone over rigging but not academics. No wonder our 1995 constitution has had more reviews than any other Africa constitution…Jesus Christ!

Abbey Semuwemba


Reports from Uganda newspapers show that our traditional Muslim founded schools such as Kibuli S.S, Kawempe Muslim, Nabisunsa, e.t.c, aren’t doing as well as they used to in the past. I’m a little conflicted about the whole issue but part of the problem has allegedly been put on the teachers who teach there and at the same time own and teach in private schools elsewhere. They(teachers and headteachers) reportedly use our public foundation schools as recruitment centers for potential students and teachers. Yes, every school needs good teachers but that’s not the point. Our schools once did a better job than they do now, and something deep is happening in our Muslim schools as compared to Christian foundation schools.

Basically our teachers are in business, not teaching. Students are a cost.Businesses are service-motivated ONLY to the extent that it serves their deeper motive, which is, of course, profit. Profit is the end, the “service-motive” is the means.

Nearly all our headteachers own private schools, and it is suspected that they aren’t putting as much effort in our public schools as their private schools. For instance, Kibuli’s reputation as a successful school in the past is enough for a lot of parents to try to get a place there, but not everyone does get a place. So, they are recommended to the private school owned by the head teacher somewhere.It is a “bait and switch” tactic and its effective.On the surface, it shouldn’t be a problem at all but it becomes a problem if the headteacher becomes more committed to his private school than the school he’s heading.

While these teachers have strong financial motives to admit unsuccessful students in their private schools, for failing students the experience can be devastating.There is possibly trauma and poor self-esteem for having failed, and perhaps embarrassment for their families and friends. I remember the ‘KABAZI’ at Kibuli S.S. made us lose friends forever.

Either way, Private schools make money whether students learn or not.Problem is that concentrating education at the end of one set of purse-strings includes NO checks and balances. Meanwhile, we are all watching and literally doing nothing about it.Obviously,the profit-motive is instinctive, we all have the craving to own property, and thrive and prosper, but It needs to regulated.

The idea of “taking away resources” and ‘sharing the same teachers’ between foundation schools and private schools is actually quite dangerous.Dangerous because the foundation school budgets are stretched and the teachers concentration is so divided,and in the end it will come back to bite us, as it always does.

It is said that capitalism civilizes greed as marriage civilizes lust. I don’t think the kind of capitalism we are entrenched in now is civilizing greed–I think it is applauding it, relishing in it and holding it up as an aim to strive for. Every teacher wants to start up a school to be considered successful. Imagine owning 3-5 private schools but you are still a head teacher of a foundation school, where do you commit your energy more? By the way,this has nothing to do with so-called “laws” of supply and demand, this has to do with the application of greed at the expense of the many.

Sorry to ramble for so long with so little in conclusions.As I said much earlier, I am still very conflicted about this whole issue. Perhaps this will give a little food for thought as this thread continues.

I apologize in advance if I have rubbed anybody’s feathers but I consider this a very important issue that requires people on the ground to advance their thoughts. Hello UMTA?????

Stalk my blog at: http://semuwemba.com/

“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Please Ignore Andrew Mwenda for now!

Andrew Mwenda (born 1972) is a Ugandan journalist, founder and owner of The Independent, a current affairs newsmagazine. He was previously the political editor of The Daily Monitor, a Ugandan daily newspaper and was the presenter of Andrew Mwenda Live on the KFM Radio in Kampala

Andrew Mwenda (born 1972) is a Ugandan journalist, founder and owner of The Independent, a current affairs newsmagazine. He was previously the political editor of The Daily Monitor, a Ugandan daily newspaper and was the presenter of Andrew Mwenda Live on the KFM Radio in Kampala

People. I love you but please stop making Mr. Andrew Mwenda famous again. He comes up with these shenanigans (simanyi ‘I’m here in Kigali’, ‘Winnie Byanyima slept with……. blah blah) so he can make some headlines, maybe get him to instead love Uganda again. Don’t feed him your time anymore. Don’t share his articles; don’t give them the honour of his face being all over social media again. Every time someone posts something w/ his name it gives him attention. If ppl keep this up he’ll be trending soon. I only refer to him as the man I once admired so much, and that’s all. Some people do great things for the right reasons, and in the process become well-known. Others try to become well-known by bringing down the people who are doing great things. I’m afraid Mr. Mwenda is now the latter. We should instead use this as an opportunity to pray for Dr.Besigye and all the unarmed people who continue to be killed, tortured or arrested by law enforcement with impunity.

Don’t be distracted. Keep doing you!


It doesnt matter anymore if Trump becomes the next USA president

Amazing how Islamophobia and appropriation occur simultaneously – just listen to the conversations around us at our typical ‘Katogo’ joint or on this very forum by supposedly very educated people. It’s not that Islam isn’t a balance (between extremes), and therefore is essentially a moderate path. It isnt that Islam supports terrorism. The problem is the endorsed conjunction of “moderate” and “Muslim”, as if to imply that “Muslim” alone is by default a problem, which it isn’t and shouldn’t be for Muslims to show that they too are not a problem simply because they identify as followers of Islam.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Personally, I’m no longer bothered if Trump or Hilary wins the presidency.Trumpomonia and Islamophobia will keep going.Every step forward in American history has been followed by a reactionary racist backlash. The election of Obama set the stage for Trump.

I would make an important addition here in regards to the KKK. This group came up after the emancipation of slaves and reconstructionist era as a REACTION to these changes to restore the old order, i.e, to make America great again. And is it any surprise they have been on the rise again since the election of Obama?

Technically Hillary is probably more islamophobe than Trump, Hillary voted for the Iraq war, while trump opposed it and he was the only guy to oppose it because he had concerns with Iraqi civilians, while everyone was only concerned with the money and us soldiers.

I actually don’t think that Trump hates Muslims, he is just skilfully riding the wave of Islamophobia to his advantage. Cruz could have ended his candidacy on a classy, conciliatory note towards Muslims, or at least not mention them, but he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to, once again, repeat his assertion that “radical Islam” is America’s worst enemy. He must’ve been hanging out a lot with his adviser, Frank Gaffney. May be they had dinner together.

Trump has at least considered defunding Israel. Hilary is totally one sided. Surveillance of Muslims won’t change under Hillary, and very likely, would be protracted with her presidency.

In addition, Hilary isn’t even a candidate for immigrants. She keeps repeating that “I had to baby sit immigrant kids” line and I’m like, “what is that supposed to prove?”

Hillary Clinton supported the US PATRIOT ACT – sweeping post-9/11 legislation that enabled profiling and surveillance of Muslim Americans.

I think someone mentioned the term politricks recently, I can’t remember who… clinton’s are all about politricks. What Bill did in the name of “welfare reform” had/has a strong negative impact on low income communities and communities of color. Not to mention the increase in the prison population under the Clinton administration.

Islam plays a central part in the history of enslaved Africans in the Americas. In fact it was in direct relation to Islam that Christian colonial powers (Spain and Portugal) attempted to carve up Africa with their theo-political and geographic distinctions though slaving. The exclusive/homogenous notions of sub-Saharan Africa as Black/not Muslim and North and East Africa as Muslim rooted in Early Modern Western Christian imperialism still hold sway. Even over fair and balanced journalists. Eurocentrism is a helluva drug.

In fact if you ask me,Bernie Sanders is the only ideal presidential candidate for Muslims:

– He opposed the US PATRIOT ACT
– He opposed the War in Iraq
– Is keen on creating a pathway for citizenship for immigrants
– Condemned surveillance of mosques and Muslim households
– Fights for free tuition at public universities
– Values the rights of the poor and working class over corporations
– Explicitly condemns Islamophobia

He really understands the struggle and concerns of Muslim Americans! Granted,no candidate is perfect. Bernie surely isn’t, and his shortcomings are many. However, his track record and policy positions align most with the interests of Muslim Americans. By a long shot. Especially Muslims in working class, immigrant, indigent, and concentrated communities like Dearborn and Flint, Hamtramck and throughout Detroit.

Muslims don’t deserve all the shit being thrown at them but it takes a very open mind to see it that way. Muslims are being discrimated by both their leaders and those they run to for help and support. Muslims are now officially among the most discriminated group in the world, and that’s where we should direct more discussion.

I think discussions on Islamic terrorism have unfairly superseded discussions on poverty and Muslim discrimination , to be frank, although the two overlap, the coverage on Muslim discrimination is non-existent. My impression is that it is our insufficient discussions on religious discrimination that mask disparities in income and specifically, poverty within our communities. That’s why the article written by Prof Mukwanason is handy at this point.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

Stalk my blog at: http://semuwemba.com/

“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”


ALLEGORYWarren Kizza Besigye Kifefe is now in Luzira prison after the controversial 2016 presidential elections. Besigye who is widely credited with being a co-author of the defiance campaign, is to go on trial on treason charges.If convicted, he faces decades in prison or death penalty.

Reform is like the heat devil on a hot desert road and Besigye is a demonstration of the reformation and evolution of a human life. He’s a vivid illustration of how an individual can completely revolutionize himself with nothing aside from will power, work, and belief.He’s has been opposing Mr.Museveni since the 1990s and he has not relented in his efforts to get rid of his government at all. He has never been convicted of anything but he has been arrested more times than any other person in Uganda’s history.

He resonates with the school children, poor, market traders, business men, prisoners, unemployed, the sick, criminals and nihilists because they see him as their would be savior. But, with his own hands, drive and mind, he has remodeled himself into the type of leader Uganda needs and has not yet seen. And even while holding that perch, he has never been heard under minding publicly any of the other leaders in the opposition. He respects them because he is one of them. And understands their struggle because that very struggle has shaped him into the most powerful voice in this century.No other opposition leader stands a chance in an election right now as long as Besigye is a candidate. He even seems to be more powerful than the FDC itself where he holds no official executive position.

A lot of people have learned tremendously from his unyielding commitment to social justice, how he has fought for democracy since the bush war in Luwero, and the depth of his personal sacrifice to advance the interests of the marginalized. I have never met nor spoken to him but am awed by the transformative power of his otherworldly will. You have to salute a man who is arrested day in day out while his supporters are watching and doing nothing, but then he gets the guts to continue with the struggle.

The ‘Ugandans-will-walk-with-swag’ comment during the presidential debates is still giving millions hope that change is coming as it did when he first made it. Our domestic political system is built so that the government is rather like a one-legged dog(one-man running the show), operating and carrying the weight of the whole body, so that the dog is always stumbling and going in circles; and our public life consists largely of gathering in the streets or social media to watch the dog stumble about and sometimes biting us helplessly, and of pointing at him, and laughing, and making unpleasant jokes, and blaming the opposition whenever the dog falls on his face. Unfortunately, one could easily be labelled an enemy of the state if you keep pointing and laughing at the stumbling one-legged dog on a street!


The British left behind an education system that everybody has been following since independence, but few people have bothered to review it to see if it still fits our needs. Theoretically there’s a saturation point that shows that the system is still good for us but in reality it’s not. Kids are mainly being taught to get jobs after studies.We aren’t taught to think outside the box on our own. Besides, most of our role models today I know who are doing well for themselves didn’t get As at school, their education came through commitment, street-smartness and experience.

Regarding our poor reading culture, how about offering reading classes where the students have the option of being graded or not graded at all.This way, the motivated students will work hard to get top grades. But everyone else can relax and have a good time, just like physical education.Even if they don’t invest their energies into the class, they’ll gain something by being exposed to knowledge about different stuff.

Let’s create required reading classes where the students are not required to do homework or take tests unless they want to. All they have to do is show up and relax and do some loud reading in turns about: religion, politics, culture or great personalities. At the very least, even the unmotivated kids will learn something; certain seeds will be planted in their souls that may sprout and flower. And motivated students will really get something out of it.

Kids who aren’t good in English should also be encouraged to read stories in the language that they are comfortable with. Speaking English fluently doesn’t make anyone more intelligent than others. Besides, having an additional means of expressing oneself, regardless of the level or quality of expression, is a value that should by no means be underestimated.

Here in the UK, kids are encouraged to read books right from the nursery stage, and a parent is required to sign in the diary to confirm that your kid has read while at home. The diary is always in the kid’s school bag along with other books.As a teacher, what you get from home schooling is that you get exposed to all the individual, different, parochial cultural bases. It gives you an insight about the parent of the kid.

As an example, there is a guy I work with but he narrates World war 11 and everything about Hitler from his finger tips. He told me that the story got patched on his brain forever because his mum used to read it for him as a kid. I felt like smacking myself because the history I learned at Kibuli S.S. was all about marks and grading. Nobody ever created a relaxing atmosphere for us to talk about these things as students in a way we want, without the fear of a cane or grades or being embarrassed by a mate. Now, all that stuff has got out of my head, and I have to teach myself again.

Perhaps the problem is that there is a phobia about textbooks, homework and tests.Young kids start out curious & eager to learn about everything around them.It’s sad that school seems to kill that spirit, and they become focused on memorizing the correct answers to get high marks on tests. Learning is supposed to be fun, and tests are useful as feedback on how well you understand the new things, but marks shouldn’t be the main thing.

The big thing I would like to see is for the schools to spend less time feeding kids facts to memorize and more time making sure they understand why some of them are important.This is a good topic, and I would love to read an input from various academicians on this forum. Thank you!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba Via the UMBS forum

God is the only one best creator.

Allaah is the only one best creator..........Not to mention that the patient in dialysis has to go at least 3 times a week to a dialysis unit

Allaah is the only one best creator……….Not to mention that the patient in dialysis has to go at least 3 times a week to a dialysis unit

Our heart beats around 100,000 times every day.

Our blood is On A 60,000-mile journey.

Our eyes can distinguish up to 1,000,000 colour surfaces and take in more information than the largest telescope known to man.

Our lungs inhale over two million litres of air every day, without even thinking. They are large enough to cover a tennis court.

Our hearing is so sensitive it can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of different sounds.

Our sense of touch is more refined than any device ever created.

Our brain is more complex than the most powerful computer and has over 100 billion nerve cells.

We give birth to 100 billion red cells every day.

When we touch something, we send a message to our brain at 124 mph.

We have over 600 muscles.

We exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile.

We are about 70 percent water.

We make one litre of saliva a day.

Our nose is our personal air-conditioning system:
It warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities.

In one square inch of our hand we have nine feet of blood vessels, 600 pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors and 75 pressure sensors.

We have copper, zinc, cobalt, calcium, manganese, phosphates, nickel and silicon in our bodies.

Apparently Lemons could cure loads of cancers…..U don’t lose anything by trying!

Everyone should plant lemon trees...

Everyone should plant lemon trees…

This is something that we should all take seriously – just had a recent test myself that sent shivers up my spine – or near by – Even doctors are now saying that there is value in trying “LEMON”

So, a tablespoon of “real lemon” (the concentrate in a bottle) in a glass of water every morning. What can it hurt?

Institute of Health Sciences, 819 N. L.L.C. Charles Street Baltimore , MD 1201. This is the latest in medicine, effective for cancer! Read carefully and you be the judge.

Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Why do we not know about that? Because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits.

You can now help a friend in need by letting him/her know that lemon juice is beneficial in preventing the disease. Its taste is pleasant and it does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy.

How many people will die while this closely guarded secret is kept, so as not to jeopardize the beneficial multi-millionaires large corporations? As you know, the lemon tree is known for its varieties of lemons and limes. You can eat the fruit in different ways: you can eat the pulp, juice press, prepare drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc…

It is credited with many virtues, but the most interesting is the effect it produces on cysts and tumors. This plant is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. Some say it is very useful in all variants of cancer. It is considered also as an anti-microbial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi, effective against internal parasites and worms, it regulates blood pressure which is too high and as an antidepressant, combats stress and nervous disorders.

The source of this information is fascinating: it comes from one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world, says that after more than 20 laboratory tests since 1970, the extracts revealed that: It destroys the malignant cells in 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas … The compounds of this tree showed 10,000 times better than the product Adriamycin, a drug normally used chemo-therapeutically in the world, slowing the growth of cancer cells. And what is even more astonishing: this type of therapy with lemon extract only destroys malignant cancer cells and it does not affect healthy cells.

Imagine spending shs.2.6b on a pornography machine when the only radiography machine at the cancer Institute is down?

I think phrenology( the relationship of the shape of the head to intelligence) should be brought back into our main stream debates to see if there’s a correlation between a certain Uganda’s minister head shape and his intelligence. Imagine spending shs.2.6b on a pornography machine when the only radiography machine at the cancer Institute is down. Where is a Tamale Mirundi when u need one!

Katikkiro Mayiga ‘s exact words on the 2016 elections

Katikkiro Mayiga 's exact words on the 2016 elections

Katikkiro Mayiga ‘s exact words on the 2016 elections

Mwenda’s views on social media were disappointing!

I read Andrew Mwenda’s negative views on social media, and I couldn’t believe that this was the same Andrew who once upon a time was fighting for ‘all’ views to be heard. Now, he’s preaching censorship of the social media as probably what his editors do at his magazine. Yes, it is censorship every time a newspaper decides not to print a letter to the editor.Simple factual reporting has disappeared from most of our media, and most statements of “fact” are corrupted by adjectives that “slant” the article to mirror the publisher’s viewpoint. Andrew himself has got a page in his paper:the Last Word’ purposely to portray himself as the ‘king of opinions’. Most Ugandans are so accustomed to this sort of “reporting” they aren’t even aware their opinions are being manipulated.

Most newspapers no longer operate on the basis of a Fairness Doctrine yet It should be possible to present whatever views one wants to present regardless of whether the views are ‘stupid and incoherent, uninformed and ridiculous,(to quote Mr.Mwenda). When you own the media, you can MANIPULATE the “customer base” in any way it suits you. Most of the editors now place inflated profits ahead of the principles that built fair journalism, and that’s the gap that has been filled in by the social media. I honestly don’t know when I last read an article from the Newvision as everything I need is on Facebook and UAH.

“Free speech” is most certainly at issue if the speaker is denied a forum in which to express unpopular views. (I’m sure Germans in the 1930’s could speak against Hitler among like-minded friends, if they were cautious about it – that isn’t quite the same thing as “free speech”!). Freedom of speech is just that: freedom to speak. Let people write whatever they want on social media, no one is required to listen.

By the way,censorship is not inherently bad; it’s necessary to a certain extent. If you’re a parent,you censor what your young children watch, hear, and do. But when the kids have become adults, the approach changes, and I believe most of the people using social media are adults. As a moderator, I only censor ‘adults’ who are behaving as little children, but I have no right to call anybody’s opinion ‘stupid’ because it may not be to some people.
By Abbey Semuwemba.

Abbey Semuwemba is a Ugandan based in the UK ; A Human Rights Activist and blogger -the founder and chief administrator of Ugandans at Heart (UAH)

Social media has killed the brains of many young people. In the olden days, to publish an opinion you needed to convince editors with the intellectual rigor of your argument. So you had to back your argument with facts, tone your language and improve your writing style.

With social media, anyone with an idea, however, stupid and incoherent, however, uninformed and ridiculous, however, uncouth and insulting, can post it on social media and get their voice heard – if anyone hears them at all.

While this may have “democratized” public discourse, it has also adulterated it. Just imagine if all you needed to get a Ph.D. was to write 300 pages of whatever came to your mind. What would happen to academia? That is what has happened to public debate.

Andrew M. Mwenda

Please don’t under-look any job if you plan to live abroad

Friends,Please don’t underlook any job if you plan to live abroad. Temunyoma mirimu especially if you are a Ugandan in diaspora. Every job is respectable as long as it brings food to your table and pays your bills.This reminds me of the old joke:

A doctor’s basement is flooded and he calls a plumber to fix it. The plumber arrives, spends about 15 minutes fixing everything, and presents a bill for $300.

The doctor says, “$300 for 15 minutes? That’s more than I make, and I’m a doctor!”

The plumber replies, “That’s more than I made when I was a doctor, too.”

Not necessarily a joke.The odd thing is, these seem like relatively minor things. But maybe not. A lot of people working in offices here in the UK earn less than those doing what in Uganda would be categorized as ‘quack’ jobs. You aren’t respected any less here because of the job you’re doing, and that’s how it should be, anyway!

Byebyo ebyange!


MPs should be allowed to express themselves in Kasavu-Kanyama (aka English-Luganda)!

MPs should be allowed to express themselves in Kasavu-Kanyama (aka English-Luganda)!



”Hi,The issue of the Chinese in Africa is a very serious one and every African country needs to be aware of what is going on.

I am reading a very interesting book, which I can recommend, (Africa) China ’s Second Continent – How a million migrants are building a new Empire in Africa . By Howard W. French who speaks Mandarin, Portuguese, French and English amongst other languagesHe was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times before travelling the length and breadth of Africa researching for this book.

One-two million Chinese have immigrated to Africa . French travelled through 15 countries: including Mozambique , Tanzania , Liberia , Mali , Ghana , Sierra Leone , Namibia , Botswana , Zambia .The story is the same everywhere.The Chinese come in and offer to build things (roads, hospitals, palaces, stadiums, mines etc and in return they want access to, and control, of the countries raw materials and want special treatment for their immigrants and want to waive local labour laws (what they pay the locals).

No Chinese will take orders from an African. They bring in their own experts and don’t pass on their skills. They regards with amazement the resources of Africa – the fertile lands, the forests, the resources – compared to what is left in China.Their ability to pay their way into favoured status with government is apparent time and time again.

The resources of Africa are being harvested and mined at an amazing rate. It’s a cash crop that is not benefiting the local people; French recounts the terrible poverty he sees in his travels. This is a sobering and sad story for Africa.”

Anne M. Chappel

Mobile 0413 466 181



A lot of disinformation has been spread about management practices at MISR. Among these is the claim that I gave Mira Nair, my wife, preferential access to two rooms at MISR. Here are the facts:
1. When I took office as director of MISR in March 2010, I found a lot of built space rented to outsiders. Among these was a two-room block rented to a Kenyan company. This company was using the rooms as a warehouse. Opened once every few months, it was visibly deteriorating.
2. I asked the staff the rationale for renting. The answer was the rent: US $900 a month.
3. After a full discussion, the administrator, accountant and I agreed on the following: that the contract of the Kenyan company be terminated and that we look for a new tenant. That search would be guided by the following criteria: (a) there should be no financial loss to MISR; (b) the new tenant should not be a commercial concern; (c) its objectives should be complementary to those of MISR.
4. The new tenant was Maisha Arts and Culture Centre (a non profit film school whose director was and is Mira Nair). They accepted the following conditions: (a) rent at US $900 a month; (b) renovate and paint the facility at their own cost; (c) provide all MISR students and academic staff, including the MISR Film Club, free access to their film and documentary library, considered one of the best in the region; (d) free technical advice to MISR in its endeavor to set up a documentary film unit in the Cultural Studies Program.
5.Maisha Arts and Culture Centre was a tenant at MISR for two years, from 2010 to 2012, when we asked them to leave because MISR staff and activities were expanding and the space was needed. That space was converted into (a) an office for two researchers, and (b) premise for our new Publication and Communication Unit.
6. The above arrangement proved beneficial to MISR in every way.
7. Full details of the above will be provided to the Committee of Inquiry set in place by the Appointments Board yesterday, April 22, 2016.

Mahmood Mamdani
Executive Director

EU referendum is probably most important decision for Brits since world war 11

This is for Ugandans living in the UK and plan to vote in the EU referendum. I bet most people will vote with their heart on this but I will vote to stay in Europe……This graphic is the best debunking of bad arguments against the EU that I’ve seen yet! EU referendum is probably most important decision for Brits since world war 11.

If you aren’t in the UK, just look at this as a referendum on the East Africa Community as or when Besigye becomes the president.

Stella’s Facebook posts will most likely land her in more trouble!

The eviction notice.

The eviction notice.

First. People, get a grip! All of this bickering over Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s ‘breast’ show is getting out of hand. It’s killing our debates on forums. I enjoy a good discussion but all this ranting about whether she’s right or wrong is a bit tiresome.

In my opinion,Dr.Nyanzi is awesome in her writings but I will never be on the side of a naked woman unless if either I really really want something from her or she is mentally ill.Unfortunately, I get the feeling I’m in the minority with my thoughts. And please, I’m not saying that Dr.Nyanzi is mentally ill because I’ve no qualifications for that field to diagnose her, but undressing in public was just bang out of order, man!

The stuff she writes(minus ‘kuwemula’) sometimes sounds like Uganda’s Shakespeare discovered. As you may know,Shakespeare wrote in the style of his time. and yet with his brilliant ability to use language to paint his stories and ideas those words are just as relevant now as they were then.That’s why he(Shakespeare) is still inspiring audiences 400 years later. But his writings didnt make sense to a lot of people then, just as Dr.Nyanzi’s.

Second.One of the things that bothers me most about this latest Stella show is the fact that some people are making fun of her breasts.You may argue that she brought it on herself but I find it so uncomfortable on so many levels. Look,Some guys prefer big ones, some prefer small ones, some are relatively indifferent and prefer legs instead. It’s a simple enough matter to ask a sample what they feel, and conclude on that basis that an intrinsic quality like bigness produces such-and-such an effect in the subject.An alien scientist like our minister,Lokodo, possibly studying his first human beings might then put forth a controversial theory — that there is an intrinsic parameter, breast size, that tends to such-and-such a degree to produce sexual attraction in the human male. He might then go on to study the factors that he believes may lead to that response, such as infantile imprinting, culture, and instinct. And voila, we have an objective explanation for his assessment that so-and-so deserves to be arrested for exposing something that causes discomfort in men.

Finally. Its in Dr.Nyanzi’s interests to be careful with her words from today on wards because some people are turning screws on her. They not only want her out of Makerere University, but also want to see her life difficult. She needs to lay off Facebook and TV interviews for a bit. She just keeps embarrassing herself. Have you ever heard the expression “When you’re in a hole, stop digging”?

Abbey Semuwemba

My Simple advise to Dr.Stella Nyanzi!

opprobriumHi Stella,

I’m glad your office has been reopened. I heard that when you delivered the special,the chicken fried steak was naked and there was no gravy! Well,you sound like you’re having a rough week and sorry for that.You’ve been dealt the bad hand at the table.

However,attitude is the best weapon in your arsenal not stripping naked please. And please delete that crazy ‘naked’ video in your profile because its disgusting, and it has changed the parameters of the discussion. Everybody gets in a funk once in a while. Snap out of it! Humans can survive without electricity, running water, clothing, offices and sex, but I’m not about to live naked in a forest. One thing that helps me get through tough times is to remember God.Yes, there are bad days but try to remember all the other days when you are on top of things. That’s got to count for something and it should!

As far as Makerere University politics are concerned take a day off but don’t go nuts with Facebook and giving media interviews or you’ll just feel worse, and who needs that? Hang in there, though, and try to get back on track, just in case you’ll be around for the next few decades, okay? So, chin up and ‘fuckmamdani’ (whatever that means) and remember that a path of a thousand steps is formed by placing one stone at a time. Nothing is too big to handle if you just take it step by step.I hope and sure it will be OK,mukwano!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba



The Stella ‘breasts’ show debate should be about responsibility and conscience.I think in public, nudity is disgusting,shameful and damaging to all things Ugandan.We much rather like clothing and fashion on people, and this doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate the beauty of a human body.

Profanity and nudity are barred from media (apart from obviously Bukedde) primarily because although it is used in the real world, there is an attempt to shield kids from it and protect sensibilities.The argument runs along the lines of “its not necessary”.

Dr.Stella Nyanzi has dyed her hair red, and also threatens to go nude again if Prof.Mamdan isnt suspended too.

Dr.Stella Nyanzi has dyed her hair red, and also threatens to go nude again if Prof.Mamdan isnt suspended too.

And now this is painful but I must say it that we should also generally hold public protests to the same standards of decency we hold to others.There is nothing sacred about public protests such that a person finds it necessary to go nude. Some of you may not agree with or like such standards but we shouldnt lower them just because all institutions in the country are dead. All men are made of the same dirt, have like passions. A nude photo of a woman does not cause a man to reflect on what a wonderful personality she has and how great it would be to discuss ‘dictatorship’ with her. It causes men to see women as sex objects pure and simple. Saying ‘fuck you Mamdani’ or rolling in mud while naked(as the Amuru ladies did) does not change this.Boys are much more susceptible to this. It harms their ability to later form more meaningful relationships with women. For these and other reasons I’m all for promoting shame at public nudity. Those who are alarmed at this needn’t worry. I know I am in a shrinking minority. When I was in my early 20s, I would have been in the solid majority. But I am alarmed at the rapid escalating breakdown of social mores and attitudes in our society and I also don’t mind taking the ridicule for my stand.

I would say that Europeans are much more tolerant of nudity than we are in the Uganda, but what Dr.Stella Nyanzi did could have serious repercussions for her if she had done it anywhere in Europe. In ancient Greece it was clearly acceptable to have youths- male or female- march/ dance/ compete naked, but they also moved away from all that.

On the good side, at least now we know that Dr.Stella Nyanzi is indeed a woman. It’s a pity her nudity and profanity(‘kuwemula’) is attracting so much attention when it’s the administrative problems at Makerere University that should really matter.Or, to put it yet another way, if somebody named a composition “Genocide,” that I’d want to see more about what motivated such a scary choice of title, and not that “I’d instantly jump to the conclusion that the composer was a genocidal maniac”. So, I really hope as a way forward that we discuss the reasons that led to this Stella nudity rather than the ‘breast’ show itself. It would also help if Stella finds a way of not distracting us anymore with her ‘dirty’ media interviews, as like the one I watched on NTV-Youtube.

To always agree is fantasy; To argue out a disagreement is human, To agree to disagree is civilized.But that’s just my opinion.


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

Kangulumira mosque repairs are now done and the mosque is now colorful!



philistineSubhana allah……..That’s the new exterior design of the Kangulumira city main masjid. All repairs inside and outside, including the windows, have now been completed. May Allah reward the sister on the Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters(UMBS) forum who listened to our cries and agreed to support this project financially. She has spent over 28 millions on this project. She prefers to remain anonymous as he only wants the biggest reward from Allah!

Thank you

Abbey Semuwemba
UMBS administrator

please help me to raise shs.32m for the renovation of Kamuli UMEA



philistineFriends: please help me to raise shs.32m for the renovation of Kamuli UMEA primary school in Bugerere, Kayunga district. I have spoken to the headmistress,Mrs.Lubwama(in one of the the pictures), and their biggest problems at the moment are: 1-the iron sheets that are leaking; 2- the unfinished classroom block; 3- the toilet. We can do more for them depending on how much we get. This is a school that has been in existence for over 50 years,………so, it needs a lot of repairing.

For contributions, please send them to Ms.Rashidah Mukwanga ;MOBILE MONEY:TELL:0757521376, Kampala, Uganda. Thanks.


Hating any president in Uganda is almost as old as the republic itself. The people, or various factions among them, have indulged in Mutesa 11 hatred, Obote hatred, Amin hatred, Lule hatred, Binaisa hatred, Paulo Muwanga hatred, and Tito Okello hatred.But Museveni hatred is a bit different as it is distinguished by a silenced population that’s incapable of engaging him through demonstrations or any other means. Basically, the people in Uganda just feel helpless right now. The few intellectuals are openly endorsing it as a virtue and enthusiastically proclaiming that their hatred is not only a rational response to the president and his administration but a mark of good moral hygiene.
This distinguishing feature of Museveni hatred was brought home to me on 26th March in Leeds when I saw a quiet Ugandan paying 200 pounds of his own money to have well decorated posters for the rally. Attached are some of the copies I managed to photograph before the rally. I asked him why he was spending all this money yet people may not turn up in big numbers, his response was simple, he said ”you should ask all patriots on Facebook to use them as their profile pictures if they really want to silently protest.’

The day before, I had picked up a journalist mate of mine, and our conversation while were seated at the back of the cab, was naturally about Museveni.To get the conversation rolling– and perhaps mischievously — I wondered aloud whether Museveni hatred had not made rational discussion of politics on social media all but impossible. He responded in a loud, seething, in-your-face voice, “What’s irrational about hating Museveni? Did you watch that video of kids stoning his campaign poster? The whole new generation is going to hate him forever”.
On the day of the rally itself, i brought up the same topic in front of someone I had long respected, an incisive thinker and a political moderate. He cleared his throat, and I welcomed his intervention, confident that he would ease the feelings people have for Museveni as a person, rather than what he has done to our country, by lending his authority in support of the sole claim that I was defending, namely, that Museveni hatred subverted sound thinking.

He cleared his throat for a second time. Then, with all eyes on him, and measuring every word, he proclaimed, ” Abbey, first of all, don’t put my picture among the protesters because I don’t want the dictator to have me arrested at the airport. If he can steal Besigye’s victory in broad day light and then turn his house into a prison, what would stop him from arresting or killing any of us protesting abroad?’, he asked……’I hate him and the problem is that the Musevenis live longer. His mother just died in her 90s.So, he wont die anytime sooner unless a miracle happens’, he added.

At that point, I just gave up my side of the argument and proceeded to render my support for the rally. For the record, all the Ugandans that attended the Leeds rally are British citizens with responsible jobs.They don’t go looking for honey to pollinate in it.These guys do not just yell like some of you often do.They found an item that will influence others into action, then needled them carefully.
One of the reasons why demonstrations abroad get fewer numbers is because there aren’t ‘mob demonstrations”—this is where most of them are followers that really haven’t a clue as to what’s going on. They’re just following the leaders who incite them with vitrol and mostly inflated claims (if not outright lies) and who will disappear at the first sign of a riot control officer. Ugandans abroad, on the other hand, join demos out of their own conviction, and they aren’t so many Africans like that abroad. Most would rather shun them and then criticise those that have participated in them.

It doesn’t matter if rallies had already been held in London, Toronto, Boston, Washington or elsewhere. As far as I’m concerned, the whole point of demonstrating anywhere outside your country of origin is to alert the rest of the world on what’s happening, and then persuade them to intervene. You want crowds? Order a ticket to Uganda itself.

Just mere writing in social media forums usually backfires. Opinions are not worth much to dictators.With two bucks and my opinion I can still get a cup of coffee. But then opinions are like noses: we all have on and most of them smell.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


I’m not that fastidious when it comes to court details and arguments. So, I wouldn’t base on the arguments made by Mbabazi’s or EC/Museveni lawyers to determine anything. Let’s just say that there’s too much reliance on ‘Case Law’ in Uganda courts for anyone to know that the judges are gonna rule in the same way as was the case in both 2001 and 2006 petitions.

Mbabazi’s petition is meant to add to the records that Mr.Museveni has rigged again for the third time, but it wont change anything.Yes, rigging took place in 1996 and 2011 but nobody went to court over it to put it on records. So, it becomes very hard to prove without court records, you see.

Also,basing on testimonials from different sources, it’s widely believed that the 1980 elections were rigged though our mate, Joseph Ochieno, will disagree on this one. As you may know, unverified testimonials dont constitute evidence.They are called testimonials because they are, at best, testimony. They can be used to introduce evidence, but are not evidence themselves. That’s why going to the court in case of rigging is a very important step for the country. We get to verify things!

However, Whatever happens in three days, we should not hate the Supreme court or its existence.If you follow out the logic that the supreme court should never overrule any law voted on by a majority of representatives or people, then it would be perfectly OK for a majority of Ugandans to vote to have homosexuals taken out and shot. This is where that idea goes when taken to the end. The supreme court was intended to stop legislation that was unconstitutional. If you eliminate the supreme court, then any law passed can be enforced. Even when that law violates the civil rights of minorities or even the majority. Uganda Legislators are famous for their love of facilitation ‘money’ from the executive branch of the govt. So, we could arguably say that parliament is now in the hands of president Museveni. Whatever he wants to pass there, he will get it, and especially if a certain Samuel Kutesa becomes the ‘head’ speaker.

Abbey Semuwemba

I suspect that Ms.Maureen Kyalya Waluube gets nearly all of her political education from mindlessly vegetating in front of the TV!

No offence, but I suspect that Ms.Maureen Kyalya Waluube gets nearly all of her political education from mindlessly vegetating in front of the TV to YouTube. First, she called Besigye a member of the first family during the presidential debates. Now, she’s calling Besigye’s wife Museveni’s too. I would wager that her attacks on FDC are meant to get somebody’s attention!

We risk looking like fools again if Some changes in our electoral laws aren’t made after Mbabazi’s Electoral Petition!

Judgement to be delivered on the 31st of March as required by law

Judgement to be delivered on the 31st of March as required by law

There are many things that make us a bit safer that one takes for granted that are the direct result from law suits and election petitions. But what’s the purpose of having a lawsuit or election petition which doesn’t result into any positive changes. Besigye went to court in 2001 and 2006 and now we have another one in 2016, but we are so likely to find ourselves with similar loopholes in 2021.

Law suits have provided incentive for a lot of safety improvements, and that is good. It becomes a problem for one to argue that you did everything you could to prevent something from happening yet the same problems resurface every time you do something. If you build a six-foot high fence, and someone climbs over, gets in your pool and drowns, then obviously the fence didn’t work. But for us, we do nothing in Uganda even if someone points out that ‘A’ led to the rigging of ‘B’…..’A’ will still be around several years later.

The point is going to court should always result in some positive changes, but in the case of Uganda’s so many election petitions, we have turned out to be a laughing-stock globally several times. I bet a ‘muzungu’ seeing the Mbabazi petition on TV said:’There they go again doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. This is the classic definition of stupidity’.

For instance, there was a guy who won a judgement against a bicycle manufacturer. He was hit by a car while riding at night without a light. The suit was based on the fact that he had no warning that he needed a light at night. Now the bike company has a warning on the bike. I think the article was in bicycle mag years ago.

Garbage trucks used to not beep, until there were too many expensive cases with plaintiffs who were crushed garbage men.You can look it up in Bock Industries.

Even the lawsuit over McDonald’s selling hot coffee makes more sense than Uganda’s election petitions, as some people might not have realized that the coffee was hot enough to cause serious burns and that it didn’t have to be that hot.

Counsel Byamukama has been the star of the show

Counsel Byamukama has been the star of the show

McDonald had had several thousand small claims (and a few fairly large ones,with confidentially agreements as part of the settlement) previously for scalding due to excessively hot coffee.

You see, coffee has to be brewed around 180-190 degrees. The coffee makers at McDonald’s had routinely had their temperature regulators disabled so that the brewing could take place at 205 or thereabouts.This allowed them to extract more coffee from the beans, and use cheaper beans.

There had been scaldings of kids where a cup had inadvertently knocked over. Some serious facial scarring had occurred and McD paid for it.However, they still continued the practice of disabling temperature regulators.

Then, this woman goes through the drive through and gets a cup and places it between her legs. Not all cars have cup holders. This turns it into a foreseeable occurrence.

Next, she spills the cup in her groin while wearing sweat pants. This allowed the scalding liquid to stay in contact with her genitalia for a long period,thus resulting in serious burns(she ended up looking like that lady black recently released from Luzira), not just a scalding, that required reconstructive plastic surgery.

Granted she was not too bright, but there is no IQ test to buy coffee under the circumstances she did. It was foreseeable that there would be a spill of extremely hot coffee in a car.

The jury heard that McDonald’s had this long history of claims, and that they had done nothing to prevent more. Since the state allowed for punitive damages,the jury hit McDonald’s in the pocketbook, right from where the decision making process came.Now, McDonald’s has better coffee, and it is not as hot as it had been.

And here’s the ‘delightful’ bit.The jury decided the amount of the award (which was later reduced) by considering the profit McDonald’s makes on coffee.Something like “their profit from coffee sales for a day”. McDonald’s made a marketing decision to make more money on their coffee; when that decision caused damage to someone, the jury thought that they should lose some of that extra money they were trying to make.To me, it showed good, fair thinking on the jurors’ parts. (There are those who argue otherwise; I don’t dispute them, though I disagree with them.)

They changed the way. All temperature regulators must be connected and, now disconnecting one is ground for firing. Remember, McDonald had paid on thousands of claims before. The issue is not what happened to the woman, but what the potential was for future injury. Since many of the prior victims were kids, the jury ruled for punitive damages. Punitive damages are the little guys ways at making big corporation blink.

Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka addresses compilation of National Voters Register, use of national ID Vs voter's card, alleged illegal Museveni nomination, late delivery of polling materials on polling day, tallying and declaration of results.

Counsel Kiryowa Kiwanuka addresses compilation of National Voters Register, use of national ID Vs voter’s card, alleged illegal Museveni nomination, late delivery of polling materials on polling day, tallying and declaration of results.

But in Uganda, Besigye went to court again in 2006 but i bet he wasn’t even paid anything after that case. Hopefully, Mbabazi will make some money out of this one if the judges’ brains go awol again, as expected, and rule in favour of Museveni and the Electoral Commission.

There should be an immediate public discussion and engagement after the final ruling by the judges, and eventually a political decision that a fence more than 6’6″ is safe, less than 5’6″ is dangerous and in the middle we will give it to the jury. Whatever Mr. Bart Katurebe and his team come out with on 31st March, society should be able to say, “this is the kind of dangerous thing for our elections” and “this is what we need to do to prove you are taking adequate measures against rigging”.

These things should be written down, discussed to death in the legislature, radio stations, and social media, and finally written into law so that everyone knows the rules.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Somebody should make a film out of the 2016 Election Petition!


It may seem like a bother but,somebody should seriously consider making a film out of the 2016 petition, Besigye’s House arrest and the breaking into the Mbabazi lawyer’s offices. This is stuff right out of the neighborhood watch manifesto. You’d be surprised at the number of good things that can happen. I know everyone’s first reaction is to think that “oh it’s not going to change anything” BUT, it establishes a pattern and many times that can lead to action. What if somebody had made a film out of the 2006 elections featuring the ‘black mambas’ and Tinyefunza as the General who used not to respect judges. That is a pattern, and it leads to increased awareness on the part of the population.

But more to the point,I promise you that I’m convinced of what I’m saying, and I’m not trying to be part of some new scam. There is a lot to gain by someone being involved in this. For instance, Late Charles Chaplin’s anti-Hitler film somehow contributed to the propaganda that portrayed Hitler as a monster before the war.He criticized not only fascism in ”The Great Dictator”, he also criticized the growing capitalism in “Modern Times”. In reality, the Nazis were a lot worse than they were portrayed in film. Hitler watched it twice and I believe it gave him a certain perspective on things or what was awaiting him.

When I had just moved to the UK, I once borrowed a film from that blockbuster (sp) in Sutton,South London, about General Antonio Noriega of Panama, and it was brilliant. I think the title goes by something like ‘God’s man’ or ‘God’s favourite’. Actually, this one fits exactly with what’s happened in Uganda in this year’s elections. It skips over Noriega’s rise to power, concentrating instead on his last several years as Panama’s despotic ruler.

Such films are great tools in educating the world and the people of Uganda about Uganda, and I think it is a shame that nobody has so far thought about doing this because we are wasting our potential as a group. There are a lot of economic benefits, obviously, attached to this from movie sales and all that. Such a film would probably now do better than a Bebe Cool show anywhere in Uganda.The technical/financial problems shouldn’t be a problem if one has the right data for such a film.

BTW,I wouldn’t mind being an actor in this film as long as I play the role of General Kayihura as IGP………It must be fun ordering the blocking of all social networks and beating the crap out of those ‘rats’ in the opposition! However, my acting experience is so limited as I last did something like that in a play at university(post graduate studies) about female genital mutilation–where we dressed as women from Kenya.

Suggestions for the Movie Title are welcome!


Mwenda’s PR on Kasese police murders is disgusting…. Utterly disgusting!

Prejudice can be divided into pre-judgments (easier than thinking) and bigotry (easier to feel good about oneself when one can push down another group). There is tangible anger in Uganda about the Kasese killings and some of the messages from elites justifying this are so disappointing, to say the least. For instance,virtually every statement Andrew Mwenda has made since 18th Feb 2016 is specious nonsense, devoid of facts and paraded endlessly without the benefit of reason and logic. Its just calculated PR meant to excite the media rather than revealing facts, but for some reason, he always ends up with people ‘clapping’ for him.

A professional soldier is trained to kill with a gun,stones, knife and bare hands. He’s also trained to defend himself against a gun, stones, knife and bare hands. Its just unprofessional to shoot someone attempting to attack you with a stone, and its simply called murder.

At the moment, all PR people have found suitable labels for Besigye and all those facing oppression, and this isn’t new to mankind.The FBI labeled Martin Luther King the greatest threat to the U.S. After he was assassinated that title went to the Black Panthers, not because they were openly armed, no, it was because they provided free breakfast and free health care. The FBI and local police departments sabotaged, arrested and assassinated the people who worked to uplift ghettoized people. Museveni himself was labeled a ‘munyarwanda’ by Obote whom he would find and kill in the bush, but he’s now the president. Mandela was called a terrorist but he died a hero. So, no situation is permanent!


Objectively speaking, extending the presidential term of office from 5 to 7 years is cool!

Objectively speaking, extending the presidential term of office from 5 to 7 years is cool, and I have been thinking about it for a while,……I know it sounds like a cliché, but there’s not much one could do as a president in just 5 years, but there’s much one could and should do for his country in 30 years plus. That’s why I really cant see Mr.Museveni changing Uganda for better even if he’s given 7-20 more years. He just wants to die as a president…simple. Therefore, I suggest that the Fanatical fundies in Kyankwanzi retreat should push to drop the presidential elections and age limits, so we can have a super dictator who doesn’t pretend anymore.

Oh, well. Museveni is a different dictator: He is kind-hearted, doesn’t kill people, allows protests and freedoms of speech, allows social media to buzz in his ears 24/7, keeps the army in barracks, and reasonably priced – I heard. So, why not? ……..In any case,such proposals will also help people to psychologically start accepting him as their president(at least for 7 more years), forget about the rigging, Besigye’s house arrest and Mbabazi’s petition. Minds are like umbrellas, they function best while open, you know!





Hear me out now. Please don’t undress a woman or man in public just because they’ve stolen something from you or someone else (as I’ve seen in some videos from Uganda). This could be someone’s mother, sister, daughter or wife, and that someone may be a good person who doesn’t deserve to share the embarrassment.

Mob justice is a characteristic of a failed state but the people doing it just make things worse. A nation which prides itself on laws, rationale and evidence has no room for acts such as: undressing women in public, torching thieves on streets, killing protesters in broad day light,e.t.c, and, individually, we all have a responsibility of stopping all these things from happening. The sooner we realise the levels of evils within our own communities the better. Just because you might be young, cool and clever doesn’t mean you don’t have a huge responsibility to guide your family and local elders.

Undressing and killing of petty thieves is something that has been going for a while, and I think a lot of sensitization needs to be done, as I see a lot of people just cheering and looking on while such evilness is taking place.

I am not a thief, though I am guilty of a few peccadilloes when I was so young, but not enough to send me to the Islamic/Catholic version of hell, if we ignore a few philosophical differences, and especially if I repent for my sins before death. However, if you look real close you may find that defining one’s self as a thief and defining others as a thief is merely a matter of degrees in interpretation. Almost everybody commits crimes to some degree, opportunistic or deliberate. Let’s forget the election thieves for now, but how many people do you know that haven’t padded a tax return to their advantage? That is a crime. How many people speed when they think that no one is looking? That is a crime. How many people commit adultery? How many people use facilities provided by their employer, phone, computer, stationery, etc. These are crimes. I see no difference in a woman stealing food and a businessman lying about a product and charging excess prices. The woman is undressed and possibly goes to jail but the businessman remains free. So basically, people are criminals, it is just a matter of risk and degree. Take away the risk and the degree will immediately increase.

What we must understand is that people do things during bad times that they would never do, or even consider, during good times. The bad guy will take at any and all times, and never feel a hint of remorse. I bet the majority of the people who steal petty things on streets and markets feel extremely guilty about it. And no, I am not saying they do the right thing. Too many are put in circumstances through no fault of their own, that cause them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. I still condemn the thief, but I understand the “why”.

Personally, I believe most people are good at heart at the very least, and they should be given a chance to rehabilitate themselves. If you take away fear of lawful retribution, the fear of personal retribution, then what remains is just conscience. I think that far more people would commit crimes if conscience was their only deterrent. Sometimes at our lowest moments when we feel most helpless, we need a hand to help in guiding us to the truth, and that hand could be you. Today’s thief may turn out to be a respectable member of the society tomorrow by the grace of God. If you can treat wrong doers with dignity, please do; it doesn’t matter if others approve it or not and it doesn’t matter if you are praised or not.

Byebyo ebyange


Three ways Museveni could resolve the impasse between him and the opposition

We all need and pray for peace in our country but i think its the govt letting us down on this. It’s a fact that the elections were rigged and Its also true a lot of people are angry with Dr.Kiggundu and his EC.Jailing people and keeping the army on Kampala streets wont bring any sustainable results, as its a short term fix for a bigger problem. President Museveni needs to find a way of resolving the impasse between him and the opposition to achieve long term peaceful objectives(for everybody’s sake). There’re several ways he could do this:
1- Reach a power sharing agreement with FDC and Go-forward;
2- Form a transitional govt and organize presidential elections again after 2-3 years, under an independent EC; or
3- Resign over probably healthy grounds and hand over power to his Vice president.Then new elections are organized after a year.


While I have big reservations about the FDC defiance campaign of ‘No work on Thursdays’, because I doubt if many people would endorse that, I support their campaign against ‘Tubonge’ musicians. There’s no doubt that the role models today are the blustery big mouth know it alls on TV, and they’ve got a role to play in shaping the society. You’ve got to stand for something Or you will fall for anything. It’s never right for a hero to let himself be used to make a bad leader look respectable.

For example, Richard Strauss ended up being isolated after the fall of Hitler because of his association to neo Nazis.The issue, however, is not whether Strauss literally had blood on his hands (the evidence says he did not). The issue is what Strauss thought of the Nazis. He didn’t care if the world went to hell, as long as he was treated OK, and as long as he could do his work. All of this is extensively documented and you can find the information in your libraries.

Joseph Mengelberg is also said to have been very pro-Nazi and as a result lost his post at the Consertgebow in Amsterdam. He never made his German sympathies a secret, but they were mostly cultural rather than political. Whatever he thought of the Nazis he didn’t use politics to further his career. He also did not mix politics with music and kept the Concertgebow playing music banned in Germany throughout the war – Mahler included.He lost the Concertgebow directorship after the war because the Dutch branded him a collaborator.

Then, there were others such as Furtwangler who apparently tried to keep one foot in each camp, or to try to rise above “politics”. He often tried to intervene when musicians were persecuted (because they were Jews, or because their music was considered ‘decadent’). I don’t know who’s playing this role in Uganda but its sometimes dangerous.

The list of famous European musicians, other than Jewish musicians, who actively opposed German and Italian Fascism seems to be very short, as membership to Nazism was made compulsory to all musicians at the time.

Yes you have a right to do anything you want within reason,but it’s words like ‘reason’ and ‘decent’ and ‘right’ that is always going to be in the eyes of the beholder or listener in this case. MY WHOLE POINT, however, is that tastes differ – but not to the degree of accepting manure. Unfortunately while we do not all share taste in politics, we all somehow get screwed up by bad leadership one way or the other.

The worst way to pick a president is having him appointed by the army or Supreme Court, which is how we got Museveni in 2001, 2006 and so likely in 2016. In all those cases, the election was decided by a bunch of unelected old people, appointed by Museveni himself, hardly a factor in their decision to appoint Museveni (sarcasm). In 1996 and 2011, the election was again decided by a Commission whose chairman was/is appointed by Museveni himself.

This nation couldn’t sink any lower if it really tried, because whether you want to face facts or not, this is what Uganda has become, and you can thank Mr.Museveni, who is responsible for everything in the first place. I’m quite sure my not voting didnt cause a problem with tampering with the election, just as your voting didnt change the expected results of the elections.

Oh, well. That is life. This is just my decent opinion.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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nnBebe Cool and Jose Chameleon have undoubtedly had an enormous influence on music and art in Uganda for which they sacrificed most of their lives, but they chose a path in the elections that ,I’m afraid, will lead them to hell. Associating oneself with Museveni is now widely regarded with moral opprobrium but I find it difficult to believe that anyone who is a true Artist would decide to ignore the duo, because to me that is fundamentally a philistine position.

So, it’s really a mammoth intellectual task to ask people to stop listening to their music in cars or anywhere else, but its justfiable for people to boycott their concerts if they want to. The NRM philosophy or to be precise the Museveni philosophy, is different from the music the duo have been singing for years, but their participation in the TUBONGE-NAWE song somehow changes the objectivity of their music completely in the sense that both endorsed and continue to endorse the promotion of what many perceive as ‘bad leadership’ by Mr.Museveni.

The boycott has nothing to do with their songs before the elections or their right to chose a candidate of their choice, but it has everything to do with the duo promoting a leadership perceived by those in opposition to be harmful to the majority of Ugandans.Well, if you’re willing to view Mr.Museveni as a bad leader, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take it upon yourself,if you think its right, to boycott any individual or company that promoted or sponsored him during the campaigns. I think the issues raised by FDC should not be trivialized or dismissed as ‘cheap politics’ as some have done, because If implemented, it marks the transition from presidential power to people power.

Yes, its possible that someone may compensate Bebe Cool for the income lost.Let’s hope that Mr.Museveni doesn’t do to him what Bismark did to Wagner. His(Wagner’s) politics were always politics of convenience. He began to soft-pedal his francophobia when he thought he might have to settle permanently in Paris! He supported Bismarckian militarism, thinking that he might get hefty grants from the Bismarck administration, which didn’t happen, so went off Bismarck.

Basically, the oath of office is probably the only aspect of today that has anything to do with the Constitution, and since that oath is supposed to be a sincere pledge uttered by a legitimately elected President, we can safely say this boycott has a Constitutional connection as a lot of people believe that the elections were rigged.By singing they(Tubonge-nawe guys) were endorsing an administration that is crapping on all that. Obviously, to someone who cares little about the issues and the actual freedoms we wish to enjoy in Uganda, this seems strange and truculent, but that’s how it’s now. You either support FDC position or certain aspects of it or not….no two ways about it. In any case, why worry about the boycott if you have got the majority behind you in the country? Byebyo ebyange ba muna!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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Men have always been the biggest problem for Women!

-In America and Britain women are forced into prostitution or raped on camera in the name of Pornography (Considered a form of ‘entertainment’). Many suffer from depression and commit suicide.
-In India, females are aborted or raped as women if they make it.
-In Pakistan, they are subdued as house-slaves of men or killed as part of ‘honour killings’.
-In Arabia, women are stoned to death or forced to cover against their will. They’re not allowed to drive.
-In Iran, it is a similar situation as Arabia.
-In Uganda and other parts of Africa, females suffer from female genital mutilation and are often raped or married off as children.
-In Syria, innocent women are killed by western governments in the name of ‘War on terror’ just as they were in Iraq.
The problem is not religion or atheism. The problem is not even cultural, although the type of method to abuse women is cultural. The problem is men. It always has been.

If you’re interested in looking at this issue past the traditional man-bashing, I’d like to recommend an excellent book, “Gyn/Ecology: The Meta-Ethics of Radical Feminism” by Mary Daly. Ms. Daly explores oppression against women throughout history (genital mutilation, European witchburnings, Chinese footbinding, Indian suttee, and modern American psychiatry and gynecological surgery) and how women have been complicit in perpetuating oppression on each other. This also explains why women have a deep distrust of each other, passed down thru the centuries in every culture. Mary Daly was a theology professor at Yale…and this book was written in the late 70s…so it’s very well researched and annotated with a healthy splash of 70s weirdness.


An unsettling majority of Black children born into middle-class families will drop down into a poorer income bracket as adults

An unsettling majority of Black children born into middle-class families will drop down into a poorer income bracket as adults

Last year (2015), the Uganda Community in Leeds received visitors from the Uganda Community in Manchester (UCOMM), among them was a very humble beautiful lady called Mrs.Jemba who gave us good tips on ‘Girl Child’ upbringing. She’s actually taking a leading role in grooming kids for the UCOMM…..something we are yet to achieve in Leeds as we are short of female volunteers for this role. Nonetheless, I would like to add my own thoughts to what she(Mrs.Jemba) taught us, but not as a replacement for the other suggestions, but rather as an adjunct.

Here is a summary (in no particular order):

1. One of the biggest challenges today is fathers not stepping up to the role of fatherhood. Parents (especially fathers) need to get involved in their children’s lives. If we don’t know their best friends names, favourite sporting clubs, teacher’s names, etc., then we aren’t paying enough attention to our children

2. Know your children’s circle of friends. Know their names, their parent’s names, their hang out locations, etc. Know who is influencing your children and how they are doing so. Take a proactive approach from a young age by controlling their circle of influences.

Mrs.Jemba at her office in Manchester.

Mrs.Jemba at her office in Manchester.

3. Kids doing things we think are annoying to us at a young age is them trying to connect with us. If we ignore them or shut them down, then we are shutting down the important connections between parent and child. As painful as it may seem to listen to incoherent stories from our children with no foreseeable conclusions, we must listen attentively because they are relaying not just the events in their life but there thinking relating to it.

4. If we don’t fulfil our role as fathers, then we are inviting others to step in and fill this void. This can be an older sibling, peers or worse. But we shouldn’t be surprised our kids don’t respect us if we haven’t given them what they need from us as parents.

5. It is not fair of us to force our wives to do our job as fathers. They have enough challenges of their own as wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. But if it happens out of our own negligence, then don’t be surprised when she starts behaving towards you as a husband, and not a wife. Don’t complain she then oversteps her mark as a wife, you have forced this on her as a matter of survival.

6. We need to engage our children in an age appropriate manner. Be careful what you expose your children to as they may not necessarily have the ability to make sense of such exposure.

7. If we do choose to expose our children to geo-political questions, then don’t base it on hate or frustrations alone. Offer them a positive means of channelling these frustrations so it does not result in destructive and counter-productive behaviour.

8. Don’t crush the hopes of our children. Despite the ugliness of the world at the moment, connect our kids to something positive and hopeful. Don’t crush their dreams or aspirations and paint the world as one of never ending gloom. Without hope, despair will overcome us, and this will impact every aspect of our lives.

9. The internet has exposed our children to much more than the parents were ever exposed to as children. Parents need to appreciate the world has changed, and approaches to parenting need to change too. The nature and scale of the challenges facing our children today are far more profound than anything before it. We must understand the world our children live in today.

10. Smart phones … get rid of them for your children if you can. Whilst you can’t isolate your kid from the world (their peers will still have phones or there will be other avenues of exposure), it would be better to teach our kids resilience and confidence instead. Standard parent justifications for giving our kids web based devices are not difficult to challenge. Teaching our kids independence by finding their own way home, for example, is better for our children than the parent taking comfort in knowing they can track their kids movements via a smartphone.

11. Exposure to the internet. Understand the nature of the beast. Be proactive in your response. Devices in common rooms only, internet filters where possible, for example, but ultimately, teach your kids resilience and effective decision making tools. You cannot shun them from the world, best to prepare them to engage it confidently.

12. Teach your kids confidence and a desire to positively impact the world. It shouldn’t just be about self-preservation. Build resilience in your children PLUS a desire to positively influence their surroundings.

13. Question the measure of success we apply to our children. Is it academic, financial, social, etc.? What of Islam and their Islamic activism. Easy to offer lip service to Islam, but how would we react if our intelligent children chose a ‘lesser’ career path because they wished to use their time for community work?

14. Reward generously and punish fairly. Don’t overdo it on either front. Kids need structure and discipline, but they also need mercy and reward. Kids should be comfortable with their parents in both scenarios. For example, if our kids do something wrong, they should be concerned about the parent’s response. At the same time, if our children so something well, they should be equally eager to share this experience with their parents too.

15. Set a culture of collective rewards to encourage sibling support, not rivalry. If a child does something well, give that child the individual recognition they deserve, but find a way every child can share in that reward. That way our children encourage each other to do good knowing full well they will all get rewarded for such behaviour.

16. Community needs to get its priorities right. We are facing unprecedented challenges and the support services required to combat these scourges either do not exist or are wholly inadequate. We need to direct money, effort and expertise to desperately needed services such as drug rehabilitation clinics, woman’s refuges, youth centres, nursing homes etc. We can’t wait for others to fix our problems, we need to take personal responsibility. It is costing lives and destroying homes.

Raising kids abroad is a different ball game for most Africans as it involves a lot of challenges, but we’ve got to do it at the best of our abilities. May Allah (swt) bless and protect all our children, and strengthen all those working tirelessly to preserve them.




Gladys Dunn recently moved from the UK to Uganda in Kabarole in the greater Tooro sub region

One beautiful Tuesday morning on 26th January she walked to the a celebration not far from her apartment. She was in awe of the lovely structure, as well as music from the police band.

She wasn’t too impressed, however, with the president’s speech. She thought it was rather uninspiring, and as she looked around the hall, she noticed many of the invited guests nodding off.

When the president finished he encouraged the congregation to greet those sitting next to them.

Gladys turned toward the man on her left, who had fallen asleep and was stretching trying to wake up. He smiled at her, and Gladys returned the smile.

She politely offered her hand and said, “I’m Gladys Dunn.”

“You and me both!” the man replied.

If you care about your privacy then start using ixquick

If you care about your privacy then start using ixquick


Ixquick Protects Your Privacy

When you search with Ixquick, your location is not recorded, your visit is not logged, and no tracking data is placed on your phone. In fact, Ixquick does not record any information about its users. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Their SSL ENCRYPTION protects your searches from eavesdropping by your phone manufacturer, mobile carrier, random snoops and hackers.

How Ixquick is Different from Other Search Engines

Other search engines capture your location and record your search terms, the time of your visit, and the links you click. They store that information in giant databases, where it can fall prey to marketers, hackers, subpoenas, and snoops.

Those search records can reveal a shocking amount of personal information, including:

Your identity and personal interests
Your income, job status, and finances
Your mental and physical health
Your social and political leanings

At Ixquick, they think that’s just plain wrong. They believe you have the right to search the Web anonymously without being watched, recorded, or censored. So they created the world’s most private search engine to enable you to protect your own privacy.

How Ixquick Search Protects Your Mobile Search Privacy

As search on mobile devices has grown in popularity, a new threat has appeared: that of someone stealing or confiscating your device and reviewing your searches. Ixquick Search protects you against this threat as well.

By default, your search results and any open Web pages are closed and erased after a set amount of time, or when the app is suspended. In the Settings section, you can adjust the time before your activity is wiped (5, 15, or 30 minutes), and you can also choose whether the app clears your search activity when you switch apps or when your mobile device goes to sleep.

Page Removal also removes all results and Web pages when the app is suspended (i.e., when you return to your device’s home screen). If you are ever concerned about your security, simply tap the Home button.


“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

Remove These 6 Things From Facebook Right Now!

1. Your Birth Date

“Happy Birthdays” are nice and all that, but listing this tidbit of information helps would-be identity thieves gather one of the 3 to 4 pieces of the puzzle they need to steal your identity. Is helping your friends remember when your birthday is so they can leave an impersonal “happy birthday” on your timeline worth having your identity stolen?

If you absolutely can’t stand not having your birthday out there for your friends to see, at least remove the year to make things a little harder for ID thieves.

2. Your Home Address

You’re taking a pretty big risk by listing your home address on your Facebook profile.

3. Your Endless Holyday Snaps

If you “checked in” somewhere while on vacation, thieves will know that you’re not at home and they’ll also know exactly where to find your house since you listed it in your profile.

Don’t rely on “friends only” permissions to keep your address safe from harm, as one of your friends may have left their Facebook profile logged in at a shared computer in a library or cyber cafe where any stranger could potentially view your profile from his/her unsecured account. It’s best to leave your address completely out of your Facebook profile.

4. Your Real Phone Number

Much like your home address, your personal phone number could potentially reveal additional information about your location. If you want your friends to be able to get a hold of you via telephone, consider using a free Google Voice phone number as a go-between so that you can route incoming calls to your “real” phone number without giving that number out.

You can find out detailed information on how to use a Google Voice number to protect your identity by checking out our article: How to Use Google Voice as a Personal Privacy Firewall.

5. Your Relationship Status

“It’s complicated”, what does that even mean? Well, your stalker might think that it means they have the green light to resume stalking you since you changed your status from “in a relationship”. It may also help creepy folks using the scary Facebook Graph Search tool to find you as a potential target for their affection.

Is this something you would feel comfortable divulging to a complete stranger? If not, just leave it out of your profile altogether.

6. Work-related Information

You may be very proud to be an employee of company XYZ, but that company may not want its employees to put company-related info on Facebook. Your innocent status post about how excited you are to be working on an upcoming product or project might give your competitors an edge if they are trolling social media searching for competitive information.

If you have your company information in your profile, then you may be seen as a representative of that company, and your boss might not appreciate that association, especially if you’ve posted an embarrassing drunken photo with you wearing a shirt with your company’s logo on it.

In addition to leaving the above information out of your profile, you should periodically review your Facebook privacy settings to see if Facebook has changed any of your settings to something more public than you are comfortable with.

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”

How to tweet or Facebook that your location (IP address) remains hidden

Downloading Hotspot Shield Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your desktop

1a) Go to http://www.hotspotshield.com in your web browser and on the home page there are two choices. You can use the free service if you don’t mind seeing a few adverts, or you can buy a subscription and go ad-free.

1b) After downloading the software to your computer, open the Downloads folder (or wherever you saved the file), and run the Hotspot Shield setup program. At the end of the installation, you can choose how Hotspot Shield is activated. Please choose manual mode, so you can turn it on and off when you like.

1c) HotSpot Shield will start and the control panel is displayed. You can see that your PC is protected and Hotspot Shield will show your virtual location.

1d) Once you are done with tweeting, you can turn the Hotspot Shield VPN off. Or you can keep it on so that your information remains protected when you connect your laptop to public wi-fi networks, etc.

2. Adding Hotspotshield extension to your Chrome browser. You can can do this from the chrome extension store

3. Using Hotspot Shield on your mobile phone
3a) Apple – Go to App store and download app hotspotshield
3b) Android – Go to playstore and do

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Besigye posing with Ugandans in the UK

Besigye posing with Ugandans in the UK

Besigye didnt say,while on BBC, that he’s gonna stand for presidency in 2021, when even the presidential results of the 2016 are still in contention…….wrong headline from Campusjuice aka campuspoison!
Dr Wrn Kizza-Besigye at the BBC studio.

Dr Wrn Kizza-Besigye at the BBC studio.

Besigye said that such discussions, particularly the removal of the age limit from the constitution, are meant to distract people from the rigging that happened during the 2016 elections.


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