I somehow miss prof. Apollo Nsibambi as PM!


I have been so disappointed in Dr.Ruhukana Rugunda as PM such that I somehow miss prof. Apollo Nsibambi. What is he up to now? He(Nsibambi) looked like he was created for that office. Obviously, serving under M7 can damage anybody but he was the rational voice of reason during a difficult time. He was just a man, a person of a new generation. Out of the box. Having been a lecturer at Makerere helped him a great deal in picking vibes from both the old and young. He was a true symbol of open-minded people in Uganda. He smiled all the time and looked a kind man. However, I never understood how he came to be that much light skinned like ” omuzungu “. Even the heavy temperatures of Uganda never darkened him. I would love to see how his four daughters look like!

History will be on his side, can’t keep people away from the rest of the world forever. That was a cabinet worth sitting in, and i sometimes erroneously envisaged myself in it.

Joachim Buwembo wishes to know what a “pornography machine”

minister of ethics

Joachim Buwembo wishes to know what a “pornography machine” is……Oh God, I can’t stop laughing. If I may speculate, I think It’s a machine that detects anything that incites the hormone factory.

Of course, there’s so much disagreement over what pornography itself means exactly. Philosopher David Hume quotes a story to illustrate this. He tells of two expert wine-tasters who are asked to give their opinions of a barrel of wine.

“Good,” says one. “But it has a slight taste of iron.”

“Not bad,” says the other. “But I detect a faint taste of leather.”

No one else tastes this, and the two experts are dismissed with derision. Later, when the wine barrel is emptied, an iron key with a leather thong is discovered at the bottom.

If the wine barrel had never been emptied, there would have been no proof that the expert wine-tasters were right.Unfortunately, this is our situation when we argue over whether something is pornographic or not. Recently, Desire Luzinda posted pictures of herself enjoying a bath with a little bit of like a pump from below between her thighs, and my hormones remained intact. But I saw lots of complaints from Ugandans, probably less noise than when her Newyork twin towers were put on display. Nevertheless, the big question here is that should father Lokodo be wasting shs. 2b to fight something that is even interpreted differently, when our hospitals are like suffering? I think the ministry of ethics should be scrapped and that money be diverted to supporting religious institutions and religious studies in schools. Churches and mosques, if supported, could do a better job than anti-Pornography committees.

Age limit:My last appeal to NRM MPs

You could be NRM but still do the right thing, and create history like that Kenyan judge who cancelled Uhuru’s re-election, did. Many of the USA opponents of slavery who wanted to outlaw it during the Constitutional convention were Virginians and yes, they owned land, but they did the right thing, and slavery was abolished.

In my more open-minded moments, I try to make myself believe that if Ugandans had witnessed a peaceful transfer of power at some points since independence, then the issue of removing presidential age limit, wouldn’t have been of great concern. But with Museveni, he is already on the record saying that “Uganda etandise okumuwomela “. And that’s worrying, because it’s symptomatic of a leader who wants a life presidency. So, age limits is the only insurance Ugandans are clinging on to see the end of his regime, as elections have turned out to be more or less a useless exercise.

Secondly, when one becomes old , he or she becomes a drag for everyone else around them. It’s better to let people retire, do some self reflection, have a peace and quiet somewhere before meeting their creator. Chairman Museveni and his people are, in effect , being just selfish on this. What the argument that he is still physically strong propounds is similar to an individual driving a car with an inaccurate speedometer cannot be speeding so long as they rely on that broken speedometer. Try telling that to a judge.

In the eyes of most Ugandans, you, Mps, are the judge, the jury and the executioner. So, don’t let them down. Please, don’t execute them. A referendum, as proposed by religious leaders, won’t make a difference under the current electoral laws and appointment and disappointments. Kigwela mu parliament!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Age Limit Removal:Some images are unforgettable!

Some images are unforgettable!

Bobi Wine’ s hands are in good position, his legs with a good balance, and ready for attack.

His opponent is already on guard, which left me wondering why ,if he hadn’t already been attacked.

Ya I noticed the haircut too, and the way they both lined up ready for anything. The one at the front has got backups at the back, in case of a restrain, or being overpowered by Bobi……Bobi, on the otherhand, has no back up. He is on his own. Sewanyana Allan, et al, should have been behind him to act as back up, such that in case of an attack, they could have put up a strong front.

Then the guy on the side innocently staring at Bobi Wine’s moves, and trying to imitate him, just put the icing on the cake…….He looks so funny, a bit confused….oh man!

And then the woman sat on a chair…..i don’t know if she is cheering or trying to calm things down. …..What a day!


State House, is it really a state house or ‘Museveni house’ right now? State House too,like NWSC, should actually be renamed in future to ” PEOPLE HOUSE”, to reflect that it’s working for people. The colonialists left us that name(before independence), and we are still hanging on to it. Now, there are even reports that they dont know where the land tittle for State House is.

Have you,guys, ever stopped to wonder why majority of people don’t bother to vote anymore? Have you ever stopped to wonder why, which ever party is in power, since 1962,nothing ever gets any better? Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the four major political parties in the Uganda have broadly the same policies? The answer is simple–the people feel detached from the state. They feel they cant change a govt through elections.They basically feel nothing for Museveni right now, and just waiting for a miracle from God.



Let me again add my thoughts to the issue of age limit.First, any discussion is,of course, very speculative,but I believe It probably is a personal matter how any Ugandan decides to support or not to support the removal of age limit from the constitution.

1.Any Ugandan in their 60s and above, and harbour presidential ambitions, are so upset with Museveni for hanging on to the presidency like forever.That age group whether they are in NRM or opposition, just hate the man to the bones, but they cannot dare show it to anybody close to the president.

2.A small group already in their 70s support the removal in the hope that God could decide to take Museveni after the age limits have been scrapped, and then they will have a shot at the presidency before they die.

3. Then there is a group, i suspect, that has decided to support age limit removal because they realise that its useless to fight the inevitable, and they can as well make money or a career out of it. This same group supports or work with Museveni, not necessarily because they adore him as a leader, but they’ve basically given up on their ambitions. I believe Ibrahim Abiriga, Beti Kamya,Hajji Abdul Nadduli, some youths like Duncan Abigaba, Andrew mwenda, e.t.c, are part of this group. Abiriga is a very ambitious man, and that is why he quit his job as RDC to join politics.

4. Finally, there are those in any age group,and there are the majority, that just want age limits retained for patriotic reasons(basing on Uganda’s history). This same group is advocating for presidential term limits.

Museveni is ready to be president until the impediment of death gets in the way.The presidency is everything in Uganda. Museveni can front all the reasons he wants but its all still about personal ambition for him. When you’re president, you can become rich overnight, you can own any piece of land you want, you can shag any Ugandan woman you want, you can use parliament in any way you want, you can techinically do anything you want. You’re like a superking, man. While these are only anecdotes, it does make you wonder whether staying active as a president helps one to ward off osteoarthritis, for example, which is almost universal to one degree or another in people over age 75.

Yes, age does affect the way we do things.Obviously at some age, a person starts to lose flexibility.The Museveni of 1986-2001 isn’t the Museveni of 2017 howevermuch his handlers try to project him as still physically and mentally fit. Pushing himself into the domain of 2021-2026 will be trying his luck but he isnt afraid because he has seen Mugabe and club doing it. Already there are questions about his actual date of birth, as some think that he is already knocked his 80s.

One good thing that comes with old age is that its very rare for a leader in his 70s or above, to see killing an opponent as a solution to the country’s problems. This is something you cannot usually say for a leader in their 30s,40s or 50s,as ambition tends to overide anything including human life.


Hon.Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine


A politician, whatever his message, can have no impact unless there are people willing to listen, and follow. And once they’re there, the politician have some responsibility to teach good, and not have his followers do evil things. Bobi Wine’s tours and music ever since he was elected as MP, are highly influential, and are not seen as mad ravings by a goodly proportion of Ugandans. Bobi has also written a few articles, and, i guess, he doesn’t publish out of stupidity, but out of conviction and hatred for the dictatorship in Uganda. He has clearly decided to make his politics, his writings and his music his life’s work.They are inextricably intertwined; you will find it impossible to do in-depth study of one without the other.

Here’s what: his music, and his fame, have made his views respectable and influential, and his music has come to represent his ideas.Political and cultural party lines are drawn with Bobi; the writings and the music have become intertwined in the culture of Uganda.His music is part of an overall literary and artistic effort on a political and social front. There is another musician called Mathias Walukagga who is trying to do the same, though he hasn’t joined politics yet. For some reason, he isn’t as popular as Bebe Cool and Chameleon,and I think its do with his wardrobe and the way he presents himself to the youths, but he should be up there.

Despite the character flaws of Bobi Wine(and I think he has got many, like his teenagish walking and sitting styles), I think it would be very foolish to dismiss his work on the basis of his opposition to Museveni’s leadership style. Whether or not his music is so anti-government, it’s not an uncommon sentiment among majority of Ugandans, and should not be used in evaluation of the validity of his artwork.

German composer,Richard Wagner, too was into politics and he used his music that way, too.Wagner made politics part of his music, and made anti-semitism part of his promotion of his own music, and used his reputation as a musician to advance his politics. I have never heard Wagner’s position in the history of anti-Semitism evaluated so hyperbolically. Iam not glad Wagner promoted his idiotic ideas through his operas, but let me strongly suggest that there is more to his ideas than antisemitism, even some ideas worth taking seriously. Wagner was so well liked by the Germans during WWI that they used his music at the death camps. Wagner considered his music to be an expression of Germanness (You might start with Barry Millington’s excellent biography of Wagner;Vintage Books.)

It is entirely possible to like Bobi’s music even while being aware of, and even studying the impact of this music on the politics of Uganda. In case you hadn’t noticed,majority of musicians and Ugandans — or at least the Stella Nyanzi-going world — has, for the most part, given up anti-Museveni ideas as a basis for most social intercourse, politics, etc.; the consequences thereof have been seen in all their horror. There’s nothing as dangerous for a leader as stopping people from criticizing you openly because you will never know what they are up to.

Again: there is nothing wrong with listening to Bobi’s music even if you are a Museveni diehard. It will not rot your teeth or make you want to drop your support for the age-limit removal. His music isn’t the sort of thing that two people play in a living room. It’s done in big concert halls, in festive atmosphere and utmost solemnity.It’s generally accepted as “meaning” something. That’s why everyone wishes to invite him to their conferences, the latest being the planned London UK Convention(by my mate, Willy Nsubuga Mutenza), and the coming FDC leaders Conference in Leeds,UK, in October this year(details attached).

As a Muslim, I now wish he composes a song, ‘A Muslim Museveni’, because i wish to see him revert to Islam. It would definitely ease on so many problems the Muslim community are facing right now. For example, Muslim unity will be accelerated, and I suspect Sheikh Kamoga and other Muslims will also finally get their freedom. Museveni already doesn’t drink alcohol and pork,and I suspect he is already circumcised because he is a man who knows the benefits of personal hygiene to human health. All we need is to get a proper ‘Shahada’ from him which is more meaningful than the fake one of pre-guerrilla war of just changing names. At the moment, there is a distorted view of Islam and Muslims in Uganda, and it hurts so badly, especially when one of their leaders is imprisoned for life over terrorism. Museveni could help us change that by starting to read the quran word by word.

Sometimes the evil in a person pollutes his creations, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, though I can detect a soft touch by Museveni on Bobi Wine, as he doesn’t see him as a threat as he sees his former comrades such as Kiiza Besigye, a reason I think his tours wont likely be interrupted by police. His music is only limited to influencing public view of the regime, which, if we are being honest, doesn’t worry much a lot of dictators.–

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”



According to the late Kalega Sam Njuba, ‘Museveni dislikes drinking but not drunkards’ as ministers. The reason being that when the drunkards are under the influence of alcohol, they open up to him and spill each other’s beans. With alcohol taking control, they don’t leave anything out. Apparently, this is the reason he liked Prof. Yoweri Kyesimira and Hon.Kibirige Sebunya so much. It makes one wonder how many people have been appointed as ministers or in sensitive positions because of their love for the bottle?

Uncovering some of the hormones between Otunnu and Museveni!

olara Otunnu

Venue: Nairobi Peace talks, 1985
Mediator: Daniel Arap Moi
Olara Otunnu(OO): ‘Hello Mr.Yoweri Museveni’
Yoweri Museveni ignored him, and instead pointed his finger at OO:”You young man, you are the one misleading the old man.We shall see”

The old man Museveni was referring to here was Gen. Tito Okello-Lutwa, and Olara Otunnu was then minister of Foreign Affairs, a position that left a sour note among some UPC members. Few months later, Museveni became the president and OO was on his bike to exile.

OO makes a promising come back to Uganda in 2010 with a CV Museveni could only dream of. He becomes the UPC president the same year, then the Kampala crafty boys get to work and made one ‘proposal’ after the other that supposedly drained all his money. He became financially strained,all the talk of him having been roommates with Tony Blair at Oxford University didn’t help, he went on a war path with the Obote family over who controls what; then Museveni seizes an opportunity and releases his ‘dogs’ on him, bite him harder, and guess what? Now UPC is in Akena James’s hands, or one could arguably say ‘Museveni’s soft hands’.

He told him, didn’t he? That he will see, and I guess OO has seen it all now!


Bobi wine sung for kizza besigye while at Besigye’s home in Kasangati

I have too much respect for Hon.Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, but, please, for the last time, people should stop equating him or comparing him with Dr.Kiiza Besigye. The reason I respect Bobi is because he has been using his music to speak for the poor, the ghetto, for us.An artist that uses a big soapbox and loudspeaker to push their views, a power the rest of us do not have, deserves respect.When an artist makes a statement that is pro-people,he is sticking his neck out on the line.If a self employed business person makes prominent political statements that upset people, it may hurt his/her business, whether it is organized or not.

By the way, we should also stop ‘punishing’ those artists that ‘offended’ us during the 2016 elections by supporting Mr.Museveni. Let’s just find another way of convicing them to join our line of thinking.Telling you their opinion was actually exercising free speech, telling people not to attend their shows was attempted censorship,boycotting the show’s sponsors is punitive (and an attempt to stifle an opinion you disagree with!).So, my anger with Iryn Namubiru, Kanyomozi, and others is done, apart from Bebe Cool. The later continues to rub it in!

Sam Njuba on Land Amendment Bill now in parliament

“The biggest source of Baganda’s pride, power and confidence is the land that has economic value. Land, which under the present regulation, he(Museveni) cannot simply have access, and therefore, cannot give away easily. This to him is unacceptable and therefore, it has to change. And change to him will be effected at any cost.”

——-Sam Kalega Njuba, page 185, in his book, The Betrayal

Sam Njuba died in 2013 at Nsambya Hospital.Until 2011, Njuba was a Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East. Njuba served as Secretary in the External Wing of the then rebel National Resistance Movement/Army (NRM/A) between 1984 and 1986, Minister of State for Justice and Constitutional Affairs from 1986 to 1994, and member of the National Resistance Council (NRC) from 1989 to 1994. He also represented Kyadondo East in the Constituent Assembly from 1994 to 1995 during the constitution making process.

He went on to represent the same constituency in the 6th Parliament from 1996 to 2011 when he retired from elective politics. In 2001, he abandoned the Movement to join the elect Kizza Besigye Task Force ahead of the general elections, going on to play a major role in the formation of Reform Agenda and later Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in 2005. He served as Executive Coordinator of before becoming party Chairman.

Before joining politics, Njuba worked as a Lecturer at the School of Law, Makerere University, from 1969 to 1972 and Chief Magistrate Buganda Road Court in 1972. Between 1976 and 1980 he served as President of the Uganda Law Society.

Njuba was born on February 22, 1941 in Gayaza, Wakiso, to Reverend Canon Malaki Musoke Njuba and Nantege Njuba.
Njuba attended Nyenga Primary School in Mukono District, Mpumu Primary School and Kadongo Gayaza Boys School for his primary education. He went to Shimoni and Kyambogo Teachers Colleges to pursue a teaching career. He however returned to do his A-level education from Mbale Secondary School.

He went to Dar es Salaam University where he graduated with a Degree in Law in 1968. While in Dar es Salaam, he met other Ugandan students such as Yoweri Museveni, Edward Sekandi, Benjamin Odoki, Joseph Mulyanyamuli Semwogerere, Eriya Kategaya and James Wapakhabulo among others. These were later to influence the political course of Uganda’s history.

Njuba went on to do a Master’s degree from Queens University in the UK and came back to work at Makerere University as a lecturer in the School of Law

In a 2009 interview Njuba recounted to the Observer newspaper his days in the National Resistance Army struggle and his days at Makerere University.

The book: ” Who killed Andrew Kayiira “?

Has anybody got a copy of the book written by Francis Bwengye about the murder of Kayiira? The book is tittled; ” Who killed Andrew Kayiira?”

Apparently it was on sale in Kampala for weeks but disappeared from all book shops, without any explanation from Bwengye.

Fear of nepotism means something in France, at least.

Melania Trump with French First Lady Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Trogneux arrives to attend the handover ceremony between her husband, French President-elect

I didn’t know that they’s no official position of “First lady” in France. The last one was beheaded in 1789,her name was Marie-Antoinette. She and her husband were living in golden palaces while the people of France were starving to death.Fear of nepotism is a great deal in France, at least. Even president Macron has failed to change this. But is there anything in the French law that stops him from making his wife a minister such that she earns her own money instead of totally depending on the husband?


Are there Baganda MPS outside Buganda?

hysterical(Kabaka Ronald Edward Frederick Kimera Muwenda Mutebi II as a child (1960s?), photographed in London by ‘Lenare’, who in a stamp on the back claims ‘world copyright’ to the portrait.)

According to Sam Njuba in his book, The Betrayal, people who accuse Baganda of being descriminative are so easily forgetful and unfair. Baganda is the only tribe that leaves a fellow Muganda and supports a non-Muganda in elections and other businesses. They supported and harbored Museveni in Luwero triangle at the expense of Kayiira and Prof. Lule. Dr.Kunuka was an MP in Buganda despite the fact that he is a Munyoro.

In the rigged 1980 elections, Dr.Mulozi , an Acholi, was elected in preference to Bidandi Ssali. In Gomba, Yafesi Sabiti was elected though he was not a Muganda. In Singo, a Munyarwanda, Emannuel Kirenga, was elected.

Basically what Sam Njuba was saying is that ‘ Baganda have divergent political views and their allegiance is not necessarily Tribalistic but rather based on the correct political principles which have no tribe or religion. Congratulations to Baganda for having politically matured.’

Bobi Wine reminds me of Cardew!

Bobi Wine

36 years ago , on 13 Dec 1981, the music industry suffered a terrible loss, when Cornelius Cardew was killed in a mysterious hit-and-run accident in London. The following year, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was born in Uganda. The first time I watched a video music of Bobi Wine, I told my wife, and my friend Johnson, that the guy was destined for politics at some point in his life, because he had a good mouth on him. So, when he joined the race to stand for MP in Kyadondo East, I wasn’t surprised at all. What surprised me was actually FDC fielding a candidate against him.

Truth be told, Bobi Wine(whatever that means) is more popular than any of his opponents in the Kyadondo East race. A lot of people in Uganda seem to translate their love of music (and the arts more broadly) into “support for anything”, which I would characterize as a liberal instinct.I’m rather moderate on this issue because I don’t listen to music that much, but I like Bobi Wine’s songs in particular. He reminds me of Cardew.

Cornelius Cardew

Cardew is perhaps more interesting for his politics than his compositions. He was the leading composer of the English experimental school in the sixties, and pupil of Stockhausen. His most famous composition is the Great Learning, a setting of Confucius written for the Scratch Orchestra. Many of his works of that period have more in common with “happenings” than traditional composition.

But the really interesting thing about Cardew is that sometime in the seventies, he either was told or realised himself that modern music did not appeal to working class audiences and gave it all up to write revolutionary songs. Cardew was active in various causes in British politics

Finally, in 1981 he was killed by a hit-and-run driver in east London whilst returning from a political meeting.The driver was never found.There are all sorts of rumours that this was a political assassination, possibly by one of the British Fascist parties.

But what’s relevant is to investigate how and if a particular political view of a composer is reflected in his or her music.The fact ‘composer X supports candidate B’ taken on its own doesn’t mean shit.

But if composer X starts composing agitprop-type of music, regardless of whether it is a nazi or commi staff – well, it’s a sell-out.

And then there are those who prostitute themselves like Bidandi Ssali’s son, Bebe Cool. Nobody could ever convince me that Bebe Cool composes songs to praise Museveni because he thinks he is the best leader for Uganda, and that’s because I don’t think he is a dummy. I strongly believe he only does it for money and other privileges that comes with it.

The bottom line is that what someone composes ultimately determines how he or she would be remembered, and not the particular political believe. Interestingly enough, I still log on youtube to watch Iryn Namubiru yet she sold us out too in the last elections, and I could probably be in a sombre mood for days if she dies before me. Good luck to Bobi Wine and other candidates in the race!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

This is what DP needs to get their emojo back!

I don’t know what exactly Erias Lukwago’s plans are but I think my mate,Norbert Mao, should do the honourable thing and support him as the next DP president. Yes, Erias Lukwago is a work in progress but he could bring glamour back to DP. All he( Erias) needs to do is to drop the suite and tie while out and about with Besigye, or on streets. The suite makes him look like a normal opposition leader, and that’s not right under the present political climate in Uganda.He needs to borrow more of a Besigye style in him(roar at them, smile a little like Rambo, scratch them(police) if you can), and we see if other oppositionists will see him as someone to take over from Besigye. Just hanging around Besigye builds little political capital.

Some of the points Norbert Mao recently made against Mp Bakireke Nambooze were a trifle sententious. OK. But he is right in feeling that Hon.Mp Bakireke Nambooze was trying to undermind him publically(nobody wants that). Mbidde’s utterances didnt help much to the situation.Some things he(Mbidde) says are purposely putting the cat among the pigeons.Other things are OK.Some others are quite silly.But its time, for the sake of DP, for everyone to bury the hatchet, and allow Lukwago to take over!



I’ve never understood that part of people’s character where someone openly comes out to boast that he or she has a lot of money, especially in an environment where majority of the people are so poor. It beats my understanding about life and human beings.It just sounds so out-of-character.

“I’ve struggled from being a newspaper vendor to owning shares in newspapers companies. Linking me to NRM because of my bank balance will not help,…….I’m a shareholder in news papers and radio stations within and outside Uganda. I’m not poor ………Someone to look at my bank balance and think its NRM Money,This is hogwash,I have been rich since my days at University…….”——Fred Mukasa Mbidde,Democratic Party Vice President

As a x-tian man, Mbidde should read the following verses in the Bible: Jeremiah 9:23 and Proverbs 27:2…….”Olulimi olwo silulungi nakatono”!

It reminds me of some play I once read. There was a man called Casanova who was an ugly thief. He broke out of a makeshift prison in an Italian village, and made his way to Paris where everybody was expecting an ugly Italian thief.

“But NO – I am not a thief”, he said, “I am a GREAT LOVER.
“I seduced the mayor`s wife, and he FAKED UP the charges”.

He was ultimately met by a pair of Scottish Presbyterian Freemasons. “You will NEVER clear your name without US”,
they said, “because WE control the PRESS”. Everybody had expected an ugly Italian thief because his escape had been published in the papers.

“We KNOW that you are both a THIEF and a LIAR. The mayor was a BACHELOR. Shall we PUBLISH”?

Casanova was COMPROMISED. The game was up. What would happen next? They made a SURPRISING OFFER.

So, just because one’s hands haven’t been caught in the till jar, it doesnt necessarily mean that they didnt steal something. I also keep telling people that money, power, wealth,e.t.c all come to an end at some point. What defines you as a person after your death is mainly your character towards others. If Mbidde really care about the opposition and Hon. Mp Bakireke Nambooze, he would have rushed to call a press conference to condemn what the police did in Masaka, but he is instead portraying himself as the owner of Hon.Nambooze just because he simply recruited her into DP.

And the truth is there are very few rich people(in the real sense of the word) in Uganda,and i’m yet to be attempted to include Mbidde among them.In a way, It just sounds weird someone being ‘rich’ during university days, and then come out to do newspaper vending??


Hello George,
I dwelt for a while here on what to say to you.The issues you raise are provocative indeed. Such questions are good as it helps all of us rethink, reconsider, and question why your view UAH that way.Your views are certainly not out of line though you’re certainly accusing me of all kinds of things that you don’t like.

First of all, when I revealed the UAH numbers here, I was by no means implying that UAH’s Popularity = Quality.That’s an easy enough position to shoot down. What I meant was, a forum cannot be “uninspiring, inaccessible and dull” while simultaneously being favoured by many Ugandans.The quality and quantity are not in any way related. You could have less numbers in a forum and still end up with a poor debate or an inactive forum.

I think that the issue of quality vs quantity becomes problematic when one does not consider certain environmental and emotional issues which humans face.Its exactly because of this that we set up UAH to discuss a variety of topics at the same time, because we are aware that:
1- Some Ugandans aren’t really interested in politics but we want them to pick interest. So, we allow them to post stuff that interest them but in the process they unknowingly read political messages,
2- Some people just hate anything NRM or Museveni, but we also know that Museveni is the law in Uganda. For instance, there is a woman who is a member of this forum. She used to work in the UPDF and she is now living in London, but she told me that she deletes every post with Museveni’s name on it because she hates him. I told her that she shouldn’t do that because everything in Uganda revolves around him. She said that she doesn’t care anymore. She just wants him and his people gone, and she doesn’t a solution in people just talking about it.

Assessing quality also becomes difficult when we press the question into our preconceived ideas of what constitutes quality.And then there is the difficulty of having to force ones mind to compose in styles foreign to ones taste.Most everything in these groups is personal taste but like minds can ponder things like evolution and quality and such.God isn’t participating in these discussions. People don’t just speak about things that a title over their heads directs them to.They would be regimented little cowards. People talk about many things and they do it in whatever forum they happen to be in. The question of quality debates seems far too complex with too many variables to possibly have a substantive answer.

Let’s try a different spin on this one.You feel that UAH should be moved to another level, right? But you never suggest that level, right? Because you don’t know, right? But for some reason, you want Abbey to come up with something that could magically take all of you to another level. Look, I’m not accusing you or anybody of anything, and I understand where you are coming from. I just want to critically think this through before you throw everything at Abbey(me). One approach to solving problems is to put a lot of attention into what not to do. It still leaves the question of what to do. Progress is by trial and error. Frankly it is much faster to model those who have been through all that trial and error.They offer a condensed version of what to do.

There was a time some members organised a mother of conference in Netherlands where a lot of UAH members attended. I didn’t attend but contributed to someone’s ticket from Uganda to attend.I wanted to know how exactly the conference is gonna move Uganda forward. The conference ended with certain resolutions made that have never been implemented up to now.I think Eric Kashambuzi was among the few UAH members that attended that conference.

What I’m trying to tell you is that unless you want me to declare a rebellion against the government, with some of you as my lieutenants, there isn’t not much we can do through a mere forum.That’s why a lot of enthusiastic members we started with are so inactive at the moment.Sometimes people are PULLED in two opposing directions.You know the sort of thing, wanting A but this stops you doing B, wanting B but this stops you doing A.These are also known as dilemmas.The corny but successful method to bust these dilemmas is to find a way to be pulled in a third direction ie to want C(e.g.joining another forum to see if there’s something different offered there). Such situations are most unlikely to be stable for long so one is able to regain action more rapidly. Life moves on.

UAH has done a lot in terms of exposing the bad ‘smells’ in the government, enlightening our members, educating people about the country’s history, e.t.c, and we will continue to do so, God willing. The government follows this forum intensely and they know what needs to be done to change Uganda for the better, but, for some reason, I don’t think they wanna do it. And honestly speaking, I cant be blamed for that one too, can I ?


Dear Members,

A number of new Uganda social media groups have started, and a few are quickly gaining ground. They include groups by Omar Kalinge-Nyago, Douglas Katosi and Okello Lucima . This is a welcome development, and is a response to what me and many others have been telling the UAH owner Abbey Semuwemba for a long time- that UAH as it stands today has totally lost focus and does not serve any useful purpose anymore

Although I took a sabbatical for a few weeks, I still logged into UAH and what strikes one most is the number of posts and discussions on American politics and on Donald Trump in particular. .This accounts for nearly 90% of traffic on UAH, but Mr Semuwamba does not seem to think this is a serious problem for the forum and allows this anomaly to play out, day in and day out.

Also important to note is the prominence that Mr Semuwemba gives to Mr Edward Irundrua. This Nubian fool posts nearly 30% of all traffic on a forum of 250,000 members. If this does not strike Mr Semuwemba as strange, then I dont know what else will. Irundrua has now become an official chart show host on UAH, with others chipping in as his quests. It would not matter if this discussion on American politics was constructive and relevant to the political discourse in our country- but alas!! You would be waiting for the second coming to expect the Nubian pillock to engage in anything constructive.

Mr Semuwamba has concentrated all his efforts at expanding the membership of the forum and paid no attention whatsover to the quality of the contributions, or making it a serious forum that people can visit for reference. I may be biased, but there are less than 15 people, out of 250-000 members who make good quality contributions on this forum, and this includes Dr Kayondo, Simon Peter Okurut, Edward P’Ojim,Ronald Okuonzi, Ikanos, Barigye, Gwokto, Annet Kobusinge, Sekajja, Magandazi, Mutgagabya, Galabuzi,Henry Ford Mirima, Frank Mujabi, John Kwitonda, Ocaya Mike p’Oure, Afuwa Kasule, Mayimuna, Moses Nekyon, Rev Paul Mugerwa and a handful of others. The rest just look at the forum as they would a traditional English pub, as a place you go to relax, exchange pleasantries and gossip. No serious intellectual discussion is now possible on the UAH, and I had warned Mr Semuwamba about this more than 3 years ago. I dont want want to brag, but I have a very active mind and I dont want to mix with people who dont think at my level. And I dont want to waste the remaining years of my life gossiping about inanities.

It is also worth noting that the fascist regime of Kayibanda Money Museveni does not take this forum seriously. It has only deployed spies like Robert Atuhairew,and not suprisngly, Mr Atuhairew plays the role of a childish clown and so no serious debate can take place with the intellectual midget. Atuhairew’s role is to scupper discussion, and make the tragedy playing out in Uganda look like silly fun. It is very frustrating to find NRA sulberterns like Atuhairew reducing matters of great suffering among Ugandans, to just childish pun, intended to make people laugh. How can NRA supplicants like Edward irundrua and Ingram Kampe laugh at the shocking picture of a hanging Itesot woman, and even have the audacity to blame her for her fate? Yet these are the type of NRA contributors Mr Semuwemba has encouraged and continues too molly coddle.

:Lastly, Mr Semewemba has allowed his forum to become a vehicle of abuse, concoctions and vile calumny. He does absolutely nothing when people make concocted postings or patently false allegations against others. His competitors like Mr Kyalimpa of the UAH RESISTANCE or Leah Nagalamba of Uganda Friends take their duties as administrator much more seriously, and they are not afraid to remove scurrilous posts or to suspend members. In the 3 years I have been a member of his forum, Mr Kyalimpa has suspended at least 15 members that I know of. Mr Semuwemba knows he has a responsibility to his members, but he has allowed it to become a free for all, a cess pit where anything goes. No serious intellectual or political activist would now seek to join UAH, all he needs is to look at a day’s postings, almost all dominated by Edward irundrua, and that would be enough to make them puke.

Mr Sewuwemba has done a great job creating and sustaining UAH to its current level, with almost 250,000 members. But sadly he has failed to move the forum to the next level. I will still continue to be a member of both UAH and UAH Facebook, but writing only on selected issues. I will continue to write a parody commentary or column on UAH Facebook, because that is well received and liked, but on this forum, I will write mainly on ideology and avoid Ugandan issues altogether because the standard of analysis is not up to my level. I would rather discuss Ugandan issues on the new groups that have started, because nearly all of them are about Uganda, and nothing else. There was a very brilliant discussion on the Land Question in Buganda in Mr Katosi’s group, for eg, to which I was invited and made a widely acclaimed contribution- something that simply does not happen here on UAH. These new groups are by invitation only and all of them are moderated in order to eliminate scurrilous posts or deter idiots like Irundrua from turning them into pit latrines. It is high time that we Ugandans took the plight of our country in our hands- gossiping on UAH may help us pass time and laugh, but it will never help our people who are now entering a fourth decade of brutal occupation, oppression and subjugation

Thank You


Anti-Stella people don’t understand the purpose of satire!


I am a bit of Stella Nyanzi fan, so it will be a bit biased to say this but I will,because, not even the horrible Computer Use Act will stop me. I feel that in the light of her imprisonment,we should try to understand the metaphorical nature of her postings. Messages like hers which are subtle yet vulgar-beautiful, graspable yet undefinable – like nature herself – will undergo a great revival, if it hasn’t started yet. I feel that the people centred on her usage of certain words they don’t approve of, are lost in translation, and ,therefore, want her to write like the way the rest of us write. They are suffering from MASS CULTURE which is a form of making everything the same, making everybody “do the same thing” (whether they like it or not). For example, the modern way of mass education forces everyone to go through the same classes and learn the same things.This in no way helps the individual who may have a higher capacity for life. On a political front,It’s called censorship, Stella’s case is objectively about online censorship by the government. They want to control how they are criticized.

Secondary, the anti-Stella people have written enough to demonstrate that they don’t understand the purpose of satire.The best definition, from the 18th century, is that it “exposes to laughter the vices and follies of mankind”. Satire makes fun of the powerful; at its best it acts as a sort of accountability check, at its worst, it brings them down to size. That’s why the best satire is aimed at politicians, monarchy, etc, or at celebs or civvies who ‘bring it on’, and the least successful is aimed at belittling ordinary people or the dispossessed. President Museveni and his wife are politicians, and therefore a legitimate target in a country where power is centered almost in one man.

Yes, there is usually an implied serious moral or artistic standard by which the object of the satire is held to account. But I feel the vulgar definition, to which Ms.Nyanzi appear to adhere, is meant to attract people to the serious points hidden in her messages. Nobody in the government should expect critics to be nicer.If one analyses her messages, Stella seems a bit more focused and more informed about exactly what it is she’s criticizing. She’s not like attacking Museveni’s tribe(as some people carelessly do), she is attacking Museveni, the president of Uganda.There is a difference between criticizing a ‘choice’ e.g presidency and criticizing something inherent e.g being Kabakaship, Muganda (or Munyankole). Organised write-in campaigns against governments are notorious – I’ve participated in a good few myself, through mainly the Ugandans At Heart Forum.

Uganda as it is now needs real soldiers-in-writing and Ms.Nyanzi seems to have upped the game.We shouldn’t need to wait for the infection to fester before the real pus comes to the surface. We’re ‘officially’ a military state and nobody had the courage to write an opera called “Buttocks and the Buttocks” till when the allegedly ‘mad’ lady(according to the state) now in Luziira prison showed up from nowhere.

On my last trip to Uganda a few years back I was amazed to see how so much violence was depicted in our television programming. It’s all guns,teargas,land grabbing, acid attacks, fires in schools, killing Muslim clerics, murders, e.t.c. It seems that showing brutal murders, eyes gouged out, limbs chopped off, sadistic torture, rape, etc., is less bad than if one of the victims yells ‘kabina'(bum) as such acts are being committed.In Uganda, people find it easy to slap,or clip anyone.

If there should be any compromise I would propose it be this:Let’s scale way, way back on the gratuitous violence on television and Facebook posts, and, in exchange, let’s not throw a fit about vulgarity(popularity) and/or sensuality.It is clearly not a big deal in Europe, and I would offer that it does far less harm to children (if it does any at all) than depictions of violence. Naturally, I don’t think this would fly at all with complaint-factories like: the Uganda Communications Compromise(UCC) under Mutabazi, Father Lokodo, etc., whose real battle is against sex, and to whom any depiction of the human body is scandalous.

That said, I’m far more opposed to exposure to violence than vulgarity, yet it’s much easier for a child to be casually/accidentally exposed to violence in our culture.

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Mwenda was exagerating Stella’s vulgarity!


Among the big three:sex, religion and politics, I try not to post on sex for religious and cultural reasons, but Andrew Mwenda’s response to Dr.Stella Nyanzi has kind of tickled me a little bit.Mwenda has leapt on her and everyone openly supporting Besigye like a mother lion leapt on those threatening her cubs.His posts increasingly sound rude, self centered and belligerent.He comes across as a crusader who savagely attacks anyone who has the gall to question his words. Actually, If we didnt have phonies like him, we probably could get on with our problems of living with dictator Museveni in peace. I’m sure if Stella wasn’t writing about Mrs.Museveni, life among supposedly NRM commentators would have continued as normal as having breakfast in the morning. Every time somebody posts about the Musevenis somebody always gets all bent. Its silly man!

Mwenda is known recently for writing ‘faaaaa’ as exemplified by his fake TVO intelligence. Several people questioned his TVO allegations and,without any evidence worth of salt being cited, he went ahead to accuse Robert Shaka,myself, et al, of being frauds,cowards,and FDC radical extremists.Fortunately I’m not exactly a newbie to such childish attacks and have grown a thick skin throughout the years but I can understand how such mindless ranting and raging can be distressing to some. I sometimes ignore people who seem to be on a streak of bad temper, but if they are a regular I always go back to reading their posts after I think they may have had time to calm down a bit.

I learned a long time ago that my friends and I may not necessarily like the same people.And that’s ok. I don’t believe anyone should be required to find value in the same people I value in order to be my friend.I sincerely hope that if some people do decide that they like Stella’s posts,whom Andrew happen to dislike, that he will not think they have taken sides or feel that we don’t find him valuable, valid and helpful as well.I generally like to sift through whatever people post, keep what I need, and discard the rest, no matter who it is that’s offering it.

That’s why I still dont understand why some people are concentrating on Stella’s ‘vulgarity’ more than the issues she raised.Anyway, Life is vulgar sometimes,should we hide that part? Should we pretend it’s not there? Well, Shakespeare is dirty, vulgar, if he’s done right.Instead, we excise, elide, etc. all the vulgar content and leave a bunch of flowery speeches instead. In the USA, a lady called Illma Gore recently released a video:’how To Draw Trump’s penis’, and so far it has generated over 3 million viewers on Facebook.Can you imagine anybody making fun of Museveni’s penis in Uganda and get away with it?

Anyway,what’s more vulgar? Mentioning ‘Nalongo owenene Vs Owentono’ or showing how some people get off on making a mess of our country in the name of ‘I sacrificed’. ‘i’m a revolutionary’, ‘i forgive you’,e.t.c? Vulgar comes from a root word meaning popular, common, etc.That’s how we get the term “Vulgate” used for the Bible.True, up to a point, vulgar may have relative meanings.One can argue that everything written in Italian is vulgar simply by the fact that it’s not Latin.But that’s stretching the word historically.Clearly, Stella’s language is vulgar, if you compare it with Joachim Buwembo’s language in his posts, but you cant deny her super creative writing.I would say that her posts enriche or enhance the sexual humor that is usually kept in bedrooms, and its not a style Ugandans have experienced before. So it turns out that when Andrew wrote “vulgar,” he meant nothing more than ‘popular’?

Shakespeare was, in this sense, almost certainly a genius, since his apparently spontaneous integration of so many levels of verbal dexterity has been virtually unequalled in the history of the world’s creative activity; not even the Greeks, I should add, combined both tragic and comic sensibilities the way Shakespeare did: I mean it’s almost scary the way that man could go from masterful prose to masterful poetry; from vulgar jests to sublime rhetoric; from comic buffoonery to tragic pathos with effortless assurance.

On television, I once heard someone say in reference to Alan Turing:”You can always tell a genius from just a very intelligent person.When a very intelligent person comes up with a bright idea, you say to yourself,’I might have thought of that.’ You never get that with a genius.”

Alan Turing, by the way, was a British logician/mathematician who helped solve the Nazi Enigma code (which, despite what Hollywood would have us believe, was not solved by the Americans; although it turns out the Poles had a good deal more to do with it than the British let on) and also foreshadowed the digital computer in his theories.

Basically, all im saying is that Andrew is setting up a false opposition here, like the proverbial apples and oranges.The real opposition is between GOOD and BAD.Dictatorship is simply bad,and freedom of speech is good. Stella is just a woman frustrated with everything going on in Uganda, and that is reflected in her writing, and i think she’s doing something good.

Byebyo ebyange banange!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
United Kingdom

Please forward to your moms, sisters, wives, relatives, lady friends, etc.

1) What should a woman do if she finds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she enters a lift in a high-rise apartment or building late at night?
Experts say: Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13th floor, press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attack you in a lift that stops on every floor.
2) What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house, run into the kitchen.
Experts say: You alone know where the chili powder and turmeric are kept. And where the knives and plates are. All these can be turned into deadly weapons. If nothing else, start throwing plates and utensils all over. Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. He does not want to be caught.
3) Taking a Taxi at Night.
Experts Say: Before getting into an auto at night, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands .Even if no one answers your call, pretend you are in a conversation. The driver now knows someone has his details and he will be in serious trouble if anything goes wrong. He is now bound to take you home safe and sound. A potential attacker is now your de facto protector!
4) What if the driver turns into a street he is not supposed to and you feel you are entering a danger zone?
Experts say: Use the handle of your purse or your stole to wrap around his neck and pull him back. Within seconds, he will feel choked and helpless. In case you don’t have a purse or stole just pull him back by his collar. The top button of his shirt would then do the same trick.
5) If you are stalked at night.
Expert Say: enter a shop or a house and explain your predicament. If it is night and shops are not open, go inside an ATM box. ATM centers always have close circuit television. Fearing identification, no one will dare attack you.
After all, being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have.
Please forward to all the women you care about to spread awareness as this is the least we can do for a social & moral cause and for the safety of our women.
Guys ~ Please forward to your moms, sisters, wives, relatives, lady friends, etc.
Better safe than sorry, right?


I see a lot of people concerned that ‘big’ people in NRM are always silent on the forum. Its their loss if they dont participate, its never your loss. However, they always take down notes and, if they are wise, work on the issues raised on the UAH forum. Just keep sharing important articles or any info that may benefit Ugandans.

There is such a deep and important meaning to such sharing amongst the group. It’s the very best thing that humans can do for each other, to give and receive the little gems we all have gained along the way.Even if what we write passes without comment, because it seems it’s so well known, there are always those uncounted thousands out there who lurk and learn something that just might help or encourage them. You never know.
So never, never think that you have nothing to contribute, will you? So many people who feel they know little have often made the one comment that opened up something for someone else. I truly believe that everyone has something precious to contribute. It’s just that we may never really know the full extent of it. UAH is an exciting world of knowledge, apart from it’s obvious practical usefullness.

May you all always prosper all your life, despite the trials and troubles that beset us all.
For my friends in Busoga, its sad that some people intentionally burnt down our sugarcane shambas yesterday without any remorse. Let’s forgive them and leave everything to God!

I dont think the Muhoozi-for-presidency project is real

‘Like I once wrote on the UAH forum about Amama Mbabazi and some people in the NRM, and their grandioce ideas about succeeding Mr.Museveni, I can also tell you right now that I dont think the Muhoozi-for-presidency project is real. I think its a decoy to check the loyalty of some people in the government. My prediction is that Museveni will either die a president,like Zimbabwe’s Mugabe will, or he will be miraculously kicked out of the presidency. The later will definitely require foreign assistance because I cant see Ugandans doing it on their own!’——Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

Let’s all be encouraged by this GREAT LESSON!

Lesson from Cristiano Ronaldo –
“I have to thank my friend Albert Fantrau for my success. We played together for a youth club. When people from Sporting arrived, they told us that whoever scored more goals would be accepted to their Academy”.
“We won that game 3-0, I scored the first goal, then Albert scored a header, and the third was a goal that impressed everyone. Albert went on one on one with the goal keeper. I was running next to him, he went round the keeper, all he needed to do was just to get the ball into the empty net. But, he passed it to me and I scored. I was accepted to the Academy. After the match, I approached him and asked him “why” and he answered; “You’re better than me”.

Several years after, journalist went to Albert’s house, and asked whether the story was true. He confirmed it. He also said that his career as a football player finished after that match and he is now unemployed. “But where did you get such a gorgeous house, a car etc? You seemed to be a rich person. You also maintain your family…… where is all from? Albert proudly replied; its all from Cristiano.
MORALE: never forget the person who believed in you and gave you a helping hand in life. Let support each other to achieve and we would one day feel proud of lending a helping hand.

Benni Tailor Sweet✌✌



Every Ugandan regardless of their political affiliations should condemn what’s happening to Dr.Kiiza Besigye at his home in Kasangati. His house is always surrounded by the police, and he cannot move anywhere near the city centre before being blocked by the police. Some of his visitors are not given access to see him, and the lucky ones are subjected to vigorous check ups.

This act alone has greater repercussions,one of which might be that the one oppressed now can be the one torturing another tomorrow if we continue with the current trend(no respect for the law) in the country.

I believe that, for a policeman or any government official, being honest and truthful on all sides is very important no matter what side it comes from. I also believe being open minded and taking the time to understand all sides is a must. There is already too much dividing in the country and hate. If we as people continue to join in on these kind of actions we all are doomed to a very rough future. We should speak out for all injustices regardless which human they are. God orders us to do so.

Unfortunately, when you join a movement you tend to become so extremely one-sided, that you are never allowed to acknowledge the wrong on ‘your’ side. I’m yet to read a comment from my NRM friends especially on Facebook condemning what Besigye is being subjected to. I sometimes criticise the opposition, and I sometimes fall out with certain people, because I dont fear criticism.

The criticism you receive when you write something against Museveni or NRM is a projection of their lack of ability to analyse issues objectively. It’s the limitations within their own belief systems that cause some to react negatively toward your approach. You are learning to dissolve societal opinion structures- it’s not an easy thing to do. I always remind myself to have patience and that I was like that at one point too. Every now and then I reflect on my views to make sure I’m not being biased myself.

I used to write a lot of crap against Obote, without looking at issues holistically, but I have calmed down on that. Those UPC guys, especially my mate, Joseph Ochieno, gave me hell,but what’s happening to Besigye now is so disgusting!

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


”He consulted with Kwame Nkrumah, Malcolm X, Min. Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Conrad Worrill of the National Black United Front. He sent money, blood and guts to fight for African Liberation in the Front-line States of Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and beyond to the Congo in aid of Patrice Lumumba.
When at the United Nations in 1960, El-Presidente’ left the plush hotel on one side of Manhattan choosing to reside in Harlem with his people at the Theresa Hotel, as he was guarded by the Fruit of Islam.tt
In 1975, the Apartheid South African government, wanted to stop Angola’s march to freedom, with assistance from the racist United States (supporters of Apartheid), President Gerald Ford, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld were offering material support to Apartheid, South Africa sent its troops to fight the MPLA (Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola) and its leader Agostinho Neto who was firmly anti-Apartheid.

Fidel Castro holding Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada!

Fidel Castro holding Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada!

What did Fidel do? Castro sent more than 36,000 troops to fight the South Africans and prevent them from colonizing Angola in aid of the Apartheid system. Facts.
When the U.S. Government succeeded in destroying the Black Liberation Struggle in the late 1960’s and 70’s…after the political assassinations of Fred Hampton and others, the imprisonment of Geronimo Pratt, Sundiata Acoli, Dhoruba Bin-Wahad,…it forced our Comrade, Assata Olugbala Shakur to flee..only to be covered by Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, who has guaranteed her safety for all of these years.
Twelve times, John F. Kennedy attempted to assassinate him during his short presidency. Che’, his most trusted comrade, like Malcolm were hunted by the CIA and were not so fortunate.
We say, not goodbye to this Revolutionary…but we salute you with a job well done. Viva Fidel Castro! Viva la Revolucion!”

Its only the ‘Museveni-law’ that will save the Sheikhs languishing in prison!

Brother Abbey

Accused persons who are innocent must be discharged, have charges withdrawn/vacated but not ‘pardoned’

Your post contains in part the following sentence:

“A lot of people in prison over politically motivated charges should be forgiven. Our sheikhs should be pardoned, and let them go back to their families.”

It is well known that several Ugandan sheikhs are in prison/detention in Uganda mainly under the following categories.
(i) Some are being tried before the High Court after a long period of detention – eg Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, who was arrested on 20th January 2015, being tried with several others.

(ii) While other sheikhs have been recently detained so far without any known charge(s) being brought against them before any competent court of law – eg Sheikh Yahaya Mwanje, who was arrested on 27 November 2016.

(iii) Some have been acquitted by the High Court of Uganda in the past but re-arrested immediately after acquittal – eg Sheikh Ismail Kalule.

Since none of the sheikhs has so far been convicted of any offence by a competent court of law, they, individually and/or collectively, do not deserve to be granted ‘pardon’ – forgiveness/amnesty. ‘Pardon’ is not granted after the prosecution has failed to bring or prove charges against an accused person.

When the prosecution fails to prove charges (beyond reasonable doubt) brought against an accused person, charges may be either withdrawn or vacated and criminal proceedings are terminated without prejudice to accused’s presumption of innocence or the prosecution’s right to bring new charges at a later date if there is sufficient evidence to do so. This is what the International Criminal Court (ICC) did after the ICC Prosecutor failed to adduce evidence to prove charges against President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya[1] and Vice President William Ruto of Kenya.[2] Charges were withdrawn/ vacated and both Kenyatta and Ruto were discharged from criminal process but not ‘pardoned’.

Thus, since accused persons in Uganda are presumed innocent until proved guilty, they are entitled to the equal protection of the law including a right to a speedy and fair hearing before an independent court in accordance with the Constitution. Sheikhs are human beings like anyone else and must not be denied the equal protection of the law. Either they are, without undue delay, tried by a competent court and convicted (if there is evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt any charge/s against them) or they are discharged from criminal process (if there is insufficient evidence). Those who are being detained without charges must be brought before courts of law but many of the so-called Muslim leaders are in silence!

Al Islam

[1] The Prosecutor v. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Decision on the withdrawal of charges against Mr Kenyatta, ICC-01/09-02/11-1005, 13 March 2015, https://www.icc-cpi.int/CourtRecords/CR2015_02842.PDF

[2] The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang, Decision on Defence Applications for Judgments of Acquittal, ICC-01/09-01/11, 5 April 2016, https://www.icc-cpi.int/CourtRecords/CR2016_04384.PDF

Al Islam,

Sorry if my earlier statement on ‘pardoning’ of sheikhs was too cryptic. I’m afraid there are gaping holes in my legal education. I’m mainly self-schooled, and I now deeply regret focusing only on those things that interest me at the time. However, I do think I see what you mean here.

If it’s any consolation, you aren’t alone in what you feel. I’m sure the sheikhs feel as ‘innocent-till-proven-guilty’ as you do. Not to be too crude about it, but the claims that the law will help them eventually get out of prison, seem to ring a little hollow. By definition, it seems to me that the concept of ‘conviction’ and ‘persecution failure’ is deceptive under the current political environment in Uganda and, if the entire experience of Sheikh Ismail Kalule and the black mambas that rearrested Besigye after being granted bail in 2006 is any indication, impossible to attain, except in a very limited and temporary sense. The law now operating in Uganda is the super ‘Museveni law’: what Museveni wants goes, if he wants you out of prison, you’re out the next day; and if he wants you to stay in prison, trust me, no judge will get you out. Therefore, I don’t see the sheikhs coming out of prison on their terms.

Having said that, it appears we are somewhat stuck, as in quicksand, and there are no easy solutions in sight. I do not have any easy answers, my friends. That’s the rub. No one else has easy answers, either, but there’s nothing wrong with approaching Mr.Museveni and BEG him to ‘pardon’ our sheikhs. One definition of Museveni’s ‘PARDON-LAW’ is a quick phone call to the prosecutor to ‘WITHDRAW’ the charges, and ordering the bank of Uganda to give you, lawyers, a juicy cheque such that you stop making noise. Either way, it’s all ‘pardon’, my friend!

I’ve very conflicted on this whole mess, and I am uncomfortable admitting that, when the murders started, I advocated for the arming of sheikhs with guns to defend themselves, but with the death of Maama Fiina’s husband who was armed to the teeth, turns out I was flat out wrong on that one, as the evidence is now clear that this is way well planned ‘James-bond’ stuff than any of us envisaged. It has even made me afraid of ‘bodabodas’ driving by every time i visit Kampala.

Most of us just don’t know what to think anymore. Yet, somehow, I feel that there’s no ‘justice’ in keeping sheikhs in prison indefinitely in a situation which looks like has got less to do with them. Most of us in the general public are in no position to be able to form our own independent opinions of what and who exactly is behind the Muslim murders in Uganda, because it is all kept from us in an atmosphere of secrecy. And add to that the problem that most of the public relies on the media, and you get a further degradation of the information available. Yet, I can also speak with some certainty that the way these murders are executed is way beyond the likes of the sheikhs that are already in prison, and the government has got no ability to thwart them from happening again and again.

Yes, there are reasons for some secrecy in national security matters. That complicates honesty in politics beyond belief, and it breeds distrust, by the very nature of secrecy and the demonstrated proclivity of some politicians for deceit. And yes, politicians are very much motivated by power and ego issues, it seems. At the same time, I would suggest that a dedicated press and free and open discussion are the bright light that we can usually count on to help us engage in a truth seeking process, as a public.

However, now that someone has created this mess, we need to fix what has been broken, and I don’t think the courts are gonna do that. I think this administration has strangled itself in its own propaganda (e.g. its ADF killing Muslim leaders). People can only be fooled so far. I think they’ve exceeded their limit by a long shot.

My hope is that the sheikhs are ‘pardoned’ with the touch of the ‘MUSEVENI-LAW’ (the most important law in Uganda), and then we all sit down and find a way forward. I don’t feel that it matters, in this context, whether the sheikhs are guilty or not in the eyes of the law, as there is no way to go back in time and undo the mess.

Just a few non-classified thoughts of a Xmas evening from a nobody in the UK,brother!

Have a good one,

Abbey .K.S

Wishing you all a happy seasons’ holidays!


This was a trying year. But I did all I could — for the Uganda causes, for UAH family and for the Muslim brothers and sisters. Thanks, everyone, for all your love and support. And special thanks to my wife, Amina, for holding everything together on the home front and for having patience (sabr). What a year! Well, I could tell y’all that 2017 won’t be easier either, but we shall need to be more focussed, action oriented, etc.

I have been criticized by my contemporaries for my compassionate approach to political and religious online debates and activism in general. One brother even recently accused me of being obsessed with Mr.Museveni, and that is fine; everyone is entitled to their opinion and expression.

While I am very open to that conversation, the fact remains I only do what I do because I love Uganda, love my faith, and I hold no hatred for anyone. One shouldn’t fear visiting Uganda or anywhere else because of what they post on UAH or UMBS. Yes, there is sometimes anger, bitterness, impatience, and hatred in some of our posts, and these are all forms of fear. These fears manifest as derogatory comments towards our oppressors and a praxis of revenge. Please I ask those concerned to be understanding and forgive all those who sometimes abuse the social media. It’s a new thing to Ugandans, and its a learning curve!tt

Furthermore, a lot of powerful people in the government have been recipients of undeserved forgiveness. They have done a lot of bad stuff to fellow Ugandans, and yet the earth and the sky took them in as their children all the same and helped them to live honorably once again. As such, it is my deep and profound request that the government offer others that same forgiveness. A lot of people in prison over politically motivated charges should be forgiven.Our sheikhs should be pardoned, and let them go back to their families.

Forgiveness is never a sign of weakness because it’s only done by a strong minded person. We must give harmful people “a way out” unless we truly want to live stuck in this cycle forever. We must give those that live outside of love and truth an opportunity to come back home in our every interaction with them. They may not accept it, but it is our job to offer it. And we must not reinforce the illusion that the sons and daughters of humanity our enemies. We must meet that assertion with our own assertion: the truth that the sons and daughters of humanity were meant to live as family.

So yes, when you punish me for simply writing something against Museveni, I will not hate you. Most people in NRM are living a lie that those who speak against the government are competing enemies. I will not engage in this lie and treat them as enemies in return. I will negate and dispel this lie by looking them in the eyes and reminding them of the truth: we are Ugandans and one family. This is the only way to bring the country back to reality. No matter what: I ain’t gonna let them steal our joy. Remember: they’re just mad coz we cute and dance good.

Wishing you all a happy seasons’ holidays. Enjoy the family days. See you next year, God willing!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”


Hajji Abdu-Nadduli

Hajji Abdu-Nadduli

Dear brothers and sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum. Ramandhan Kareem. We pray that Allah forgives us for our past sins and those we will intentionally and unintentionally commit in future. Hope everyone is doing a lot of ‘astaghfirullahs’ during this month, and praying for our sick brothers and sisters, such as Prof Abassi Kiyimba. Anyway, I just wanted to make a few comments on the debate on Museveni’s new cabinet.

First,to be hateful and Islamophobic has become so common that it is proudly displayed all around us, online, on the news, and in politics. It is dehumanizing and it hurts.The term Muslim is being thrown out so often so cheaply. Just look at what’s happening in USA politics right now.For someone who seems to have had the best education Donald Trump lacks culture sensitivity and understanding. He evokes fear in people over his own ideology. He says Muslims did this and did that but there are people who are Muslims being murdered by people who say they are doing it for God.

Always remember this line “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Nobody is gonna change your life for the better unless you wake up and do it yourself. Democracy is saturated with differing opinions and views, and it is the democratic majority of those views that decide what is legal and acceptable in Uganda, not the foot that stomps the hardest or voice that yells the loudest. Its the presidency that now decides everything in Uganda. So, little by little Muslims should target the presidency. They should be aspiring to become presidents. They should be a program helping in identifying and supporting Muslims interested in the presidency. Muslims should not beg favors from the presidency but they should be an influence on the presidency whether one of them is in the office or not. Learn from our Catholic brothers and sisters, and their organisational abilities.

Because there’s likely no such a system or thoughts in place, you find a few Muslims in high positions in government all running to the presidency to determine their next step in life. For instance, If someone has been appointed the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, you’d expect that person to use that position to: 1- do their duties diligently; 2- sell yourself, your good nature, your good character, e.t.c to the public; 3- use that office to take you to the next level, and that level should be the presidency or something more important(not retirement, come on, unless if you have got healthy or family related issues). You only choose to retire if you feel you have not performed to your expectations or to the expectations of the people of Uganda.

The few years Idi Amin spent as president ARGUABLY benefited Uganda Muslims and Ugandans in general more than the last 30 years of Museveni’s leadership.Museveni does not need to change,in fact he will never change but Muslims need to change their reluctance to be fully involved in politics.


The few Muslim MPs aren’t impressive, I don’t care what your party is, have the damn backbone to stand up to any injustice by the government. I’m aware that an individual who belongs to a party isn’t actually allowed to vote the way he wants, nor the way the people who vote him in want. They always have to vote according to the party’s platform. But come on,guys, this is Uganda where everything is damn possible. All you need is to grind your teeth, look the speaker in the eyes, and say ‘that’s my position. Like it or stuff it’!

I know that many consider this view unrealistic and narrow, but I feel more comfortable supporting nonMuslim politicians than Muslim politicians who remain silent or wishy washy on issues affecting Muslims and the whole country. We like to support Muslims in politics, but how effective are they in matters that seriously affect us and matter as a community?

Brother Hajji Nadduli:

If Hajji Nadduli accepts the position of the minister without Portfolio(MWP), it will be just another example of Muslims embarrassing themselves in politics and not actually being particularly helpful. Its not that i’m not happy for our brother but ,goodness me, what’s he gonna do at the age of 74 that he has not done in the last 30 years? What do MWP exactly do? What’s the point of being in politics if you’re not going to do anything bloody useful? I’m yet to see a Muslim politician take a strong principled stand on matters relevant to the Muslim community, other than very minor matters.

Disunity costing our place in politics:

As a whole we have no unity as an Ummah and its a bit Pathetic because some politicians use it to further divide us.The strategy feeds on itself. Turning us against each other has become easier because of the economic stresses most Ugandans feel. Economic insecurity is rampant. Most Ugandans worry about their futures. That insecurity and anger is easily manipulated — channeled into a politics of one Muslim faction fighting the other, one Muslim allied to Statehouse and another to the opposition, but should it be like this? Really?

This disunity, in turn, serves those in power because it distracts Muslims from what’s should benefit them as a community. The greatest fear of any non-Muslim president is that a majority of Muslims would otherwise join together politically and demand a country organized for the many, not the few.

In this way, “divide and distract” is a winning strategy for them. But it is a losing strategy for Muslims who want to fundamentally change things in Uganda. We must not let them succeed.We should,therefore, be working together on issues that benefit the Ummah whether you are a Muslim in opposition or government.

Byebyo enbyange banange!

*Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba*

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“My journey is long and my preparation is so little, and weakness has gripped me and death is chasing me!”

Don’t Feel Betrayed by Beti Kamya!

ALLEGORYFor the record, I do not feel betrayed by Ms.Beti Kamya! Calling her out for being a sellout to Museveni and rarely going out on a limb for common people unless it suits her own agenda of advancement is not something I feel betrayed by. Most Uganda politicians are all like that.i.e. most are pretenders.

1.I feel betrayed by the Electoral Commission for failure to conduct free and fair elections;
2.I feel betrayed by the opposition for wasting everyone’s time.I feel more betrayed by the parties than an individual.I have no trust in the integrity of any other major political party;
3.I feel betrayed by the media for failure to stand with the people of Uganda when they need them most;
4.I feel betrayed by my government, police forces that no longer protect, and countless other things.

I DO NOT feel betrayed by Ms.Kamya. I feel she has pulled the curtain back on all that has betrayed my trust.She has given us a glimpse of what Uganda politics is mainly about–eating. I even don’t believe the nonsense that she has been working for Museveni all along. I’m sure she was approached at some point before or after the presidential elections.

Abbey Semuwemba
Beti Olive Namisango Kamya-Turomwe, also known as Betty Kamya and Beti Kamya, is a businesswoman and politician in Uganda, the third-largest economy in the East African Community. She is the Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority in the Cabinet of Uganda. She was named to that position on 6 June 2016.

She is the founder and president of the Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), one of the registered political parties in the country.[2][3] She was a candidate in the 2011 Ugandan presidential elections, coming in fifth with 52,782 votes. She previously served as the Member of Parliament representing Lubaga North Constituency on the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket from 2006 until 2010.

She was born in Nakuru, Kenya on 30 November 1955 to George Wilson Kamya, a Ugandan, and Margaret Wairimu Kamya, a Kenyan. Beti was the fourth born of nine children. In 1961, when Beti was six years old, the family relocated to Uganda.

She attended McKay Memorial School in Kampala and Saint Hellen’s Primary School in western Uganda for her primary education. She then attended Wanyange Girls’ School for her O-Level education and Kings College Budo for her A-Level education. She studied at Makerere University, the oldest and largest public university in the country, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing.

In the mid 1980s, she joined Uganda Leather and Tanning Industries Limited in Jinja in the sales department, working there until 1988. She then joined Nyanza Textiles Industries Limited, working there as a sales executive until 1992. She then relocated to Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city with her husband.

From 1996 until 1999, she worked as the marketing manager at Uganda Breweries Limited in Port Bell, a Kampala suburb. From 1999 until 2004, she was the executive director of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) in Entebbe, about 36 kilometres (22 mi), by road, south of Kampala on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.


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