Besigye isn’t a mole but a patriot!

Besigye has been arrested over 200 times since he started challenging Museveni

Besigye isn’t a mole as some people are alleging, but a patriot in the best sense of the word (a sense that appears of late to have lapsed in common usage): someone who is willing to endure the wrath and calumny of the powerful in his country to follow his conscience. I don’t see how this petty slander advances the argument that Museveni is a good leader, or anybody in the opposition has done better than him, but people saying these things are predictable, I allow them that.

If one can cite Besigye saying that he sees Museveni as somebody who is going to change the future of Uganda , or bring evidence of him getting a bribe from Museveni,I’d believe they have a point, but his actions are enough to nail things down, as far as I can tell.

Besigye was once a member of the NRM/ NRA but he saw things going bad, and he decided to join the oppressed. He isn’t any different from Jewish intellectuals who, knowing the horrendous experiences of persecution they have suffered, feel a deep empathy with other oppressed people. This runs much deeper than idle nationalism.

When he was serving in various positions in Museveni govt, he was still part of the army. The duty of a soldier is to unquestionably follow orders, as long as those orders are legal. He never accepted to follow anything illegal by Museveni. He may have committed a few peccadillos here and there to impress the boss, like, I’m not sure, but he’s being accused of having been against federalism while still working for Museveni.

His approach to oppositoon, economic development, and national security is long-term and wide in scope. Before we accuse him of anything, lets try to follow his story critically before he left the NRM. Unity of the opposition is more important to him than any of this bickering. That’s why he keeps telling Ugandans that he isnt in politics to become a president, that this isnt the time to think about who is going to be the next president , but to think about how to get rid of the dictatorship in our country.

Yes, there area dozens of areas of opposition in which productivity depends fiercely upon individual initiative and critical thinking, and Besigye has proved to be an asset on that front. For instance, the Walk-to- work would have proved to be a lame duck if he didn’t take the lead. He even paid a big price for it, such that his sight was permanently damaged.Besigye has lived for self sacrifice– the military, the opposition to Obote and later Museveni, e.t.c.

Besigye should stop being too principled if he wants the presidency!

Besigye to Ugandans: We can get rid of Museveni before 2021 elections

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

As I finish Daniel Kalinaki’s book on Kiiza Besigye, I’m not only fascinated by the many issues involved in his political journey; but I’m also interested in the many choices that he has had to make when faced with situations. The incident of his younger brother, Musasizi, for instance, being denied medical treatment while in prison, and later dying, is so nerve wrecking. It would drive most people away from politics, not Besigye. I don’t know of any easy answers, any pre-set challenges that politicians should meet, any particular “responsibility” that ought to override the larger goal of making our country attractive and safe for everyone.

The responsibility of a politician, in the case of a presidential election, I think, it is to re-create in his own mind the idea that unifies those who support him, and then deliver the message convincingly during the campaigns to attract those who don’t support him. This is the area in which Besigye excelled in all the elections he has been involved in since 2001. And that is why a lot of people believe he has been winning them all, only to be denied victory by The Electoral Commission and courts of law.

The opposite school to Besigye’s approach is the “shake your booty” approach of, for example, Yoweri Museveni, where the politician is saying to the audience, “Look at me! I’ve got the guns. I’m not going anywhere even if I lose”. I see Museveni’s behaviour as a mixture of ambition and a desire for mass acceptance, both of which have remained central to his drive since his days while working as a research assistant in Obote’s office. A person like that will go along with whoever has the power, cash and good opportunities no matter what their ideology is. A person like that would crack any deal with donors as long as it keeps him in power, and it has arguably worked for him.

Having followed both guys and their approaches, I came to the conclusion that, unless Besigye drops his principled approach of following a straight line, he will never be president. I’m sure if he had promised the donors all of Uganda’s oil at the prices they want, he would be president by now, but he has always presented a pan Africanist position in his meetings with donors, and that doesn’t get you anywhere. When it came to public posturing (I don’t mean that in the pejorative sense — I just couldn’t think of a better word), Besigye is certainly more outspokenly and consistently principled than any politician in our times. There are also many touching anecdotes about his genuine love for people who committedly worked under him while he was FDC president, whom he viewed as an extension of his family(despite the occasional rehearsal tantrums).

Besigye made plenty of aware, political decisions that have cost him friends. Among those that felt betrayed by him was late Sam Njuba when he was contesting to be leader of opposition against Ogenga Latigo. Besigye decided to stay out of it completely, and therefore, didn’t even vote or support his loyal friend, Njuba. It was the same case when Beti Kamya was campaigning to replace late Sulaiman Kiggundu as FDC chairman. Beti thought she would get an automatic Besigye endorsement considering that it was mainly her that kept Reform Agenda burning while Besigye was in exile in South Africa, but Besigye again left it to FDC delegates. Besigye didn’t support Bobi Wine during his parliamentary campaigns, and went for a FDC candidate, Katinti, primary because he couldn’t go against the party.

Furthermore, people say that he has failed to dislodge Museveni, and therefore deserves to leave the stage, but forget to add that Besigye isn’t a god. And that’s where this whole “political responsibility” thing breaks down, because politicians are politicians, not high Priests interpreting received wisdom. If you feel Besigye hasn’t done enough, do it your own way. And I long ago learned that courage is not something one should expect from others, especially if one has not assessed how much of it one has oneself. But one may look back and see what was possible, what was available, what was known at the time.

Tragically, over the course of this debate, people have started to insult him. The public enjoys creating a figure and then trying to destroy it by whatever means they can find. There are many instances of this throughout. Personally, if I were trying to get any kind of career off the ground in a military state, I would hate to have my actions judged from a distance by people living safely in a relatively free society, or people benefiting from the dictatorship.

But Besigye is here to stay,President or not, and there is nothing those who hate him can do about it, they will have to suffer to see him as the greatest opposition politician Uganda has ever had.

GUM BOOTS SCANDAL:Why exactly would Museveni have Besigye investigated three times by different departments?

I cannot make sense of what the exact intentions of Museveni were in regards to the alleged gumboots corruption scandal against Besigye in 1993. To help readers not aware of this, Besigye was informed by the then Army Commander, Mugisha Muntu, that he had orders from Museveni to investigate a procurement of gumboots from Nairobi, in which Besigye was alleged toi have colluded with the supplier and helped them to evade taxes.

Muntu investigated and Besigye was cleared as the probe turned no evidence of corruption. A few weeks later, Amama Mbabazi who was then the Defense Minister, was told by Museveni to investigate the same matter. He invesitgated and found no evidence of corruption. Then a few weeks later, then Attorney General, Abu Mayanja, was also told to investigate the same matter. He also found nothing tying Besigye to corruption.

Why exactly would Museveni have Besigye investigated three times by different departments? It doesn’t make sense!

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye moved a motion that extended M7s term of office from 5 years to 10’……Is it true???

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye moved a motion that extended M7s term of office from 5 years to 10’……Is it true???.

The NRC used to meet daily until 1989. An additional 220 members were elected to the NRC to represent the county, on top of the 10 army reps, 20 presidential nominees and disrict women reps.

Then there was the NEC that was created as the political organ of the movement, and it was dominated by the 38 historicals of the NRC, where Getrude Njuba was among them. In October, 1989, the govt tabled a bill before the NRC to extend its term in office to allow for the writing of the constitution. Some historicals wanted the issues put to the public to decide but Getrude Njuba, who was working as M7’s aide, opposed it. She argued that the NRC was set up to formalise decisions of the NRA. A few historicals including Besigye were not happy with the extension.

The first 4 years of Museveni’s rule was an Amanya Mushega suggestion which was endorsed by Museveni. Besigye’s role as NPC was to sell to the public the so called 10 point programs. Yes, he had direct access to the president, but people should stop exaggerating his role as NPC. He was in that role for arguably less than two years.

All extensions before 1990 were M7’s ideas. The extensions after 2006 were also Museveni’s, he only uses different players to sell them to different organs of the movement.

Just like Besigye, Tinyefunza too opposed the Movt extension for another 5 years. Later Tinye was forced to issue a humiliating apology before the Army Council.

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye wrote the laws that strangled UPC to death’

ALLEGATION: ‘Besigye wrote the laws that strangled UPC to death’

Truth: As far as I know, DP and UPC agreed to serve in Museveni’s broad based govt without any formal agreement. UPC was given two ministries, and the rest is history. DP and UPC lacked strategists, so Museveni duped them, brought them into a marriage where incase of a divorce, there was going to be only one winner.

Besigye–the Incorruptible is still daring them!

Besigye (L) and his comrades during the bush war

It has been said that every man has his price. Perhaps Dr. Kiiza Besigye could be bought but, so far, nobody has ever produced any evidence showing that he has ever been om Museveni’s payroll while in opposition.As a result, a lot of people have grown to love and value him even more, because they just think his political range and the journey he undertook is so intriguing.
In 2005, Mayombo (R.I.P) reportedly met Daily Monitor’s Nkutu for lunch at Sheraton hotel. He asked Nkutu to reach out to Besigye to drop his opposition to the gov’t in exchange for shs. 500 m and the position of PM. Apparently, Besigye told them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and he later announced that he was returning home from his exile in South Africa to contest against Museveni.The threats to arrest him did not stop Besigye from returning to Uganda. He landed back in the country on Wednesday 26th October 2005.

What’s so striking about Besigye is his extraordinary, exceptional ability to encapsulate the whole range of human emotions in political strategy. I don’t think anybody had done it before, and I’m not sure many politicians have done it since. For instance, he clearly didn’t intend to stand against Museveni in the 2001 elections. He only stood because the elders in the party, Bidandi Ssali, and Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, refused to do so. He also didnt want to stand against Museveni again in 2006 because he believed that the system in place wouldn’t declare him a winner even if he did win the elections. He made a statement in 2005, while still in exile in South Africa, saying that he was not going to subject himself to a fraud electoral process where Museveni almost controlled everything. However, with the emergency of FDC and PAFO, and Cyaapa Karuhanga’s party,Besigye was pressurised to come back to stand against Museveni. Ogenga Latigo, Munini Mulera and a few others wanted to pick Mugisha Muntu as the presidential candidate, but in the end, they all realised that Besigye was their best bet in shaking Museveni. It has been the case in almost all subsequent elections where he gives in to people’s emotions to stand against Museveni when clearly he knows that the system cannot declare anybody else a winner other than the incumbent. Of course, some people waste no time in using this against him calling him a four-times failure!

Over the years,he has found a way to combine the techniques he had evolved in military training, bush war, with what he learned from his closeness with Museveni after the war. For instance, his detailed escape from his house after the 2001 elections, is like a film when you read it in Daniel Kalinaki’s book. He planned the whole thing to detail, and its captivating. And what Besigye does better than anybody of his generation is to maintain the political interest in him. It’s not just an academic exercise. It has this humanity, which is so appealing and to me very Shakespearean. Every now and then, somebody emerges to take the centre stage, but events over the years, make people to fall back to him for rescue.I suppose the thing that strikes me most is the way that–again,going back to Shakespeare–he balances high life and low life.

Of course, I’m writing all this bearing in mind that nobody is completely blameless from a moral or ethical point of view. For instance,as a Muslim, I found it odd that Besigye could consider rearing pigs as a way of raising income for his family.But hey, who is me to judge. I’m not God, i’m i? The man had to survive!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

If witnesses were all that was required to “prove” anything we’d be in a lot of trouble. The way some FDC MPs and people in the opposition are attacking Besigye, one may think that he has really done something heinous, like murdering or raping someone. That’s why I have always gone by the advice given to me by my dear departed granddad who said “Don’t believe everything you read and only half of what you see”. There are people out there who are evil and just enjoy tarnishing others.

Besigye maybe a ‘sellout'(as some MPs are openly telling us) and a peddlebum, but at least he has, over the years, stood up to the dictator and their puritanical ways.The difference here is: the Muntu group (curse ’em) have no spine or cojones; Besigye (bless him) has a spine and cojones.The Muntu group were afraid to go on streets during the WALK TO WORK protests, and always too afraid to go after the peccadillos of the police and NRM. Besigye, on the otherhand, has been on streets fighting for us, faced teargas, arrested as many times as we kill mosqutoes daily, his relatives driven into exile, taken fear out of Ugandans,e.t.c, but all we get from his opponents is that: he is bad, he is an obstacle to democracy, he is working for M7, he bangs Ingrid Turinawe when Winnie isnt around,he hates Bobi Wine, e.t.c…what kind of nonsense is that?

It realy makes me laugh when there’s all this crow-cawing over “AMURIAT IS A SHADOW” and that Besigye is the one in charge, when the very people complaining don’t attend meetings called by the new FDC president; they undermind him for every chance they get; they refuse to depart with their financial contributions to the party because Amuriat is working with Besigye, e.t.c. It looks to me like the intrigue in the FDC is all matter of payback and whose got the balls, and I dont like the way some MPs have handled it, especially coming out on social media making live videos exposing the problems within the party.

My hunch is that the MPs openly fighting Besigye and Amuriat now are going to continue doing so, and will eventually leave the party. They aren’t influential in the party in the more because if they did, they will be taking their fights in the party committes, and its the reason they have gone public– to seek public sympathy. Party infighting is normal and it happens all over the world, but how its handled is the most important thing. In the 1950s, Ignatius Musazi lost control of the Uganda National Congress(UNC) party because he chose to go with the flow, especially the appeasement of the Buganda movements at the time, and this sidelined him from the original aims and objectives of the ANC. That’s how Milton Obote eventually took over the ANC, allied with rebels of ANC that had formed their respective parties, and then formed UPC. Incidentally, among those ‘rebels’ was John Kale(Kaliisa), the late father of the Gen.Kale Kayihura, who had opened up a ANC office in Cairo. If Musazi and Abu Mayanja had continued with the party objectives of fighting for the interests of all Ugandans, the rebels wouldn’t have achieved much.

Therefore, FDC must go back to the drawing board, and stick to the objectives of why it was formed. Let them not get distracted by ‘haters’. Attacking Besigye because he is more popular than the rest, doesn’t help anything or anyone. The guys handling enforcement of party discipline must get to work immediately, even it means losing some members. To emphasize this, all those MPs openly attacking the party must face the whip. FDC elders must swing into action to reconcile the different factions within the party. Yes, every party in Uganda,including NRM, has got ‘moles’ and we shouldn’t let them destroy such a young party. Mugisha Muntu should be put to a task to issue a statement explaining his relationship with those fighting Amuriat. He either distances himself from them or the party must say ‘goodbye’ to him. Those who want to walk out with him, should do so. The earlier Patrick Oboi Amuriat does this, the better.He must show that he’s got the balls!

Why Besigye is being fought by both the Govt and Opposition right now!

The narrative used to be about doing something but now it’s all about trying to be someone. That’s the curse of our generation. Everyone wants to be someone before doing anything.If you try to mobilise funds for your local hospital,for instance, people will ask you questions like, ‘who are you?, are you the MP, do u want to stand in some position, e.t.c. Most of the adults have given up on genuinely educating the young on life experiences and expectations. And so today we have to fall back to the leaders of past times in order to have an encounter with something real.

Look at what’s happening in FDC, most of the MPs opposed to Besigye are just simply jealous. Anybody who’s in their mid 40s plus are kind of jealousy of Besigye because they want him off the stage, to launch their political career. Their sub-strategy is that let’s get rid of Besigye too such that he leaves the stage the same time as Museveni. They aren’t worried about M7 anymore b’se they know he has past it—its now just a matter of when, not if, he goes. Unfortunately, most people aren’t thinking about the country anymore. Its all about me, me, me, and strategising.

Just to clarify, I’ve never been paid a cent to defend Besigye and his actions. I’ve neither met him nor spoken to him, nor communicated to him in any way. So, its unfair to brand all people defending him as paid servants, or on payroll, or FDC radicals. Most people defend him out of self conviction:country first before anything else. I’ve read about Mr.Mugisha Muntu’s background and his activities in student politics while at Makerere University, and I like him, and I dont think anybody is underestimating him. I know that he’s ambitious, and probably unfairly being accused of being a mole due to his tribe and past closeness to Museveni. But its important that he puts the country first before his own personal ambitions. He’s hiding from the fact that he can’t win against Besigye, or a Besigye candidate, even if he does participate. The truth is that Besigye remains the most popular opposition leader in FDC and elsewhere. Government has been trying to mitigate that for ages without any success. So, I don’t understand why anybody in the opposition would try to help them just because of personal ambitions.

Its the same situation with Bobi Wine. I like him but I don’t think there’s any need for him to flex his muscles to show that he’s edging Besigye out in any way. By doing that, he is exactly doing Museveni’s bidding,i.e. reducing Besigye’s popularity. In other words, Bobi Wine is like a gift to Museveni from God right now. We all know that even if he stands for presidency in 2021, he wont make it, but i’m sure the govt is dancing to his activities right now. All this just requires one to have common sense, it’s textbook stuff. KB is still the real deal, no question, I think all of that premieres,activities or whatever Bobi is doing right now, have been done in the past by the likes of AlHajji Nasser Ssebagala and others,there’s nothing new, but his story is fascinating.

There’s a lot of Judas- Isacriotism in Katuntu!

Hon. Abdu Katuntu

This was a purge not a reshuffle,” Hon.Katuntu

Being a lawyer, it always helps Katuntu to come up with the right words, or find fitting words to use, but I’m only surprised someone would say such a statement in apparent seriousness. Truthfully, I’ve rarely been his fan, and he comes across as someone who could betray anybody anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a Museveni cabinet in future.

Let’s take the current parliamentary reshuffle, for instance, does it only become a ” purge” if he’s the one dropped? Why didn’t he use a similar word when Hon.Nandala Mafabi was removed as LOP, with all his experience as both an accountant and lawyer?

It’s obvious that every FDC President places increasing importance on loyalty than anything else, a reason why the reshuffle was necessary, since most of the people removed were loyal to the previous president, Mugisha Muntu. Mafabi himself was removed as LOP because of his undoubted loyalty to Kiiza Besigye.

In this country there are relatively few occasions now where people get away with the disloyal lady just taking centre stage and singing. Museveni tries it in NRM because he has different fat spots to offer even his “enemies” , and it’s his way of keeping them closer. An FDC president, on the otherhand, doesn’t have that luxury.

What’s so special about Winnie Kiiza? The only mistake FDC supposedly made was not to retain her in some capacity. For a party that is growing leaders, its better to help them develop in some other capacity if you think they aren’t doing well in their current positions. But if FDC offered another position to her and she declined, then she doesn’t deserve anybody’s sympathy. Good leaders come and go, but especially they come back!

Therefore, an analysis of Amuriat ‘s “sinfullness” based merely on the extent of this reshuffle, and the FDC loses in Bugiri,would, in that context, seem wildly inappropriate. People should give him a chance to set his own pace in an office environment he feels comfortable with. Byebyo ebyange!


Well, this is just irresistible; I’m almost apologetic for bringing this sort of thing up again, because it has already been shared else where, but you’ve got to admire Besigye’s humbleness. I’m not friends with Ms.Winnie Byanyima but I’m sure she was attracted to Besigye mainly because of his big heart. Just look at him, guys.

If we admire noble character and admire good governance, then the two belong together. Also, if music makes us feel good in a noncriminal way, then Bobi wine deserves a place in the revolutionary history of uganda. Besigye is admirable while Bobi Wine is a beautiful musician and MP. The impulse to join the admirable with the beautiful is nearly irresistible for most of us, and I think that’s why some writers refer to Besigye supporters and sympathisers as ” radicals “.

Besigye has been fighting for Uganda since he graduated as a medical doctor in his early 20s, when he joined the NRA in the bush . When his Bush war leader deviated, he started resisting again and he hasn’t relented. Martyrs are few now in Uganda. Self-preservation is strong. A lot of people are even afraid of just speaking up, not Besigye. Cowardice is a human concept. Animals run away without apology when they feel themselves threatened. This may make them smarter than a lot of us, but the son of Kifefe is still on course.However, his continued participation in the useless presidential elections is making some people lose faith in him.

Hon. Okupa is a rock!

Mr Elijah Okupa has been defeating NRM since 2001 with a large Margin in Kasilo County , Teso region. He is among the few Uganda politicians I long to take a photo with and keep it forever because he is principled,patrician and incorruptible. He was among the few MPs who refused to be bribed with shs. 5m to remove the presidential term limits. He was quoted as saying, “let’s face It, shs. 5m is an insult. How can I take it and remain with my conscience that I am representing my constituency? I did not come to parliament to be rich”.

In the present Uganda, it’s difficult to find a politician of that statue. Mr.Museveni knows that every politician in Uganda has got a price, but Hon. Okupa is among the few who have resisted the brown envelopes. People like him should be recognised evenif they miss out on medals given on heroes day.

I’m begging FDC to stick with Hon. Winnie Kiiza as the leader of opposition!

Having watched the parliamentary seating on Tuesday this week, thanks to the Nilepost, I’m begging FDC to stick with Hon. Winnie Kiiza as the leader of opposition. She’s still the real deal!

It was also emotionally moving to listen to what Hon.Zaake and Hon.Nambooze are going through. That attack by the army left a bad mark on our parliament. Hopefully, they get well soon!

Round 1 of age Limit removal had a heroe!

Forget Bobi Wine, and his excuses for being out of the country,

Forget Hon. Mp Bakireke Nambooze, and her nursery games with Abiriga’s hat,

The real heroe was this guy,Hon. Kabaziguluka…..What does his name mean? The Nakawa people got a real deal here. This was a class act. Get well soon,brother!

FDC members shouldn’t call Ssemujju a mole!

I consider myself to be a super tolerant person. I’m not being an angel. It’s simply my nature … It’s “me”. And I am ASTONISHED as to how easily some FDC members have become trapped and goaded into disliking Hon. Ibrahim Nganda Ssemujju, simply because he is campaigning for Mugisha Muntu.

OK, granted, attacking Besigye as a campaign strategy was, in my opinion, unnecessary. Yeah, i was rolling on the floor laughing my Arse off literally as I read Ssemujju ‘s attack on Besigye, but, God damit, it doesn’t necessarily make him a mole in FDC. He just chose a wrong campaign strategy.

Campaigns seems to make some people ‘forget themselves’. This observation is often made and repeated. In Uganda, for some silly reason, even your own brother is capable of shooting you during campaigns, just to appease someone.

Hey, maybe it’s a bit like driving a car. It is said that when certain people get behind the wheel they consistently turn into a different type of person. Road rage is both dangerous and a big problem. Interestingly, some people miraculously look handsome or beautiful when behind the wheels.

Looking at the people standing against Muntu, I will actually be surprised if he doesn’t win. And if he doesn’t, it will summarise everything I have thought of him: an overrated leader who probably shouldn’t have risen without Museveni handpicking him to lead the army.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

“In tribute to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Uganda, two bastions of strength in a world filled with strife, discrimination and terrorism.”


Bobi wine sung for kizza besigye while at Besigye’s home in Kasangati

I have too much respect for Hon.Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, but, please, for the last time, people should stop equating him or comparing him with Dr.Kiiza Besigye. The reason I respect Bobi is because he has been using his music to speak for the poor, the ghetto, for us.An artist that uses a big soapbox and loudspeaker to push their views, a power the rest of us do not have, deserves respect.When an artist makes a statement that is pro-people,he is sticking his neck out on the line.If a self employed business person makes prominent political statements that upset people, it may hurt his/her business, whether it is organized or not.

By the way, we should also stop ‘punishing’ those artists that ‘offended’ us during the 2016 elections by supporting Mr.Museveni. Let’s just find another way of convicing them to join our line of thinking.Telling you their opinion was actually exercising free speech, telling people not to attend their shows was attempted censorship,boycotting the show’s sponsors is punitive (and an attempt to stifle an opinion you disagree with!).So, my anger with Iryn Namubiru, Kanyomozi, and others is done, apart from Bebe Cool. The later continues to rub it in!

Bobi Wine reminds me of Cardew!

Bobi Wine

36 years ago , on 13 Dec 1981, the music industry suffered a terrible loss, when Cornelius Cardew was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in London. The following year, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was born in Uganda. The first time I watched a video music of Bobi Wine, I told my wife, and my friend Johnson, that the guy was destined for politics at some point in his life, because he had a good mouth on him. So, when he joined the race to stand for MP in Kyadondo East, I wasn’t surprised at all. What surprised me was actually FDC fielding a candidate against him.

Truth be told, Bobi Wine(whatever that means) is more popular than any of his opponents in the Kyadondo East race. A lot of people in Uganda seem to translate their love of music (and the arts more broadly) into “support for anything”, which I would characterize as a liberal instinct.I’m rather moderate on this issue because I don’t listen to music that much, but I like Bobi Wine’s songs in particular. He reminds me of Cardew.

Cornelius Cardew

Cardew is perhaps more interesting for his politics than his compositions. He was the leading composer of the English experimental school in the sixties, and pupil of Stockhausen. His most famous composition is the Great Learning, a setting of Confucius written for the Scratch Orchestra. Many of his works of that period have more in common with “happenings” than traditional composition.

But the really interesting thing about Cardew is that sometime in the seventies, he either was told or realised himself that modern music did not appeal to working class audiences and gave it all up to write revolutionary songs. Cardew was active in various causes in British politics

Finally, in 1981 he was killed by a hit-and-run driver in east London whilst returning from a political meeting.The driver was never found.There are all sorts of rumours that this was a political assassination, possibly by one of the British Fascist parties.

But what’s relevant is to investigate how and if a particular political view of a composer is reflected in his or her music.The fact ‘composer X supports candidate B’ taken on its own doesn’t mean shit.

But if composer X starts composing agitprop-type of music, regardless of whether it is a nazi or commi staff – well, it’s a sell-out.

And then there are those who prostitute themselves like Bidandi Ssali’s son, Bebe Cool. Nobody could ever convince me that Bebe Cool composes songs to praise Museveni because he thinks he is the best leader for Uganda, and that’s because I don’t think he is a dummy. I strongly believe he only does it for money and other privileges that comes with it.

The bottom line is that what someone composes ultimately determines how he or she would be remembered, and not the particular political believe. Interestingly enough, I still log on youtube to watch Iryn Namubiru yet she sold us out too in the last elections, and I could probably be in a sombre mood for days if she dies before me. Good luck to Bobi Wine and other candidates in the race!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba



According to Hon.Mp Bakireke Nambooze’s online paper, the Spear, FDC’s Dr. Frank Nabwiso will rejoin NRM soon. I dont know how old this gentleman is but I think there is some kind of a ‘death’ of political activism and opposition in the country at the moment, that is causing people to review their political careers.Ten years ago, many young people were idealistic fire brands who wanted to change the country – through revolution and very likely bloodshed. Then those people either lost their enthusiasm, or simply “joined the system”. In the meantime they brought much grief to those who copped their belligerence – people who simply wanted to live in peace.

Frank Nabwiso

Basically, because an old Museveni is showing no signs of giving up on power, or giving anybody a chance to lead, there’s that feeling of ‘what can i do now’ among a lot of people who harboured presidential ambitions, or careers in a new govt. With Besigye now rocking 60 years old and getting tired himself, there’s no visible opposition anymore. So, i’m not surprised when I see especially a 50 year old plus joining the govt.

A lot of young people that had presidential ambitions have also kind of given up. They watch with grief and pain as young leaders, such as Emanuel Macron, take over in France, and yet it looks almost like a dream in Uganda. Now, with the talk of removing age limits, everyone is scracthing their heads for a quick alternative.The opposition has to wake up and go back on the drawing board. A leader who stays long in power kills ambitions and quality for everyone and inhibit progress.

Politicians too often go into Politics with the noblest of ideals. Then they too get corrupted by the wealth to be had – the kickbacks, bribes, etc. and become yet just another politician.


FDC is the best political party in Uganda but it needs prayers!

Anybody heading a political party, or even an online forum, under the current political environment in Uganda is a ‘spy’. That’s why FDC needs a lot of prayers.Bali mukiisela kizibu nyo!….. Lots of accusations being thrown around, and to almost everybody.We can never full understand something or access all the information about the ‘moles’ in political parties. Everything we say or do is already based on unintentional bias.We have to go on information we have, while the information we don’t have is a lot more.

FDC actually is an independent beautiful political party, but I suspect some people within kind of look at it as their personal property, and that is a big challenge!

Everybody is a spy, and somebody has intentionally created this bad environment for us.I remember when I had just started UAH, there was this website called Radio Katwe that branded me a Musevenist(museveni’s spy)living in London and working to fight them. But now i’m a Tom Voltaire Okwalinga according to my mate, Andrew M. Mwenda…Yes, he is kind of my mate because we used to get along before he abandoned the Batooro principles of honesty!

Abbey Semuwemba

The world of politics is always intrigue filled. The truth in politics is subjective and it’s only players active and exposed to the dynamics within political parties that know the truth. But as in all things, the truth is subjective too!

All I can state is that in politics there are no absolute angels and neither are there absolute demons. All politicians are human beings. They are not perfect!

The problem that we have been grappling with for the longest time is that some opposition politicians claim “sainthood” and gullible people believe them. This is the Genesis of altars that name people or brand people moles or saints!

This brand of politics is only in Uganda and no wonder change is happening everywhere in the world with Gambia being the latest! As we watch and participate in the game of “saints” and “demons”!

Until we learn that political ideology/theory vs practice is global and lessons in other countries need to be applied if we are to leave this vicious cycle of the no-change political gimmicks!

Even the Almighty in heaven cautioned us that those that claim uprightness will most likely be the biggest sinners! The list to hell and to Janna or heaven is only privy to God Himself!

But I see some people playing to be “all-knowing” yet all that glitters is not Gold! Many Ugandans had painted “Museveni” in angelic wear! Yet they are now the same people regretting as to why they were taken for a ride!

Let’s learn from our political history and avoid the same pitfalls!

By Hon.Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala

What Next for Ingrid Turinawe??

” Hey Abbey, I know a number of EALA MPs who were rejected at country level but are now serving in Arusha from different countries. Mukasa Mbide was one of them in Uganda. But I think the Iron lady, Ingrid Turinawe, will need to reposition her approach to opposition politics that is awash with intrigue . Aligning with KB alone is not going to be helpful. Muhammad Nsereko is no longer the same man I used to admire when he was still in the group of four.The group of comprised four comprised Theodore Ssekikuubo (Lwemiyaga), Barnabus Tinkasiimire (Buyaga), Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) and Winfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa East)…….. I used to be an FDC diehard, but I got demoralised by the behaviour of some of those people. Some of those people are wicked I’m telling you, but such is politics. As for Ingrid again, this business of dropping piglets at Parliament cost her. I think it was a little far stretched considering the people such a practice would offend. My suggestion is that a rediscovery process for FDC is needed.”

Besigye’s shoes are too big for anybody in opposition to fill them at the moment!

Besigye’s shoes are too big for anybody in opposition to fill them. And I think people should just work with him instead of attacking him out of frustration! The argument that Besigye is more of a weakness for the opposition than a strength is so lame!

Andrew Mwenda is the master of misdirection!

By Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba, United Kingdom.

Andrew Mwenda is the master of misdirection. Get the focus on himself, “gay” activities, Besigye and FDC , to stop people from talking about: Kasese massacres, Kanyamunyu, crane bank, increasing sugar prices, Muslim murders, Raid on mosques, the other guy who almost lost his balls to UPDF, e.t.c,and he’s by all means succeeding on all fronts. It’s like he has made a promise to somebody that he could make all this disappear from the front pages.Ugandans have even stopped talking about the rigging that took place in this year’s presidential elections despite Besigye’s pleas that “the election isn’t over”.

I hate band-wagaon politics. All of a sudden some people are calling for the opposition to strategise again after reading Andrew Mwenda’s latest ‘attack’ on Besigye. Come on people, Besigye is OK as he is. He doesnt need to change into anything else other than becoming the next president of Uganda. I don’t wish him to change into a Mao(likeable but not for muddy politics), a Mbabazi(strategist but not really a politician), an Olara Otunu( diplomat and that’s all he is), Mugisha Muntu( i dont really know that one), and certainly not an Andrew Mwenda( hypocrite).So I think as long as Besigye’s shoes fit and his feet are well covered, that should suffice. At this point I would be far less concerned about color or or style of the shoes, as long he gets the job done.

Mwenda also has the annoying habit of confusing his opinion with objective fact. In fact, there appears to be a measure of arrogance in some intelligent and highly educated people in Uganda. I don’t mean to generalize this to all, but to some. It is probably easy to feel arrogant when you have such an advantage in education, power connections and high IQ. Some of these arrogant people think they are above the rules of civilized society. I think the Nazi hierarchy is a perfect example. I do remember seeing a documentary on the Nazi hierarchy. In particular the ones being tried at Nuremberg. The majority of these individuals had high IQs. Some like Albert Speer were in the genius category. These so called geniuses helped Hitler make mistakes, just like some of our elites are helping both Museveni and the opposition to make mistakes.

I’m not a connoisseur of journalism but I could point out that there’s a fundamental constraint on its ability to illuminate issues.Election rigging, for instance, can’t be “investigated” in the same sense that corruption and crime can because most journalists tend to have a side they support during elections. Journalists can let the parties speak for themselves, but that’s about all. When journalists do try to go beyond this, they end up investigating things that make their opponents look bad in the eyes of the public. In this case, Mwenda seems to be portraying Besigye as a bad loser, and this all sounds like music to all those in NRM, a reason one ‘NRM-Hajjati-friend’ has excitedly been sending me all Mwenda’s postings on whatsapp. Similarly,a reporter can investigate the background to the election and help his readers or listeners understand what is really going on.Saying that Besigye accuses Museveni of rigging the 2016 elections while Museveni denies doing so is meaningless to anyone who doesn’t know anything about the rigging culture in Uganda elections since 1980, when Obote rigged DP out, and why it has been generally been the case since 1996 when Ssemogere stood again against Museveni.

Well, in a better world the audience would realize that Mwenda is ‘feeding’ them ‘poison'(katwa)(as we used it call it in Kibuli S.S), but Uganda isnt a normal country. Even those who witnessed the mess in our elections, and know our history, are now cheering with Mwenda’s funny ‘evidence’ in his articles.Makes one despair for our country, doesn’t it? But what can one expect, when those who are educated are behaving like headless chicken. Mwenda is certainly polemic and one-sided, but that’s his prerogative; but its upsetting when he does claim to be the keeper of the objective truth. I fail to see how hearing lies,distortions, and propaganda (from him) enable me to home in on the truth about Besigye and the 2016 elections. “Spin” seems to be more important for him than reality,and that’s our most influential journalist in Uganda.Makes one wonder how much more of the news that gets filmed never gets beyond the studio’s vaults, doesn’t it? He’s so egoistic, isnt he? I have a hard enough time not allowing my own ego to control the show. I can’t afford to deal with anyone else’s.

Lastly,successful leaders have supporters willing to call them out,and, unlike Museveni,I believe Besigye would be more than willing to put Mwenda’s input into consideration if he thought he had his interests at heart, but we all know he(Mwenda) doesnt. With Museveni- no matter what he says or does, his surrogates defend him to the max and his base makes excuses for everything. I feel that we as a society are willing to let a lot of serious issues be brushed under the carpet rather than confronting them upfront. This sets us back in our fight for social justice.’


There is plenty of bizarre known-to-be-made-up claims flying from some people that Hon.Nabilah Naggayi Sempala is a spy in FDC. These are extraordinary claims that require extraordinary evidence. I just think that we need to learn to be more tolerant of what others say,obviously apart from Brother Abdu Katuntu who seems a bit weird in his statements.

Just to confuse everybody, I’m not really sure what a mole is here. “Links” don’t prove conspiracy; they just indicate that it’s likely or at least possible. Next you’ll be telling us that Besigye is also working for NRM which, for all practical purposes, it isnt true.

For what it’s worth,It’s not suprising to me that this same message shows up periodically on several forums at about the same time every year after or before presidential elections. And its understandable because there are people who stood on opposition ticket, and trying to build bridges with those in government. Then they are those who ‘accidentally’ stood for presidency, like Mr. Mbabazi, and are now reporedely trying to go back where they have always felt confortable.
I don’t discount the possibility that there are spies in FDC or any of the political parties, because spies are everywhere. The least person suspected to be a spy actually turns out to be the real one. For instance, there was a British radio producer called Guy Burgess, who was working with the BBC in the 1940s. He was a spy for the British Intelligence but nobody suspected him because he mainly portrayed himself as a POKOPOKO guy, like our Andrew M. Mwenda, who has become famous for making noise on radio and social media attacking Besigye.

I remember when Andrew used to attack the Museveni and his family(1990s-2006), and I thought there’s a man with real balls.Oh God, I liked the guy. I literally became a matching mole fan at that point, and i’m sure a lot of oppositionists fell into his crawls, didnt they? What’s odd is that all this still resonates in my consciousness somewhere, that how come nobody saw this at the time? How come we all concentrated mainly on his ‘attacks’ rather than the people he associated with (Gen.Salim Saleh, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba,e.t.c)? Is it possible he was already on the payroll then, but most of us didnt know at the time? Well, that’s for Andrew to answer but,it simply just shows that its difficult to pinpoint a spy or mole or whatever, just by ‘links’ or association, unless one has got concrete evidence.

That’s why I think that sister Nabilah’s utterances present a good opportunity for education. Is it that important that the most popular and trusted opposition figure is replaced by anybody right now in the name of building strong parties? Is it really a priority for Ugandans who are fed up of Museveni? Can Nabila explain what mistakes will come out of a continuation of a Besigye candidacy or presidency in FDC, and where it grates on the ear? To my admittedly unsophisticated ear, it sounds better than having another person right now who will end up just being a ‘show’ on a ballot paper or a ‘sell-out’, as we’ve seen in the past.Therefore, FDC members should be careful not to be seen to be directly attacking Besigye, because I dont think he deserves it. This Nabilah Naggayi Sempala’ debate is healthy but it should not be a condemnation of Besigyeism, or his intentions for the country!

Byebyo ebyange banange!



They’ll jump head-first into moles-in-the-party debates after a Nabila Ssempala interview, and choke completely on the challenges of multi-party politics as they plunge the party into identity crisis.
They’ll debate about Andrew Mwenda and his sexual orientation for hours upon hours, but then choke on Winnie Byanyima’s deep involvement in the Kanyamunyu case as it sweeps the party into oblivion.
The DEFIANCE campaign seems to be going nowhere at the moment, but by all means they will spend hours discussing Besigye’s invitation to Ghana or other countries, to show off and give us a false sense of accomplishment.

Yes, FDC is a party of the ‘big’ and ‘small’, the rich and poor, those in the country and abroad,e.t.c. But when they spend ten times more attention and effort on the ‘small’, and are being trashed and ravaged on the ‘big’, we have a problem.

They must respond in accordance with today’s major challenges; that is what must dominate their attention and resources.We need to focus and prioritise. Let’s not choke so much.All it takes is one pointy little piece going down the wrong way down your throat.

For instance,Mrs.Besigye choked when he stood bail for Kanyamunyu but it can be fixed. It can be fixed with a honest and considerate statement from her or the husband, or joint. And please she shouldnt be compared with whatever Hon.Odonga Otto did in the past(Godi’s bail), because she’s class and of different status.Otto has always been irresponsible with his mouth, and his comments were off the mark, but I don’t think this has got anything to do with Mr.Museveni…….Winnie didn’t think this through very well. Perception is important in politics!

FDC is still a young party in Uganda politics. Its like a small ‘child’ and its being choked by certain ‘peanuts’ especially the big wigs that don’t think before they act or speak.Peanuts, not peanut butter is dangerous for small children because should a kid aspirate a piece of peanut into the lungs it can do permanent damage from some chemical in it.Peanut butter is not likely to be aspirated so can be eaten at younger ages.
Now, behold, I am afraid of [what] may happen to the party in case Besigye is totally out of the picture!

Besigye’s international stars seem to be improving everyday!

Besigye with his wife,Winnie Byanyima, at one of the conferences in London

Besigye with his wife,Winnie Byanyima, at one of the conferences in London

Besigye’s international stars seem to be improving everyday. He started with ‘meetings’ of Ugandans in the UK, then attended the UNAA(USA) convention in Boston before giving a lecture at the New York City Bar Association,then he was hosted at Chatham House and also had a BBC interview. He was also at the UK Convention.

At this rate, we soon gonna see him address the House of Commons and Lords in the UK or the US Congress. And of course, dear Winnie is also smiling everyday seeing her husband,right?

Besigye with other VIPs at the UNAA Conference in Boston

Besigye with other VIPs at the UNAA Conference in Boston

But the sheer energy of the man! I still cant believe he’s just knocked 60 years because he doesn’t look it at all. Just imagine all the preliminary study, the writing of speeches,the traveling, planning, rehearsing, conducting, and, not least, fund-raising.
Besigye at the UK Convention, 2016

Besigye at the UK Convention, 2016

I didnt attended the UK convention but the Besigye’s lectures could be summarized as follows :Under the new Uganda of majoritarianism, the theory is to have enough constraint and checks built into the systems to avoid oppression. People will be empowered to change bad leaders. Leaders will be servants of people they lead not masters!

I know a lot of people are saying,’Screw all this’, but may be the international community will at some point start looking at Museveni differently.May be Besigye will show or tell them something they have never heard before, who knows? Like George Bernard Shaw once said,’If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas’.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Ugandan in the UK


Oh boy, am I going to get flamed for this but I think one’s dress has nothing to do with respect to the occasion.Your dress is merely a reflection of your being more relaxed when you interact with others. I would not judge anyone, especially a teenager, by their dress if they’re there for the love of the occasion as I am.

I think we have to be careful not to ascribe attributes such as lack of respect towards people we don’t know, merely by their clothing. I would not want to sit in an auditorium fuming over the dress of others while they are having a perfectly good time. It would accomplish nothing, and only serve to make me upset.

If people are willing to judge what respect Besigye’s son had for the recently concluded UNAA conference (or for himself or his parents) based solely (or even partially) on how he dressed, rather than how he responded, how well he listened, how careful he didnt disturb the speakers or the others in the audience, and what he does with the experience, then that is, IMHO (in my humble opinion), a character flaw within that person.Clothing may or may not be a reflection of personality. It is somewhat prejudicial to say that good clothes make good people and bad clothes make bad people.

IMHO, clothes are first and foremost functional, and I really would prefer not to sacrifice comfort for someone else’s archaic views of respect vs appearance.Basically, if your clothes don’t turn heads outside the conference hall, there’s no reason they should inside.As long as there is no conscious effort to detract attention from the conference to the individual, I don’t see a reason to complain.

Whenever I attend a conference though I rarely do, I’m there to listen to the speakers and interact, not to participate in a rite of veneration, nor to put on a public show (I have a strong suspicion that there’s still a significant fraction of Ugandans who attend such functions to be seen, not to listen). I also feel that the idea that one has to don special clothes to attend a conference sets up needless elitist barriers.

Here’s another opinion, ready for flaming.I think that the concept that there is (or might be) a special code of behavior (including dress code or registration fees) for attending a conference is turning off a lot of potential audience. The last thing we need is people reluctant to go to conventions or conferences because they think they might not know the rules. The coming UK convention this Saturday would have a lot of people attending if the fees were scrapped by my mate, Willy Nsubuga Mutenza. He has already invited the biggest star in Dr.Besigye who is an attraction for people, and that would be enough to fill the damn hall, but the fees are putting people off.

That said, I think I think group performers and choirs invited at conferences should be uniformly dressed, it reflects the fact that they are one unified whole.It could get jarring to the eye seeing a cacophony of dress and interfere in the harmony of the sound.

Byebyo ebyange!



Besigye posing with Ugandans in the UK

Besigye posing with Ugandans in the UK

Besigye didnt say,while on BBC, that he’s gonna stand for presidency in 2021, when even the presidential results of the 2016 are still in contention…….wrong headline from Campusjuice aka campuspoison!
Dr Wrn Kizza-Besigye at the BBC studio.

Dr Wrn Kizza-Besigye at the BBC studio.

Besigye said that such discussions, particularly the removal of the age limit from the constitution, are meant to distract people from the rigging that happened during the 2016 elections.




Attacking Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe,Nyanjura Doreen and Harold Kaija was bad. These women have suffered a lot for Ugandans, and I don’t believe in the negative rumors around them.Let’s face it: the only area where excellence in opposition politics is worshiped in Uganda today is the streets. Besigye and those women have been in trenches, streets and faced all kinds of things. If they get something financial from certain sources(in or outside the country) to reward their efforts, we shouldn’t portray them as ‘double dealers”. In all other spheres of politics a street politician is held to be the best.Besigye has a defacto superiority that even those who do not like him often recognize.

I think Nsereko’s aim in all this is to trigger a debate on Besigye’s dominance of opposition politics, but I think he’s going about it in the wrong way.Sometimes shouting improves the signal-to-noise ratio if you have something worth saying! I do not advocate shouting down one’s opponent. But I do say that if you are being shouted down, the only recourse is to shout back or shut up. I have found that if I believe that I am right about something,I must say so loudly and with conviction, and be prepared to explain why–but only if challenged to do so.This is true regardless of whether it is a technical matter or a personal one.One brings the courage of one’s conviction forward in one’s utterances, both in content and demeanor.

Hon.Semujju’s response to the issues Nsereko raised was not well thought through. He shouldn’t attack Nsereko as a person, but he should concentrate on the issues. The issues Nsereko raised have been just whispers in the corridors of power for a while now, and I think we shouldn’t sweep them under the carpet. It seems as if those who want answers feel very threatened by those who may have a correct answer. And then there are those that cannot handle an opinion that is based in years of experience, education, practice, interactions and study.
If you don’t know the answer to something then be secure enough to accept the answer from someone who knows. If someone has made an erroneous statement then be humble enough to admit it. If you still do not agree, do some research so you’ll know. If your opinion is based on rumor, innuendo, or lacks insight then you should expect someone who does know the facts to have a differing view. Just because one is knowledgeable, it doesn’t mean they’re snobs.


I like the part where Nsereko asked Simon Kaggwa Njala to answer ‘true’ or ‘false’, and Njala went like:’ you have the flow.Go ahead’. I had not heard such a language for a long time, and I miss it!

And then there is a part Nsereko responded with a prolonged:”I’m cominggggggggggggg”, and indeed he was coming.

Simon Kaggwa Njala: Akembizi kakulumye. That was below the belt

Muhammad Nsereko: Narrated a hadith about the man who used to drop shit in prophet Muhammad’s way to the mosque, though some of his details were false.

And then when Nsereko seemed to be moving away from the main points under discussion,Simon Kaggwa Njala interjected: ‘Tudde kububizi’

Muhammad Nsereko: ‘Anti embizi nze sijidisicasinga’

On a sad note, I’m not happy to see two Muslim brothers(Semujju Nganda and Nsereko) trading insults in public. Ebintu tubikwate mpola!



Good Lord! I think there’s no such a thing as loyalty in politics. It seems loyalty in politics lasts only as long as the last election because I have been so disappointed in some of the FDC MPs in their public statements against Besigye. Who the hell do they think they are? I wish their constituencies punish them severely for their childish utterances. They are behaving like a man who abandons his first wife just because he has married a ‘mugole’. The right thing to do would be to get the two women to cooperate with each other for the polygamous marriage to work, instead of getting them to fight each other.

When loyalty is garnered so effortlessly as Mbabazi did through TDA, taking everything for granted is folly. OK, Let’s say Hon.Segona is now loyal to Mbabazi, but are people in his constituency going to follow him? I would like Besigye to work with Mbabazi, and it would be good if they stopped attacking each other and concentrate solely on Museveni, but at the same time, I find it hard to swallow when I see some people attacking Besigye irresponsibly.

JPAM supporters shouldn’t accuse Besigye of thinking small. He casts politics as an existential contest between good and evil, the oppressed and the oppressor, and the invited and gate crushers.He views Mbabazi as a gate-crusher to TDA and he feels betrayed by the people he has always trusted. He has been putting his body online for everybody who believes in democracy in our country for decades. His appetite for democracy is still prodigious and he views this coming election as the one to decide the fate of his revolution and actually that of FDC as a party. Lose, and the revolution may die. Win, and it survives. I actually think Besigye is ready to let somebody else take up the mantles of the revolution but he simply has reservations about Mbabazi and Muntu. He doesn’t want somebody’s sock puppet to take over, and he may be right or wrong, but we cant just blame him.


The Republic of Uganda is a great country. You can debate absolutely nothing for 30 years, ban debate on radio stations(bimeeza), present yourself as the sole candidate of the party, and keep yourself president whether or not it has merit, and whether or not people like you or not. Many are now rightly wondering how this upcoming presidential election will be different from the past years.

Well, I can tell you right now the first difference has been created, and that was the Kizza Besigye-Kifefe Vs Mugisha Muntu debate last night on NTV. It wasn’t as elegant as the 1960 debate between Kennedy and Nixon but it was the closest to a debate we have ever had in the history of Uganda.

No matter who will finally run as the FDC flag bearer, the debate yesterday gave Ugandans hope that there’s still a party out there, a party of hope.This was a moment for FDC to shine and it indeed shined.Who knows what non FDC members,as myself, saw those questions and candidates and thought, “Maybe I should start taking FDC seriously.They don’t seem to have the crap of sole candidatures in their party!”. It was certainly the first time I can ever remember enjoying watching NTV live-streaming. Took gumption to ask the hard questions though i hated the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question from the moderator.

Verdicts on debates are fickle but Muntu seems to have won the first debate,but who gives a shit anyway? It was obvious that Muntu had prepared more for the debate than Besigye. He took it more seriously than the colonel, but he,Muntu, doesn’t seem to have the ability to galvanize the population behind him. That is why Dr.Besigye rightly said that ‘In every political engagement, the bottom line is you must have support.’

The questions asked came from the NTV team, i guess, but there was also a lot of soul searching and debate about them also. Personally I enjoyed the debate especially the part where Muntu told Besigye and I quote:

”My believe is that the 2. something million people that have been voting for my colleague, Dr Besigye, as a candidate, are not for him as an individual……’, and Wafula Oguttu was caught on the cameras shaking his head in protest. And no, I am not a supporter of the Muntu.

Besigye is definitely more popular than Muntu on the ground.There’s an old saying in marketing that no matter how great your ad campaign or how vast your budget, the product will fail if the dogs won’t eat the dog food. I don’t believe a Besigye supporter will vote for Muntu if Besigye isn’t in the race, and I’m surprised that Muntu cant see this.That’s because you can’t win a gunfight if you’re shooting blanks.

There’s a lot of mould around Muntu that sometimes put people away from him, though he was right when he said: ‘If we don’t build our organisational capability within FDC’, then nothing the opposition can do.

I want everybody to know, there is no debate about Besigye’s heroism. He is a Ugandan hero, and I thought he did admirably with the two or three questions he was given.Besigye also surprised me with really how humorous he is. I believe he handled the question on homosexuality very well. He tactically answered it, and he was aware that the powerful homosexual movements were taking notes.

Besigye also showed a lot of maturity throughout the debate as Muntu’s responses were meant to wind him up a little bit. At some point, I thought he was gonna lose it when he painfully asked Muntu:

‘Are you suggesting that TDA is posturing?……whether indeed FDC has reneged on those positions or there’s another position he is committed to?’

All right, we’ll see. The agendas, they’re all out there. The politicians, they’re all out there.You’re going to be out there.You’re going to be raising heck. FDC delegates are out there and are the ones to decide.You see, If I eat at Nandos and I love Nandos chicken, I don’t judge the food by how many other people eat there. Why do people who don’t have a financial stake in the company care? At all? We now leave the FDC delegates to decide come Wednesday, and I think they will go with the candidate that has already got the population behind him. Might as well get it over with.


Where is the FDC iron lady,Hon.Beatrice Anywar?

Betty Anwar Kitgum MP
Where is the FDC iron lady,Hon.Beatrice Anywar, who emotionally said the following after Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye’s car and body were vandalised by Gilbert Arinaitwe? She hasn’t yet escorted President Museveni to Italy, has she?

‘Nobody has monopoly over a gun. He dies and everybody must die.What I have seen today…….No, no, no, no, no, no………..God must come down and save this country. I’m so disappointed.If Kizza Besigye-Kifefe dies, everybody must die.He won an election and you stole an election. Now you want to kill him. I saw it…..I can’ttttttttttttt’

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