Olara Otunnu and President Museveni

Venue: Nairobi Peace talks, 1985
Mediator: Daniel Arap Moi
Olara Otunnu(OO): ‘Hello Mr.Yoweri Museveni’

Yoweri Museveni ignored him, and instead pointed his finger at OO:”You young man, you are the one misleading the old man.We shall see”

The old man Museveni was referring to here was Gen. Tito Okello-Lutwa, and Olara Otunnu was then minister of Foreign Affairs, a position that left a sour note among some UPC members. Few months later, Museveni became the president and OO was on his bike to exile.

OO makes a promising come back to Uganda in 2010 with a CV Museveni could only dream of. He becomes the UPC president the same year, then the Kampala crafty boys get to work and made one ‘proposal’ after the other that supposedly drained all his money. He became financially strained,all the talk of him having been roommates with Tony Blair at Oxford University didn’t help, he went on a war path with the Obote family over who controls what; then Museveni seizes an opportunity and releases his ‘dogs’ on him, bite him harder, and guess what? Now UPC is in Akena James’s hands, or one could arguably say ‘Museveni’s soft hands’.

He told him, didn’t he? That he will see, and I guess OO has seen it all now! Museveni is a very serious person . These are very serious people. They planned to get into power for years. They plan to stay in power for a very long time. And you can only know their seriousness when you study them.

That’s all I can say for now!

The proposed laws For Artists are flawed at root!

the top three musicians in Uganda

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

I hesitate to ridicule laws, especially in a field that isn’t my own, but really, this kind of pseudo-legal guff is our modern equivalent to phrenology. It is, I fear, laughably naive. What is the value to society in moderating music in Uganda at the moment?

The proposed laws are flawed at root, because the Museveni govt is attempting to stifle music that is not favourable to them which, by their nature, will corrupt the music industry too. The hope of these pseudo-laws is that they can pick up enough musicians- gulls to fleece, as they are already doing through police clearances to hold shows and stuff. Incidentally, this all has come at a time when Bobi Wine’s music is troubling president Museveni, and whatever he is trying to build for himself in Uganda.

Music is a prominent feature of everyday life and nearly everywhere we go. Mr.Museveni should just enjoy his, and leave Ugandans to also enjoy theirs, for now. In the UK here, they had Edward Heath who was, of course, their most musical Prime Minister. He was an organ scholar at Oxford and, apparently, did a lot to boost the music industry in the country.

Profit is the only thing that matters to musicians, and the govt should be helping them to make money out of their music instead of going for the jugular. Taylor Swift is the greatest of all musicians because she sells the most songs. Uganda should be helping in creating a market for our music and musicians, and not suffocate them with laws.

YouTube pays $1 billion in song royalties worldwide each year. The govt should be working with our musicians to make sure they earn something from their music too. YouTube pays an estimated $1 per 1,000 plays on average, while Spotify and Apple music pay a rate closer to $7. YouTube is the site best known for viral videos, and accounts for 25 percent of all music streamed worldwide. A lot of Uganda songs are played on YouTube daily but our musicians get nothing or less from it, because they have got no protection and support from the government. There’s no getting around the fact that, even if YouTube doesn’t have licenses, your music will still be available but not monetized at all.

Because of the so many fascist rules that have been introduced in Uganda, people have resorted to finding ways of belittling the office of the presidency, and music is one of them. Bobi Wine often calls himself “Ghetto president”, while Besigye calls himself ‘people president’, not because they don’t know the limit of their powers but because they are trying to rob the word-‘president’, of its power to put down. I’m not asking you to agree or disagree with the practice, but don’t deny that people are hurting, and everything seems to stem from the presidency. Today its musicians, tomorrow it’s going to be someone else.

Put the shoe on the other foot–would you appreciate anybody blocking you from becoming a president, just because you haven’t dressed properly? Philippines pride themselves in having the best president in their history at the moment, and attend his rallies in big numbers, simply because he swears a lot and sometimes puts on shorts. His style of speech would make anybody lose an election in Uganda, but they are OK with it. I have never met Bobi or any of the Uganda musicians, and I do my best not to form “images” which categorize and delimit entire music industry based on what I see on TV or hear in music. I’m sure Museveni used to see Bobi with funny hair on his head, and thought, ‘what a muyaye!’, but didn’t know that he had his own ambitions and good ideas in his head. I see people judging Besigye’s son in the same way because of his non-Uganda styles.Please, let people be, let Musicians be, as we have got bigger problems as a country to deal with at the moment.

Besigye isn’t a mole but a patriot!

Besigye has been arrested over 200 times since he started challenging Museveni

Besigye isn’t a mole as some people are alleging, but a patriot in the best sense of the word (a sense that appears of late to have lapsed in common usage): someone who is willing to endure the wrath and calumny of the powerful in his country to follow his conscience. I don’t see how this petty slander advances the argument that Museveni is a good leader, or anybody in the opposition has done better than him, but people saying these things are predictable, I allow them that.

If one can cite Besigye saying that he sees Museveni as somebody who is going to change the future of Uganda , or bring evidence of him getting a bribe from Museveni,I’d believe they have a point, but his actions are enough to nail things down, as far as I can tell.

Besigye was once a member of the NRM/ NRA but he saw things going bad, and he decided to join the oppressed. He isn’t any different from Jewish intellectuals who, knowing the horrendous experiences of persecution they have suffered, feel a deep empathy with other oppressed people. This runs much deeper than idle nationalism.

When he was serving in various positions in Museveni govt, he was still part of the army. The duty of a soldier is to unquestionably follow orders, as long as those orders are legal. He never accepted to follow anything illegal by Museveni. He may have committed a few peccadillos here and there to impress the boss, like, I’m not sure, but he’s being accused of having been against federalism while still working for Museveni.

His approach to oppositoon, economic development, and national security is long-term and wide in scope. Before we accuse him of anything, lets try to follow his story critically before he left the NRM. Unity of the opposition is more important to him than any of this bickering. That’s why he keeps telling Ugandans that he isnt in politics to become a president, that this isnt the time to think about who is going to be the next president , but to think about how to get rid of the dictatorship in our country.

Yes, there area dozens of areas of opposition in which productivity depends fiercely upon individual initiative and critical thinking, and Besigye has proved to be an asset on that front. For instance, the Walk-to- work would have proved to be a lame duck if he didn’t take the lead. He even paid a big price for it, such that his sight was permanently damaged.Besigye has lived for self sacrifice– the military, the opposition to Obote and later Museveni, e.t.c.

Besigye should stop being too principled if he wants the presidency!

Besigye to Ugandans: We can get rid of Museveni before 2021 elections

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

As I finish Daniel Kalinaki’s book on Kiiza Besigye, I’m not only fascinated by the many issues involved in his political journey; but I’m also interested in the many choices that he has had to make when faced with situations. The incident of his younger brother, Musasizi, for instance, being denied medical treatment while in prison, and later dying, is so nerve wrecking. It would drive most people away from politics, not Besigye. I don’t know of any easy answers, any pre-set challenges that politicians should meet, any particular “responsibility” that ought to override the larger goal of making our country attractive and safe for everyone.

The responsibility of a politician, in the case of a presidential election, I think, it is to re-create in his own mind the idea that unifies those who support him, and then deliver the message convincingly during the campaigns to attract those who don’t support him. This is the area in which Besigye excelled in all the elections he has been involved in since 2001. And that is why a lot of people believe he has been winning them all, only to be denied victory by The Electoral Commission and courts of law.

The opposite school to Besigye’s approach is the “shake your booty” approach of, for example, Yoweri Museveni, where the politician is saying to the audience, “Look at me! I’ve got the guns. I’m not going anywhere even if I lose”. I see Museveni’s behaviour as a mixture of ambition and a desire for mass acceptance, both of which have remained central to his drive since his days while working as a research assistant in Obote’s office. A person like that will go along with whoever has the power, cash and good opportunities no matter what their ideology is. A person like that would crack any deal with donors as long as it keeps him in power, and it has arguably worked for him.

Having followed both guys and their approaches, I came to the conclusion that, unless Besigye drops his principled approach of following a straight line, he will never be president. I’m sure if he had promised the donors all of Uganda’s oil at the prices they want, he would be president by now, but he has always presented a pan Africanist position in his meetings with donors, and that doesn’t get you anywhere. When it came to public posturing (I don’t mean that in the pejorative sense — I just couldn’t think of a better word), Besigye is certainly more outspokenly and consistently principled than any politician in our times. There are also many touching anecdotes about his genuine love for people who committedly worked under him while he was FDC president, whom he viewed as an extension of his family(despite the occasional rehearsal tantrums).

Besigye made plenty of aware, political decisions that have cost him friends. Among those that felt betrayed by him was late Sam Njuba when he was contesting to be leader of opposition against Ogenga Latigo. Besigye decided to stay out of it completely, and therefore, didn’t even vote or support his loyal friend, Njuba. It was the same case when Beti Kamya was campaigning to replace late Sulaiman Kiggundu as FDC chairman. Beti thought she would get an automatic Besigye endorsement considering that it was mainly her that kept Reform Agenda burning while Besigye was in exile in South Africa, but Besigye again left it to FDC delegates. Besigye didn’t support Bobi Wine during his parliamentary campaigns, and went for a FDC candidate, Katinti, primary because he couldn’t go against the party.

Furthermore, people say that he has failed to dislodge Museveni, and therefore deserves to leave the stage, but forget to add that Besigye isn’t a god. And that’s where this whole “political responsibility” thing breaks down, because politicians are politicians, not high Priests interpreting received wisdom. If you feel Besigye hasn’t done enough, do it your own way. And I long ago learned that courage is not something one should expect from others, especially if one has not assessed how much of it one has oneself. But one may look back and see what was possible, what was available, what was known at the time.

Tragically, over the course of this debate, people have started to insult him. The public enjoys creating a figure and then trying to destroy it by whatever means they can find. There are many instances of this throughout. Personally, if I were trying to get any kind of career off the ground in a military state, I would hate to have my actions judged from a distance by people living safely in a relatively free society, or people benefiting from the dictatorship.

But Besigye is here to stay,President or not, and there is nothing those who hate him can do about it, they will have to suffer to see him as the greatest opposition politician Uganda has ever had.

Do you think maybe that Museveni’s “bribe- donation” defence has something to do with Kutesa being his relative?

Mr.Museveni is huffing and puffing about the bribe allegations that involve him and Sam Kutesa, but a lot of us know he is lying about not knowing that it was a bribe.A federal court in USA has found guilty a Chinese national, a one Patrick Ho Chi-ping for offering a $1,000,000 bribe to two Ugandan public servants namely Yoweri Museveni (Exhibit 1510) and Sam Kutesa (Exhibit 1504).What I don’t understand is why a man as rich as Kutesa is, would accept a bribe of just $500,000. Both he and Museveni are arguably the richest in Uganda. Such “donations” are supposed to be received by us to pay our mortgages.

Do you think maybe that Museveni’s “bribe- donation” defence has something to do with Kutesa being his relative? If I was out working in New York with Kutesa and I did something as incredibly “stupid” as he did and took the bribe “accidentally”, do you think I would be getting the “not at fault” treatment? Mr.Museveni is acting as though the matter is rather routine and not that serious, and that is why Kutesa is still a minister. Another name for this condition is arrogance–exteme, unmitigated arrogance; a “quality” that has long been present in Mr.Museveni. Corruption has always been part of his gov’t since 1986, and it’s too late for him to do anything about it. Even the Nakalema Anti-Corruption Unit is only going to make her a bit richer than probably Tamale Mirundi.

Anyway, little things like this can portend bigger political shifts though I doubt USA will do anything about it. The Americans will most likely use it to blackmail Museveni with something. They’ve got more leverage now!

IPOD is a lost cause that isn’t going to change anything

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

I’m impressed by some of the things Museveni does; it’s not altogether crap. He attended IPOD very well knowing that it wasn’t going to change the status quo in Uganda, Mao and Akena weren’t going to give him a hard time– both will make their good speeches, as usual, take pictures with him, and everyone goes home happy and dandy shs 500, 000 richer. Basically, the dialogue was for the donors and cameras till when they meet again on 15th May 2019. The question isn’t why DP, JEEMA and UPC attended but if they knew what dialogue exactly means.

One thing for which Museveni is not given enough credit, and perhaps it is not credit-worthy, although it is an interesting historical phenomenon, is that he knows Uganda’s political history very well. It explains partly why he has lasted that long in power. I got interested in our political history in the late 1990s while in high school, but never paid any attention whatever to the ages of our post-independence leaders until seeing Museveni talking about it in his speech at IPOD. I think a lot of intelligent people with a passing interest in politics were surprised by his accuracy at their ages.He knew everyone’s age by heart, from King Mutesa 11 to Bendicto Kiwanuka, and he emphasised their youthfulness, which explains why he doesn’t treat any youth interested in politics lightly. Maybe that says more about him than it does about them. Believe it or not, I sort of enjoyed the part where he said he joined DP when he was 18 years old, yet in his book, “Sowing the Mustard Seed”, he sounds like a guy who didn’t know his exact age at the time.

Norbert Mao, DP president, giving Museveni a T-shirt during the IPOD meeting

Museveni is a master craftsman, although he seems to be running out of ideas lately. He gets lost in speeches as much as other politicians, but his technical mastery enables him to forge different influences into convincing scores – for the most part. For instance, he borrows Lunyankole proverbs, as he indeed did during his IPOD speech, to appear legendary in his points yet he’s talking crap. But somehow, he sails through and gets people interested in his crap, and to forget the nice speech by Norbert Mao.

Asuman Basalirwa of JEEMA, giving Museveni a T-shirt

All in All, IPOD is a lost cause that isn’t going to change anything. But I think some in the opposition have run out of platforms to be seen to be doing something good about our bad politics. So, IPOD is just an opportunity for them. Ya well, let the photographs continue, Ameen!

Donors may have miscalculated on Bobi Wine!

Bobi Wine attempts to engage the police after his ‘ye-ssebo’ concert at Busabala was cancelled

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

I’m sure no one would submit to this willingly, but if somehow forced to make such a choice between Besigye Kiiza and Bobi Wine as the next president of Uganda, I would choose the former. Yes, he has probably handled the ” twebereremu ” slogan wrongly because of his limitations in Luganda, but Besigye is still the man. Up with amateurism and other disadvantages, our beloved Bobi cannot be allowed to lead this country under the current political climate in the country. I perhaps ought to point out that I have nothing personal against Bobi or anybody from becoming president.

However, I have found that understanding the environment that Museveni has created for three decades, makes it easier for one to make such a decision. The justice and electoral systems are scandals.Mimes, corrupt officials and murderers are coddled. Victims are abused. Intelligence networks run from statehouse to village level, e.t.c. The good news is that, over the years, Besigye has managed to penetrate some of Museveni’s institutions and made some friends and sympathisers. This has taken much time, work, and joint effort, partnership with some in NRM, sacrifices, and patience. Antagonizing all his work now, in the name of a new guy on the block, would be suicidal, in my opinion. Besigye is basically still alive today because, I believe, he is being protected by the same guys that serve Museveni.

Perhaps, an uninvolved observer wouldn’t come into that conclusion, but these are some of the reasons why I strongly request Bobi’s supporters to calm down and continue to support Besigye’s work. No need to attack one another, please. Congratulations, if they are your conclusions too. The most important is to be honest – if you don’t like something, say so -else the emperor isn’t clotheless.

‘Realistic’ really is the word; elections cannot take Museveni out, something Bobi seems to be investing all his energy into. With Museveni intent on stopping his music shows, which other ways is he going to use to sell himself to the public, and mobilise campaign funds, before 2021? So the difference is rather the one between playing the music and listening to it. I’m not going to analyze here what exactly are the analogies pertaining to active or passive partnership, but I hope people eventually understand.

Maybe I’m opening a can of works and exposing myself to flames here, but, I believe, the donors too have miscalculated on this Bobi Wine thingy too. Their projection is that he is the future while Museveni and Besigye are the past, and they may be right if there are sure of controlling the events leading to Museveni’s ending. I must remind them that they tried the same experiment with Obote when they supported Idi Amin’s coup in 1971, but things didn’t go down well as they expected. And let’s face It, Museveni isn’t dumb!

This is what I think may eventually happen with Bobi in the next few years, if Museveni or his people are still in charge in the next 20-30 years. He is likely to end up like the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. Bartok was born with an unusually keen memory and sense of rhythm. He began composing at age 10. He infused each of his works with his sentiments at the time, as Bobi has been doing through his songs. After the Nazis invaded his country in 1940, Bartok decided to leave Hungary. He opposed a German-installed fascist government and refused to let Nazi-controlled radio stations play his music. The government was hard on him, frustrated him and isolated him, as Museveni is doing to Bobi. He finally left Hungary and went to the U.S., where he settled in New York City. His dedication remained steadfast. Bartok continued composing until his death in 1945. Bartok died poor. His gift to his heirs was his copyrights.

Museveni wants to keep Bobi on a parliamentary income only, and that may be the beginning of Bobi’s downfall. His concerts not only boost his savings but also sell him to the public. Museveni won’t allow that and this is something Bobi will have to live with. Yes, he has gone to court over this but no court will rule in his favour on this. Even if they do, police will continue antagonizing him. Then what?

Ssemogerere was a weak leader!

F-R: Paul Ssemogerere, President Museveni, Obote

Dr.Paul Semogerere was just a DP icon and not a good one.These “front men” are a sad lot in politics.Most of them die of old age.Any “leader” without a strong following cannot do much harm.In fact, more political organisations are weakened at the expense of such leaders.
I can understand why Dr. Semogerere accepted to serve in Museveni or NRM transitional BROAD-BASED govt in 1986, but I can’t understand why there was never a written agreed road map between DP and NRM. Secondly, I can’t also understand why Semogerere never, in any way, supported his fellow DP, Wasswa Ziritwawula, when the later opposed the bill before the NRC to extend the NRM term in office. Yes, Semogerere wasn’t in the country when the Bill was being debated but he had been in the cabinet when it was presented and passed. Hurtingly, he came back to the country after it had been passed and quietly kept his position in cabinet as Ziritwawula resigned.

Is it possible that Semogerere knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the slow death of DP with the political moves he made in 1986-1990? Otherwise, you must give it to Museveni for keeping his enemies closer to him in 1980s-90s with a long term plan of ‘eliminating them. Even Adolph Hitler kept Robert Schumann, an apparent Jewish origin, on his side in his phoney fight with his Philistines, Prof. David Bargnesi. Semogerere was spineless and gullible, subsisting on a steady diet of Museveni and Obote lies. Obote several times rightly called him a ‘weak leader’. Museveni just used him whenever it was convenient for him.DP got the key ministries of Justice, finance, Agriculture, Commerce, housing and AG in Museveni’s broad based gov’t, and that was literally the end of DP. He insisted on being the minister of Internal Affairs in both Lutwa and Museveni govt but there was almost nothing to show for it.

GUM BOOTS SCANDAL:Why exactly would Museveni have Besigye investigated three times by different departments?

I cannot make sense of what the exact intentions of Museveni were in regards to the alleged gumboots corruption scandal against Besigye in 1993. To help readers not aware of this, Besigye was informed by the then Army Commander, Mugisha Muntu, that he had orders from Museveni to investigate a procurement of gumboots from Nairobi, in which Besigye was alleged toi have colluded with the supplier and helped them to evade taxes.

Muntu investigated and Besigye was cleared as the probe turned no evidence of corruption. A few weeks later, Amama Mbabazi who was then the Defense Minister, was told by Museveni to investigate the same matter. He invesitgated and found no evidence of corruption. Then a few weeks later, then Attorney General, Abu Mayanja, was also told to investigate the same matter. He also found nothing tying Besigye to corruption.

Why exactly would Museveni have Besigye investigated three times by different departments? It doesn’t make sense!

Besigye didn’t do much as NPC!

2006, Uganda’s main opposition leader Kizza Besigye, right, and his wife, Winnie Byanyima, left, addressing a news conference in Kampala, Uganda.

Realistically, Besigye didn’t do much as National Political Comissar(NPC), as often exaggerated by his opponents. He spent the last six months in that role doing military training in Bombo. In his absence, all NPC decisions were taken by Chango Macho who had been appointed as acting NPC. Shortly after his course in Bombo ended, Museveni announced a cabinet reshuffle in which Eria Kategeya was appointed the new NPC. Besigye probably acted as NPC for a year and a half, but people keep exaggerating his contributions in that role to cement the NRM rule.

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye moved a motion that extended M7s term of office from 5 years to 10’……Is it true???

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye moved a motion that extended M7s term of office from 5 years to 10’……Is it true???.

The NRC used to meet daily until 1989. An additional 220 members were elected to the NRC to represent the county, on top of the 10 army reps, 20 presidential nominees and disrict women reps.

Then there was the NEC that was created as the political organ of the movement, and it was dominated by the 38 historicals of the NRC, where Getrude Njuba was among them. In October, 1989, the govt tabled a bill before the NRC to extend its term in office to allow for the writing of the constitution. Some historicals wanted the issues put to the public to decide but Getrude Njuba, who was working as M7’s aide, opposed it. She argued that the NRC was set up to formalise decisions of the NRA. A few historicals including Besigye were not happy with the extension.

The first 4 years of Museveni’s rule was an Amanya Mushega suggestion which was endorsed by Museveni. Besigye’s role as NPC was to sell to the public the so called 10 point programs. Yes, he had direct access to the president, but people should stop exaggerating his role as NPC. He was in that role for arguably less than two years.

All extensions before 1990 were M7’s ideas. The extensions after 2006 were also Museveni’s, he only uses different players to sell them to different organs of the movement.

Just like Besigye, Tinyefunza too opposed the Movt extension for another 5 years. Later Tinye was forced to issue a humiliating apology before the Army Council.

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye wrote the laws that strangled UPC to death’

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye wrote the laws that strangled UPC to death’

Truth: As far as I know, DP and UPC agreed to serve in Museveni’s broad based govt without any formal agreement. UPC was given two ministries, and the rest is history. DP and UPC lacked strategists, so Museveni duped them, brought them into a marriage where incase of a divorce, there was going to be only one winner.


Mzee Byanyima (seated 2nd R) and some members of his family—courtesy of the Observer Newspaper

The Ten point program was written by Museveni himself in consultation with his white sponsors. Winnie Byanyima and her sister, Edith, contributed to that document too. According to Winnie Byanyima, one day in June 1981, she received a call while at university in Manchester, and it was Museveni. He wanted to meet her in London. And yes before you ask, they were lovers then. She only told her sister,Edith Byanyima, about the affair because they needed her to type out the draft 10 point programme of the NRM,and other confidential documents.

Besigye–the Incorruptible is still daring them!

Besigye (L) and his comrades during the bush war

It has been said that every man has his price. Perhaps Dr. Kiiza Besigye could be bought but, so far, nobody has ever produced any evidence showing that he has ever been om Museveni’s payroll while in opposition.As a result, a lot of people have grown to love and value him even more, because they just think his political range and the journey he undertook is so intriguing.
In 2005, Mayombo (R.I.P) reportedly met Daily Monitor’s Nkutu for lunch at Sheraton hotel. He asked Nkutu to reach out to Besigye to drop his opposition to the gov’t in exchange for shs. 500 m and the position of PM. Apparently, Besigye told them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and he later announced that he was returning home from his exile in South Africa to contest against Museveni.The threats to arrest him did not stop Besigye from returning to Uganda. He landed back in the country on Wednesday 26th October 2005.

What’s so striking about Besigye is his extraordinary, exceptional ability to encapsulate the whole range of human emotions in political strategy. I don’t think anybody had done it before, and I’m not sure many politicians have done it since. For instance, he clearly didn’t intend to stand against Museveni in the 2001 elections. He only stood because the elders in the party, Bidandi Ssali, and Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, refused to do so. He also didnt want to stand against Museveni again in 2006 because he believed that the system in place wouldn’t declare him a winner even if he did win the elections. He made a statement in 2005, while still in exile in South Africa, saying that he was not going to subject himself to a fraud electoral process where Museveni almost controlled everything. However, with the emergency of FDC and PAFO, and Cyaapa Karuhanga’s party,Besigye was pressurised to come back to stand against Museveni. Ogenga Latigo, Munini Mulera and a few others wanted to pick Mugisha Muntu as the presidential candidate, but in the end, they all realised that Besigye was their best bet in shaking Museveni. It has been the case in almost all subsequent elections where he gives in to people’s emotions to stand against Museveni when clearly he knows that the system cannot declare anybody else a winner other than the incumbent. Of course, some people waste no time in using this against him calling him a four-times failure!

Over the years,he has found a way to combine the techniques he had evolved in military training, bush war, with what he learned from his closeness with Museveni after the war. For instance, his detailed escape from his house after the 2001 elections, is like a film when you read it in Daniel Kalinaki’s book. He planned the whole thing to detail, and its captivating. And what Besigye does better than anybody of his generation is to maintain the political interest in him. It’s not just an academic exercise. It has this humanity, which is so appealing and to me very Shakespearean. Every now and then, somebody emerges to take the centre stage, but events over the years, make people to fall back to him for rescue.I suppose the thing that strikes me most is the way that–again,going back to Shakespeare–he balances high life and low life.

Of course, I’m writing all this bearing in mind that nobody is completely blameless from a moral or ethical point of view. For instance,as a Muslim, I found it odd that Besigye could consider rearing pigs as a way of raising income for his family.But hey, who is me to judge. I’m not God, i’m i? The man had to survive!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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Abusing those criticising Bobi’s presidential strategy doesn’t help!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Music and politics sometimes come together in that shadow: one of the most beautiful things created by man, and one of the worst things human beings have ever done. Every time I listen to Bobi Wine’s political music, I feel something for my country, and it makes me like him as a person. So many musicians have historically influenced politicians or politics in their country. Richard Wagner, for instance, influenced Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, even though he was already dead when the 12-year-old Hitler heard his music live for the first time, when he attended a production of “Lohengrin” in the Austrian city of Linz in 1901.Hitler described the experience in the following words: “I was captivated immediately.” Wagner’s essay titled, “Judaism in Music”, influenced Hitler’s anti-Semitism in several ways.

Similarly, many Ugandans listen to Bobi’s music and probably feel the same way as Hitler felt for Wagner. They are captivated, overwhelmed, smitten and delighted, and this explains why the recent Kyarenga concert at Busabala beach was probably the most attended in the history of Uganda. A lot of images showed people in a state of ecstasy. Just like Bobi, Wagner himself conceived his music as political. He didn’t want to be merely an artist, and his music was a propaganda tool for his political ideas. Bobi hasn’t ruled out standing for presidency in 2021, though he sometimes sound coy about it. He answers the question in a Museveni fashion of ‘we shall cross the bridge when we get there’.

But the situation becomes complicated with Bobi when some people fail to separate an opinion one makes about him politically (as an MP or potential presidential candidate), and as a musician. The moment one makes a political opinion about him that appears to be negative; his supporters will call you every name under the sun, which is unfortunate. Basically, any discussion of Bobi is also a discussion of every evil people wish on you, and of the inability of Ugandans to fully understand the current political situation in the country and the dark sides of their own history. Swimming against the tide of posters disagreeing with you is more difficult than those that just abuse you, because those that abuse you don’t deserve a response. Even with the abuses, it has been a fascinating and enlightening conversation for me.

Like I said somewhere else, I keep listening to Bobi Wine’s political interviews to see if there is any miraculous strategy he has got to restore power back to people, but all in vain. He keeps saying that PEOPLE POWER are better equipped to stop rigging compared to FDC and Besigye did in the past, but there’s nothing to demonstrate this at all. Some people cite the by-elections where he has helped some people become MPs, but all that is trash. Museveni doesn’t joke with a presidential election, as he treats it differently. It’s a matter of life and death for him. The current Electoral Commission remains his walking stick.

The way Bobi Wine explains the concept of PEOPLE POWER is almost the same way Museveni explained the NRM concept in 1991:”The NRM is not a party like UPC or DP. Every Ugandan should join the NRM to restore the country to normality. This is the aim of NRM: to unite everybody in order to solve this national crisis before us. Once we have solved our national crisis, if you want to go back to your politics of dividing the country, you can do so after the interim period…..’’

So, you would forgive me if I have not yet taken the wine labelled, ‘BOBI-UNSTOPPABLE’, because, for now, it’s just literally wine.

Who was Hajji Kasimu Semuwemba?

late Hajji Kasimu Semuwemba

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Hajji Kasimu Semuwemba, a founding member of the Uganda Muslim Education Association (UMEA), was 5 years old when his father died. Both of his parents were Baganda by tribe and Muslims. His father, Abdallah Kiberu, worked for the Buganda kingdom. He had two brothers and three sisters. One of his elder brother, Hajji Jalilu Kiberu, commonly called ‘Twamulabilawo’, worked as a housing officer at UMSC during Idi Amin’s times, and after Amin had been removed from power. One of his sisters, Hajjati Lukiya, was a grand mum to former Greenland Bank Chief Accountant, Cassim Mukiibi.

When his father died, he was taken under the guardianship of his uncle,Hajji Ssudi Matumbwe, who was a resident of Namayuba, Mukono, at the time. He looked after Semuwemba throughout his childhood, and that’s how the late became best friends with his cousin,Ambassador Swaibu Musoke, whom they went to school together in Mukono. Hajji Semuwemba went to Mukono bishop as his primary and secondary education. He used to walk to school together with Ambassador Swaibu musoke. He was very bright in class.

Semuwemba was born in 1920s. His father wasn’t born a Muslim as he was a revert. His father was a brother to Magala in Debe, Entebbe. When he became a Muslim, he decided to start up his own burial grounds in Senene,Butambala.

After the death of his father, his mother, Halima Naziwa, commonly called Biibi, moved back to Namayuba to stay near her brother, Hajji Sudi Matumbwe. The whole village in Namayuba are kind of related to one another.

It’s not known exactly when he married his first wife, but he did so while working as a teacher in Kibuli Teacher Training College, an institution he helped to found. While there, he got a scholarship to go study in USA (a photo attached of when Semuwemba was being welcomed back from USA).

Though mostly oblivious to the political upheaval in Uganda at the time, he paid close attention to promoting education in the country. On coming back from USA, he joined the ministry of education. He later worked in Mukono as a DISTRICT EDUCATION OFFICER (DEO) for a while before moving to Arua. He was DEO in both Arua and Luwero, and Regional Education Officer– Masaka. As already mentioned, he taught at Kibuli TTC for years. From there, he moved to crested towers. He also had offices at Agha khan.

The career of a high-wattage teacher demands not only prowess but also politesse: pressing the flesh, dining with patrons, smiling at audiences. Mr.Semuwemba seems to have done this very well. He was a very friendly man and liked by many. Among his many friends include: late Abu Mayanja, Jumba Masagazi, Hajji Abassi Kawaase, Hajji Kawadwa(Bukoto), current Vice president of Uganda , Edward Ssekandi, and so many others. Hajji Jumba Masagazi became a permanent Secretary in the ministry of education during Amin’s times.

”He was a good man, my best friend. He used to write me letters while I was a t school. He used to drive me in his car. He used to give me advise about anything, from girls to anything’’, remarked Casimu Mukiibi.

He was one of the most prominent educationists in Uganda at the time. After the formation of Uganda Muslim Student’s Association and Uganda Muslim Supreme Council(UMSC), President Idi Amin transferred Hajji Semuwemba from Ministry of education to UMSC, to help boost Muslim education in Uganda. While working at UMSC, he gave lot of scholarships to different Muslims to study abroad. He also helped in the promotion of several Muslim schools, and making sure they get Muslims as their head teachers. For example, he is responsible for transferring Ahmed Seguya to Kibuli S.S as headmaster between 1975 and 1976.

He was among the pioneers and founders of UMEA. His daughter, Nakiiwolo, now based in Denmark, worked as a secretary for UMEA when it had just started. He was very close to Prince Badru Kakungulu and Gaava .He was known to be incorruptible and a very straightforward man.

By 1930, there were approximately 120,000 Muslims in Uganda, with Prince Mbogo as the chief patron of the Muslim community. UMEA was founded in 1944 to oversee factionalism and unify Muslim educational efforts. The East African Muslim welfare also constructed schools, mosques and provided fellowships to Muslim students.

His first wife died in 1977 while still at UMSC. He had one wife, Hajjati Rehema Semuwemba, at the time of his death in 1979. They had five children together, with their last born called Abbey Semuwemba Kibirige. He was murdered in cold blood at his house in Nansana on the outskirts of Kampala. He was shot and killed–an actuarially unorthodox end for a humble teacher.His killers were never caught or found and it’s not known why he was killed.

Besides his family at Nansana, survivors include his ex-wife at Kawempe whom they had two daughters, and his eldest children with his late wife at Kibuli. His eldest son, Issa Semuwemba, was living in Russia before he finally settled in Sweden. Another daughter is in France. Three of his eldest daughters are living in London, United Kingdom, married with children.Some of his eldest children, including Ali Ssebulonde Semuwemba, are living peacefully in Uganda. He didn’t have any grandchildren at the time of his death. Semuwemba was buried at the family burial grounds in Senene, Butambala, where he is resting along with his elder brother, Jalilu Kiberu.

Museveni is just a lucky guy!


We have all heard scurrilous stories about Mr. Museveni Yoweri- and believed some of them -even if we would never make any such claims in public. I don’t think anyone who had dealings with Museveni was in any doubt about his attraction to politics whether dirty or otherwise.His outsize personality remains a strong drawing card, and even his lifelong ugly hat and suits, and jokes, guarante headlines.

Although it is anyone’s speculation as to why he has lasted long in power, the most charitable interpretation is that he is just a lucky man. Hypothesising apart,however, his luck has been seen in several incidents. Starting from the 1980s Bush war when Oyite Ojok’s plane crushed, at a time when NRA was losing the war, to current events, you see lady luck following Museveni in all he does.

Kony came and went, and Museveni is still standing. Besigye came and is probably the closet to see him leave power, but Museveni is still everywhere. Gen.Tinyefunza came, threw his toys out of the pram, but he is now as quiet as an eldery in a nursing home. There was a massacre in Kasese after the 2016 elections but there wasnt any mention of it in the international press. Amama Mbabazi came, excited some people but he is now morelike a smiling duck on a lake waiting to drown. There has not been a single coup, atleast officially, ever since he became president in 1986. He has sold almost all state enterprises and the public are just suffering in silence. He has passed rubish laws in our parliament and everybody is just looking on. He has told so many lies and nobody has ever tried to hold him accountable. The donors love him to bits to the desperation of majority of Ugandans.

He published no views whatsoever about “elimination” of Muslims self- or otherwise. But Uganda Muslim leaders have been assasinated, Muslims jailed in bigger numbers, e.t.c, and Museveni is still defended by a lot of Muslims. Some are even my friends.

Museveni is financially predatory, but then as some have famously remarked, he has to be because he had nothing before the presidency. A less grasping man would have gone under and not enriched himself using state resources, as former Presidents did, but not him. He has openly been doing it since 1986 and he now feels comfortable putting his fingers in national coffers for anything he wants. He has borrowed more money than any president in our history, such that it will take generations to pay it back, and he keeps going away with it.

Without wishing to be unduly rude, I’d suggest that unless his opponents study the man himself especially get into his brain, none other than God himself will take him out of power.Lets analyse some of the opponents people are now parading against him, minus Besigye. Mr. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, for example, although he can find the heart of a character, is not an intellectual presence and he is a novice. His ability to sing music in the true sense of the word is in question. People only support him because they are super desperate for change, and they’ve seemingly lost hope in Besigye. Mr. Mugisha Muntu , in contrast, is an excellent speaker with an analytical mind but his FDC presidency was probably the weakest moment of the party. The fact that he is a Munyarwanda by tribe, though not his fault, is likely to be used against him. Not that i have personally got anything against Banyarwanda, It’s just that ethnicity is still a big factor in our politics. Nevertheless, I still think that majority of FDCs saw Muntu as a saboteur within the party. Few shed tears when he quit the party. I believe a man is not punished for the good he does, but for the evil he does. Now, Muntu is spending most of his energy on weakening FDC rather than Museveni. Pity!

As a PS to this, I find it interesting that when personal heroes are questioned, we seem to find this wall of defensiveness and something verging on screeching personal attack, and a recourse to notions of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and other such nonsense. This totalitarianism of the mind ,I feel, is the one keeping opposition supporters at each other’s throats, instead of targeting Museveni.

Mr. Museveni has, however, had his uncomfortable moments in recent years. His proclivity for gaining weight and a sickly arm, have become a topic of public discussion. He has been booed off a few times especially whenever he visits sights of on going assassinations. People have nicknamed him ” Bosco” in reference to his failed bicycle irrigation scheme. One can characterize his lapses as sinister; but can be attributed, rather, to a happy-go-lucky style, a large ego and a certain carelessness.


I like the clean politicians, feels clean. That is the feeling i’m increasingly getting as I start reading Daniel Kalinaki’s book, ”Kiiza Besigye And Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution”. Besigye critics have long argued vehemently that if a politician has been around the bloke for a long time, he must give a chance to someone else to take over. But truth be told, we are a little bipolar on that subject. Though they criticize Besigye for having contested against the incumbent since 2001, the same critics rarely make the same argument against Mr.Museveni. Our attitude towards people that have been fighting for freedom in Uganda is so sickening. We want to replace them as fast as they come, with an avalanche of abuses, yet freedom itself is still a long journey away.

Let’s smile and appreciate an intelligent politician in Besigye. His last press conference on current security in Uganda was awesome. I’ve not seen anybody explain things from the head systematically as this guy did.He’s really a gifted person. As Kalinaki puts it mildly,Besigye has paid a big price to try to remove Museveni from power,’he has been assaulted, teargassed, pepper-sprayed, and forced into exile’, yet you still find voices that say that he’s working for Museveni. What a bunch of nonsense!

I’m not in any way discouraging the youths, or more people, from raising up to take the mantle from Besigye. Hell no, but I want people to show this man respect. Some people were slating him after both the Bugiri and Arua eelctions won by candidates supported by Bobi Wine.These young politicians, with due respect, may hold the key to Uganda’s future, and the future they create might not be what you expect, and need more exposure. Increasingly they have come to consider the machinations of the current politics in the country, as Besigye also came to learn in 2011. One of the things Besigye learned was that Museveni is still a darling of the donors, and no election will ever take him out of power. That’s why, after the 2011 elections, he walked into the Irish Ambassador’s residence in Kololo, demanding for an explanation as to why donors were folding hands yet things were bad in the country. According to Kalinaki, ‘they saw a sore loser, a could-have-been who had fired his last bullet’. It hurts, doesn’t it? Failing to become president because USA or UK haven’t endorsed you? Or someone, somewhere is busy making up elections results? On top of that, you’ve got the Andrew Mwenda’s jumping on you quoting %s of Museveni’s wins since 1996.

The truth is that this world is centered in Washingtom, though it has counterparts elsewhere.The day USA will say Museveni must go, he will go. Which begs the question as of why they temporarily gave all that limelight to Bobi Wine after the Arua debacle. What exactly were they trying to do? Besigye had been charged with rape, treason and illegal possession of firearms, and held under house arrest, but we never saw the international community give him that audience they gave Bobi. Up to now, i dont understand what that was all about.

Just as crucial, emerging politicians have built an enthusiastic, growing audience that, while mostly young, is expanding across age and demographic lines. If they mix that up with the network already supporting Besigye and other old guards, there is a lot the opposition could achieve in the long term. Having poured his stylistically wide-ranging thoughts into his music, Bobi is an asset to the opposition and he should be protected, regardless of our differences. There is no reason the two worlds(Besigye and Bobi) could remain porous to their enemies.

Why Bobi is a headache causer!

Bobi’s wedding

It is a story with all the makings of a blockbuster novel: a brilliant composer/ politician, an attractive woman, and a mystery that has lasted for years now. This story, though, is real. The composer is Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the renowned Uganda musician who bust to the scene twelve years ago. He has also been the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament for one year and two months. The young woman is Barbie Intungo Kyagulanyi, his wife. And the mystery? Is how the man who sang in a less appealing voice could become so rich in such a short time compared to musicians that are better gifted.

A study of the politician’s life reveals that for most of his life he was fascinated by the politics of our country. He tried to pass on his political beliefs through some of his songs. I always admired his courage as a musician, and I was among those that disagreed with FDC’s decision not to support him when he stood for parliament. I stood with him when he helped brother Asuman Basalirwa to become an MP in Bugiri. I sympathised with him when he was beaten up by the SFC soldiers during the recent by elections in Arua. That’s why I think that Uganda needs an independent organisation to watch the conduct of our security agencies. Here in the UK we have got the watchdog, the Security Service Tribunal, which deals with complaints against the security service (though it always clears MI5 of any wrongdoing). I don’t think parliament has got the tools to investigate those who tortured the MPs, and that is why anybody can tell them any ‘Nigeriarish’.

18 years ago, while struggling to achieve recognition as a composer, he met Barbie, when they were both teenagers. The daughter of parents from Museveni’s tribe, the Banyankole, she shared Bobi’s interests in music, smoking weed and politics. They got married on 27th August 2011,and now arguably look the best youthful political couple in the country. Having a strong woman by your side helps in politics. For instance, one of Besigye’s luckiest decisions was marrying Winnie Byanyima, the current boss of OXFAM. Her family is influential in our politics. She has been influential almost all her life, and a big rock for Besigye.

But as nature would have it, most good things in one’s life breed jealousy. A lot of people are attacking Bobi and Besigye purely out of jealousy. My wish is for him to work with Besigye just like Erias Lukwago is doing. Yes, we all have our tastes in politicians and we shouldn’t apologise for it. There’s no accounting for taste! Usually, this is hurled as a taunt of one-upmanship: “I like it, and therefore I have ‘good taste,’ and you, who don’t like it, don’t.” Anyway, Life will go on whether neither Bobi nor Besigye become president. That’s why I will never use a nasty language to attack any politician, the way Andrew M. Mwenda does, or what Pastor Grace Lubega did last month, just because he isn’t my choice as the next president of Uganda. People should be free to support whoever they want,after all, anybody can be president of Uganda. I’m not saying they(Pastor and Mwenda) don’t have a right to express their opinions, but, if they have a right to express their opinions, other people have a right to express theirs and take the other side.

That said, I think some of Bobi supporter’s schizophrenic reasoning is that simultaneously Besigye is not important anymore and worthy of their acts of abuse, and Bobi doesn’t need to work with him at all. Perhaps they should ask themselves why he has lasted long as Museveni’s challenger compared to the rest. Bobi too should be warier of buying in to the advice of some of the resident “political experts”. Abed Bwanika, for instance, is a certifiable paranoiac, who attacks anybody that works with Besigye yet he was quick to swear an affidavit legitimizing Museveni’s re-election after the 2016 elections.

I have no ” nuggu ” on Bobi Wine

For the record (I mean for the record of those who don’t have their mind made up already, the others don’t interest me),I have no ” nuggu ” on Bobi Wine and I like him a lot both as a musician and MP. A lot of patriots, both in the opposition and in gov’t, look at him as an asset in weakening the dictatorship in Uganda,but not as a potential immediate replacement of Mr.Museveni as president, and he is doing a good job. I believe a lot of people in FDC and DP look at him as a good thing for the opposition. I have not heard so much from UPC but everything looks ‘yummy’ so far.

Defending Bobi’s presidential ambitions, if he supposedly has any, should not include, I should imagine, sustained attacks against anyone who happens to agree that he should work with Besigye, or does it? It’s even wrong for fellow social media activists to play a game of Besigye Vs Bobi Wine, because there’s no such a game. They are both gunning for the same thing, i.e. people power, people democracy, or whatever you want to call it. Besigye’s ‘defiance’ is also basically about empowering people. So, its wrong for Abed Bwanika to keep attacking Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, for working with Besigye. The media (virtually all of it) is terrible because it panders to the tastes of the population, which is terrible, and it is partly fueling the divisions among the opposition.

The handwriting is on the wall that Mr.Museveni is about to go, because that is life: there is a beginning, middle and an end. Whoever will eventually become president will, I think, depend on how things will evolve from now on. On a longer term basis, things could go unexpectedly well or be screwed up even more badly than the present administration has already screwed. It’s never easy to replace someone who has been in power for decades.


This will likely cause a barrage of abuse, but it is something which society shouldn’t ignore anymore. Women are indeed abused by predatory males, and those males deserve punishment, not correction, not rehabilitation, but punishment. Unfortunately, there already also females who will lie about being sexually assaulted, one incident you out to read about is the Duke lacrosse team, and the Besigye Kiiza-Kyakuwa case in 2006.

Ask yourself, if what we have witnessed in USA since the charges were levied by Ford were a trial, would a jury have found Judge Brett Kavanaugh guilty of sexual assault beyond a reasonable doubt? Is a mere allegation enough to disqualify someone from becoming a supreme judge? If someone is going to level a criminal charge then a criminal standard burden of proof should be appropriate. In this case that burden hasn’t even come close to being met. Not by a long shot. This is why it is crucial that Dr. Ford be required to provide some sort of corroboration beyond her word, that Judge Kavanaugh attacked her. Thus for that corroboration has not been forthcoming. Until it is, the judge is innocent, and should be confirmed.

In addition Brett Kavanaugh has provided evidence which casts doubt on the fact that he was even in town when Ford was assaulted. So, what if its case of mistaken identity?Sexual assault is a heinous crime, and one which has far too often been ignored, and in which far too often the victim is blamed. That does not mean that we automatically believe the victim, especially when the accusation is made 35 years after the fact. I have a hard core attitude toward sexual assault, I believe that one who would force himself on a woman deserveslife sentence(dont belive in death penalty), but I also believe that such accusations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Judge Kavanaugh has not been charged with any crime, but that does not mean that his accuser does not have the responsibility to support her accusation.

Now, footballer Christian Ronaldo is also facing rape allegations from a woman he claims to have had consensual sex with.He may be saved by the video cameras in a hotel where they are shown enjoying each other’s company before going upstairs in the bedroom for a shag. The fact is that its difficult to prove rape in the courts of the law, especially if it happened in the past. Its even more difficult to give credible evidence if subpoenaed to testify in the court, which reminds me of a rape story by one of the greatest composers of all time, Gustav Mahler.The version of it i know was that the girl (the maid of the house where he was staying as a boy) was merely enjoying sex with the son of the house when Mahler happened on them. Its believed that he may have mistaken her orgasm for protest and was chased off. Just a mere hearing a loud ” oh no”, doesn’t mean there’s a rape going on inside the room.

Yoga Adhola’s book is interesting!


Classifying anyone as the “successful” at anything tends to reflect more on the source than the subject. So keep that in mind when I make the following statement: Yoga Adhola is a writer whose power to express himself in words mirrored his expressiveness with politics. He is someone who lives and breathes politics. His life is extraordinary not only for the years he has counted but for the people he has known and the scenes he has witnessed. He mentions a lot of people he has rubbed shoulders with in his book, ‘”UPC and national-democratic liberation in Uganda”. He touches on a variety of volatile ideas here including the 1971 coup sponsored by the British and Israelites.

In 1962, Yoga joined Kings College Budo School, where he deliberately refused to speak Luganda because he held some anti-Baganda feelings, something that attracted him to the UPC and probably explain why UPC was formed in the first place. In his book, he keeps referring to his ‘hatred’ of the Baganda as Buganda’s social domination over other tribes in Uganda. After his university education at the University of Nairobi, he moved to Tanzania in 1970s that brought him closer to Akena Adoko, Museveni and Obote. Yoga joined Museveni’s FRONASA before he switched back to his zone of comfort in UPC, a party he has publicly defended to the teeth up to now. Yoga doesn’t hide his admiration of Obote to the extent that he used Obote’s photo for his front book cover, such that its easy to mistake him to have been the author. I don’t know whether he did that for easy marketing purposes but I found it a bit weird. I also failed to understand how he could see a ‘gesture’ by Obote yet there were just talking on a phone to each other , a week before Obote’s death.

In Western culture, virtually everything is understood through the process of storytelling, often to the detriment of reality. When we recount history, we tend to use the life experience of one person– the “journey” of a particular “hero,” in the lingo of the mythologist Joseph Campbell–as a prism for understanding everything else. That inclination works perfectly well when you read Yoga’s book, especially on how Uganda National Congress (UNC) and UPC came to be formed. I also learnt something from the book on this very story which I didn’t know before, that Obote had been elected the president of UNC to replace Ignatius Musazi in 1958 before he eventually allied with the Uganda People’s Union (UPU) to form UPC. What I failed to understand why Obote found it necessary to change the name of the party instead of just recruiting the UPU guys into the party. After all, the original ideas of the ANC were for interegration of all Ugandans, and UPU were just a bunch of traders.

Densely written, crammed with extensive endnotes indicative of a PhD thesis, Yoga’s book offers no entertainment but there is a lot to learn there. Having seen some of his arguments on the Ugandans At Heart forum (UAH), It took me a long time to finish his book, and I stupidly didn’t give it a first priority. I bought the book in 2016 but I have been reading it in bits. However, I liked the way he describes the Buganda wars against Bunyoro, Busoga and Ankole, e.t.c, and their attempts to try to spread their nationalism, which he called ‘identity chauvinism’.

I had hoped that he would be moved to play a crucial role in the current politics of Uganda, especially considering that he was old enough when we got independence in 1962 and understands a lot of things, but I guess he was put off by the way Museveni does his politics: ‘you’re his friend or ally today, but you are an enemy tomorrow if you disagree with him over anything’. As a result, Yoga has joined the vanished worlds of so many wasted resourceful Ugandans abroad, and that is extremely sad.

I will try to share some of the ideas in his book with UAH members whenever I get a chance, God willing.


By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

If witnesses were all that was required to “prove” anything we’d be in a lot of trouble. The way some FDC MPs and people in the opposition are attacking Besigye, one may think that he has really done something heinous, like murdering or raping someone. That’s why I have always gone by the advice given to me by my dear departed granddad who said “Don’t believe everything you read and only half of what you see”. There are people out there who are evil and just enjoy tarnishing others.

Besigye maybe a ‘sellout'(as some MPs are openly telling us) and a peddlebum, but at least he has, over the years, stood up to the dictator and their puritanical ways.The difference here is: the Muntu group (curse ’em) have no spine or cojones; Besigye (bless him) has a spine and cojones.The Muntu group were afraid to go on streets during the WALK TO WORK protests, and always too afraid to go after the peccadillos of the police and NRM. Besigye, on the otherhand, has been on streets fighting for us, faced teargas, arrested as many times as we kill mosqutoes daily, his relatives driven into exile, taken fear out of Ugandans,e.t.c, but all we get from his opponents is that: he is bad, he is an obstacle to democracy, he is working for M7, he bangs Ingrid Turinawe when Winnie isnt around,he hates Bobi Wine, e.t.c…what kind of nonsense is that?

It realy makes me laugh when there’s all this crow-cawing over “AMURIAT IS A SHADOW” and that Besigye is the one in charge, when the very people complaining don’t attend meetings called by the new FDC president; they undermind him for every chance they get; they refuse to depart with their financial contributions to the party because Amuriat is working with Besigye, e.t.c. It looks to me like the intrigue in the FDC is all matter of payback and whose got the balls, and I dont like the way some MPs have handled it, especially coming out on social media making live videos exposing the problems within the party.

My hunch is that the MPs openly fighting Besigye and Amuriat now are going to continue doing so, and will eventually leave the party. They aren’t influential in the party in the more because if they did, they will be taking their fights in the party committes, and its the reason they have gone public– to seek public sympathy. Party infighting is normal and it happens all over the world, but how its handled is the most important thing. In the 1950s, Ignatius Musazi lost control of the Uganda National Congress(UNC) party because he chose to go with the flow, especially the appeasement of the Buganda movements at the time, and this sidelined him from the original aims and objectives of the ANC. That’s how Milton Obote eventually took over the ANC, allied with rebels of ANC that had formed their respective parties, and then formed UPC. Incidentally, among those ‘rebels’ was John Kale(Kaliisa), the late father of the Gen.Kale Kayihura, who had opened up a ANC office in Cairo. If Musazi and Abu Mayanja had continued with the party objectives of fighting for the interests of all Ugandans, the rebels wouldn’t have achieved much.

Therefore, FDC must go back to the drawing board, and stick to the objectives of why it was formed. Let them not get distracted by ‘haters’. Attacking Besigye because he is more popular than the rest, doesn’t help anything or anyone. The guys handling enforcement of party discipline must get to work immediately, even it means losing some members. To emphasize this, all those MPs openly attacking the party must face the whip. FDC elders must swing into action to reconcile the different factions within the party. Yes, every party in Uganda,including NRM, has got ‘moles’ and we shouldn’t let them destroy such a young party. Mugisha Muntu should be put to a task to issue a statement explaining his relationship with those fighting Amuriat. He either distances himself from them or the party must say ‘goodbye’ to him. Those who want to walk out with him, should do so. The earlier Patrick Oboi Amuriat does this, the better.He must show that he’s got the balls!

Why Besigye is being fought by both the Govt and Opposition right now!

The narrative used to be about doing something but now it’s all about trying to be someone. That’s the curse of our generation. Everyone wants to be someone before doing anything.If you try to mobilise funds for your local hospital,for instance, people will ask you questions like, ‘who are you?, are you the MP, do u want to stand in some position, e.t.c. Most of the adults have given up on genuinely educating the young on life experiences and expectations. And so today we have to fall back to the leaders of past times in order to have an encounter with something real.

Look at what’s happening in FDC, most of the MPs opposed to Besigye are just simply jealous. Anybody who’s in their mid 40s plus are kind of jealousy of Besigye because they want him off the stage, to launch their political career. Their sub-strategy is that let’s get rid of Besigye too such that he leaves the stage the same time as Museveni. They aren’t worried about M7 anymore b’se they know he has past it—its now just a matter of when, not if, he goes. Unfortunately, most people aren’t thinking about the country anymore. Its all about me, me, me, and strategising.

Just to clarify, I’ve never been paid a cent to defend Besigye and his actions. I’ve neither met him nor spoken to him, nor communicated to him in any way. So, its unfair to brand all people defending him as paid servants, or on payroll, or FDC radicals. Most people defend him out of self conviction:country first before anything else. I’ve read about Mr.Mugisha Muntu’s background and his activities in student politics while at Makerere University, and I like him, and I dont think anybody is underestimating him. I know that he’s ambitious, and probably unfairly being accused of being a mole due to his tribe and past closeness to Museveni. But its important that he puts the country first before his own personal ambitions. He’s hiding from the fact that he can’t win against Besigye, or a Besigye candidate, even if he does participate. The truth is that Besigye remains the most popular opposition leader in FDC and elsewhere. Government has been trying to mitigate that for ages without any success. So, I don’t understand why anybody in the opposition would try to help them just because of personal ambitions.

Its the same situation with Bobi Wine. I like him but I don’t think there’s any need for him to flex his muscles to show that he’s edging Besigye out in any way. By doing that, he is exactly doing Museveni’s bidding,i.e. reducing Besigye’s popularity. In other words, Bobi Wine is like a gift to Museveni from God right now. We all know that even if he stands for presidency in 2021, he wont make it, but i’m sure the govt is dancing to his activities right now. All this just requires one to have common sense, it’s textbook stuff. KB is still the real deal, no question, I think all of that premieres,activities or whatever Bobi is doing right now, have been done in the past by the likes of AlHajji Nasser Ssebagala and others,there’s nothing new, but his story is fascinating.

What is it about Bebe Cool that makes people so passionate about his music?

What is it about Bebe Cool that makes people so passionate about his music? it’s rarely pretty, often violent, almost always TENSE,not making any sense but yet there’s something so fascinating and intriguing about it that it almost defies explanation. For instance, I remember being invited to a party once here in the UK , and people were banging Bebe’s KASEPEKI. I danced all my bones out but in the end, I thought to myself, ‘why am i dancing to this nonsense?’ Music is to be enjoyed (in a very broad sense), but what is there to enjoy in his music? Would love to hear others’ thoughts on what makes it so special for them.

There’s a lot of Judas- Isacriotism in Katuntu!

Hon. Abdu Katuntu

This was a purge not a reshuffle,” Hon.Katuntu

Being a lawyer, it always helps Katuntu to come up with the right words, or find fitting words to use, but I’m only surprised someone would say such a statement in apparent seriousness. Truthfully, I’ve rarely been his fan, and he comes across as someone who could betray anybody anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a Museveni cabinet in future.

Let’s take the current parliamentary reshuffle, for instance, does it only become a ” purge” if he’s the one dropped? Why didn’t he use a similar word when Hon.Nandala Mafabi was removed as LOP, with all his experience as both an accountant and lawyer?

It’s obvious that every FDC President places increasing importance on loyalty than anything else, a reason why the reshuffle was necessary, since most of the people removed were loyal to the previous president, Mugisha Muntu. Mafabi himself was removed as LOP because of his undoubted loyalty to Kiiza Besigye.

In this country there are relatively few occasions now where people get away with the disloyal lady just taking centre stage and singing. Museveni tries it in NRM because he has different fat spots to offer even his “enemies” , and it’s his way of keeping them closer. An FDC president, on the otherhand, doesn’t have that luxury.

What’s so special about Winnie Kiiza? The only mistake FDC supposedly made was not to retain her in some capacity. For a party that is growing leaders, its better to help them develop in some other capacity if you think they aren’t doing well in their current positions. But if FDC offered another position to her and she declined, then she doesn’t deserve anybody’s sympathy. Good leaders come and go, but especially they come back!

Therefore, an analysis of Amuriat ‘s “sinfullness” based merely on the extent of this reshuffle, and the FDC loses in Bugiri,would, in that context, seem wildly inappropriate. People should give him a chance to set his own pace in an office environment he feels comfortable with. Byebyo ebyange!

Congratulations to our sister Bridget Mbabazi!

Bridget and her South African husband

There is no doubt that Cyril Ramaphosa(CR) will get on well with Amama Mbabazi. It will be like a house on fire. Both are politicians, lawyers and business men. Unlike Mbabazi who is a one- woman man forever, CR has drilled a few wells ,been divorced twice, and now in his third marriage. I’m sure both men will teach the newly weds a thing or two about marriage. In my experience with the business People, they always look at marriage between their children as another business deal that has gone down well, and they always bang their heads on the walls if it all ends up in divorce at some point, because it means one of them is gonna lose money. CR was Mandela ‘s bodyguard before he went to prison at Roben Island. The moment Mandela was arrested, he decided to lay low for a while, started various businesses, and he is now among the richest people in South Africa. He owns shares in MTN South Africa, McDonald, Mercedes Benz, e.t.c. His private jet has allegedly been sited at Mercedes centre in Leeds, UK. So, basically the Mbabazis have ” fallen in things “.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this good “deal”, especially our sister Bridget Birungi Mbabazi!

Ok, this is how it’s gonna play out!

Published on Abbey Semuwemba Facebook page on 2nd July 2018

Ok, this is how it’s gonna play out:
1. M7 is gonna make concessions on mobile money tax if people keep complaining , and eventually get it either reduced or Removed.
2. M7 wont do anything about the Social media tax for now till before the next elections. He hates social media, anyway. He will, however, make promises, as usual, and the gullible ones will clap hands for him. By then, he will have enough money for his campaigns via social media and mobile money taxes.
3. He is gonna wash his hands off both taxes, and shift the whole blame to MPs and some cabinet members.
4. The number of people on social media has definitely reduced on day one of social media tax, but it will eventually pick up as people get used to the changes and the tax, and use of VPN.
5. The number of people using mobile money will go down among the poor( majority), but the middle-class and super rich will continue using the service due to its convenience.
6.Wait and see how other countries copy from Uganda and roll out social media tax too. ……Sad!

A letter to Mark Zuckerberg!

Facebook and whatsapp owner

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
We thank you for making Facebook and whatapp free for everyone around the world. Is there any way you can further help people in Uganda to access the two services without internet or the need to pay taxes on them, please. The people of uganda are too poor to afford such a tax at the moment, and i believe it hasnt been introduced in good spirit. Its sole purpose is to limit the number of people on social media.

Thanking you in advance.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Concerned citizen of Uganda.

P.S: Please share till Mark Zuckerberg receives this message.

Social Media is for free interaction, not for tax!

Museveni: mouth is for eating, not for sex. We know the address of sex, we know where sex is

Me: Social Media is for free interaction, not for tax. We know the address of where our tax goes, we know where tax is!

Facebook app that gives free internet!

Guys, there’s a free Facebook app I have been told to allow certain countries to get online without internet. Test it if you are in Uganda to see if it works. If it doesn’t, then we have strong reasons to ask for this service urgently.

If you have an Android, you can download the Free Basics by Facebook app from the Play Store. If you have a feature phone, visit from your mobile browser. If you already have the Facebook Android app, you can access Free Basics in the ‘More’ menu. If its working but not properly, Just clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and see how it goes. If you’re using Facebook through the Free Basics app, you may be seeing a free-data version of Facebook that doesn’t include photos. The data you use within the Free Basics app does not count against your data plan. You will receive a warning if you’re about to visit sites that require data. is a Facebook-led initiative with the goal of making affordable Internet access available to the two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected and to bring the same opportunities to everyone that the connected third of the world has today. You can learn more about Internet.Org at Have a great day!

Museveni’s headache is now VPN and it’s not going anywhere soon!

Yesterday was an heroic date in Uganda’s history, because a president was forced to deny publicly the arrangement of a new tax called mobile money, yet he had engineered and signed it into law himself. He argued that he had directed a 0.5% tax reduction on mobile money transactions rather than the 1% that was passed by MPs, not that it makes the situation any better.

Since the terms “left” and “right” emerged during the French Revolution. The definitions have undergone some changes, sometimes the boundaries have got more or less blurred, but most of those characteristics continue to be emblematic of the left. This is particularly true of taxation, and particularly so in the countries where many right wingers believe that taxation is theft and think that a society can be run without taxation.

Personally, I think people start viewing taxation as theft if they don’t directly benefit from the taxes, and I strongly believe this is the reason the social media tax introduced this month in Uganda, is being looked at negatively. Ugandans benefit less from the taxes as most of it goes towards keeping Museveni in power and making his cronies happy, on top of out of control corruption. The taxation system in Uganda is basically like robbing you at gunpoint, and then give you a bottle of wine to help dull the pain. The gun or force is always there. The basis of the state rests on force. That’s why the gov’t is already threatening those that use VPN to dodge paying the social media tax.

Journalist Andrew Mwenda obviously disagrees with this, and mocked Ugandans that they want services from the gov’t, but don’t want to pay taxes. He obviously made that statement basing on the taxation system in countries where citizens see how taxes directly benefit them. In some developed nations, they go as far as using part of the taxes to cater for the unemployed, such that when people are out of work, their gov’t provide temporary social safety nets. In Uganda, on the otherhand, even simple things like healthcare aren’t affordable to citizens. Same for housing. it’s good to have housing for all and a good govt should try–thru private sector and government–to offer affordable housing to almost everyone. But some idiot has gone ahead and proposed rental tax instead of envouraging people to build as many houses around the country as possible. The truth is that new taxes such as social media and rental tax are only ideal for a future Uganda and therefore a future president, not now or anytime soon.

it seems obvious that an efficient system of public transport is an essential element in any society and in many countries trains and buses are heavily subsidized in order both to save fuel and to ensure that people can get to work. But what has the Museveni gov’t done about this in the last 32 years? Even the trains that were functional under Amin and Obote are not different from skulls in Luwero.

Nobody is encouraging a nanny state here but my dream is to be in a democracy with a social conscience. It doesn’t make sense to introduce a tripple taxation on a service , such as mobile money, which is very popular with the majority poor and created employment for the youths, simply because you want to boost the businesses of the banks( minority rich).

Actually, for me I propose much higher taxes on the rich because it would be a boom to the economy. Why? Because it would have the effect of forcing the rich to reinvest in their businesses. Today, the big business owner screws the worker and takes more of the earnings out of his business as personal profits. And why not? His rate of taxation on his personal income is so low — that he’s more than happy to pay the low taxes due. He can then turn around as an individual and invest the money left after paying taxes into entities that earn capital gains, which are taxed at the super-low rate. Now, the profits he took out of his business are being put to work to earn him a personal fortune that sits outside of whatever he’s doing in his business. Eventually, he gets most his business salary paid in stock options and tax-deferred funds that allow him to avoid paying taxes at all, or at
the worst, at the lower rate. That is how most of the sugarcane factory owners in Busoga survive while the majority of the Basoga that work for them are perennially poor.

Goverment shouldn’t interfere with internet expansion and growth in the country, because its part of indirect investment in the population. Investments in people creates a consumer class that has the spending power to purchase goods and services that allows businesses to expand even more.

Of course, we then get down to what the priorities are of our nation. The little taxes we collect now would be enough to give ugandans services if our government wasnt extravagant, corrupt, relying on partisanship, or spending money on stuff we could do without. As long as Museveni continues to run Uganda like his personal property, people will resist certain taxes. In USA, those that resist unfair taxes call themselves “Moonshiners”. In Uganda, we’re yet to come up with an agreed name but they shall probably be called the “VPNs”.

Besigye prayed Eid with Londoners!

The Uganda Muslim Community 2018 Eid-fitri prayers in London were more or less bookended by Kiiza Besigye’s speech, with grand social and political reverberations. I never attended myself as I received the message on my phone so late. I suspect that the FDC officials there organised this meeting in haste. It would have been nice to meet Besigye for the first time. Nevertheless,I followed everything online thanks to Dr. Rashid Kasaato’s live wire on Facebook.

First of all,It was nice to see Hajji Lutavurigirwa Moses Sserwadda. I didn’t know that he’s based in the land of ‘Matooke, Mitcham, where I once lived for a year or so. He wanted to know why FDC has less presence at local elections.

It was also nice to see Brother Sulaiman Kavulu, and his usual ‘sunnah’ of smiling all the time. He is the Secretary General of the Uganda Muslim Community in the UK, i believe. I hope he finds a way of finding a permanent home for Uganda Muslims in London. The Uganda- Tanzania Muslim community in Leeds did it through a 7 year fundraising period, and finally managed to get a home, yet there are fewer in numbers. I didn’t like my brothers and sisters being blown by the hot wind in an open space, and one person commenting that they would be chased away because one of the cars had been wrongly parked.

It was also nice to see Omulangila Dickson Wasajja in his usual suits and ‘never-give-up’ spirit. Wasajja has worked to foster the growth of the opposition in diaspora than anybody else I know. I once asked him while at a Buganda conference in Manchester, before the 2016 elections, why Besigye was standing again yet the elections are gonna be rigged again, and he sounded optimistic that Besigye had a plan, he is still optimistic, and I’ve always wondered what keeps his optimism going, because I didn’t see any immediate Besigye ‘plan’ during or after the elections. Ya well, he knows better!

Besigye was introduced to Muslims by Dr. Kasaato who is usually provocative, energized and a ray of light. I prefer to look at him as one of Uganda’s ‘sunshine’ being wasted in London. Bringing people together for a meeting ranks high among the legacies he will leave behind. He is another top bloke!

In his speech, Besigye, mentioned that Museveni has always persecuted Muslims, and I didn’t see or sense anybody in the audience disagreeing with him on that one. For some reason, every leader seems to target some defenceless group before they jump on another bigger one. A lot of people don’t know this but Hitler first targeted the mentally disabled,before the Jews.The Nazis set up the T4 project in the thirties to “cleanse” away 70,000 mentally disabled people, including schizophrenics and epileptics. During WW2 many Germans knew minorities were disappearing, but a lot of Germans just ignored it, as people did so at the systematic killing of sheikhs in Uganda.

People normally start acting when the majority is threatened. For some reason, some people look at Muslims as crazy yet we are really nice people. Our religion teaches us to do a lot of nice things. You just have to get to know us properly. We are decent fellows. Shiekh/ Mufti Mubajje has demanded that the Muslims tortured over Afande Kaweesi’s murder be compensated, so we wait and see. We are patient, you know. Otherwise, the police refusal to do the job they are employed and paid to do is extremely serious, particularly as this case is highly important, indeed key to the whole issue of assassinations and kidnappings in Uganda at the moment. Uganda has lost much in the last 20 years – it has lost proper constitutionalism, it has lost its self-respect and its identity as a people.

This is what is going on in Kayihura’s head!!

This is what is going on in Kale Kayihura’s head—–its about to explode.I’m actually surprised that he never managed to escape after his sacking as IGP. He would have been in a better negotiating position with Museveni if he was outside the country than being inside. All the signs of his arrest were there from the moment Tumukunde came in as his boss, and I’m sure being a lawyer, he must have used his time between the arrest of Kitatta and his remaining time in office, to wipe out most of the evidence incriminating him.

At least,nobody is gonna kill anybody, at least for now.Kale will most likely be ‘forgiven’, rehabilitated and then later die of ‘natural’ death!

Michael Jackson died this month on 25th in 2009!

Michael Jackson died this month on 25th in 2009. He is one person blacks ,all over the world,shouldn’t try to forget easily, because we don’t have lots of role models.Yes, he could be weird,sometimes, but he was our weird. His strangeness wasn’t an obstacle to his fans’ adoration; it was central to his power. On our farm in Bugerere, as a kid, I used to dance like Michael Jackson,and I remember one relative, Kajoba Aide, telling me that i was gonna become a dancer. I still remember the exact spot where he said this to me(never underestimate the memory of a child).The way he used to snatch up his fedora from the stage is something I had never seen before. Jackson could put it on purely so he can fling it away, briefly masking himself so as to choreograph his own emergence.

I don’t really believe that he molested those kids. I never blamed him for being “Wacko Jacko” because his father BEAT him several times as a child, and that could mess you up. His “Thriller” album was totally cool, since i luv ’80s stuff. The Thriller revolutionalised the music as probably Jose Chameleon’s “Jamira” and other songs, did in uganda. He grew up a famous singer, so i don’t blame him. He was just a deranged dude because of his childhood, I believe. R.I.P.

What is my brother Kirumira Muhammad aka Mwoyo Gwa Gwanga exactly up to?

What is my brother Kirumira Muhammad aka Mwoyo Gwa Gwanga exactly up to? I’m starting to get worried about him. He seems to have no ‘breaks’ in his revelations about Uganda Police, and the former IGP, Kayihura. He is making TV appearances. He is even scrubbing up well,going by this attached picture when he was invited by one of the top radios in the country. Where is he going with all this? What’s the deal, man?

God isn’t stupid, Mr. President!

One African team remains in the 2018 World cup, Museveni is still the president of Uganda, a lot of people are sick, poor and jobless, frustrated and,most importantly,so many are blaming God. However, the Philippine president open perception of God as “stupid” is something that has tickled me, and I think it’s a normal human assessment, but if one opens up to God and searches for a spiritual lead in these matters the results are very different. God did and always has done the very best that could be done. Of course we can’t answer some related questions, like a question that used to bother me when i started learning physics at my O levels:what created God, for instance, but we can move on in our thinking by going along with the understanding that the human brain simply cannot understand many such things. The only option here is to keep studying and learning, hoping for a better understanding.

The suffering in Africa, Middle East and elsewhere is a mortal phase of our existence but it is not the bottom line. We are going through this phase of inconveniences and suffering in order that we may learn enough about all the effects of sin and rebellion. Without this training phase we would never be suitable for immortality and absolute sovereignty.

Yes, it takes some courage to think for yourself. The topics in debate are just another example of sovereign choice. That is, each individual can make their own sovereign choice as to whether to accept God or reject the entire idea that God exists. Some Jews believe that we should never use the word “God”. That is because it means we are defining “God”.

God is omnipotent but sometimes we don’t/can’t understand what He is doing. It is at these lock-ups that we must trust in faith and lean not on our own understanding.God will do things in the best way possible and He will not be diverted from this process by our human complaints or disagreements. God has eternal plans for us and this very brief spate of mortal existence is but a miniscule part of God’s concern for us. We must learn and this is the only workable way for us to do so. This is somewhat like parents interacting with their children. The parents may impose some restrictions that make the child unhappy for the time being but the long term effect is well worth the stress the child had to go through.

I feel the need to praise God because I firmly believe God is worthy of praise. We would never have existed had God not created us. As a Muslim, my main source of understanding is the quran. If I can’t find information in the quran that supports my thinking on a specific matter I conclude that my thinking is wrong. If I can find information in the quran that supports my thinking I conclude that my thinking is right. But I’m always careful to respect the views of other people.

I don’t mean to imply that you or any other atheist MUST accept God’s ways. I merely point out that we all have the sovereign choice in this and no one can overwhelm anyone else into believing or not believing that God exists. Everything is relative except when its not.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


school chemistry Uganda teacher explain rules



I followed with some interest Tamale Milundi’s views on the government’s position to financially boost more science courses at university at the expense of arts, when he was hosted at Pearl FM,Uganda.If arts programs continue to regarded as an “extra” we can live without, I’m afraid we aren’t looking at the big picture here as Tamale explained,”not everyone is capable of becoming a Bill Gates.Every child has his own abilities and limitations when it comes to education”.

Secondly,I don’t see why so many people see schools as the only place to cultivate a taste for art or sciences. A lot of people have made discoveries outside school and they have been recognised. Schools tend to do exactly the opposite:by forcing it down young people’s throats,with the teacher foisting heavy-handed interpretations and criticisms onto a subject, as well as choosing what is “good” art or science (in whose view?), and then making their students abhor subjects by turning it into homework, analysis, and drudgery.I say, just give the kids the tools (reading, writing, argument, debate, e.t.c), not too much home work and exams, then turn them loose to explore whatever they want and form their own independent opinions without helpful “guidance.” They’ll find what is right eventually. Just because a student has crammed and passed a biology theory exam, it doesn’t necessarily make him or her a good potential doctor.The student must have passion for medicine to be a good doctor. At the moment, Uganda has produced a lot of quack doctors with PHDs who don’t know exactly what they’re doing. That’s why, most times, someone gets a stroke in Uganda and a hospital charges an arm and leg just for simply keeping the patient on oxygen, yet they aren’t really doing anything. No wonder, most patients end up dying!

There are two books I would like people to look out for and read. The more recent of the two books is Dinesh DeSousa’s “Illiberal Education” which raised public awareness to the phenomenon of political correctness in education.The older of the two books is “Education and Human Relationships” by Rutgers University Anthropology professor, Ashley Montagu. In it Montagu proposed that the primary objective of the education system should not be to teach History,Geography, Mathematics, Science or even reading and writing but rather what he referred to as the “Art of Human Relationships” which basically amounts to the same thing that is now referred to as “political correctness”.

In a subsequent book written during the 1964 US presidential election campaign, “The American Way of Life”, Montagu went further to argue that the primary emphasis in education should not be to teach “traditional subjects” but to inform students what was wrong about a politician like Barry Goldwater,(the 1964 Republican presidential candidate).Needless to say Professor Montagu’s advice was heeded, North American education system’s were dumbed down, the teaching of traditional subjects deemphasized and the teaching of politically correct values emphasized in it’s place.A chain had effectively been placed on the brains of people who went to school in the late 20th century.

Thirdly, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there’s a coleration between sciences and arts one way or the other. I was good at Sciences and arts at the same time during my O’ levels. OK, i admit Physics practicals were a pain in the ass but I was OK with the rest. A lot of musicians have turned out to be scientists at the same time.Science is basically the production and verification of models that attempt to explain the real world. Mathematics is a set of abstractions that can be used to build such models.Go to the library and look up “The Golden Ratio” and “The Fibonacci Sequence”.There are a lot of connections between these mathematical objects and the arts (especially visual). We shouldn’t undermine anybody in whatever field they are good at.The government’s job should be to give a chance to students to do whatever they want to do at university, not to dictate to them what the government wants them to do.

Byebyo ebyange!

Meet 16 year old Rahma Jjingo who has developed an app Ugconnect

Meet 16 year old Rahma Jjingo who has developed an app Ugconnect. It helps one to find their way around Kampala. It has potential. It helps tourists figure out where to find places of attraction, accommodations etc… App is functional but not on GooglePlay yet.She’s at the International School of Uganda.

Rahma happens to be one of my many cousins!

Sad what’s happening in Uganda at the moment!

Kidnapped woman Susan Magara found dead

A kidnapped/vanished child is always a tragedy, and I don’t wish to ridicule anyone’s pain. However,an audio by a kidnapper in a third world country will never help the police catch the killers. We aren’t that sophisticated in technology. Actually, a lot of Generals sound like that man speaking Lunyolo in the audio by Susan Magara’s kidnappers.Even the FBI cannot conclusively identify anybody’s voice using a computer. They have been working on voice recognition for many years, and to this day computers understand only the most basic voice commands, so who knows how long it’ll take until computers and synthesizers can actually emulate human voices or instruments reasonably well. What the FBI concentrate on is mainly the background of where the audio might have been recorded, and then they start identifying areas with such a background.

It is an uncomfortable thing to say as well as to read, but I believe that there’s no security for common citizens in Uganda at the moment. There’s only security for the important people in the country. The 999 number isnt working, the police are more interested in protecting the regime in power, protecting government buildings, e.t.c, but not the common people. Anybody can be killed by anybody anytime, and chances are anybody can get away with a crime if not seen.

Over the last six years crime has greatly increased and the police seem not be in position to do anything about it. In addition the criminals themselves are often let off,case hearings deliberately delayed or criminals serve a fraction of any sentence.For instance, nobody is talking about the Kanyamunyu case anymore. Its dying a natural death, because it has been replaced by bigger cases such as Kitatta’s. Basically, the present government has failed in the first duty of the state, to protect its citizens. May be, citizens should be availed guns to protect themselves from criminals. John Lott, in his book “More Guns, Less Crime,” proves that guns in the hands of private citizens can be an effective crime deterrent.

Susan Magara’s experience is far from unique. Kidnappers, murderers, Muggers haunt almost every town while in others criminals work with the police to ‘protect’ citizens, as we have seen with Sobi group that are now being protected by the police.We are cursed with a government that says one thing and does another. The real problem is the moral climate produced by the present administration, and a feeling they are more on the side of the criminals than their victims.

Far more important, in my view, is the overall recognition of the need for the police to rebrand itself. They need new management at the top, new ideas, new directions, new strategies, e.t.c. Nobody trusts the police anymore. so everyone is paranoid. The more we read about daily murderers on social media and newspapers, the more Uganda is looked at by the rest as a backward nation.A “backward nation” is one regressing in terms of political,material and spiritual measures.

I believe that the crime wave now taking place in the Uganda is due in part to Museveni’s over stay in power. He is now an old man who cannot keep tabs on everything happening in the country. And since he had personalised most of the institutions, everything is now a mess because he doesnt have the energy to be everywhere anymore. Basically, we are heading for the tougher times!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

How come Grace Ibingira is rarely mentioned in our independence celebrations?

Grace Ibingira

So, the Uganda flag was designed by Grace Stuart Ibingira. How come he is rarely mentioned in our independence celebrations?
I don’t really know. May be because he sat in jail most of the 1960s so his name fell off that way. But then again, The late David Kakoma who composed the Uganda National anthem is seldom mentioned either. So, what do the colors represent? I see British Royal Guard parade with those colours and Germany, Belgien, Syd Afrika, Zimbabwe mm do have the same colours. Yet, West African countries have yellow, Green and Red.

What made Ibingira choose just the Black, Yellow and Red?
Noc’la via UAH
It is true.

Grace Ibingira, was made the head of the committee that designed the national flag, because he was an artist.

Ocen Moses via UAH

Education under Idi Amin was far better than under M7!

Information is indeed power. I wish more people that were adults during Idi Amin could write more books or something. Permit me to play devil’s advocate, for a moment:the world has judged Amin harshly as a leader without any balance, and I think it’s wrong. For instance, I was surprised to read in John Kazoora’s book, the Betrayal, that when he joined Mengo Secondary school in 1972, the school provided every new student with a pair of shirts, shorts, shoes and stockings. They also provided them with breakfast, lunch and evening tea…..Wow! How did they afford all that under a bad economy as we were made to believe? How I wish I could read more experiences like this on our forums, because I think a lot of bad stuff have been written about Amin but ,on this account, he may have been arguably the best leader Uganda has ever had since independence despite his obvious shortfalls!
MUHAMMAD MAYANJA, former presidential candidate, via Uganda Muslim Brothers and Sisters(UMBS) forum
I was at Old Kampala during that time. At the beginning of the year(first term),each and every student was provided with all the text books for each subject for that year. Plus exercise books. No food because we had two shifts. Senior 3,4,5 and 6 in the morning and 1 and 2 in the afternoon.
I joined Iganga S.S (now a girls’ school) in 1978 paying sh. 650 a year (paid in 3 installments,sh. 300 -first term, sh.200 second term and sh.150 third term). We received school uniform, had 4 meals a day (6 students per table), labs were full of equipment/chemicals and library had plenty of text and reference books. Each stream had 40 students and all school programmes ran smoothly.
Someone has written on this forum that the students of Nyakasura s.s made strike for lack of meat on independence day in 1979. Yes, that is when things had changed after Tanzania and her opportunists (at that time called liberators) had over thrown President Idi Amin on 11th April1979.

what do u think an idiot actually means to Mr. Museveni?

I hated Museveni, but he saved my life – Rwakasisi

Is this what they call intellectual irresponsibility and laziness? Apparently, according to John Kazoora, Museveni’s favorite word is ” idiot”. While in the bushes of Luwero, he constantly refered to Rwakasisi, now his presidential adviser, as an idiot.

While addressing the NRM caucus at Statehouse on the 11th of July 2011, he referred to Dr.Besigye as an idiot. He also referred to one of the diplomats who had said something about him and was later revealed in the Wikileaks, as an idiot.

So, what do u think an idiot actually means to Mr. Museveni? Anyone have an opposing view?

On 13th June 1980 , Museveni’s party, UPM, organised a rally at City Square. The procession started at their offices on Kampala road opposite the post office, and they were neither beaten nor teargassed as is the norm today. Museveni made a powerful speech where he advocated for Mayumba kumi for identifying and exposing criminals, but not crime preventers, bodaboda 2010 as it’s the norm today.

What exactly happened to Museveni? What makes leaders change once there are in power?

Mr. Semuwemba,

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Very select people can taste power and not be touched by it and be prepared to jettison all prudence and common sense and former ideology to keep it! It’s very special, strong personalities that can overcome the temptation to hang on to power! Mr. Museveni is miles away from being one of such! He is the worst kind of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Edward Kironde via UAH forum

What happened to GCU party of the 1980 elections?

An NRM supporter displays a 1980 campaign poster

A lot of historians only mention DP, UPC, UPM and CP as the only parties that participated in the 1980 elections, but there was another political party called ” God Commands Uganda “(GCU) led by a one Selasi Muhwezi Nowaruhanga.

What happened to GCU party?


In most countries including the UK, there are very many parties that have been registered and lay dormant. I believe this is the case with Uganda. There are parties with less than ten registered members and because they still have members, pay their dues, they cannot be written off. l don’t know about GCH perse, but what I know is that there is one, soon to appear on the Ugandan political horizon, a new outfit with no blemishes from the past, to re-direct the trajectory Uganda is headed for, to one which will avert catastrophe.

I cannot say much at this point but members are mulling over it. But soon, news will be out, to be or not be one!.

These guys survived a 5 year guerrilla war but some things have remained the same!

otafiire kahinda

These guys survived a 5 year guerila war but some things have remained the same:

1. While in the Bush, Mugisha Muntu was suspected of being a UPC spy because his father, Enock Muntuyera, was a staunch UPC supporter. 32 years later, Muntu is now in opposition but he is suspected of being a Museveni spy. May be it’s just fate? Still pushing for a better Uganda?

2. According to John Kazoora in his book, the Betrayal, Besigye always carried himself in the bush with determination, conviction and perseverance(DCP) . For instance, he was always among the first to wake up in the morning to train and never over slept. 32 years later, Besigye is now in opposition but the great DCP are still with him. It’s the existence of guys like him that makes one question how much one has contributed to his country.When someone has the same enthusiasm for a cause he had while in his 20s and 30s, the young ones now have to revise their prejudices. Interestingly, despite all the sacrifices he has made while in opposition, he is also suspected by some of being a Museveni cadre!

3. Apparently, Mr.Otafiire was always snoring while in the bush due to overweight. The sound was so loud such that it could keep some people awake. 32 years down the line, you can guess it’s now worse.

As you may know, the eardrum “tightens up” in the presence of loud sounds. There are two tiny muscles on the malleus and stapes: the tensor tympani, and the stapedius, respectively. These muscles tighten in response to stretch (loud sounds), which causes increased tension on the eardrum and less amplitude in the message going to the inner ear.

Otafiire is probably still pushing for a better Museveni? He’s more like UAH ‘s Ahmed Katerega: reforming NRM within?

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg


Its a fact that Facebook is riddled with fake accounts.It admits that up to 270 million users are fake accounts but I think Facebook is making a meal out of this.There’re times when its necessary to be ‘fake’ to sail through dangerous political storms. ‘Fake’ exists in everything and I’m a supporter of good ‘fake’.i.e. fake whose end results are seen bringing positive changes to the world. Even the Luwero Bush men had to use fake passports to travel around the world to avoid detection by Obote agents. Gen. Caleb Akwandanaho(Museveni’s brother) is still using his fake name of Salim Saleh. Most activists prefer to use a nym online to avoid detection by their oppressive governments or anybody, and I think Facebook is making this difficult. Some people would not feel free to discuss their experiences if they used their real names and pictures, and Facebook seems to demand that a real picture is sent to them at their offices though they don’t demand real names. I’m totally sure that they now have Tom Okwalinga’s real picture and location as its difficult to send them a fake picture. They’ve got software to verify pictures and locations where messages are being sent. You can only send a fake picture of someone whose picture has never been online. As a result, Facebook has become so boring recently because we only read personal stuff from users using their real accounts. There’s no mystery in what people are posting. Groups too are becoming boring and less active. Mark Zuckerberg needs to do something about it urgently. If he gets another competitor, and It will happen soon, Facebook will start getting weaker.

Google doesn’t demand real pictures and names, and If Facebook aren’t careful, they may lose some of their active users to other social networks soon. However,for reasons unknown, Facebook do reject some pseudonyms, including a perfectly inoffensive and non-humorous one.

The danger of Facebook is that they do their damnedest to trick you into opening yourself up to all sorts of privacy abuse. And if you’re smart enough to not fall for it, they try to get your less-savvy friends to do it for you.

Today morning I listened to a programme on the BBC on Facebook. It seems it has now reached its peak and interest in it has begun to drastically fall. For the first time, its subscription dropped in the USA and Canada, and this is happening elsewhere. The decline is accounted for by several factors, but mainly

1. The young or millenials are not interested in it. I notice this in my own children 18-23 years of age, none of whom have joined facebook or dont use it. They all think it is for very old people who have nothing useful to do. They find it strange that old people should “befriend” people they have never met and will never meet.
2. Competition from Snapchat, Instragram, Whatsup etc
3. Security and Confidentiality, with sociopaths and thugs like jarunga Idi Amin Dada scouring Facebook to find out information/ pictures about others.
4. Addiction for some people- they need to be weaned off, as in drugs/alcohol.
5. Fake News- the platform is no longer reliable for information as a lot of what it posts is fake news or propaganda

The conclusion by all the commentators was greater regulation to end or reduce fake news, protect security and confidentiality and prevent the media being used for criminal and terror=related activities.




First of all, I think it was a mistake by the ‘TOGIKWATAKO’ team( i.e. those against the removal of presidential age limits) to stop donning in red as soon as the limits were removed. It exposed them as clueless, plan-less and lacking foresight. We all knew that the limits were going to be removed but they should have had plan B, and among those would have been continued display of red in all their occasions to symbolise that the struggle is still on. MPs like Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala,Winnie Kiiza and Hajji Latifu Ssebagala actually looked at their smartest in red. Hon.Kiiza being a bit light skinned, the red top matched perfectly with her. She just has to find a new hair style because that ‘bob’ one didn’t look nice on her. It hides her beauty. I could say the same with sister Nabillah and her ‘too much hair’ style. I think a pixie(Long in the front and top, super-short in the back, faded on the sides ) suits Nabilah best because of the shape of her face. Hon.Mp Bakireke Nambooze could do with a new hair style- ‘kawalata'(no hair at all) for protesting purposes, and a red top everyday. Actually, It’s likely to suit her more than the current one of short hair cut.

Secondly, I would love to know what the colour red symbolises in different cultures in Uganda. For some reason, several tribes in the northern and eastern Uganda like that colour very much. I don’t know whether this comes from a background of supporting UPC for a long time when Obote was president. Red is UPC’s party colour.

Yes, I know, China is so far away,but apparently in Chinese traditional culture:”Red, corresponding with fire, symbolises good fortune and joy. Red is found everywhere during Chinese New Year and other holidays and family gatherings. A red envelope is a monetary gift which is given in Chinese society during holiday or special occasions. The red colour of the packet symbolises good luck. Red is strictly forbidden at funerals as it is a traditionally symbolic colour of happiness.”

Obama in a red tie

It started off with the French revolution who used red as their colour (blood?). The Bolsheviks took that colour as their symbol when Lenin was revolting against the Russians, and their white army. So red became the colour of communism.When China had its’ revolution, it had a red side too – the side that won was communist and thus red. So, red is both a symbol of luck and one of communism in China. I believe the use of white for monarchists also dates back to that period as it was the colour associated with the French monarchy. Red and blue were the colours of the city of Paris, and IIRC, red symbolises the blood of Saint Denis who was decapitated on Montmartre (“mons martyrium”) and the tricolore represents the blue and white bounding and therefore controlling the white on each site.Red flags were also used by the revolutionaries in 1848 and by the Paris Commune in 1871. History is fascinating, and yes! It is very important to learn about history.Otherwise, the bad stuff keeps repeating itself.

In USA, red/black was indicative of a prostitute in the past. But recently, It seems to me that red has been more of a power colour in the US, e.g., men wear red neckties to work. Most American presidents now wear red ties so one can tell them apart. While in Spain, red/black is also seen in female costume. Whether there is some history of it being related to something, I don’t know offhand.


If there’s any African president who knows M7 very well, its Rwanda’s Paul Kagame. He was with him in the bush war(Luwero war Intelligence officer), worked for him after the bush and he is mentioned in several books written by Luwero bush fighters. I, therefore, look at this photo and the body language, and i think to myself,’ what the hell is Kagame thinking? I can bet that there’s no photo of him eating or drinking anything made by his hosts. Obote may have started INTRIGUE in Uganda politics but I think these two now have PHDs.

In ” Betrayed by my Leader”, John Kazoora mentions of an incident where Museveni told them that ”nobody could beat him at intrigue because he had been schooled by the chief Intriguer,Obote”. Museveni said that there was a time Obote played him against Chris Rwakasisi while he, Museveni, was working as an intelligence officer. Apparently, the two later found out that Obote had played them at Moshi in 1979.

That same day, according to Kazoora, M7 also mentioned that there was no way he would have ever worked with Rwakasisi in any shape or form, but the former is now a presidential advisor.

Another person who knows M7 very well as he joined the bush war in June 1982 is Dr.Kiiza Besigye.He joined with Edward Luswata Kanonya. Besigye is on record saying that Kayihura was likely sacked over the diplomatic fights between Uganda and Rwanda. Viewed from just about any perspective, Besigye’s insight repre sents a tangle of paradoxes, and his reception has been consistently fraught. But if he was right about this, we expect Gen. Kayihura to be deployed immediately in another ‘fat’ position soon as a way of assuring Kagame that everything is now well after his visit to Uganda.

Kagame exemplifies for me the notion of a “talented assasin”. He always keeps a smile on his face whenever I see him on TV or elsewhere. It means that he could easily fool his ‘targets’ with friendliness and easiness, and then get them when they least expect it.Kagame also never let his guard down. I remember watching a video of him dancing in a group of kids but he kept looking around and observing everything. He is making basically the same ‘music’ he was making while working in intelligence services in Uganda, but with more developed orchestration and form. And he’s getting it played by major orchestras everywhere including our own Andrew Mwenda.

Museveni too is gifted with something that is rare in our societies,i.e. a sense of humour. He uses it to make people to feel at ease around him, to feed into his ideas, to like him, and before you know it, your neck is gone, your intelligence is gone,and your integrity is gone. So, i’m sure as hell as that the story between Kagame and Museveni is in series, and we haven’t seen the last of it!

Requested to post this again

Requested to post this again;

It is amazing that this one man, Sam Njuba, through his ideas and the example of his political life, left such a deep footprint in the political soil of our times. His messages continue to thrill Ugandans the world over. He was a man of a moment, a moment long past. It has been a privilege to have read his book, THE BETRAYAL, which I borrowed from one of the UAH members here, and I’m very grateful. See below for some of his concluding remarks about Museveni, in particular:

1.’It is not far-fetched to assert that few people who have worked with Museveni can refer to him as a democrat. He is determined to control everything on earth, what is more, he cannot tolerate any dissenting views to his, and he does not believe in power sharing’’

2. ‘A leader’s background should be cross checked because our present leaders are sick with greed. They have an everlasting edge to grab and grab everything, even if they cannot possess it’

3. ‘Let everybody realize that the lifespan of a nation is much longer than of any individual……We are all mortals, and the greatest of all have fallen’

This last one touches on why I and some people have trouble believing that someone could support a life presidency project that is costly to a nation, just because an individual has convinced him or her to. I find all the comments supporting AGE-LIMIT REMOVAL here, how should I say…innocent.

Life presidency is a prison of the human spirit. Those who perceive themselves to be eating, or have become rich because of Museveni, might find his ‘life presidency’ appealing; a quick road to their own more ‘betterment’; but the whole thing isn’t sustainable. And guess what, a society based on the notion of everyone working for the nation has by far the highest productivity and economic output and ‘standard of living’.


We all know that Hajji Moses Kigongo has elbowed and shouldered his way into becoming the permanent vice chairman of NRM since Museveni took over as chairman after the death of Yusuf Lule, but very little is known about Kigongo. He keeps a low profile and he has avoided ministerial or elective politics like forever. If there were awards in contentment, Kigongo takes the biscuit. He behaves like a prophet who see no wrong in what his ” god” is doing. If he had not started an affair with a woman younger enough to be his daughter, it’s probable that most Ugandans wouldn’t have known that he’s a silent powerful man. In otherwords, he is a man who doesn’t like limelight(obutala).By the way,I don’t care about his “attitude” and “manners” so much. I care about substance.

At some point during the war, according to John Kazoora’s ” the Betrayal “, Kigongo wanted to do a runner because things were getting hotter in the bush. Kazoora was the one who grassed on him after having found Kigongo’s passport in his tent. Kigongo was summoned by the high command to explain himself but he denied everything.

Pulling things back a little closer to what i wanted to say, you have got to wonder what exactly is Kigongo’s role in NRM or general politics of Uganda. Where does he stand on contentious issues such as age limit, MPs extending their term from 5 to 7 years, kidnappings going on in the country, NRM leaving the country with a debt that will require like 94 years to pay back,e.t.c? Does he care about the future of Uganda? Why cant journalists interview this man?

Kigongo is a munyarwanda moslem from Bulo in Butambala. His father was called Bulangiti on account of owning only a blanket.

Because he presented as a muganda he was used by M7 to infiltrate Mengo using a number of greedy eyed people.

He is about the only person whose wife and kids are called Kigongo (a title).

Kigongo tried so hard to destroy Mengo and was rewarded along the way.

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